Thursday, July 20, 2017

The breakdown of "breaking news"

Here we go friends.  I’m in a hurry.  So, read fast.   Let’s hit it.

Jeff Sessions
PDJT is a truth teller. I’ll wager Melania never asks, “Do these jeans make my butt look fat?”  One, because nothing can make that beauty look fat.  Second, because he’d tell her the truth.  Okay if the first is true, maybe she does ask just hear how wonderful she looks, because she knows PDJT will level with her.

Jeff Sessions just found out how truthful PDJT can be.  His comment on Sessions was the truth – and Sessions knows it.  Sessions has been in Caligula, D.C. too long.  Faced with BS charges of Russian collusion, he quit too soon.  He should have taken a que from his boss and told Franken and squish Rat establishment Republicans to go to hell when they called for his recusal.  He didn’t.  He rolled over for them.

Given PDJT’s statement, I’d expect Session to resign in the next couple of days.  How/why the hell would anyone stay when the boss has indicated that he would have picked someone else?  PDJT should tear Sessions’ resignation letter up in front of him.  Tell Sessions he made his bed.  Sleep in it.

If Sessions quits PDJT will be without an AG for, well given Chuckles the clown Schumer and feckless ReRs in the senate, who knows how long.  PDJT should tell Sessions that he’s the man until Muller finishes his work.  That should leave Sessions in place well past PDJT’s second term.

Yes!  By all means parole him today.  Let this man get back to the important work of scouring every golf course in America looking for Nicol Brown and Ron Goldman’s killer.

John McCain
John McCain is sick with cancer.  That’s a shame for him and his family.  McCain spoke at a forum at Quantico, VA when I was but a mere 2nd Lt.  The only two things I remember from the talk was that McCain was 100% pro military and his opening remark.  He told us that the former AZ Senator Barry Goldwater, once told him, “John, if I’d been elected president in 1964, you’d never have been a prisoner of war in Vietnam.”  McCain quipped that his response was, “Yeah, Barry I’d have been a prisoner of war in China.”   I thought it was a funny line back then, but little did I know that I would be able to trace that line back as the very first time I heard McCain cross the aisle to trash his own party.

That said, McCain is nearly 81.  He’s been hanging around Caligula, D.C. for THIRTY-FIVE years as a congressman and senator.  McCain is the poster child for the corrupting power of Caligula, D.C.  No one, it seems, can resist the long-term effects of that cesspit.

McCain is the perfect example of why we need the convention of states.  Yeah I know, whatever happened to that?  We need term limits on those who want to make milking the treasury a lifetime pursuit.  We need to repeal the 17th Amendment, which took the election of senators out of the hands of state legislators and put it in hands of the public.  The framers had it right.

Look at everything that has gone down while McCain sat in the hallowed halls of Caligula, D.C.  Look at the debt.  Look at the cultural rot.  Look at the ever creeping welfare state.  Look at the ever creeping government control over aspect of life. McCain's been there for all of it.

Why not rotate some fresh blood in, fresh ideas in and spread the blame around?

I’ve never been a McCain fan.  I wish him no harm.  I hope he tolerates his treatment well, makes a full recovery, decides to quit the senate and live to 100.   

Up the ante on the Rat establishment Republicans
In the brilliant post under, Lex proposes that the RNC promise to run a recall effort and primary challenge to any “Republican” senator that does not get on board with some form of repeal and replace for Robertscare.  On second thought I think the RNC needs to up the ante.  Promise the lying conniving cowards a recall effort, a primary challenge and a third party candidate if the one of the weasels manages to win the primary.  Make it clear that they are done.

Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser stirs violence
Like most everything that spews forth from this moron’s mouth, it’s unclear what the old, old bag means.  Is she saying that an increase in the US defense budget inspires violence world-wide?  Anyone who can click onto the Internet knows the world is an excrement hole.  The US defense budget is what is keeping it from descending father into the abyss of violence and chaos.

If by increasing the defense budget the old, old bag means that there will not be sufficient fund to stop violence here at home, she’s wrong again.  Much the violence is Demo-Dope, MSM and Hollywood inspired violence, violence that Dopes have yet to condemn in any meaningful way.  

I’ll make her a deal.  If she’ll send her staff into a LA bar anonymously wearing MAGA hats and stay for an hour, I’ll go into a bar in WV wearing a I’m with her hat and we’ll see gets violence visited upon them first.  My guess is that the Dopes will get their butts kicked by their own like-minded “violent” racists on the left. 

Make some popcorn that would be fun to watch.

Proof that they have not one scintilla of a sense of humor
This video is not racist.  It’s anti “gap” and it’s hilarious.  But hey, when everything is racist, nothing is.  She’s lucky the Griffin and I were not in her class.  She’d need therapy.  The problem with these Lefty Libs is obvious.  They cannot take a joke, and anyone with a brain knows this woman is herself a joke.  

But it’s okay, because she’s a teacher.  YGBSM.  And we wonder why the country is circling the drain.  The only thing this woman appears to be qualified for, evidenced by the video, is asking people if they want fries with that.   But she’s somehow she’s “qualified” to teach children.  Can you say, “Homeschool”? 

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