Monday, July 24, 2017

No better guy to go it alone than PDJT

When The Empty Suit took office with the intention “transforming America”, read destroy America, he had the undying support of the MSM, Hollywood, nay nearly all of the entertainment, nearly all of the sports world, all of the Demo-Dope party and ¾ of the Republican Party i.e. Rat establishment Republicans.

They carried water for lying buffoon through a dozen very real scandals.  When TES said he’d been to all 57 states, they actually set out search for the missing 7.  Eight years later we’ve found them all.  The state of confusion, weakness, division, racial tension, failing healthcare, government coercion against Americans and America in decline.  The only voice of reason in any of this was Rush Limbaugh who accurately opined about TES in a four word OpEd, “I hope he fails.”   

Fast forward 8 horrible years for the US.  DJT launches a campaign with two major themes, America first and Make America Great Again.  What happens?  The exact same people who fawned over TES for “transforming America” are aghast at the notion of putting “America First” and “Making America Great Again.” 

None of the weasels were willing to give PDJT even a day to gain his sea legs.  For six months there has been a steady daily drip of BS Russia news.  NEWS FLASH!!! Russia tried to interfere with the 2016 election and 2012 election, and the 2008 election, and the 2004 election, and the 2000 election, and the 1996 election…continue that back to the 1956 election.  And here’s another NEWS FLASH!!  We do the exact same thing.  As the matter of fact, there were reports early on that the reason that the Russians wanted Trump to win was because of Shrillda the Hutt’s effort to subvert Putin in his election.

Since day one PDJT has been on his own.  Well what about VP Pence?  He was on board until DJT Jr.’s problems cropped up.  Then he too headed to sewer on that one.  Instead of taking the neutral ground by saying something as innocuous as, “We’ll wait to see how this unfolds.”  Or even better telling the MSM to go pee up a rope, this is the 1,000th time in 6 months you’ve tried to get PDJT and failed every single time, Pence said it all happened before he came on board.  Thanks Mike.  That was a great help.

Usually reliable “conservatives” put the establishment ahead of the country.  I count George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Britt Hume, National Review and about half of the “conservatives” on Fox News in that category.  Even about ½ of the Republican Party is more interested in subverting the president than fulfilling a 7 year promise to unwind Robertscare, defund Planned un-Parenthood, reform the tax code and secure the Sothern border.    

The #NEVERTRUMPERS over at National Review will not relent.  I haven’t seen the “We missed the rise and election PDJT by a mile because we’re part of the ‘establishment’” OpEd from the editors.  Instead they, with exception Victor Davis Hanson, are reliable PDJT opponents, critics and to a point as much part of the resist movement as AntiFa losers, sans, of course, any actual physical resistance that might place them in close proximity of any of us lowly common people that they seem to openly disdain. 

Most of the NR guys are people who I enjoy reading like Jonah Goldberg and Kevin Williamson to name two.  In their latest efforts at NR, Goldberg slams PDJT for the Muller fiasco.  See, it’s all PDJT’s fault that Comey illegally leaked a memo to himself after being fired in order to trigger a special investigation with no boundaries, no budget and no integrity headed up by Comey’s best friend who hired every Demo-Dope hack lawyer in Caligula, D.C. in an effort to turn up dirt on PDJT.  It’s PDJT’s fault Jeff Sessions surrendered to Al Franken without firing a shot by recusing himself for…nothing.  It’s PDJT’s fault Session’s deputy appointed Muller who’s law firm donated 98% of their presidential donations to Shrillda the Hutt.   

Williamson’s latest effort is to lampoon PDJT’s Made in America Week.  Williamson points out the undeniable truth that nearly everything “made” in America has foreign content.  Okay fine.  Let’s call “Profits for America Week.”   Will that make Williamson happy?  Not a chance.  He’s a dyed in the wool unrelenting #NEVERTRUMPER.  Nothing will change his mind. 

What is the point of Rat establishment Republicans “resisting” PDJT at this point?  Why did they prefer Shrillda the Hutt?  Isn’t PDJT’s agenda pro-growth, lower taxes, a more conservative judiciary, etc?  What is to be gained by this opposition from his own side at this point?  Well my honest opinion is that these swamp creatures are just fine dwelling in the swamp.  Who the governor of the swamp happens to be is irrelevant as long he is a swamp creature.  The swamp hates non-swamp creature.  The swamp is a closed club.  Only swamp creatures need to apply.  All others will be destroyed by the swamp.

Fear not America.  PDJT fears no swamp creatures.  The swamp creatures fear PDJT.  Any other Republican would have quit under the unrelenting pressure from all quarters that has persisted against PDJT for the last 6 months.  Instead PDJT is carrying the day.  PDJT is relentless.  He is like the 1st MarDiv at the Frozen Chosin.  Surrounded by enemies that want to see his presidency destroyed, PDJT’s outlook is the same as Gen Chesty Puller’s.  “We’re surrounded.  That simplifies the problem.  We can attack in any direction.”  My advice to PDJT is pick the easiest target and destroy it.  WV Sen Capito is the likely target.  Destroy her.  The rest will get the message.

Imagine where we’d be if PDJT had even minimal support from his own party? 

Today in England some powered wig wearing right royal high commission of over lords for the little people will decide if Charlie Gard’s parents can bring him to America for possibly life-saving treatment. Let that set in for minute. 

Play Jeopardy music in your head.  Okay that’s enough. 

Whatever the powered wig wearing right royal high commission of over lords for the little people decides, it’s bad news for the little people.  The best thing for the masses of little people, which is the worst news for Charlie and his parents, is that the powered wig wearing right royal high commission of over lords for the little people decides openly that they have decided that Charlie MUST die according to their will and on time.  At least that decision would lay bare what is going in England.

If they let Charlie’s parents seek the life-saving treatment it might perpetuate the illusion in England that the little people have the right to seek life-saving medications and procedures sans the permission of the powered wig wearing right royal high commission of over lords for the little people.

This whole thing is stunning.  If you think it’s not coming here, wait for single payer.

Firing Muller w/o firing Muller  
PDJT needs to put a time and dollar limit on Muller’s unbound investigation.  This investigation has been going on for a year with nothing.  Demo-Dopes admit there is nothing of note to report at this time.  Ironically they use that fact as an excuse for continuing the investigation.  That means the Dopes want the investigation to continue until something – anything – is turned up. 

PDJT or the Dep AG needs to tell Muller, “If you cannot get to the bottom of this by (pick a date)) and/or under (pick a dollar amount), you and your staff are incompetent boobs and will be fired.  If your staff leaks, you are an incompetent boob and you’ll be fired. 

RIP Roy Swartz
It’s a wakeup call when your high school classmates start to pass away.  I woke this morning with news that good buddy Roy Swartz lost his battle with cancer.  I didn’t even know he was battling cancer.  This happens over 40 years of travel.  You lose contact.  Fortunately I was able to sit at lunch and share a beer or two and a bunch of laughs with him and the Griffin a year or two back.  We said we’d do it again.  We never did.  My memories are all of high school shenanigans.  During a test, Roy once raised hand and asked the improbable question, "Mr. Seigrist, on question four, do you want the right answer or the one you gave us?"  He went into the hospital for something that I now know was related to the cancer.  I sent him a note telling him that I was embarrassed to admit that I still found some of that high school stuff funny as hell.  That proves the point, you have to get old, but you don’t have to grow up.  Today I'm down one buddy, and I never had that many to start with.

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