Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Robertscare, MSM treason linked to civil war

Welcome friends.  Let’s hit it.

Robertscare LIVES
Shocked!  Shocked, I tell you.  Rat establishment Republicans cannot unwind Robertscare.  The only thing that can be drawn from that is that ReRs, given 7 years to get it done and failing miserably, don’t want to repeal and replace it.

If Rat establishment Republicans can pass a clean repeal bill, it should be okay.  They can hang the failed Robertscare healthcare disaster around the Dope’s neck for more election cycle.  The bill in the senate, as near as I can tell, was total BS anyway.  I don’t think you get hurt for not passing a BS bill.  You do get hurt if you don’t pass the clean repeal bill.

Note to ReRs:  Politically doing nothing is NOT an option. 

The pitfall in that plan is that the replacement will come over the next two years supposedly with Demo-Dope “help.”  I’m not the least bit optimistic that the feckless ReRs won’t get rolled like beach balls at every turn by the Dopes as they are, after all, opposite wings of the same bird.

It may not be an option under the current political environment, but the best option in my mind is let Robertscare crash and burn under its own weight.  Dopes are fond are of pointing out that billions, nay tens of billions maybe a trillion or more will die under any proposed Republican bill even before the bill is published.  Well how many will die if we do nothing?  Why aren’t ReRs asking that question?  Well, let’s just find out. 

Lex, you cold hearted bastard.  Yeah, well what’s the alternative?

NRA proves Lex’s point
In another hard hitting video, the NRA pretty much destroys the Washington com-Post for attacking Dana Loesch’s effective ad condemning the violent left.  In the first link, the NRA proves Lex’s point made so brilliantly in the post under.  The NRA points out that the WaPost or is it the Waah Post has done more to harm America with their keyboards than the entirety of the NRA membership in its history. 

Also scroll down to the meme - “Law-abiding gun owners have more than 600 million firearms and roughly 25 trillion rounds of ammo.  Trust us, if we were the problem, you’d know it.”

On one of the Sunday shows Carl Bernstein claimed that America was in “a cold civil war.”  I disagree.  As Loesch’s video points out, the left is already engaged in a hot one.  Shots have been fired.  Assaults are on PDJT supporters is now the norm.  I bought a sporting rifle before the election, because I thought Shrillda the Hutt and the Dopes would ban them again.  Now I’m looking at another one because I think I might actually need it to defend the compound from increasingly unhinged Lefty Libs.

If you doubt this assement, wear your MAGA hat downtown in Chicago, NY City or any major in city across the fruited plain and see what happens.  Put a TRUMP bumper sticker on your car and drive it around Detroit.  You are actually likely to be assaulted and your property damaged.  In other words, there are no-go zones in America for half the population.  That’s the definition of civil war, right? 

But it’s only on one side.  Bernie and Shrillda the Hutt supporters are unlikely to be assaulted in the heartland, laughed at and mocked sure, but not assaulted.

Every Demo-Dope who fails to condemn the Lefty Lib violence ought to be linked to it by Republicans starting right now.  Have Chuckles the clown Schumer or Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser offered a word of condemnation of the “resist” movement’s violence?  Dopes need to be linked to the violence they refuse to condemn and that their MSM string pullers promote every day.

1st ever CORRECTION*: In the same post under, Lex infers that the pope is a communist.  That is likely incorrect.  My favorite definition of a communist:  “A communist is just a socialist with gun.”  I‘ve not seen where the pope has taken to packing, so he must just be a socialist and commie sympathizer. 

*NOTE:  1st ever correction doesn’t mean 1st ever mistake.  It just means what it says – correction.  It’s the first time Lex has ever taken the time to correct a page rife with mistakes.  Remember the tagline here:  The truth, as I see it. So if I see it that way, it’s the truth at that time.

As the USMC monitor – the guy that makes assignment decisions – told a guy when he said to his monitor, “Last week you told me I was getting a special joint assignment with the Army Ranger Battalion.  This week you are telling me I’m going to the Pentagon.  Which is the lie.”  The monitor told him.  “Both are true.  The Ranger Bn assignment was true at the time but sometimes the truth changes.  The current truth is that you are going to the Pentagon.”

Turns out some general’s aide took the Ranger Bn assignment, but there was absolutely no undue pressure brought down from on high on the monitor to change the assignment, and that’s the truth.  

Noooo.  Not at all.  That guy is in no way still carrying a grudge.  He’s long ago let that BS double dealing lying POS monitor off the hook for ruining his life.

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