Monday, March 31, 2014

Amnesty crowd are the real racists

If you think Republi-Rats are their way to sweeping the mid-terms, think again.  It never surprises me how blubbering crybaby John Boehner et al are able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory time after time.  Need proof?  Here’s how a Republican majority in both houses of congress gets torpedoed by establishment Rat coconspirators.

Paul Ryan says amnesty is not a matter of “if” but “when.”  Of course Ryan’s comments were to a Hispanic group, so it may have been typical political pandering, but since the comment sells out his own constituency, I doubt it.

Rat Congresswomen, Ana Navarro and Renee Elmers called constituents who oppose amnesty, ignorant racists.  Nice.

Let me set you straight on who the real racists are.  People who support moving one group of people to the head of the line over everyone already standing in that line, are the real racists.  People who advocate for amnesty are the real racist.  It is they who want to pander to Hispanics over, Africans, Asian and Europeans.  Demo-Dopes and pandering Republi-Rats are happy to move law-breaking Hispanics ahead of everyone else.  Isn’t that why Rosa parks refused to give her seat on the bus in Montgomery?  Whites got to sit at the head of the line, blacks had to move to the back.  How is amnesty different?  I'll wait for an answer.

Today the so called Demo-Dope champions of “civil rights,” so ordained by the press and public education not by action, are advocating affirmative action and amnesty.  Both of those policies are racist to the core. 

The Dopes tout their “comprehensive immigration reform.”  It is nothing more than an amnesty bill that places Hispanic criminals and law-breakers at the front of the immigration line.  They discriminate against every other person who, due to the happenstance of their geography, cannot willy-nilly violate the sanctity of our southern border.  There is absolutely no reason what-so-ever to place an Hispanic vegetable picker at the front of the immigration line ahead of say an Asian engineer just because the former had the advantage of geographical proximity to break our laws.

I’m all for fair immigration reform that does not include the word “comprehensive.”  We know what happens when this government engages in anything with the word “comprehensive” associated with it.  We got comprehensive tax reform with the income tax in 1913.  Would anyone say that the IRS is doing a good job?  We got comprehensive retirement reform with SS reform in 1935.  How’s that system working out?  The SS Ponzi scheme is constantly on the verge of going broke.  We got comprehensive healthcare reform in 2010.  Nuf said about that one.

A fair immigration bill would actually be several bills.  First there would be a bill dealing with the security of our southern border.  That bill would require governors to certify that their state’s border is secure.  You cannot have a lawless punk president who thinks he is a king certifying anything.  He needs to isolated and ignored just as he chooses what laws he will ignore.  He cannot be trusted. Period.  So do not trust him.  Period.

Only when the border has been secured can the current crop of illegal aliens be dealt with.   They should be required to leave.  Go to the end of the line and wait like everyone else.  Don’t give me that you cannot deport 12 million people BS.  The fact is, yes you can if you have the will.  Don’t give me the heartstring BS argument of grandmas who have been here for 30 years or youngster dragged here by their parents BS either.  If those sub-sets of couple of million people deserve special consideration, give them special consideration.  Do not just open the flood gate to a class of 12 million law breakers.

Establish fair temporary worker permits to all who wish to come here to work not just those who can wander across the border.  Offer American citizenship to those with skill sets in demand and who are willing to assimilate into American culture.  That would mean no more hyphenated Americans.

The roach still stealing oxygen 
Harry the roach Reid is the most despicable sub-human POS drawing a breath in America today.  He is a liar.  He is a thief.  And when he said “This war is lost,” while Americans were still in the field fighting that war, he became the Iraq war’s Jane Fonda - a treasonous bastard giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies.  Here is the comprehensive tip sheet on just what a loathsome turd herder the roach and his entire brood of no talent government tit suckers are.  

Friday, March 28, 2014

Death of the student athlete

Ahh the joys and agonies of March Madness are endless.  Young student athletes competing for a national crown makes one go all warm and bubbly inside.  Until you see something like this.  The “this” in the link is an undecipherable less than 200 word “college paper” by a University of North Carolina athlete that earned him an A-.  Really?  A minus?  As if there is just something a bit off with this piece of work?  If they'd have given him an A+ they could claimed it was a parody or sarcasm.  Now they are just screwed.  An A- for this piece of crap is like giving the Captain of the Titanic a "nearly prefect" for his almost crossing of the Atlantic.

Geez, for crying out loud, take a hint from Slow Joe Biden and just rip off someone else’s work.  Photo copy it.  Put your name at the top and hand it in.  If you get caught, claim a footnoting error.  That strategy will set you up for a long career in Demo-Dope politics.

I have to ask, who is being served by a policy where “student” athletes do not have to be students?  Is it the athlete?  No.  They are provided scholarships to attend a university like UNC to earn a college degree - for free.  In return, they agree to don athletic equipment that proudly displays the university’s logo.

If they do not earn that degree they are being screwed.  If there is no degree at the end of their university stay, they have essentially provided services to that university for minimum wage.  Sure they get a few classes, free meals and place to stay, but they miss the big payday that the university can provide.  It’s like filling up on salad at the all-you-can-eat Sunday buffet.  You miss all the really good stuff.

A recent “labor grievance” brought by football players against Northwestern University was settled by the National Labor Relations Board  by allowing the players to take a vote to unionize if they so desired.  The NRLB judged that the players were more “employees” of the university than students of the university.  Weird huh.  So is the term “student athlete,” long ago reduced to an oxy moron, going to go the way of the term “enlightened liberal” -  from oxy moron to a term so utterly devoid of believability that it just disappears from use?

It is hard to see where about 98% of college athletes benefit from such an arrangement.  There are no big TV contracts for lacrosse, diving, field hockey etc.  The big pay off for the 98% is a degree.  A degree is the currency of college scholarships.

So if the college athlete is not the benefactor of dropping the “student” from student athlete, it must be the university.  In the short term the universities do rake in a lot of money on successful athletic programs.  I’m absolutely sure the people at UNC thought they were doing a great service to the university when they allowed an athlete to receive an A- for what anyone past the 8th grade would call a POS paper.  Now that they have been exposed they may be recalculating how much of a service they were providing either the young man or the university by endorsing second-rate, nay, third or fourth-rate work.  The university is a laughing stock.  The young man who did the “work” would be as well were his name known.

Besides, universities are between a rock and a hard place.  If they try to hold the football and basketball teams to the same academic standards as the university chess team, they undoubtedly will be called raaaaaaacists for doing so.  And it will not make one bit of difference if the chess team is made up of 100% backs.  Hell, if they even try to require minimum academic standards for college athletes Revs? Jesse, Al, and Jerry descend on them like locus.  So which is the more raaaacist position – requiring predominately black student athletes to meet the university’s minimum academic standards or saying that those athletes cannot meet or shouldn’t have to meet those standards?  And seriously, I attended The Ohio State University, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the minimum is not all that difficult a hurdle to clear.

Maybe athletes should be required to sign a legally binding letter of intent to attend a university for four years or until they receive a degree – whichever comes first.  The revolving door for college football and basketball players who enter an institution with zero intent on graduating is an open scam on the NCAA, the universities and the students who have pay their own way.

College athletics have become a joke.  It’s more like club sports with taxpayers, donors and paying students footing the bill.  Not so Lex, one home game in the “Shoe” at TOSU pays for all of the other university sports programs, all the scholarships and a new science lab to boot.  Yeah, and that’s why nothing will change.  There’s too much money in it.

So cut the pretext.  No classes for athletes.  No special treatment.  If a kid should show up for class and turns in a POS paper like the one in the link, he gets an F- and a 10,000 word essay from his professor back on why his work is sooooooooo F’d up.  See how that product sells when the kids have no affiliation with the university other than playing in the local stadium.  Then they become nothing more than mercenaries paid to wear a college jersey.  See how long it takes for the bloom to come off that rose.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Harry the roach Reid not just a lying old bastard

We know that Harry the roach Reid is a senile, lying, mean, old, bastard.  We know that he is a thief as well.  Anyone who thinks there is no ruling class in America ought to study the roach’s career.

Harry the roach Reid showed up in Caligula D.C. 30 years ago as a two bit NV politician and lawyer whose net worth was a couple of hundred thousand dollars.  Now, after lining his own pockets with tax payer money and money gained through influence peddling, the roach is worth millions.  Either that or he perfected the Shrilldabeast method of cattle futures investing.

We also know that the roach has spawned several little roaches incapable of supporting themselves. Their talents at thieving are not as perfect as their worthless old man’s.  So the roach started funneling government money to them.  There is an internet report (so it must be true) that the benefits the roach has funneled to his no talent off spring are hush money for the roach, a well known pederast, having molested them as youngsters. So, like the roach lying about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes, that’s out there.  The roach needs to respond.

Now we learn that the roach is also funneling money to his worthless no talent grand kids.  You ask, “Where does this all end?”  The answer is it doesn’t end.  No talent spawns no talent.  Until the people of NV wise up and send this tired lying dolt packing we will be paying for a long line of the roach’s brain dead dip $h!t progeny.

But being a lying thief in Caligula D.C. is like being grossly overweight at a casting call for the Biggest Loser tv show.  It doesn’t really set you apart from the crowd.  What sets the roach apart is that he is certifiably 100% bat$h!t crazy – a condition that is only slightly more acute than the roach’s Dope buddies, Peloser, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Barbara Lee, Joe Biden et al.  - who have reached only 90-95% on the Certifiably Bat$h!t-Crazy-O-Meter.  And think about how certifiably bat$h!t crazy one must be to beat out Joe Biden as the most bat$h!t crazy of the group.

If you needed any more proof, yesterday the roach explained away the extension of the Robertscare enrollment “deadline” (that's apparently is as flexible as a "red line") by complaining that Americans were too stupid to use computers.  Not that the Robertscare website is a steaming pile of crap, but that you Mr. & Mrs. America are too stupid to use it.  King SFB has blessed us with a benefit that we didn’t want, that no one in a country of 350 million people understands, that we cannot afford and that is administered by website that does not work, but the blame for this colossal foul up is because YOU STUPID PEOPLE CANNOT TURN ON A COMPUTER.  Damn you stupid people.  According to the roach first we lie about Roberstcare debacles then we are too stupid to sign up for it.

Actually, the roach was more specific in his accusation of stupidity.  He lamented the 65 and older crowd that were not as quick on the computer as his lying thieving grand kids. So, by the roach’s calculations the actuary tables for Robertscare must be working out pretty well.  Sick old people 65 years old and older are too stupid to sign up.  That leaves the young healthy hipsters signing up, just like the plan.  So why extend the open enrollment for people who are going to be older and sicker?

Here’s the truth and why this POS is going to collapse under its own weight.  Hipsters will not sign up until they break their leg in a car wreck.  They are irresponsible hipsters.  They know how to work the system.  If pre-existing conditions are covered why waste valuable beer money on insurance until you need it.  Conversely, old people have been around the block a time or two with the federal government and know whatever it sticks its big greasy paw into is going to be screwed up beyond all recognition.  So they stay away in droves as well.

The only real questions that remain with regard to Robertscare are 1) Will we ever be able to unwind it - if we get the chance? 2) Failing that, how long will it take us to reach the stage of Greece?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Trifecta

"Friendly numbers" more Common Core stupidity
Several posts under Lex linked to a cite that noted the 10 dumbest Common Core questions.  The questions are not the only things that are dumb.  It turns out “teachers” who have bought into the debacle that is Common Core are not too bright themselves. In this link, correct answers that fail to use “friendly numbers” are marked down.  YGBSM.  No.  I’m not.  You cannot make this stuff up.  I’m going to try to use “friendly numbers” with the IRS this year.  Wanna bet how that will work out?

Hobby Lobby
OK, I admit that I do not get the argument left leaning idiots are making in this case.  They stand outside the Supreme Court insisting that a woman’s right to healthcare is between her and her doctor.  Bravo!  You go girl!  You’ve com a long baby.  I’m all for that proposition.

However, I don’t think that is what these lamebrains mean.  How can leftist say that when it is the government under Roberscare telling a 70 year old women who her doctor is and that she must be covered for contraceptives and if those contraceptives fail pre/post natal care, abortifacients and/or abortions?  Trust me the last one is coming.   Seems to me some big fat government bureaucrat is right in the middle of the “woman doctor” equation.

And if these chickypoos are so damned hear me roar independent, why are they asking someone else to pay for their screw ups?  Seems to me these oh so independent women are happy to tell everyone they can do anything a man can, except pay the bill.  Let’s be clear.  That’s all this is really about.  It isn’t a “women’s health issue.”  It’s a “who is going to pick up the tab” issue.

The oddest argument to come out of this is: If you let Hobby Lobby get away with not paying for women’s birth control, then the next step will be that companies refuse to pay for AIDS meds for homosexuals.  Which got me to thinking, if I were a skydiver, no one would object to an insurance company charging me more for my premium.  I wouldn’t object.  If I’m a chain smoking, alcoholic, skydiving, motorcycle riding, base jumping, rock climbing, pilot of an experimental aircraft I may not even be able to get insurance.  All of these activities have risks associated with them that could cause an insurance premium to explode and no one really gives a crap.

But if someone is engaged in risky homosexual activity, it’s bigotry and discrimination of the worse kind to charge more for the premium.  Well, Lex, you have to understand, they were born that way.  I believe I was born to weigh 400 pounds.  I don’t because I stop eating after the third Klondike Bar.  Well, they are in love Lex.  I love Klondike Bars.   Besides adrenalin junkies were likely born that way as well and have to have their fix.

The point of this is not some homosexual rant.  It’s a fact of life.  We are all born with things that we need to control.  But homosexuals are in love!  It doesn’t matter to the actuary tables of an insurance company.  All that matters is that they are engaged in risky behavior.  If you’re going to charge me more for smoking, why is it a crime to charge a homosexual more for engaging in an activity which, just like smoking, has been proven to promote disease and hasten death?

We’re all equal. It’s just that some are more equal than others.  Leftists get to choose.

FLT 370
Problem:  They say the plane may never be found.  Yet 100’s of millions of government dollars are being spent looking for it.
Solution:  Put a billion dollar bounty on that plane and let private industry find it.  If you don’t like the billion dollar bounty figure, pick a more “friendly” number.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Worthless speck Reid speaks = lies

We managed to miss a snow storm last night - hallelujah!  That good news means the only thing really peeing me off this morning is the lying, thieving, senile, old, bastard Harry the roach Reid blaming Republicans for Putin marching into Crimea.  It is no secret to the two faithful readers of this page that Lex loathes the roach.  In fact of all the ruling class morons who populate Caligula D.C. the roach has the honor of being the first one I’d have stripped naked, horse whipped, tarred, feathered and forced to low crawl on his belly out of town over a 10 mile trail of broken glass imbedded in piles of King SFB’s excrement – of which, since he’s full of it, I’m sure there is a rather endless supply.

Is that the “new tone” Lex?  Why, yes it is.  You should have seen what I had before I cleaned it up.

The only thing worse than the roaches outrageous lie is the Republican reaction to the lie, which is to say there was no reaction.  The roach lies and Republicans clear the field for the worthless old bastard.  That is only slightly less infuriating than the lie itself.  It is also why I believe that the whole bunch is in cahoots.

In that regard, there is also good news.  Another true conservative voice who happens to be a minority has emerged.  T. W. Shannon has been endorsed by Sarah Palin and Mark Levin in the OK Republican senate primary to fill Dr. Tom Coburn’s seat. A conservative minority candidate means growing the conservative (read constitutional) movement.  I sent him $10.   I’m sure that sum will push him toward some kind of fund raising record in OK and further endear me to the comptroller here at the compound when she checks the MC bill.  Check him out and contribute if you can.  It might help save America, but there's no pressure here.  It's just America.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Rotten to the core

At a Broward County, FL business meeting Jeb Bush said that people who oppose common core are protecting the “status quo.”  To which I reply with a very well thought out and far reaching argument –  that’s total BS!  This is the type of either or argument usually relied upon by Demo-Dope azzbags who have no argument.  You either believe in global warm-mongering or you are a Neanderthal, flat Earth, denier who hates all of humanity.  Those are your only choices, so which is it?

I do not support the teacher’s unions.  I do support vouchers.  I do support the firing of incompetent teachers and administrators.  I do not support the Department of Education.  I do support state and local control of schools.  None of that is status quo.  But if I don’t support Common Core, according to Jeb, I’m for the status quo.  How does that work?

Common Core is a disaster.  If you don’t believe me, you should, but if you don’t look at this piece on Common Core.  It’s not an opinion piece.  It is a piece that demonstrates the total BS nature of Common Core by exposing Common Core’s typical methodology – if you can even call it that – for teaching youngsters.  Who thought this BS up?  Professor Irwin Cory?  Hank Kimball?  Slip Mahoney?  Bullwinkle J. Moose?  Homer Simpson?  Joe Biden?  (It’s no accident Biden is lumped in with the cartoon characters.)  Or was it a committee of the whole of America’s premiere dopes, fools and blockheads? Jeezumpete, did anyone with a brain even look at it before they started to hand it out to our youngsters?  The answer has to be no.

If, as the article in the link demonstrates, Common Core is riddled with mountains of undecipherable gobbledygook, how did it get foisted on so many states?  As always, follow the money.  The feds took 400 billion dollars that we do not have and held it out as an incentive for states to sign on to the Common Core.  Most did.  Only Alaska, Nebraska, Texas and Virginia refused to sign on.  Since the Common Core “standards” have surfaced and been exposed as the steaming pile of bovine excrement that they are, 10 other states have suspended all or part of Common Core.

So here’s where we are; in 40 years ruling class morons managed to destroy the American education system.  That’s the status quo.  Now the same ruling class morons are attempting to fix the stench of another union driven rotting bit of America that the ruling class supported by covering it with a fresh coat of BS they call Common Core.  It sucked before.  It still sucks.  After 400 billion dollars of federal waste, the status quo remains.  Common Core reinforces THE STATUS QUO.

Besides Bushy, not to put too fine a point on it, YOU ARE THE STATUS QUO.  Or to put it in the form of one of those puzzling ruling class questions for which there is no good answer, “Are you the status quo or just a typical narcissistic, lying, thieving, d-bag, career politician lining his own pockets from the public trough?”  Which is it Jeb?  Hey Jeb, how long have you and your family been in politics?  Senators, Governors, ambassadors and presidents populate your family’s history, right?  That is not exactly the resume of an “outsider” challenging the status quo.

In my honest opinion we’d be better off listening to the wife of a construction worker who home schools her three kids than career politicians like Bush, Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, et. al.  It’s seems very ironic to hear these members of the ruling class who have f&^ked everything up for the last 40 years, now telling us how they are going to fix THEIR screw ups.

Hey, Jeb, take a page from your brother’s and old man’s book, go away, quietly.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I suppose it could be worse

Flt 370: a new theory
I’m playing the odds.  Since most of the area where the jet was last verified being aloft is covered by water, I’m thinking it went down into a large body of water somewhere, either that or it landed on land.  Now, I just sit back and await a call from CNN asking me to be an “expert” on one of their shows.  I defy anyone to knock a whole in my latest theory.  Do those experts get paid?

Hey if you cannot get them to join you, you should join them.  A Huston school principal is being let go for insisting her students speak English while on school grounds.  You’d think that a reasonable request at an American high school.  You’d be wrong.

The usual band of  hyper sensitive multi-culturalist BS artists are demanding that not only does Spanish need to be permitted to be spoken on campus but that the entire incident should be investigated by the FBI as some sort of hate crime.  No the principal’s good intentions of preparing her students to compete for jobs and scholarships is not a defense.

No word yet from the multi-cults on why they think people break into our county in the first place.  I guess it’s because they want to speak Spanish which will limit their job opportunities, so they can get government assistance, so they talk about what a bunch of racist bastards white Americans are, unless of course you’re a white Hispanic in the first place then I guess you’re relegated to trashing America as whole.

When I was in the Marine Corps I insisted that anywhere people were speaking where others could hear them or see them, English was the language to be spoken.  To howls of protest I explained it was a courtesy akin to not whispering in the presence of others.  It built trust that no one was talking $h!t behind someone’s back, I explained.

As always the Marines found ways to lampoon the rule.  Chaves would shout over to Brown in Espanol.  Brown would reply, “Huh?  Hey en Ingles por favor.”  Chaves would shout back in English, “I said, you’re a F*&^king P*&sy.”  Brown shouts back, “Oh.  OK.  Hey, check under your girl friend’s bed.  I think I left my boots there when I was over and I had to leave out the window in a rush when you showed up early.  Hey Manny, how do you say that in Espanol so I can be sure Chaves understood?”   Manny would do the translation and the whole thing broke down into a crude lesson on cussing in Espanol as Brown and Chaves cussed each other out with Manny doing the translation so that we could be sure that “no one was talking $h!t behind someone’s back.”

There is absolutely nothing to worry about
While King SFB took time off from his 100 millionth round of golf to talk March madness on ESPN, Vlad Putin was signing the necessary documents to annex Crimea.  That’s how screwed we are in a nutshell.  King SFB tried to warn Russia off Crimea with stern talk before the troops rolled, then was seen declaring Happy Hour at D.C. pub.  Right now King SFB is considering a new redline to ignore before drawing a new red line that will be ignored.

King SFB is a very unserious punk.  Putin on the other hand is not.  Putin has not yet been photographed skipping one into home plate from the mound while wearing mom jeans, riding a girl's bike in a plastic helmet, missing 18 of 22 shots in what is supposed to be “his game,” bowling a 32 or gone missing while his personal envoy is being murdered in a foreign country.   Both however ARE extraordinary liars, so SFB has that going for him when he squares off against Putin the next time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Shrilldabeast surveys the mess she created and comments, "My work here is done."

Is it a surprise to anyone that Vlad Putin is shoving his “rest button” up King SFB’s azz sideways on Ukraine?  The Shrilldabeast, safely ensconced off stage somewhere, must be laughing, nay, cackling her extra wide pant suit clad fat azz off.  “The world’s smartest woman” issued said “reset button” to her Russian counterpart Foreign Minister Lavrov as means to embarrass GWB.  The Shrilldabeast is soooooo smart that the actual translation on the “rest button” was “overcharged.”  So yeah, that dumbazz Bush sure looks like a fool right now for sure.

But the Shrilldabeast is not only a lying, thieving, incompetent witch, she’s a vindictive, lying, thieving, incompetent witch.  Remember the White House Travel Office scandal?  Not happy to just fire the entire office on a whim to bring in her own Arkansas influence peddlers, the Shrilldabeast accused the head of the office, one Billy Dale, with grand larceny.  When fully exonerated from the Shrilldabeast’s trumped up charges, Dale famously asked, “Where do I go to get my reputation back?”  For her part the Shrilldabeast never offered Dale so much as an Emily Lattela of Saturday Night Live fame style - “Nevermind.”   Paraphrasing from the movie Love Story, “Being lying thieving Clinton means you never have to say you’re, ‘sorry.’ Instead you say, ‘I’ll get even with you the next time sucker.’”   But hey, what difference, at this point, does it make?

I mention this because you know that the Shrilldabeast hasn’t forgotten about King SFB taking something from her that she thought for sure was rightfully hers – the presidency.  So yeah, I suspect the Shrilldabeast is resting on a recliner very satisfied with her incompetent pandering of the Russians.  She’s very delighted with herself and the mess she’s made for King SFB and his less than worthless SecState Lord Horseface.  After all, she tried to warn us.  So she delights in the mess she made while filling her fat face with double stuffed Oreos and perusing a catalogue of Kim Jung Un’s latest style pantsuits.  Who looks better in them?  The North Korean dictator or the Shrilldabeast?  One thing is for sure, Kim’s hair-doo is way more consistent than the Shrilldabeast’s and on most days looks better.

If Republicans want King SFB to get tough with Putin and the Russians they should float a story that Putin is funneling money into the RNC.  As Republicans are the real enemy of King SFB and his class of nit wits, that would finally focus their attention on the disaster that they have created.  But the Dopes are fond of saying, “There is noting that can be done with regard to Ukraine.”  That is true as long as the US being run by a weak, clueless bunch of eunuchs.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On culture

Voter ID
With the mid-terms coming up, Eric the wad Holder is working overtime to enable voter fraud by opposing voter ID laws.  I'm white and have an ID.  I don't mind showing it for things I want to participate in, boarding flights, buying guns, voting etc.  If I don't want to show my ID, say to go into a campaign rally, I don't go in.  I go to the bar next door instead and dog cuss the politician as a fascist POS.  If they ask for an ID at the bar, I'm flattered.  I don't know what all the fuss is about.   Want to vote?  Show your ID.  The only reasonable explanation for not wanting to comply with a voter ID requirement is that those opposed to voter ID laws are more interested in voter fraud than voting.

The cross on the side of the road
The coalition against religion is saying they are offended by a cross on the side of the road set to bring comfort to the family of a loved one killed at that location.  They claim a 1st Amendment right not to be exposed to religion.  BS.  First, I do not believe for one second that anyone is truly “offended.”  And if that’s the only requirement for denying someone’s free speech, I ask that anyone wearing a Pittsburg Steelers t-shirt be forced to turn it inside out because it offends the crap out of me.  Next, if you are indeed that easily offended, I’d encourage you to get a life.  If a Bible verse on a white board at the Air Force Academy gives you the heebee jeebies, in my mind you do not have the temperament to lead men into combat and ought to take up another profession  - like blogging from your mom’s basement.  No.  Wait.  That’s too close to home.  Like, knitting sweaters at your barren compound that has been declared a “religion free zone.”  For the religious minded put simple scripture on your white board with no citation.  Write, “Be not afraid.”  That passage and “fear not” are among the most oft repeated lines in the Bible.  Or you could sum it up Bobby McFadden style, “Don’t worry.  Be happy.”  Worry is the devil’s work.  God wishes us to be happy.  But I like to rely on Matthew 10:33 in these cases; “If you deny me before men, I will deny you before my Father in heaven.”  So, fear not.  Go forth and spread the good news of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

St. Patrick’s Day
Boston and NYC were embroiled in controversy over their annual St. Patrick’s Day Parades.  Beer heavy weights Sam Adams and Guinness caved to homosexual public pressure and pulled their sponsorship of the parades because of a perceived ban on homosexuals.  That of course is total BS.  No such ban existed.  I’m quite sure homosexuals marched in both parades.  What was not allowed was a “gay float.’  Oh the humanity.  Why!  Why!  Why would anyone want to deny homosexuals the right to turn the St. Patrick’s Day parade into an event promoting their lifestyle by promoting homosexual sex?  Like in the case on religion above, homosexuals were not offended because they couldn’t march in the parade – they could and nobody cared.  What they couldn’t do, any more than Martha’s Whore House could, is turn the parade into a statement on sexuality.  For some odd reason to the homosaints that’s anti-homosexual.  It isn’t.  Why in the world does every event in America have to be turned into a homosexual pride event?  Now if I were offended by homosexual parade floats, t-shirts, clubs and literature, could I get them banned?  Hell no.  And oh by the way, I’m not.  I do not give a crap.  That ambivalence in today’s world makes me a homophobe.  You MUST wholly embrace the homosexual agenda to avoid being called a homophobe.  I don’t.  So we are at the ironic point in America where constitutionally protected speech – religious - is being banned while the 1st Amendment right to association is being dumped in order to pander to the loudest most obnoxious tiny minority among us.

I do not care what Sam Adams and Guinness do with their advertising dollars.  And I won’t say I’ll never drink one again.  But I can say there are a lot of beers out there, so I’ll pass on them the next couple of times.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Maybe now Europe is wishing they'd taken a greater interest in their own defense over the last 60+ years

For more than 60 years, while Europeans spent their defense money on generous social programs, beer, wine, cheese, fine autos and cameras, the US of A provided it security from the Soviet bear.  Ronald Reagan killed the bear.  Europe continued its party.  With the election of a very unserious and na├»ve dope in the person of King SFB himself, the Americans have joined the party.  Right now the only one in the room who is not drunk, dancing shirtless with a lamp shade on his head is Vald Putin, which given the Russian propensity for vodka and Putin’s own proclivity to go topless is an accomplishment.

Now Putin is having his way with a Europe that is dependant on him for their energy needs and unable to lift a finger to defend themselves or exert their will on a resurgent Russia.  Somewhere there’s an old German man walking his dog to his favorite beer hall where he’ll sit and sip a fine pils while telling his mates it was foolishness to trust the Americans with Germany’s defense.

In sign of just how surely screwed we are, we are relying on well known liar and Cambodian War hero John Francois Kerry to avoid disaster in Crimea.  That’s probably the primary reason former SecDef Gates referred to Crimea as “lost.”  So Lord Horseface is negotiating an end to the Crimea crisis with Russian foreign Minister Lavrov.  Lavrov should show up at the negotiation with his “reset button” in one hand and a black beret (like the one Kerry carries in his brief case to remind him of his faux heroics in Cambodia) throw them both on the table in front of Horseface and ask, “OK where would you like to start?”  Lavrov has to know, with Kerry, he’s dealing with a total azz licking light weight.

Now, picture Lavrov sitting across the table from John Bolton who has just announced missile deployments to eastern Poland, EuCom’s mobile Headquarters being moved to Warsaw, a large US Special Forces deployment to Kiev, and the largest NATO joint exercise in history to be conducted in Poland.

Oh, and if it were Bolton sitting across from Lavrov, that old German man would be sipping his fine pils and telling his mates, “Those crazy Americans don’t take $h!t from anyone.”

Flight 370
It seems we’re always guarding against the last terrorist attack.  I do not think if Islamo-Terror-Fascists have a 777 at their disposal, they will fly it into a building.  Everyone has theory or two or five or ten.  Here’s my most dangerous scenario.  The Iranians with the aid of the North Koreans use the plane to initiate a high altitude burst (HAB) of a nuclear device over the east coast of the US.

Such an explosion would be devastating.  The theory is that a HAB attack will kill all computer assisted activities.  They would just come to an immediate halt.  Everything from trains, planes and automobiles to electric plants, telephone service and water treatment plants would all shut down.  The area affected by such an attack would be a function of the strength or the device and altitude of the detonation.

Right now, the plane is on an island or other isolated location somewhere waiting for the NK or Iranian sub or fishing boat to show up with the device.  It is probably NOT at one of the over 600 known airstrips capable of handling a 777 within range of flt 370 when it went missing.  People planning such an attack are not going to get busted by Joe Nobody who flew into the isolated strip at Bongo Bonga for $100 hamburger on Saturday and noticed the tail of a Malaysian 777 hanging out of a hanger for the first time ever.

The plane will slowly be positioned to a point where it can marry up with another 777 on a routine scheduled flight to America from wherever.  At that point the planes will fly in formation to appear as one on radar, or perhaps they will pull a switcheroo.  The scheduled plane turns off the transponder and disappears being replaced almost immediately by the flt 370 777.  Then when it has penetrated US airspace it makes a mad dash to the location designated for HAB attack and detonates.

Sadly this scenario leaves no hope for the 239 souls on board flight 370.  They were long ago victims of high altitude oxygen epoxy when whoever hijacked the flight either depressurized the cabin or shut off the oxygen to the cabin.  This may account for sudden climb from 35,000 feet to 45,000 feet.

If I were the FAA and NORAD I’d be running 10,000 computer simulations for this type of attack and how to prevent it.  But hey, if some dope in his PJs in Ft. Wayne, IN figured this out, certainly it has crossed one of the great minds at NORAD.  Right?

Anyway, it’d make for a pretty good story for the next Mission Impossible or the next Jack Ryan movie.

Friday, March 14, 2014

King SFB's pen and phone

Duvall channels Lex
In an interview with the Daily Beast, Oscar-winner actor Robert Duvall blasted the Civil Rights film "The Butler" as "very inaccurate." Channeling Lex’s post from yesterday, the 83 year-old star added, "JFK had one of the worst Civil Rights voting records," and "All the atrocities in the South were committed by the Democratic Party."  Hmm, like all the great minds, Duvall obviously reads Lex.  Is anyone surprised?

King SFB’s pen and phone
According to King SFB, he must rule by pen and phone because congress will not fully comply with his efforts to run the country into the ground before things can be saved in 2016.  In short congress is the culprit here.

But congress is not the culprit.  Ronald Reagan worked with Dopes in congress and obtained much of his agenda.  How?  Well Reagan was trusted and loved by the American people.  Dopes crossed him at their peril.

Then came raping misogynist Billbo Billy Boy Clinton.  He managed to balance the budget and reform welfare with a Republican congress.  How?  Well Billy Boy was a vain duplicitous triangulating POS.  He divided the difference on big issues and moved taking all the credit for himself.

Then came GWB who managed to get Dopes to vote for two wars they now insist were big mistakes and all GWB’s fault.  How?  Leadership.  GWB was the rarest of all pols, he did what he thought was right for country to hell with his own and his party’s electoral prospects.

So why can’t King SFB work with House Republicans?  First, he’s no Reagan.  Most Americans now know he’s a lying turd biscuit.  He commands none of Reagan’s respect and/or trustworthiness.  And it’s not just the “You can keep it if you like it” BS.  He’s been lying since day one.  To cover his tracks, he insists that he’s an incompetent buffoon because everything that happens in his administration is a surprise to him.  Fast and Furious?  Well he didn’t know $h!t about it.  IRS scandal?  Never heard of it until it broke on the news.  It was at first an “outrage” then a “phony scandal.”   Beghazi?  Never knew the ambassador was under attack.  Then blamed the whole thing on a video.  NSA spying?  What NSA spying.  Never heard of it.  And on. And on.

So why not the Billy Boy Clinton model of splitting the difference?  Clinton was gifted and respected politician.  King SFB, for all the lapdog media hype, is neither.  Clinton was a hands on guy – pun intended.  King SFB can find nothing in the hard work of governing this country that appeals to him other than the endless campaign, paid vacations, 3,000 rounds of golf and dinner with Jay Z.  Lex’s one word descriptor for King SFB is “punk.” To explain King SFB actions, or more accurately, inaction in this case, I’d add a one word modifier to it – lazy punk.

So he ought to be able to at least do as well as that fool GWB.  No he can’t.  First, GWB was a honest president and man.  King SFB is a liar. Most importantly though is that GWB did what he thought was best for the country and let the chips fall.  King SFB wants to destroy the country.  House Republicans have gotten a whiff of his intentions.  And while there are many Rats who would go along with SFB there are just enough to gum up the works.  SFB’s ally in the House, blubbering wimp, John Boehner cannot herd enough of the cats in his own party to allow SFB to destroy the country on schedule.

So King SFB must go it alone with a pen and a phone.  Not because it’s a do-nothing congress, Regan, Clinton and GWB all overcame that obstacle.  He has to go it alone because he’s a lying untrustworthy douche bag.

Oops, just remembered the New Year’s resolution to raise the tone of the discourse on this page.  Make that:  He has to go it alone because he’s a disingenuous, unreliable flexible container of feminine rinse.

Taking the high road now.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dopes not just stupid, evil as well

We know that there is plenty of evidence to prove that Dopes are just plain stupid.  Take Sheila Jackson Lee…please.  In comments yesterday, she claimed that the US has been operating under its constitution for 400 years.  Hank Johnson piped up, “That’s only a bit longer than when the aliens built the Egyptian pyramids over in Hong Kong.”

Leftists rely on their lapdog goons to carry the water for them to relay the word to the masses that all Republicans are “evil” when the exact opposite is true.  Making Dopes both stupid AND evil.  Colossal dumbazz Joe Biden once told a black audience that Republicans wanted to put them back in chains.  That is evil and offensive on all kinds of levels, but which party was it that supported slavery in the first place – Dopes.  Which party was it that supported Jim Crow – Dopes.  Which party was it that opposed the 15th Amendment granting blacks the right to vote – Dopes.  Which party was it that subverted the law with poll taxes and literacy tests – Dopes.  Which party was it that lynched blacks across the old south – Dopes.  Which party was it that turned the fire hoses on blacks – Dopes.  Which party was it that blocked the school house doors- Dopes.  Which party was responsible for beating blacks in Selma – Dopes.  Which party was it who ordered blacks to the back of the bus – Dopes.  Which party opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – Dopes.  Which party opposed the voting rights act of 1965 – Dopes.   Who were the old segregationists – Dopes.  Who is it today that refers to successful blacks, or blacks who study in school as “Uncle Toms” – Dopes.  Yet blacks vote for the Dopes to the tune of 96%.

Dopes want to expand the school lunch program 798%.  When a Republican suggests that maybe mom or dad could stick a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a bag for little Johnny, Dopes scream “Republicans want to starve children!  They’re eeeeevil.”

In what will go down as one of the greatest calamities of the human race, Dopes support all manner of abortion up to live birth and will not even support the life of a child who survives an abortion.  King SFB supports destroying a child who has survived an abortion. That is the face of evil.

Dopes run ads showing granny in a wheelchair being pushed over a cliff by a Republican then pass legislation that includes panels whose purpose it is to withhold life saving medicine to seniors who have outlived their usefulness.  Robertscare death panels are indeed evil.  But, you can bet King SFB, his minions and all of the Caligula D.C. crowd won’t be denied whatever medical needs they require no matter how old and useless they become.  And yes, they are already pretty useless.

Dopes buy votes by touting the illusion of “equality.”  As if Lex's checkbook is ever going to be equal to Warren Buffet's, Michael Jordan's or even this weeks mega millions winner.  Without any government help, I'm already equal in all of the areas that matter.  But Dopes perpetuate the evil that when someone makes a buck, it’s only because they have taken it from you and that true equality amounts to assets only.  They trap people into believing the only way to survive is for the evil mastermind swells in Caligula D.C. to determine an equitable share for everyone.  One thing is sure, the mastermind’s will make sure that their share is significantly more equal than the peasant’s share.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Everything is easy if you are willing to lie about everything

Providing proof for Charles Krauthammer’s assertion that conservatives think all leftists are stupid, in the two posts under Lex notes how truly stupid Demo-Dopes are – like remembering to breath, an easy task.  The other side of Krauthammer’s coin is that Dopes think all conservatives are evil.  How does that notion persist?

Well here’s one term that has always puzzled me that the left promotes and persists to this day – “right wing dictator.”  That’s an oxymoron if ever there were one.  In the sense of American politics, what is “right wing” about a dictator?

Is there such a thing as a “constitutional dictator?”  Is there a dictator that imposes freedom and liberty on all?  Is there a dictator that insists capitalist markets be allowed to flourish?  Is there a dictator that protects his citizens from unreasonable search and seizure?  Is there one who promotes private property rights?  Is there one that demands the right of citizens to protect themselves with firearms?  What exactly is “right wing” about any dictator?

It seems to me Dictator = Big Government Promoting Leftist.  When asked for an example of a “right wing” dictator, a leftist usually comes up with some South American strong man, friendly to the US battling a communist insurgency.  Think Batista in Cuba.  Just because the dictator is battling communists and is a friend to the US doesn’t make him right wing.  LBJ helped South Vietnam battle communists.  SV was a friend to the US.  No one ever refers to LBJ as right wing.  Also consider that Hitler battled Stalin and both were big government leftists.

I think the term “right wing dictator” came into vogue when Leftists co-opted the word “liberal” thereby destroying the classic meaning of the word.  It used to be a good thing to be called a liberal.  It meant that you supported liberty and freedom for man.  Leftist destroyed that classical meaning.  In the beginning, the new meaning of liberal took on just a whiff of socialism, like a piece of burnt toast at a Sunday morning all-you-can-eat buffet at a fine hotel, it was hardly noticeable at first.  Then as leftists further destroyed its classical meaning over the years to the point the word “liberal” took on the stench of an onerous all intrusive big government and now smells like the slop shoot at the Waffle House after three days.  Leftist destroyed the classical meaning of the word to the extent that they had to trade “liberal” in for progressive.

Because they are willing to lie their collective azzes off, leftist can make people think that conservatives are evil.  They lie about everything.  They say Republicans what to starve the poor, kill off the elderly, and deny school kids milk at lunch.  Because the lies are so fantastical, Republicans rarely respond forcefully.  Take this lie from well known lying dumbazz Grand Fran Nan Pelooser:

"I asked a Republican friend why his party remains so opposed to extending the vital lifelines for struggling families and really hungry children. This colleague's response was telling in its blunt nature and it's stunning in its honestly. What he said was to the Republican caucus, these people you are talking about are invisible, and the Republican caucus is indifferent to them."

Now that’s total BS.  It’s a lie so transparent only fool could possibly believe it.  But remember the first half of Dr. Krauthammer’s assumption – all Dems are dopes.  Pelooser was talking to her base.  They believe it.  And since the Lapdog media are by-and-large Dopes, they believe it and run with it.  Republicans hear the lie and think, “What the heck kind of moron would believe such an obvious lie?”  Dopes and the Lapdog media – but I repeat myself – that’s who.

To get out from under the “evil” moniker, I think Republicans need to start forcibly answer every one of these baseless attacks, as in:  “I asked a Demo-Dope why his party is populated with such lying bastards?  This colleague’s response was telling in its blunt nature and it’s stunning in its honesty.  Dopes lie because their base, which includes the Lapdog media, is too stupid to figure it out.  They lie about everything.  They lie about unimportant things like their golf scores (well known leftist Kim Jung Un once claimed to have shot an 18 on a round)  or why they were relegated to ride the pines on the high school basketball team.  They lie about how smart they are then hide their transcripts, but the lapdogs assure us ordinary people that the masterminds have the higher IQs.  They lie about important things like keeping your healthcare plan if you like it.  They lie about dead Americans.  They lie about scandal after scandal.  They are so indifferent to lying it has gotten to the point it’s more likely that they are lying than telling the truth – even when it doesn’t matter.  When that lying hag Nancy Pelosi said she had a Republican friend that told her Republicans were indifferent to hungry children, she was lying.  She is a liar.  It’s no more complicated than that.”

But sadly, Halley’s Comet comes around more frequently than a Republican with a spine willing to stand up to lying sacks of $h!t like Pelooser, the roach Reid, the wad Holder, dope Biden and our lying King SFB himself.  NY Republican Pete King will lambaste any Republican unwilling to cede control of the US treasury to the NY congressional delegation to pay reparations to NY for 9-11 and Super Storm Sandy before he’ll call out the lying bitch from CA.