Thursday, July 27, 2017

Transgenderedness nothing but a social justice ploy to weaken the US military

PDJT is correct.  My guess is that the only doctor about 98% of “transgender” people need is a psychiatric doctor.  A country that is 20 trillion dollars in debt has to make choices.  Dumping hundreds of millions of dollars in medical care and life-long drug therapy on .2% of the force/population for non-life threatening…hmm what is it  an illeness*….no it’s like the military paying for boob jobs, well it is paying for boob jobs come to think of it when it comes to the transgendered.  What’s next, penis enhancement?  Well, why not?  I woke up this morning feeling like Johnny the wad Holmes.  The military now must fix my nether regions to correspond with my feelings.  It’s crazy…literally.

*Note: I’m sure that referring to transgenderdness as an illness is some sort of micro aggression worthy of being expelled from most American colleges these days.

So if a man is crazy enough to believe he’s a woman he’s probably sane enough not to want to foot the tens of thousands of dollars required for the “change”.  Just join the military and Uncle will foot that bill.

But money in military matters is not the main thing.  The main thing for all things military is answering a simple question in the affirmative: Does it enhance military lethality?

But this just like blacks serving.  There was a time when blacks were thought to be unsuitable for service with whites.  That’s true, but blacks were not seeking expensive life altering surgeries and a life time of drug therapy to become white. 

Well then what about women?  Okay does anyone seriously suppose putting a couple or so women in a barracks with 40 guys is a good idea?  Does anyone think putting a 60 pound pack on a woman’s back and asking her to trek across the desert with a squad of 13 men isn’t going to slow the unit down? 

Okay what about gays?  My own thinking is that serving in the military openly as a gay is an unnecessary distraction that accommodates a tiny percentage of the population and does not enhance military lethality. But admittedly I’m too old for most of this stuff.

It’s not even a matter of “being able to the job.”  I’m sure there are blind and mentally challenged dwarfs who could do some jobs in the military.  There are good reasons why the military does not accept such people.   

My own thinking on this is this simple:  Never hire a problem. Transgenderedness in the military is going to create problems drain scarce resources and do not one damn thing enhance the lethality of today’s military. 

This whole thing has nothing to with military lethality.  It’s just another social justice experiment foisted on the military by Demo-Dopes who would be quite happy to see the US become a second rate military power. 

There may come a day for this experiment.  Today is not that day. 

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