Friday, March 30, 2007

One man who can make a difference

When will Joe Lieberman say adios to the DemoRAT Party? How many quit and surrender bills does Joe have to see from his party before he’ll say enough? Maybe never. Maybe 100s. Such is the business of politics. Joe was one of those rare Democrats that Lex actually referred to a Democrat Vs. DemoRAT because of his principled positions and his ability to voice those positions, even the liberal ones, in a sensible manner. My opinion changed when Joe stopped menacing Hollywood after Al Gore picked him as veep. Sore/Loosermann needed Hollywood money for the campaign so Joe stopped talking about Hollywood’s lax moral standards.

After 9/11 and the start of the long war, Lieberman has become one of too few Democrats to get the most important issue of our day right. He is a lone wolf in his party in the senate. As a result and much to his relief I’m sure, Joe is back in favor with this page. He’s about to fall back into disfavor.

Joe ran as an independent but continues to caucus with DemoRATS giving that party a one vote majority. After 19 or 20 tries and after spending 27 billion dollars of taxpayer money bribing DemoRATS, Queen General Nancy and Scrawny Harry have rounded up the barest of majorities of RATS to support the latest cut and run proposal for Iraq. To his credit Joe opposes the move. That’s not enough.

Joe Lieberman is the one man that can bring all of this foolishness to a halt, by either word or deed. If Joe showed up in Scrawny Harry’s office early one morning and said, “Look, the next quit and surrender motion that comes out of this party and to floor under your leadership, I’m going to walk across the aisle and at that moment you’ll be the minority leader. The war on terror is the test of this generation and I do not intend to be a part of a party that intentionally fails that test.” That’s probably all it would take to get Scrawny Harry’s mind right. But if Scrawny calls the bluff – Joe should walk.

Encourage him with an e-mail at: Lieberman, Senator from Connecticut

Here is mine:

Dear Senator Lieberman,

America’s future is in your hands. You are in a position rare in American history -- one man capable of altering national events. You recognize that America’s long war on terrorism is the challenge of today’s generation. Today Iraq is the central front of the war. The Democratic Party either does not recognize the challenge and Iraq’s importance in meeting that challenge or is ignoring it in favor of political advantage. I encourage you to express to Leader Reid that the war on terror must be our national priority. That you will not continue to caucus with a party that does not take that war seriously. That by unanimously confirming a new commander in Iraq on the one hand and then spending months trying to undercut that commander by micromanaging his mission, restricting his forces and cutting off his funding on the other, even as his mission shows signs of success, Leader Reid is forcing you to leave his caucus.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

What's going on?

What did Bush know and when did he know it?

What did Bush know when, during his last State of the Union Address, he called for a doubling of our Strategic Oil Reserves? Trouble with Iran was coming.

What did Bush Know when ordered a second Carrier Battle Group to the gulf? Trouble with Iran was coming.

Will the second Carrier Battle Group leave the gulf when a third group arrives in region to relive it or will we leave three groups in the area? Probably three.

One well placed bomb.

Anyone out there old enough to remember the oil embargo of the early 1970s? That OPEC led oil embargo created long lines to buy a few gallons of over-priced, rationed gas. Americans were furious and willing to go to war. While freedom and liberty for 50 million people in the Middle East seems abstract and not much worth effort right now for Americans, let gas get near $3 a gallon or restrict consumption with some odd-even day buying scheme and Americans will fight to the death.

What if we placed an oil embargo on Iran? Impossible Lex, that country floats on oil. Yes it does, but it has only two or three large refineries and a single refinery accounts for a high percentage of domestic oil production. Iran’s largest oil refinery at Abadan, 600,000 refined barrels per day, lies a mere 23 miles inland from the edge of the gulf; within an easy missile shot from a British ship or aircraft. During the Iraq-Iran War, Iraqis shot an incendiary bomb into the refinery’s cooling tower. That bomb destroyed the cooling tower which in turn effectively destroyed the refinery.

Hopefully, Tony Blair is studying Jimmy Carter’s non-response response to Iranian hostage taking and is preparing some measured but unmistakable response of strength. One bomb into Abadan would be measured enough not to raise too many eyebrows, but the consequences would bring an already flagging Iranian economy to its knees. One bomb coupled with a blockade of tankers taking Iranian oil to market, would be devastating. If reports of Iranian popular unrest with the Mullahtocracy are true, further economic ruin may be the impetus for a popular uprising. If not, it will weaken Iran immeasurably.


It would seem that the only person allowed to bribe a congressman is another congressman. While Randy Duke Cunningham cools his heels in the slammer for taking couple million in bribes, DemoRAT congressmen send out news letters bragging about how they are bringing home the pork. That pork was nothing more than a bribe, with taxpayer money no less, from DemoRAT leaders to get an unprincipled vote from corrupt DemoRAT congressmen to quit a war.

Were I the president, after vetoing the bill, I’d pardon Duke Cunningham with the explanation that, while what he did was reprehensible, it doesn’t come close to the bribery, collusion and criminal conspiracy that took place among DemoRATS on Capitol Hill buying votes with public money to pass a purely political bill.


As an indication of just how dumb Senator Wedge really is (check post below for details), Rosie O’Donnell agreed with him yesterday. Is there any surer sign that you are complete idiot than Rosie O’Donnell or Sean Penn agreeing with your position on something political?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Senator Wedge utters the "I" word

You Blockhead Charlie Hagel has suggested that President Bush may be impeached because “[he] will not respond to what the people of this country are saying about Iraq or anything else” and “[he doesn’t] care what Congress does, [he’s] going to proceed.” Senator Blockhead is one of the dimmest of the 500 or so low watt bulbs that illuminate our congress. So when the Blockhead says something, Lex’s first impulse is to ignore it as idiotic gasbaggery from idiotic gasbag. But then Senator Blockhead manages to say something so stupid, even for him, that it must be commented upon.

First, Senator Blockhead ought to read Article II of our constitution (Executive Branch). There’s this pesky little clause in there that tells us the term of the President of the United States lasts four years. There is nary a word about removing a president because his policies are unpopular with the masses; nothing about the president having to maintain a 50% or better public approval rating. Neither is there a word in Article I (Legislative Branch) or Article II indicating that a president may be removed from office because he is unpopular with congress. That it seems to me, would only add to his credibility.

So while Senator Blockhead amazingly stumbles upon the correct mechanism for removing a president from office – impeachment – he is unsurprisingly clueless about what offers constitutional grounds for triggering that mechanism. Yo Charlie, making difficult, unpopular or even wrong decisions within the constitutional framework does not constitute a high crime or a misdemeanor. We do not have a parliamentary system where congress gets to bring down a government with a vote of no confidence. We do not remove presidents when their popularity in the polls dips below a certain number. They serve a CONSTITUTIONAL term of four years.

So what is Senator Blockhead up to? Well not long ago the Blockhead called a press conference to announce he had nothing to announce about his decision to run for president. Hmm, that tells us that not only is he a Blockhead; he’s a delusional Blockhead.

So how better to jump start a presidential campaign than to get headlines across America. Blockhead tried the non-announcement announcement and the MSM laughed at him and rightfully questioned his intelligence. So Blockhead gathered his top political advisors, Larry, Curly and Moe, and special constitutional advisor Carrot Top. After careless consideration, Blockhead decided that to say the president may be impeached. This was only after the law firm of Laurel and Hardy warned him against calling for the president’s assassination. “You can always use that line later if the impeachment line fails to get you headlines”, Hardy advised. Low and behold, after mentioning the “I” word, Senator Blockhead is now a MSM darling.

Senator Hagel has evolved on this page from Senator Hagel, to Senator Box of Rocks, to Senator Blockhead. Those references give him way too much intellectual credit. From now and forever more he will be known on this page as Senator Wedge. The wedge is the simplest tool known to man. And it seems Senator Wedge is the simplest man known to man.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A pretext for war

It’s déjà vu all over again, Iranians snatching Westerners. This time it’s 15 Brit Sailors and Marines from Iraqi waters. Rosie the blimp O’Donnell (Blimp being a perfect metaphor for Rosie – huge, thin-skinned, non-ridged, air craft that maintains it’s form by pressure of contained gas or hot air.) has warned us that this is a Gulf of Tonkin moment – look it up she told us. Wow, that’s a stroke of genius by Bush and Blair. Whoda thought that Bush was clever enough to goad Iran into an act of war that would provide the pretext for destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Lex has noted before that probably the worst scenario for destroying Iranian nukes is to have the Israelis do it for us. First, the Israeli air force cannot generate the sorties and lack some of the special munitions necessary to do a complete job of reducing Iran’s nuke program to rubble in a reasonable amount of time. The British and American Naval and Air Forces have the capability to surge the hundreds of sorties necessary over a few days to get the job done right.

Next, the people in Middle East will not take kindly to the Jewish state launching an “unprovoked” bombing campaign on a Muslim theocracy. Governments around the Middle East would publicly wail in outrage to appease nut-job mullahs, while privately cabling Israel on a job well-done. The British ought to do a Teddy Roosevelt on the Iranians; the hostages alive or Ahmadinejad dead within in 72 hours – or else. If the Iranians agree, the British ought to demand the release of the hostages and 85 billion apiece for the inconvenience. If the Iranians agree, the British ought to demand the release of the hostages, 85 billion apiece and require that President Ahmadinejad be stripped naked with a choker around his Harry Reid like neck and paraded through the streets of Tehran on leash held by Lyndie England. If they agree…well you get the point just make sure they don’t agree. Then do what needs to be done.

The alternative would be to get Jimmy Carter and the group negotiating the release of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers on the blower and ask them what to do.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Save Gonzales by pardoning Libby

There is silver lining to every dark cloud. Ironically, when President Bush accedes to DemoRAT wishes and fires Roberto Gonzales, he’s likely to appoint a more conservative guy to head up Justice -- which even more ironically, should lead to more firings. Gonzales is expected to testify before some of congresses dimmest bulbs on Apr 17, if he lasts that long.

Patty Leahy was whining like a newly weaned pup placed in a kennel on his first night at the pet shop. “Nothing” is how the blow-hard Vermont gasbag described President Bush’s offer to allow the nefarious Karl Rove to answer gasbag questions behind closed doors and not under oath. “Why this is an outrage!! How can posture like the pompous louses that we are for our adoring media behind closed doors? We can’t!!! AND THAT’s AN OUTRAGE!! Chuckles Schumer and I will have to find some other venue spew our inanities.” Chuckles and Patty want Rove on the record so that when he says he was wearing striped tie on the day the attorneys were fired they can produce a picture of Rove wearing a polka dotted tie and get Patty Fitzfong to prosecute “the liar” for perjury. Rove’s explanation that he changed to the polka dotted tie after spilling soup on the striped one at lunch will be met with skepticism; “the cover up is always worse than the crime” Chuckles will opine.

There is one great way out of this whole mess. Bush should announce a press conference ten minutes after Gonzales begins his testimony on Apr 17th. At that press conference, President Bush should announce the full pardon Scooter Libby. Once word of the pardon hits the hearing room, several DemoRATS are sure to be crushed under the stampede of DemoRATS and their MSM lemmings trying to get out of the hearing room to be the first one to get to the microphone to condemn the president’s move. Left alone in the hearing room, Gonzales will quietly pack up his notes and head back to his office at Justice to finish out his term.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Intolerance of Christians mainstay of tolerant Libs

It’s a gay time of the year. Maybe it’s just the spring. Or could it be the unrelenting emphasis being placed on gay issues around the country? When asked by a Chicago newspaper about his opinion about homosexual activity, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Peter Pace told them, it’s immoral. Holy cow! STOP THE PESS! A 50 something, Catholic, military officer – a general no less – thinks homosexual activity is immoral. Whodathunkit? But, alas, if you answer a question honestly, and your answer doesn’t conform to the “tolerant” Liberal viewpoint, expect an anvil to fall on your head. The anvil will be pushed from a tall building by a compassionate, understanding, pro-choice (as long as the choice is consistent with Lib views), tolerant, caring Liberal.

Here in Indiana the state legislature is struggling with the question of gay marriage. Gay marriage here in the Hoosier state took a serious hit when pro-God fanatic Tony Dungy came out against it. Liberals are in a quandary how to attack Dungy. Attacking General Pace, a white, heterosexual, Christian, military man who heads up the most powerful military in the world -- or even the Pope who heads up a billion or so Catholics world-wide -- was easy. Hmm, but what to do with Dungy, a black, heterosexual, Christian, Super Bowl winning football coach who heads up less than a hundred football players? That’s a problem.

I am of the opinion that there are two types of homosexuals, the type that were born with their preference and the type that learned the behavior somewhere along the line. I am also of the opinion that pedophiles, drunks, addicts, cheats, liars and fat people come in the exact same two varieties. While it’s perfectly OK to question the life choices of the groups in second category, it has become strictly off-limits to question homosexuals – even on religious grounds – as General Pace the Pope have recently discovered.

Now, why is it that it’s always the I’m OK you’re OK, anything goes, it’s all relative, who am I to judge crowd that is always judging Christians for their beliefs, demanding apologies for those beliefs, calling Christians bigoted hate mongers? Well here’s a dirty little secret pointed up by Tony Dungy’s treatment. Blacks in general and Christian blacks in particular are a whole lot less tolerant of homosexual activity than General Pace. But Libs, being the hypocrites that all Libs are, give blacks a pass.

Isn’t it the Libs who are the intolerant hate mongers? Wouldn’t their cause be better served by saying something along line of, “Oh my! Those are your deeply held religious views? Well, you are certainly entitled to that, but you’re missing out on some wonderful music, food and decorating tips” all while thinking - well those views might just explain that plaid flannel shirt over the poly trousers and vinyl shoes.

Lex on gay marriage: I’m against gay marriage. Not because I’m a bigoted, hate mongering homophobe. I’m against it because I can see no logical stopping point once the line of marriage being the union between one man and one woman is crossed.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Questions for Al Gore

Below are questions nobody asked Al Gore or as Rush Limbaugh calls him Algore:

During the ice age, Chicago was under a mile or so of ice -- enough ice to form the Great Lakes. Would America and the world be better off if Chicago were again buried under ice?

A 1,000 years ago, well before the industrial age started spewing Co2, Leif Ericson and his Norse buddies were farming on Greenland. What caused the Earth to warm so dramatically then and cool since?

During the 1970s scientists were scaring us about climate change, but it was global cooling back then. If scientists are so sure of themselves, why all the confusion over weather the Earth is cooling or warming within a scant -- by geological time -- 30 years?

Scientists agree -- or to use your term “scientists unanimously agree” -- that Mars is warming at the same time as the Earth. How did the Earth’s manmade Co2 get all the way to Mars?

How much global warming and Co2 emissions do you suppose are caused by the sun at noon during the summer over the Pacific Ocean?

George Bush, who Democrats accuse of being an idiot, got better grades than you did in college and post graduate work. You flunked out of divinity school. What exactly qualifies you to be an expert on anything let alone global climate change?

You actually believe the crap you are spewing; yet you are a massive energy consumer with your two over-sized houses, fleet of SUVs, private air travel etc. etc. I don’t believe the crap you are spewing; yet you expect me to change my lifestyle while you continue to exacerbate the very problem you that you claim is destroying the Earth. Are you the world’s biggest hypocrite? (No doubt will cause Gore to talk about carbon off-sets)

I’m planning to up-grade my landscaping with several trees costing several thousands of dollars. Would you be willing to pay my landscape bill as a means to off-set your gross personal over use of energy or will you continue to only buy carbon off-sets from the company that you hold a personal financial interest in?

Do you support the building of clean, safe, environmentally friendly nuclear power plants?

You have called for a freeze on Co2 emissions in the US. How long can you hold your breath?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

RAT approval makes Bush look strong

Hey, what ever happened to that minimum wage bill that passed the house in the first 100 hours? Or the stem cell bill? Or the much hyped homeland security improvements? The answer is nothing. A big fat zero, nada, zilch, zippo, that’s what. While these initiatives sit unattended, and while American fighting men risk it all to secure victory in Iraq, the only thing DemoRATS have to show for their congress are 18 or 19 failed lose the war now resolutions.

In a desperate attempt to get something done, DemoRATS hauled the wife of proven liar Joe Wilson before a committee hearing where Mrs. Gasbag had to admit that even she did not know if she was a covered agent under the law. That seemed to make no difference to the DemoRATS who thought that if the wife of a delusional liar called herself covered that was quite enough. Then Mrs. Lying Windbag herself got caught in a bit of a contradiction with her previous statements. Apparently when asked how lying Joe got picked for the Niger trip the obvious truth -- I was looking for a way to get the pompous ass out of the house for couple of weeks. The fact that I could get him to a third world country where he might contract an incurable disease was just an added bonus -- wouldn’t do. So lying Joe stayed up all night with Mrs. Lying Joe concocting a story so full of unidentified “someone”s in chain of “Oh My Gosh” phone calls and chance meetings that only a dolt would believe it; which is precisely why committee DemoRATS nodded knowingly in agreement throughout the entire unbelievable chain of events as they were laid out by Mrs. Canyoubelievethis.

Now, unable to get one thing on their agenda through their own congress, DemoRATS are taking on the arduous duty of getting to bottom of the firings of eight US Attorneys, who can, under the law, be fired at time for any reason. DemoRATS are still disappointed that Patty Fitzfong couldn’t snare Karl Rove in a perjury trap so they want to give it a try on the Hill. So lemme guess, after six months of hot air, the wily DemoRATS will discover that the eight attorneys were fired for some reason at some time and it’s all Karl Rove’s fault, who by the way lied to congress.

To avoid all of this, the president has said Rove and other White House aides won’t testify under oath. DemoRATS, not as interested in getting the facts as much as a perjury indictment, are sure to subpoena Rove anyway. When he doesn’t show, he’ll receive a contempt of Congress citation, which he will have placed in gilded framed with a triple matt. He’ll also have a wallet size photo copy of the citation made to carry with him to show friends like a proud new papa showing pictures of a new son to anyone who’ll look.

Now, for a president with an approval rating as anemic as Bush’s, this would all be serious trouble. It’s not. The reason that it’s not is that only person or institution with a lower approval rating than the president’s is the Queen General Pelosi, Scrawny Harry led DemoRAT congress. At the last reading, because of their failure to accomplish even one thing, the DemoRAT led congress’ approval rating was at an all-time low 28%. Now if President Bush’s approval drops .000001% over a month, it’s headline news. But there is nary a word in the MSM about Queen General Pelosi’s and Scrawny Harry’s congressional approval meltdown. Hmmm, why would that be?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

300 and our war on terror

While US forces make progress in Iraq, DemoRATS spend every waking moment trying to undermine their efforts and lose the war. In a new low, even for DemoRATS, this week Queen General Pelosi and Jack the ass Murtha are going so far as to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on pork to buy votes from weasels who’d be inclined to lose a war if it meant a couple of million dollars for his district's spinach farmers. Anyone who objects to the use of the term DemoRAT on this page is going to have to explain to me how a politician who can be bought off so cheaply on matter of national security isn’t a RAT.

Republicans ought to get the footage from the hit movie 300 where the Oracle and the despicable, vile, corrupt, double-dealing, traitorous politician Theron -- or we could use fewer words and simply call Theron DemoRAT like -- sell out Leonidas for a few pieces of Xerxes’ gold. Some bright ad guy could take that footage and run a side by side of Theron taking Xerxes’ money to abandon Leonidas at the Gates of Fire and DemoRATS taking taxpayer money to abandon General Petraeus in Iraq.

Everyone ought to see the movie the 300. For extra credit see how many of the following parallels to today’s war on terrorism you can find in the movie:

Brave soldiers who volunteer for a dangerous mission expecting little in return

Politicians with their heads planted so squarely up their butts they cannot see their own obvious and impending doom

Traitorous politicians like DemoRAT “leaders”

A no kidding Murtha like traitor

Good Vs. evil

Freedom Vs. tyranny

They are all there. It turned out OK for the Greeks in the end. I wonder how our own story will turn out. An additional benefit of going to see this movie is that a large box office gross will piss-off the Iranians. That alone might be worth the price of admission. The only down side is that the Iranians no doubt will file a protest with the NCAA saying they are offended by any school that has Spartans as their mascot. The NCAA being the clueless pandering bunch of weaklings that they are will demand that the Michigan State Spartans become the Michigan State Ephialtes (the Murtha like deformed Spartan traitor in 300).

Monday, March 19, 2007

What's wrong with y'all?

Is it March madness? Why yes it is. It is that time of the year when a large cast of chest thumping 20 something year olds set out to capture our attention because they can shoot a round ball through a round hoop a mere 10 feet off the ground. When one of these prima Donnas hits a shot further out than eight feet, expect that he will turn, fist clenched in triumph above his head while his other hand pulls at his jersey so everyone will know who made the shot. All of this happens while his opponents race by the glory hog for an easy lay-up. Then, if he draws blood with a hard foul and the ref calls it, his face will get all contorted his hand out outstretched, palms up to the ref, as if the player is the Savior, head shaking noooo way. And that’s the good stuff.

In New York City this weekend there was brawl in the stands during the city championship game. As the brawl raged, the public address announcer came over the loud speaker and asked, "What the f%#* is wrong with y'all? Come on!" Herein is the perfect answer the next time someone asks me why we send Lex jr. to the Catholic school instead of the public school. Well, we send him to St. Vincent’s because, whatever else might happen, it is unlikely that the public address announcer at a St. V sporting event or any event for that matter will ever have to utter the words, "What the f%#* is wrong with y'all? Come on!"

Sports used to be a way to teach young people about team work, respect for your opponents, the coaches and the referees. Now, as a by product of building self-esteem I suppose, it seems too often to have the opposite effect. Sadly poor behavior, once reserved for professional athletes, is now a mainstay of even high school sports. So while the NYC public address announcer’s language was a bit over the top, the question, "What’s wrong with y'all?" seems very appropriate.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Gonzales should start packing

Alberto Gonzales is a dead man walking. Chuckles Schumer has set his sites on destroying Gonzales for firing 8 US Attorneys. Gonzales has admitted “mistakes were made” in the firings and he’s right. Admitting a mistake was itself a mistake. The big mistake though was not Gonzales’; it was President Bush’s mistake. When this whole dust up began, the president should have sent Chuckles a strong message, “Look those people work for me. I’ll fire them if and when I think they deserve to be fired. If Chuckles worked for me, I’d fire him too.”

But that is not the RepubliRAT way. No we must seek comity in all we do even if it leaves us indistinguishable from DemoRATS. Had I been Gonzales, I’d have sailed directly into the storm; damn the comity full seep a head. If asked if I had fired the 8 for political reasons, I’d have answered, “If by political you mean their failure to investigate DemoRAT voter fraud, if by political you mean endless investigations but no indictments until after the election cycle; if by political you mean failure to follow the policies of the Department of Justice as set forth by me and this administration, then he** yes the firings were absolutely political. If you mean political as in typical Liberal politics of personal destruction, like this sham hearing, where you seek to destroy me for my political beliefs and leanings then no, they were not political.”

Unfortunately for Gonzales, he’s a Republican in a Republican administration. Few will rally to his support; more will contend that it is just easier to give into Chuckles, appoint a new AG and move on. Well the only problem with that is we know the Libs are -- for the most part -- a miserable people incapable of happiness while George Bush occupies the Oval Office. First it was Rummy; now it’s Gonzales; tomorrow it will be Cheney. All the while weaklings like Gordon Smith, John Sununu, Chuck Hagle etc. will council the president to just give in to them and it will shut them up. IT WON”T WORK!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

RATS of War

As DemoRATS spend each new day contriving a different way to cut and run from the war on terror -- or as Rudy puts it "terrorists’ war on us" -- our enemy has a very clear idea of what is at stake and how to go about achieving their strategic goals.

"The most important and serious issue today for the whole world is this Third World War, which the Crusader-Zionist coalition began against the Islamic nation. It is raging in the land of the two rivers. The world's millstone and pillar is in Baghdad." These are the words of Osama bin Laden in a 2004 audio message.

"The jihad in Iraq requires several incremental goals. The first stage: Expel the Americans from Iraq. The second stage: Establish an Islamic authority or emirate, then develop it and support it until it achieves the level of a caliphate - over as much territory as you can to spread its power in Iraq. The third stage: Extend the jihad wave to the secular countries neighboring Iraq. The fourth stage:... the clash with Israel, because Israel was established only to challenge any new Islamic entity." These words were written by Ayman al-Zawahiri in a July 2005 letter.

After 9/11 DemoRAT gasbags took after the president because, after a scant 9 months in office, he didn’t “connect the dots” for the 9/11 plot. Remember the Shrill One taking to the floor of the Senate with a newspaper whose headline screamed “BUSH KNEW”; forget the fact that her own husband was too busy diddling the staff for 8 YEARS to have “connected the dots” and should have known a great deal more than Bush. Then, in an obvious plot to prevent the 9/11 commission from learning who knew what, the Clintons send their former National Security Advisor into the National Archives to destroy one-of-a-kind documents before the 9/11 commission could look at them.

Well now we all know what the al Qaeda plan is and what is stake. The dots are right there for everyone to see in bin Laden’s and Zawahiri’s own words. Still DemoRATS persist in their effort to inflict defeat upon their own nation. Vice President Cheney called them on their foolishness in this gem:

"If we were to do what Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Murtha are suggesting, all we'll do is validate the al-Qaeda strategy. The al-Qaeda strategy is to break the will of the American people - in fact, knowing they can't win in a stand-up fight, try to persuade us to throw in the towel and come home, and then they win because we quit... .

"You can't look at Iraq in isolation. You've got to look at it in terms of its impact, what we're doing in Afghanistan, what we're doing in Pakistan, what we're doing in Saudi Arabia. All those areas are part of the global battlefield... and you can't quit in one place and then persuade all your allies who are helping you in all those other theaters... to continue the fight."

When faced with the slightest crticism, DemoRATS run and hide behind what has become their new mantra when confronted with -- dare I say it -- the inconvenient truth, “you can’t question my patriotism.” Well, yes we can. When the dots are right in front of your face and you refuse to connect them for political purposes, when you sell America out for political gain, when you treat the enemies of this country better than our own elected officials, when you unanimously confirm a general with a new plan for Iraq then spend every waking minute trying to undermine that general and his plan -- even as that plan shows early signs of success, when you call American fighting men stupid and compare them Soviets and Nazis and claim that they are terrorizing Iraqis, when you want to cede a vital region of the world to terrorists, when you want to humiliate America because you don’t like the current president, when you want to destroy American credibility around the world to win an election, YOU ARE UNPATRIOTIC!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pace and Pope not OK with I'm OK you're OK crowd

Uh oh! Chairman of the Joint Chiefs (is the NCAA going to ban this term from the college campus?) of Staff, Marine General Peter Pace is in hot water with the I’m OK you’re OK, anything goes crowd. Pace’s sin was to mention in a recent interview that he was raised to believe that homosexual acts were immoral. Well Katie bar the bar, all he** has broken loose, recrimination, followed by apologies, followed by demands for a resignation, followed by demands for the general’s head all for saying what he believed.

In a fashion typical of today’s “conservative politicians”, typical conservatives are running for cover. “Why we abhor such comments. Why how could he say such a thing. Why how could he place my political career in danger by forcing me to formulate a response that is left enough that it doesn’t get me in trouble with loud-mouth gays and right enough that I don’t get savaged by a real conservative in the primary. Thank God he didn’t call them faggots.”

How about a good old fashion, “Hey 98% of the people of General Pace’s generation were raised with the same understanding. Why is this news? Is he violating the law? Is he running the military in a manner inconsistent with the idiotic hogwash this collection of 535 know-it-alls called congress has asked him? We, in typical political fashion, tried to split the baby with don’t ask don’t tell. In our effort to make everyone happy, we have made nobody happy. Right now, I’m more concerned with winning battles and wars than PC BS.”

Pace didn’t back to far from his comments when given the chance for a do-over. He insisted that he should have kept his comments focused on the current policy of don’t ask don’t tell and left his personal opinions out of the conversation. Suddenly the I’m OK you’re OK crowd has found something they are not OK with. The tolerance crowd, that dismisses about every rule and social taboo with a glib “who am I to judge”, is now quite happy to judge General Pace. Bigot, homophobe etc. now follow General Pace’s name from those urging compassion and tolerance. But it seems Pace is in good company.

In a development that is likely to get Catholics banned from military service from a Lib congress, Pope Benedict XVI yesterday set out "nonnegotiable values" as he urged Catholic lawmakers to oppose laws favoring divorce, abortion, homosexual "marriage" and euthanasia. Holy cow! Then the pope exhorted "Catholic politicians and legislators ... to introduce and support laws inspired by values grounded in human nature."

Noooooo! This guy actually wants Catholics to live their faith. That’s NOT OK. Then he put a dagger in the heart of I’m OK you’re OK relativism and liberal equivocation on every moral issue when he wrote, "These values are not negotiable, respect for human life, its defense from conception to natural death [and] the family built upon marriage between a man and a woman." Ouch, where does that leave don’t ask don’t tell?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

DemoRATS duck Fox

DemoRAT candidates have backed out of a planned debate in Nevada sponsored by the Fox News Channel. The given reason for the DemoRAT retreat, or is that redeployment, from FNC was that FNC chief – oops don’t tell the NCAA of that bit of Indian lingo least they see fit to ban Lex from the college campus - Roger Ailes made a disparaging reference to Barack Obama. That’s not true. True, Ailes mentioned the chosen one’s name, but only to poke fun at President Bush. The gist being, the president is seeing news of Obama all over the place. So he calls the CIA and says, “Look I’m seeing reports of Obama everywhere. Why can’t we catch him?”

Now the DemoRATS and their MSM lemmings are in high dudgeon about the joke – that they didn’t get. They are rapidly becoming the party of Emily Lattelas. Emily Lattella is the clueless Gilda Radner character on SNL. Emily would do commentary on the SNL News Cast but always confused the gist of the issue – presidential elections became presidential erections, equal rights became eagle rights and so on. Then, when set straight by Jane Curtain at the end of her commentary, she’d just say, “Nevermind”.

What’s needed now is for Ailes to come back and do the Dan Aykroyd bit from SNL’s Point – Counterpoint. “DemoRATS, you ignorant dolts! It was a joke about the president not Obama. The fact that I didn’t refer to the president as Bushitler must have caused you to miss that fact.”

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Reasonable debate with the ill-informed is difficult

The Daily Punctilio, a.k.a the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette, recently ran an editorial wondering why there could be no “reasonable debate” on gun control. They of course blame gun owners and the gun lobby. They also call for a ban on “assault weapons” because most of the public is terrified of that type of weapon. Lex fired off this response which the DP has agreed to print.

The reason there can be no “reasonable debate” on gun control is because anti-gunners are so unreasonable and just ill-informed. Is it “reasonable” to expect that Rep. Orelicher adding one more anti-gun law to the 1,000 or so federal, state and local laws already on the books is going to stop criminals from using guns? No, 9/10ths of such laws only tax and restrict law abiding citizens trying to purchase a firearm legally to protect themselves from criminals; who ironically are not burdened by such foolish laws because they obtain their firearms illegally. Why is it that only taxes, regulations and laws that restrict gun ownership are deemed “reasonable”?

Who is being “reasonable”, someone who wants to ban a firearm because it looks “terrifying” or someone who considers how that weapon functions without regard to its appearance? If I place a fake Ferrari body over a Ford Pinto chassis, engine and drive train, is the car going to run like a Ferrari or a Pinto? I find it odd that “most of the pubic” find weapons like the AR-15 “terrifying” when they function in the same manner (semi-automatic) and fire the same ammo (223-308) as Mr. Zumbo’s politically correct and presumably less “terrifying” hunting rifles. If we were talking about people here, who would be more “reasonable”; the bigot who wanted to ban a person based on their outward appearance or someone who judges people by how they act? A gun ban, while having fewer social consequences, is like racism in one way, both are anchored in ignorance.

Last, I cannot put my finger on that part of the second amendment that states, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms - except those deemed by most of the public to be terrifying - shall not be infringed.

NOTE: Lex is off to the races - NASCAR in Las Vegas that is. As such, I’ll not be posting Mon. Find an oldie but goodie in the archive. Unless I break the bank in Vegas, I’ll be back on Tues.

Pardon Libby; it'll make for great TV

The best thing President Bush could do right now is to pardon Scooter Libby completely, fully and unequivocally. In doing so, the president could claim that Libby did nothing wrong. Then he could note that it was the Uncle Fester look alike at the State Department, Richard the Dick Armitage, who gave up brave Valerie Plame; which in itself turns out not to be crime, but is what got the whole investigation started. Then for good measure, he could note that Special Ed Prosecutor Patty Fitzfong spent millions of dollars asking questions he already knew the answers to investigating an event that he knew wasn’t a crime. Fitzfong spent three years hunting elephants and all he bagged was a flattened squirrel he found in the middle of the road on the way home.

Ahhhhhh but Lex, we need help from the DemoRAT congress to get some stuff done in the last year and half of Bush’s term. Pardoning Libby will poison the well. Look, the well was poisoned when DemoRATS forked 2 tons of manure down it two days after the 2000 election. DemoRATS have continued to poison the well everyday since they first claimed that Al Oscar Gore should be president because they were too stupid to read a ballot with big black arrows pointing to a candidate’s name. The well IS already poisoned.

Another reason to pardon Libby is the best. Libby deserves to be pardoned. But in doing so, Bush will so anger the Libs many are sure to hurl themselves from tall buildings in protest. Ten seconds after the Libby verdict, Scrawny Harry rushed to microphone to demand that Bush promise not to pardon Libby. That would be Article II, Section 2 of the constitution where it says, the president “shall have Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment and when so directed by Scrawny Harry, master of the crooked land deal.” It would be absolutely hilarious to watch the uncontrolled anger of DemoRATS, Maher, Olbermann, Mathews and their propaganda arm (a.k.a the MSM) as that anger sends them over the edge.

Then there is the delusional lying gas-bag, Joe king of the frog march Wilson. This dishonest pant load is already clearly unstable. I think he actually believes the lies he has told. A full pardon of Scooter Libby is likely to send this double-dealing weasel running down the street naked, smearing orange Jell-O over his soft flabby body. Later, police would find Wilson hugging a naked Dan Rather smeared in lime Jell-O under a hibiscus bush asking each other, “What’s the frequency Bill?”

Please, Mr. President, pardon Scooter Libby now. It’s the right thing to do. Besides, it’ll just make for damn good TV for a couple of days.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fitzfong gets his man; Dems still miserable

In an event that was only slightly less surprising than Al Gore’s bore flick winning an Oscar, which was as predictable as the tide, Scooter Libby was convicted by a DC jury on 4 of 5 perjury and obstruction counts in connection with Valerie Plame’s non-outing. Now Libby faces 25 years in prison. The left can hardly contain themselves at the prospect of a conservative public servant going to jail for 25 years.

But still, it’s only Libby; too bad for Libs they continue to be mired in misery. They didn’t wait for the last guilty verdict to slip from the jury foreman’s lips before screaming that Libby’s conviction proves that Cheney should be in jail – proving the point that Libs are never happy; give them what they want and still they aren’t happy.

Even some of the jurors proved their political stripes when they came out asked why Cheney and Rove were not on trial. The greasy gas bag that came out after the trial to get his 15 minutes of fame and reservations on every talk show the next several months, gave proof to thought that it would be impossible for any conservative to get a fair trail in DC. Whatever the guilt or innocence of Libby on these charges, the prosecution and the verdict were no doubt politically motivated.

What’s disappointing:

- the thought of Libby spending one day in jail.

- the money that continues to be wasted on this.

- Fitzfong isn’t under investigation for wasting millions of taxpayer dollars to asking questions he already knows the answers to – outing Plame was no crime and Fitzfong knew who did it the day showed up as a special prosecutor anyway.

- having to watch, listen to and read about Lying Joe Wilson.

- the MSM continuing to refer to Plame as “covert, secret or under cover”.

- having to listen to Scrawny Harry, Queen Pelosi and other willfully stupid DemoRATS confuse outing a liar (Joe Wilson) with attacking a critic of the war. Fat Teddy is war critic. Joe wilson is a liar.

The only good thing about this is that Libs aren’t happy. They continue to wallow in fear that there is one person left in America exercising personal liberties guaranteed in the constitution while pursuing happiness – which to many of us is simply being left alone by Libs and government. Fitzfong and a DC jury proved yesterday, that that is just too much to ask from Libs.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bill Maher's heroes and white women

UPDATE ON BILL MAHER: Another of Bill Maher’s courageous heroes died Monday in an intentional plane crash that also took the life of the pilot’s 8 year old daughter. After being notified of the murder-suicide, Bill Maher wondered aloud, “Where do we find such men?”

The Griffin points the fickle finger of shame and blame on an unlikely group who he believes has gotten us where we are today in this tongue-in-cheek (I think) piece:

Doesn’t it seem as though the Dems were never in power from 1992-2000. Where was the big push by the Clintonians for solutions to global warming, terrorism, minimum wage, funding for education, aids research, racism, etc.? Listening to all the pandering going on this weekend to the black churches [Editor’s note: There has yet to be one white pol show up to my church – that’s discrimination!] , NAACP, CORE, etc, concerning the march on Selma was sickening.

Shillary presents everything in such a negative light it comes off as an “us against them” scenario. I guess in an unfortunate and twisted way this generates what I call “Fear-Based” political donations. I have never heard this term but you know the story. If the NRA says that “they” are taking your pheasant gun away then increases in membership and donations occurs to offset “them”. So the goal is to scare the last nickels from everyone’s pockets to prevent “the man from keeping us down”. Well guess what….men are not in the majority in this country. Men are in the minority.

So we get a lecture laden with the visual cues of the 1960’s barking police dogs, bus seating, fire hoses, etc, when the Democratic Party ran the south and how the majority in this country has to change the rules thereby making it unfair for some and gratuitous to others. All I can say is don’t look to me. The majority group in this country based on color and sex are white women of which I am not one. Shillary is part of that majority and a powerful sitting senator and ex-first lady. Her party has the congress and the senate. Her party had the presidency for 8 of the last 14 years and the Supreme Court’s swing vote for 20 years was/is a white woman (O’Connor). It was white woman Democrats that tricked poor Bill when Shillary was running the show the first time. Poor Bill! Who is holding whom back? The Dems have had the congress more than the republicans since 1960 and more white women are democrat than are republican. Therefore white women in the Democratic Party need to figure out how to make it fair for everyone. They have held us back too long and I am sick of it.

Therefore I am proposing a Million Republican Man March on Washington DC this spring. Our goal is to throw off the shackles of our bondages and address the stereotyping of stupid sex crazed Neanderthals. I will be in the front row too, if my wife lets me go. It is tough living without the freedom to play poker and fish whenever I want to. It isn’t easy having the responsibilities of always having to lift anything in our house that weighs over 20 pounds. And guess who has to go out and start the car whenever the temperature drops below 65 degrees? I have had it with these white woman democrats! “Onward Christian soldiers as if off to war”…….it’s up to us now my brother. The Griffin sends.

Monday, March 05, 2007

What's the difference?

What’s the difference in Ann Coulter implying John-boy Edwards is a faggot and Bill Maher expressing disappointment that an assassination attempt on the Vice President of the United States failed? Yeah, that Bill Maher, the one who some how thought killing yourself and 3,000 innocent men, women and children demonstrated more courage than flying a high performance aircraft off of an aircraft carrier at night to drop bombs on armed combatants. Gee Bill, I just don’t know how you got there. But back to the point - neither Ann nor Bill is a mainstream political candidate. Both are viewed by “their” side to be witty satirical geniuses.

So what’s the difference? First, conservatives are repelled by Coulters remarks, if for no other reason than it’s bad politics – even if it was funny. Loony lefties actually cheer Maher’s remarks – and they aren’t funny. Next, conservative for the most part ignore the name calling directed at them; Libs get apoplectic about the slightest slight and start demanding apologies from every registered Republican for every perceived slight. Then, it’s probably less insensitive to call someone a name, even if the name is a derogatory term for homosexual men, than to wish out loud that the person had been murdered. But sensitivity has nothing to do with it. The MSM and Lib pols will tolerate six years of Maher and other Lib nit-wits calling President Bush everything from dumb to Hitler – who had his own sexual problems – so you get a two-fer if you call someone Hitler – a sexually frustrated Nazi maybe even a latent homosexual Nazi.

I think Ann’s joke was as much about the phony baloney Hollywood set that gain fame and notoriety after making similarly insensitive remarks but immediately check themselves into rehab. Then, they gain further fame and notoriety by raising awareness – and their own stock – by making the rounds to the late night talks shows discussing rehab and their social epithany. And what about this, how would you feel if you were a homosexual and the entire Democrat Party is in an uproar about one of their candidates being compared to - you? Hey, I'm OK you're OK - right? Besides, they got a black and a woman, why not a gay? Maybe it’s time for Barney Frank to throw his bonnet into the ring.

But you ought not use the “f” word in polite company. Ann, next time try this;

“What’s the difference between John Edwards and Hillary Clinton? One is pretty, wears expensive perfume, looks better in a pink pants suite and spends thousands of dollars on hair care products and makeup; the other is Bill Clinton’s wife.”

You get the same mental image; the benefit of slamming two Dems with the same joke and much less baggage than dropping the “f” bomb.

Friday, March 02, 2007

House votes to make union intimidation easier

Having claimed to have won the November election on the idea that Americans were, by and large, surrender monkeys like the Deafeatocrats, they figured that best way to punish George Bush was to lose a war and destroy American credibility around the world. Now, finding it is easier to talk about surrendering American interests in the Middle East than actually doing it, DemoRATS are turning to a less arduous task; selling out the American worker.

In a move that many believe is payback for union support in November, the House yesterday voted in favor of a measure to make it easier for workers to join unions. Easier to join? When I was a college lad, I HAD to join. It doesn’t get much easier than that. DemoRATS in the House voted 241-185 for the Employee Free Choice Act, which would allow workers to unionize by simply signing a card or petition stating their interest in joining a union, as opposed to the long-standing practice of secret-ballot elections.

Don’t you just love the names that they give these bills? Employee Free Choice Act, sounds benign enough, but it’s only free until you happen to cross the union. When I was a member or the Teamster’s Union, there was only one union that was bigger and more ruthless, that was the old Soviet Union. Once when a worker failed to honor a union picket line, the worker’s car was destroyed and a note left that he was lucky it wasn’t him. There was no “Free Choice”. It was the union way or the highway – if you were lucky.

Now, DemoRATS want to make it “easier for workers to join unions”. What that really means is they want to make it easier for union thugs to force workers to join the union. The way this would work is rather than a secret ballot, three union thugs would approach a worker in the company parking lot and ask him to sign the union petition. “Gee, I dunno. Unions didn’t do much for American rail or sea travel; the big three auto makers are about bust; airlines are going bust or ‘re-organizing’ more frequently than someone announces for president; government workers are sort of the last bastion of union growth and who wants to be compared with them? Besides, I’m doing OK with the boss. Thanks, but not right now.” When the worker gets off at the end of his shift, he finds a battered hunk of steel were his car was parked.

Supporters of this practice say it is more fair than holding a secret-ballot election because, “it's a simpler, more-direct approach for workers to decide if they want to unionize.” Bullcrap, it’s easier for the union to intimidate workers. Why not just get everyone in a hall and hold a voice vote. That’s simple. Louie the union thug can get up on stage and say, “Looky here yous guys. Hows many wants to have da union benefits which includes, but ain't no way limited to, not having your friggin legs broke if yous votes for us. Alls in favor say aye.” As the silence fills the air, a cough is heard over the chirping birds outside. Then Louie says “Da ayes has it. Yous gotta problem wit dat?” That’s pretty simple and direct.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Expanding the armed forces

First the correction. In the post below, Lex miscalculated the population of the city in which he lives by about 100,000 or nearly a 100% error. Ft. Wayne’s population is between 205 and 219K not 110 as stated below. Then he misidentified a high school as a middle school. As a result of these egregious errors, I’ve sacked the fact checker and fined the editor of that post an exorbitant sum. I cannot accept such garbage as, “I it got from the Internet” as an excuse. As a result of violating the trust of our plethora of readers, heads have rolled here at Lex E. Libertas and I humbly apologize.

Now the real story –

Oh my gosh, the military is overburdened. Let’s see, a two front no kidding shooting & dying war – a world war on Islamo-terror-fascists actually but the MSM and the American people don’t want to hear that – Korea, China, Iran, Darfur, 10 years later we’re still engaged in our one year peace keeping mission in Bosnia, our own southern border, South American hot headed dictators on the rise…again, African terrorists, a Europe where leaders are content to let demographics do the work of creating Muslim states so suicide bombers don’t have to, etc. etc. Yeah the world’s a mess and the military is stressed. But hey, my 401K is up 15% so let’s not rock the boat. OK.

So what to do with our military? First, every military man since the beginning of time, when asked to accomplish a mission - any mission, always asks for about 300% of the men and material required to do the job. He’d be negligent if he didn’t. Men’s lives are at stake and you don’t want to start off with too few assets. Don Rumsfeld comes under attack for going into Iraq too light; that’s inaccurate in my view. The force that went into Iraq was about right; the results of assault bear that out. Also, remember that the 4th ID was planned to come south from Turkey; that didn’t happen. What we didn’t do, again in my opinion, was to stay heavy. We should have rolled the 4th ID in and occupied the Syrian and Iranian borders. That certainly could have escalated the war in one or both directions, but what the heck it turns out we’re going to have fight them both anyway.

So what to do about our military force under stress? We have plans to grow the size of our armed forces by 92,000 so that the schedualed deployments can be spaced further apart. In addition to that measure, we should consider redeploying (to use a favorite Defeatocrat word) some of our forces stationed around the world. The United States still has about 75,000 soldiers in Germany, protecting that country from – what? Cut that number by ¾ and bring ‘em home. Then there are ~13,000 in Italy, ~12,000 in the United Kingdom – why? Are we protecting NATO from an intramural firefight? We have another ~ 40,000 in Japan and ~ 35,000 in Korea. Given the distance and the volatility of this region this makes sense, but there is a list of more than a hundred countries with US troop deployments. In addition we keep about 26,000 sailors and Marines deployed afloat on any given day.

Come on, we can bring a good many of these forward “deployed” forces home. Keeping heavy equipment in key regions under the management of smaller cadres, then rapidly deploy the forces to fall in on the pre-positioned equipment. The carriers and even some of the Marines afloat can operate in the same manner. We now have these things called airplanes. They can fly much faster than a ship can steam. Why can’t the ships deploy with fewer forces and fly then the additional forces in if needed?

Last, don’t sacrifice quality for numbers. If we are having problem recruiting top quality people to boost the force by 92K, the first thing that ought to be done is to increase the pay of enlistees. I can hear Shameless Chucky Schumer, Fat Teddy, Jack the ass and the rest of usual suspects, squealing like stuck pigs now. The same people that want a “living wage” for illegal aliens that cut grass, clean houses, raise our children and do the other work that “Americans just won’t do”, will deny a wage commensurate with those willing to die for their country.