Monday, November 30, 2015

In the case of refugee resettlement the “golden rule” is “follow the money”

The world is crap hole.  But the thing frustrating me the most this morning is my bishop's support for relocating Syrian refugees relocating to Indiana.  He made his case by being widely quoted in an editorial the Sunday cage liner.  What's more aggravating is an organization that I have supported in the past- Catholic Charities - being in bed with the feds on this issue.  It turns out relocating refugees is a huge money maker for "non-profit" Christian charities.  

I've already sent a long screed to the bishop and received no response (he usually replies).  So I'm launching one across his bow in this letter to editor in response to their BS piece.

While, Bishop Rhoades’ support for open borders may be 100% based in theological teachings and a genuine concern for less fortunate human beings,  Catholic Charities’ work in this area is almost certainly not. 

In fiscal year 2015 the US State Department has spent more than $1 billion on refugee resettlement programs.  Much of that money has gone to Christian “non-profits” like Catholic Charities.

According to a Refugee Resettlement Watch report, these charities can earn between $1,800 - $2,200 for each refugee it sponsors.  They also can pocket 25% of every transportation loan secured for resettlement.  Additionally, the government provides 100% of the administrative costs for charities located in its Washington, D.C. headquarters.  The charities can qualify for more government grants under the headings of “marriage initiatives,”  “faith based,” or “ownership society.”  The charities can actually make a stipend for distributing donated goods like clothing and furniture to refugees.

The report claims that government refugee relocation has become so lucrative that Catholic Charities has lessened its support of traditional charities in some towns to put additional effort into the more profitable refugee resettlement business.

Bishop Rhoades knows “how much governmental investigation actually goes on at stages when someone immigrates.”  What the Bishop apparently doesn’t know are the numerous reports by DHS and the FBI that indicate there is NO RELIABLE WAY TO VET SYRIAN REFUGEES, because there is absolutely nothing to vet them against.  It’s interesting to note that the sponsoring charity’s responsibility to track its refugees ends after only 4 months. 

It’s easier to accept someone’s intentions on an issue as pure, if they are not making money off the issue.  As it is not the government’s responsibility to fund anyone’s charity, I urge USCCB and Catholic Charities to get out of bed with the federal government.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cooperation with the police is the best policy if you do not want to get your azz shot off

Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times by a Chicago Police Officer.  McDonald was high on PCP and had committed a crime prior to being shot; he was walking in the middle of the street and was brandishing a knife when the officer unloaded his service weapon into him.  As is almost always the case in these shootings, had the victim simply cooperated with the police he’d be alive today. 

None of this excuses the shooting.  It was clearly a case of excessive force.  If the officer had stopped shooting after McDonald was down his actions, while excessive given the number of cops present, might have been understandable.  Shooting the guy an additional 15 times after he was down was crazy.  I suspect the officer was in some kind of adrenalin induced trance, because witnesses said the officer was reloading when other officers finally stopped him from shooting.

So McDonald is dead.  What’s next?  Well the city settled with his family for 5 million dollars.  Yesterday the officer who shot McDonald was indicted for 1st degree murder, arrested, jailed and denied bail.  So, what pray tell are the authorities supposed to do?  Turn the officer over to the mob.  Get MO head football coach Gary Pinkel to mediate with the mob, and given his past cowardice in the face of a mob, that is exactly what will happen.

The mob becomes a mob on the slightest pretext these day.  Violation of “safe spaces,” microaggressions, Halloween costumes are all justified reasons for a mob to take over a college library, the university president’s office or the entire campus.  It’s so crazy now that a mob gathering is sufficient reason for the usual professional azzbag protestors to reinforce the mob.  In this case the mob is claiming that it is upset in part due to the fact that the investigation took over a year to complete.  Oh the horror!  If I were a cynic, I’d claim the delay was created on purpose by Mayor Emmanuel in order to get him on the other side of his reelection as mayor.

During the last Republican debate Rand Paul made the point that if you want income inequality move to Demo-Dope city or state.  The same can be said if you want black people shot, civil unrest and illegal alien sanctuary – move into Dope controlled areas.  All of this unrest from the campus to the cities is happening in lefty Lib utopias.  So, what went wrong?

Thanksgiving is upon us
The world seems to be in the opening moves of a world-wide war.   The jihadis are playing for real the rest of the world is in an excrement sandwich where it on the one hand swears Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terror and on the other hand – well there is no other hand.  No wait, on the other hand The Empty Suit has declared war on the Republican Party and global warming.  Good grief Charlie Brown.  How totally out of touch can a guy be?  This boob actually thinks having a global warming conference is going to be a blow against ISIS.  ISIS could not care less.  Dropping a barrel bomb on their heads though will get their attention.

So anyway, there’s still plenty to be thankful for.  We haven’t been subjected to 7th century Islam…yet.  BLM, snowflake college agitators and radical Islamist haven’t linked up here in the US …yet.  There’s another election just in the offing, and we haven’t elected the one promising open border and to give away the most “free” stuff…yet.   The Bengals are still in the hunt for a division title.  And of course if it’s Thanksgiving, it must be close to oldest sis’s birthday. Happy birthday sis.

The south obstacles at the compound need work so, I’ll see ya Mon.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Shrillda the Hutt on another gun grab

Shrillda the Hutt and other Dopes are pushing the “common sense gun control” measure of not selling guns to people on the terrorist watch list.  Sounds reasonable, no?  It’s not.  It’s total BS like calling Robertscare the Affordable Care Act.  It’s all BS.  Healthcare premiums, deductibles and other costs for the average family are going through the roof under Robertscare.

Here’s the thing the Dopes are combining all watch lists with the terrorist watch list.  So if you travel to certain countries, you’re on the list.  If you visit a certain website, you’re on the list.  If you contribute to certain political activities, you’re on the list.  Remember these are the same azzbags who have told us returning vets were a bigger threat to Americans than Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  These are the same azzbags who used the IRS to target conservative groups.

This is crude way to put it.  If you do not want terrorist to have guns, don’t sell them to Muslims.  RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No it’s common sense.  99.99% of the terrorists world-wide are Muslims. There isn't a world-wide travel alert this morning because the Mormons are acting up.  wake the F_ up.  Now stating this common sense observation would be sure to get me onto some kind of government watch list and if you’ve accidentally clicked on to this page you too are on Shrillda the Hutt’s watch list. 

Also, because most guns used in crimes sre obtained illegally, there is a push for making “smart guns” mandatory.  That is new technologies that allow only the owner to fire the gun.  So the gun has some kind of safety that can only be disabled by a ring or other device worn by the owner.  One such device required 12 seconds for the owner to make the weapon serviceable.  Having to wait 12 seconds to get off a shot is not “smart.”  It reminds of returning to muzzle loading days.

If you are interested in supporting and defending the constitution, a good rule of thumb is:  If the Does are for it, you probably ought to oppose it.

Turkey downs Russian fighter
Does this mean we can now establish a no-fly zones in Syria and move Syrian “refugees” there?  Recall Rand Paul warned that such no-fly zones might mean we’d have to shoot down a Russian jet.  Well that bridge has now been crossed.  So…

Zeke Elliot reads Lex, apologizes
In the post under, Lex opined that The OSU’s star running back Zeke Elliot ought to apologize or sit until he does for his emotional outburst after the loss to MSU.  Here’s the apology.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Refugees, Trump and The OSU

Sending this rant on Syrian refugees to local fish wrap

History proves there is no reason to trust this misadministration on Syrian refugees.  President Obama and key members of his misadministration assure us that the vetting of Syrian refugees coming into the US will be thorough.  Remember, this is the exact same gang that cannot shoot straight that assured us given a billion hard earned US tax dollars that they could vet and raise a “moderate Muslim” rebel army of 5,000 to take on Assad in Syria.  One year and half a billion dollars later, the misadministration had trained 54 fighters who promptly quit or changed sides taking their US funded training and equipment with them.

Obama mocks Republicans for being afraid of Syrian widows and orphans, but other than Bassar Assad, by his feckless unenforced red line, no one is responsible for creating more Syrian widows and orphans than President Obama.

But even that’s not the genesis of the Syrian refugee crisis.  President Obama’s insistence on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq gave rise to the “jayvee” team called ISIS that now dominates world headlines with their barbarism.

Now the jayvee are telling us that they will infiltrate the US through the Syrian refugees.  We should take them at their word.  The misadministration’s own FBI director, now tracking up to 1,000 homegrown ISIS cases, tells us there is NOTHING to vet the Syrian refugees against i.e. they cannot be vetted. 

Limited to 300 words, there is no way possible to catalog the plethora of boneheaded policies and colossal misjudgments this misadministration has engaged in.  Suffice it to say, given their record to date, there is not one piece of evidence to indicate that the misadministration’s vetting process of Syrian refugees isn’t going to be an enormous foul up along the lines of the ACA website which, after years of development and two billion dollars, still does not function properly.     

Browkaw skips noon nap to blast Trump
The ancient Tom Brokaw said that Donald Trump is “flat out lying” about saying he saw 1,000s of Muslims in NJ celebrating 9-11.  Like everything with Trump, the nub of his statement is true and can be found here.  No numbers are found in the newspaper story, which would make it hard for Trump to “see” 1,000s celebrating.  But some local TV station probably covered the story as well and given the state of Islam, if there are at least 4,000 Muslims in NJ, we can assume 2-3,000 of them were cheering 9-11 - making Trump’s statement of “1,000s cheering” totally believable.  Combine this story with Trump’s promise to bring back waterboarding and he’s sure to spike another point or two in the polls.

Now one thing you can be certain of, while the underlying premise of Trump’s story is true – NJ Muslim’s cheered 9-11 - Brokaw is too old, senile and too much of a Dope hack to call out a first class lying witch – Shrillda the Hutt – the 24-7 lie machine spewing one line of BS after another.  The Hutt had a man jailed to support her lie that a video caused the Beghazi attacks.  This isn’t the first time the Hutt has charged political non-enemies with crimes to cover her naked political ambition.  (Apologies for using the word “naked” and Shrillda the Hutt in close proximity before lunch.  That’ll be a hard visual to get out of you mind.) Remember, this despicable POS had the apolitical White House travel office sacked so that she could bring in her AK cronies.  Not content to just fire the innocent people who populated that office, this pig in a pantsuit had them charged with crimes as well.  Years later, Billy Dale and others were cleared of any misdeeds prompting Mr. Dale to ask, “Where do I go to get my reputation back?” After ruining a score or so lives, the slob just strutted on as if nothing happened.

Now does anyone suppose that Brokaw or any of the other MSM azz sniffers will call the Hutt a flat out liar – even though it clearly is?

No joy in Columbus
The OSU lost a close game to MSU.  A 17-14 loss to a good team is nothing too be ashamed of, but after the game a couple of The OSU players took the opportunity to throw the coaching staff under the bus.  Zeke Elliot was the most out spoken, saying he wasn’t given the ball enough on the right kind of plays.  He’s right and I have the text messages to prove it sent during the game – give it to Zeke straight up the gut. 

But you cannot be insubordinate particularly in the media.  Meyer should require that Elliot apologize to the team, his coaches and the fans in the same manner he blasted them or sit him until he does.  If he doesn’t want to play for The OSU, don’t let him.  Like insubordination in the military, truth is no defense.  Better to lose 3 games in row than tolerate this kind of team busting BS.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Paulie we barely knew ye: Time for Ryan to go

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (AKA Paulie Walnuts on this page) said he would not limit Muslims coming into this country, because according to Paulie, “That’s not who we are.”   Ryan is the latest in a long line of azz sniffing Repbubli-Rats to rise to "leadership" positions. 

A question I proposed to Speaker Ryan via snail mail:

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
H-232 The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515

Speaker Ryan,
If there were a pack of wolves on your front porch, would you leave the front door of your home open?  ISIS and other Muslim extremists are primitive and merciless enemies.  They could not care less “who we are” while they are slitting our throats.  Please step down and allow someone more capable and more attuned to the threats of today’s world work to keep Americans safe.  You live in a make believe world and clearly are not up to the job.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Stupidity and arrogance: A Dangerous combination

Riddle me this Batman, the sail eared knucklehead occupying the Rainbow House – the same sail eared knucklehead that called ISIS the JayVee team – now tells us he is going to vet Syrian refugees coming into the country.  And why shouldn’t we believe him?  After all, with the exception of everything The Empty Suit and his administration has touched, commented about, held an opinion on or issued a policy on, he’s been consistently right about everything.  His red line strategy with Assad in Syria has worked brilliantly.  ISIS has been contained in the exact same way that there isn’t a smidgen of corruption in the IRS.  If the facts refuse to support your asinine claims, make up your own facts.  So why would anyone worry about 10s of thousands of Muslim “refugees” coming into the country from an ISIS dominated area after ISIS has warned us that they will infiltrate the refugee population that for some unidentifiable reason is dominated by young military age men?

Now as far as the vetting process, The Empty Suit’s own administrators have said that there is no data base to vet the Syrian Islamo-Terror-Fascists against.  There are no Syrian records.  There are no Syrian police or government officials with which to consult on the issue.  So TES’s vetting plan pretty much boils down to the one question government form shown at the top of the post under.  TES’s entire vetting process given what we are able to verify about the Syrian ITF, should take about 10 seconds. 

The Empty Suit claims that the vetting process is going to be so thorough that it will take between 18 months and two years.  So how is the sail eared knucklehead going to move 10,000 refugees into the US this year?  Is he using the same math skills that got him to a total of 57 states?  With an 18-24 month vetting period, wouldn’t the first refugees start to arrive a bit after TES is gone?  Given TES’s own thorough standards, why are refugees already being to be admitted into the country?

Well like everything else with this azzwagon, he’s lying about the very problem that he created.  He calls Republicans scared of women and 3 year old children.  GOP weaklings ought to call the $h!t smear out.  Call him the weak feckless runt that he is.  TES this entire problem is one of your own making.  You issued the red line.  You got rolled on your own policy by Assad because he’s smarter than you.  He’s more determined than you.  He’s nowhere near as arrogant as you.

Americans are faced once again with what an utter moron they voted for.  We keep hearing about how brilliant TES is.  Well ask yourself this one question, if you were brilliant would you have your college grades sealed?  I’m a dumbazz.  I tell everyone I know that I’m dumbazz so that when I suggest driving across the swollen creek, they will stop me.  God only knows how many times I’ve been saved because everyone I know knows I’m not the brightest bulb in the series so they step in to save me from myself.

TES is by far a bigger dumbazz than I am but will not admit it.  He hides his stupidity behind sealed university marks.  It’s not even the marks I’m worried about.  Given TES’s history of affirmative action pass throughs, I’m sure he was an A student.  What his records are more likely to show is that Lex’s communications degree from The OSU was likely a far more demanding course of study than anything TES achieved in his worthless Ivy League career.

Being a colossal dumbazz is one thing.  But combining TES’s historic stupidity with his gigantic ego and arrogance make this stack of excrement the vilest creature wasting God’s gift of oxygen on this green Earth.   No, that’s not overstated.  Thanksgiving is upon us, and I may declare my 10,000th kinder and gentler period, but not today.  Today I do not believe TES’s dangerous combination of stupidity and arrogance can be overstated.

Victor Davis Hanson exposes O'Really here

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

They are being vetted but vetted against what?

The Empty Suit's Syrian refugee vetting form.

Moralizing douche bags tell us if we don’t allow 10s of thousands of unvetted “Syrian” Muslim refugees into this country we are racists Islamophobes.  Well of course.  We’re 7 years into The Empty Suit’s destruction of America.  Every step of the way anyone who disagreed with this fool was labeled a racist.  Why on Earth would this issue be any different?

There’s something a bit different this time around.  Even a number of Demo-Dopes and certain azz lickers in The Empty Suit’s own administration are raising an eyebrow over TES’s insistence that we take in Syrian refugees.  The FBI tells us that there is NOTHING to vet the refugees against.  So how exactly are they vetted?  Well, the first step in the process is passing a UN interview.  That should be reason enough to reject the entire process.

The key here is that there is nothing to vet the refugees against. So really, there is no vetting.  But we already knew that.  We also know that this lawless creep in the Rainbow House will do whatever he wants and Republi-Rats will roll over and play dead.  The only hope is that Trump is elected and he rounds them all up and sends them all the hell back.

If that does not happen here’s what will happen.  The refugees will congregate in ghettos in the inner cities.  They will establish police no-go zones.  There will be cells where sharia is the law of the land.   They will co-opt black lives matter and other commie inspired BS social movements and they will start killing people in mass.  When the carnage begins, Dopes will demand more gun control.  Of course authorities will not be able to get the guns out of the no-go zones because they are no-go zones.  So they will disarm the rest of us. 

Kerry and The Empty Suit accept ITF rationale for killing cartoonists
Kerry said:  There’s something different about what happened from Charlie Hebdo, and I think everybody would feel that. There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of – not a legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, okay, they’re really angry because of this and that. This Friday was absolutely indiscriminate. It wasn’t to aggrieve one particular sense of wrong. It was to terrorize people. It was to attack everything that we do stand for. That’s not an exaggeration. It was to assault all sense of nationhood and nation-state and rule of law and decency, dignity, and just put fear into the community and say, “Here we are.” And for what? What’s the platform? What’s the grievance? That we’re not who they are? They kill people because of who they are and they kill people because of what they believe. And it’s indiscriminate.

Kerry is a despicable idiot.  He ought to join the field of idiots running for president on the Dope side.  So killing cartoonists is sort of okay and if not okay it’s at least understandable.  After all who wouldn’t kill a cartoonist if they poked fun at a cartoonish figure?  The only real question we need to ask ourselves is if we can even last until Jan 2017.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Worst case of global warming ever in Paris

According to the douche Dopes, scores of people in Paris have succumbed to a hot wind blowing across Europe.  Islamo-Terror-Fascists had nothing to with the mass murder in Paris.  They are so stupid as to claim that climate change has given rise to ISIS.  It’s easier to get Mel Tillis to say Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers five time fast than get any Dope to utter the words Islamic terrorists.  The only thing dumber than refusing to say Islamic terrorist is to allow Syrian refugees into this country.  The Dopes are pushing both.

I’d love to think that America was capable of taking on ISIS.  I’m thinking right now, given the absolute douche baggery of The Empty Suite and his core military azz kissers at the Pentagon, that we are better off letting the French do the heavy lifting.  It pains me to say this, but I’m not certain that TES and his wannbes at the Pentagon will not actively sabotage any efforts the French undertake to dismantle ISIS.  Anyone who thinks that is not possible does not listen to or believe TES’s own testy petulant words when asked how he could have possibly f**ked things up so badly.  When faced with the reality of his failures, TES insists everything is gong swimmingly.  HE cannot or will not admit he’s gotten his azz whipped like a rented mule at every turn by every international player.

The only thing TES knows for certain is that inviting a  - no make that another Muslim 5th column into the country under the guise of compassion toward Syrian refugees will work out well for us.  It won’t.  The Donald says he’ll deport them if TES lets them in.  Republi-Rat Paul Ryan says there will be no mass deportations on his watch.  Someone needs to ask Rat Pauley Walnuts if enforcing the laws of the nation count as a mass deportation.

Here’s a strange little fact.  Many believe Trump would need to enact a whole new set of statutes under some kind of – shoot me for using the term – “comprehensive immigration reform” to begin to move the illegal aliens out of the country.  All that really needs to be done is enforce existing law particularly with regard to people who hire illegals.  I assume Pauley is for enforcing the law.  

Everything that is wrong with our universities is here
When these uneducated and probably uneducable campus malcontents link up with the Muslim 5th column the fight will be on.  Buy ammo.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Some common sense thoughts on the Muslim hell unleashed in Paris:

When you make it crime to carry a gun, only criminals will have them.

If your house is being destroyed by termites, you cannot solve the problem by calling in a plumber, or an electrician, or a landscaper.  You’ll have to call an exterminator and call the problem by name.  You cannot call the exterminator and tell him you need to get rid of mice. 

Islamo-Terror-Fascists are primitive crap heads similar to an alligator.  You can bring an alligator into your home as a pup.  Feed it.  Care for it in every way.   You can even love it.  One day you’ll come home and your dog will be gone, then your kid.  You cannot teach the alligator sympathy or empathy. It is too primitive.  The only thing that could make an alligator more dangerous is a notion that “not all alligators are bad.  Let’s not paint the alligator community with too broad a brush and taint ‘the good alligators’ with the bad.”  There could be nice alligators in there somewhere but you’re an idiot allowing an alligator into your home hoping it’s one of the nice ones.  Anyone who wants to bring more Muslims into this country is an idiot.  They are primitive animals interested in doing no good here.

Every time there is a shooting in the US the Dopes launch the canard that, “America is the only western country where these things happen.”  Uh no, apparently it isn’t.

The Dopes still think “climate change” is the biggest threat facing America.  I suppose that’s comforting since The Empty Suit has sent 50  - yes 50 – that’s five zero special operators to bring the Islamo-Terror-Fascists to heel.

How sad is it when the French are the leaders of the Western world?  That’s no hit on the French.  It’s just embarrassing to be under the…oh what’s the word, not leadership, not control, I guess I have to go with…chicke$h!t leadership of clueless azzholes.

I know Americans do want to get involved in another ground war in the Middle East but I do not think that you can or should trust your security to a proxy army.  If it’s important to American interests American forces ought to get in there and get the job done right.  Crush ISIS and get out.

It would be nice if some words came to mind that would wake Americans the hell up to Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  Sadly we more concerned about a bunch of crybaby college snowflakes than we are about killing the ITF.  But nothing comes to mind.  We're a nation consumed by the air pressure in footballs and shrug when a primitive cult of a billion or so people vow to kill us.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Standards and college football

Lower the standards, ignore the results
Because they cannot do it, female police officers in Colorado Springs claim a fitness test is discriminatory.   Of course some azzbag judge agrees.  Come to think of it, so do I.  Medical boards are also discriminatory.  So is the bar exam.  Is anything more discriminatory than the try outs for a professional sports team?  These teams need to look more like America.

What needs to happen is a bit of lefty Lib happy talk to splain what is happening on the CO Springs PD.  Instead of calling it a “physical fitness test,” CSPD should change the name of the test to a Semiannual Cardio and Obesity Screening.  It’s easy to oppose a physical fitness test.  First because the word “test” is in there – a clear microaggression.

We all know that every test is Euro-centric and therefore discriminatory toward blacks, women, Hispanics, Chinese, Indians, dwarfs, Jews, Muslims, Pacific Islanders, kazoo players, LGBTSXZAs, Hindus…well just about everyone except straight white male Christians.  The SCOS is far less threatening.  It is less likely someone on the public safety payroll is going to garner any public sympathy for opposing weight and cardio “screening.”  The CSPD could in the end claim, “It’s for their children.”

College football is dead
That’s crazy talk.  College football is more popular than ever.  That may be but it’s not really “college football.”  Let’s face it, it’s a college subsidized NFL farm system.  TV, nationwide recruiting and the death of the “mythical national championship” have combined to ruin the college game. 

Here’s how to fix it:
The number of scholarships a school receives is tied to the team’s graduation rate.

College coaches cannot receive more in compensation than the university president.

Open all athletic dorms and dining facilities to the general student body.

All games start between noon and 1 pm local.  This is to get TV somewhat out of the mix.

Limit the season to 10 games.

Have a 16 team playoff.

The season ends on Jan 1st.

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know.  It’ll never happen.  That’s why college football is dead.  The players have no true affiliation with the university other than wearing a football uniform.  There’s too much TV money that the universities are now addicted to.  I can only hope that what happened at Mis-is-a-zoo spreads across the country.  That’ll change major college football.  An added benefit will be that the national champion is more likely than not to be one of the military academies or some Junior College.  How cool would that be?

I post all of this as I head to South Bend on Saturday for my first ever Notre Dame game.  I wish I could have gotten into Knute’s house before they ruined it with ad ons.  But I will see one true college football game this year where the field will be dominated by real student athletes.  I’m going to the Army Navy game in Philadelphia in Dec.  The academies are the last bastions of the student athlete in major college athletics today.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Who would you rather hang out with, vets or college students?

Yesterday was Veterans Day.  I had time to reflect on my 20+ years in the US Marine Corps and juxtapose that experience with the college snowflakes demanding “safe spaces” on campus.

What struck me were the number of serious accidents I was witness to or was in close proximity.  The most memorable was when 4-5 members of an 11th Marines survey team were wiped out by a couple errant 105mm howitzer rounds.  The most common error in artillery gunnery is a 100 mil error in quadrant or elevation.  That isn’t what happened.  Instead of one big error, the errant rounds occurred as a result of a series of errors each error moving the rounds toward the survey team.  A Marine was killed when an 8 inch howitzer engaged a target with direct fire.  The target was too close and the base of the shell traveled back on a straight line killing the gunner.  Those circumstances could not be engineered on purpose in a million shots.  In addition there were any number of broken bones trying heave howitzers around in the dark, strained ligaments, cuts, finger tips lost when closing the howitzer breach, bruises, animal and insect bites and even a lightning strike that traveled through the slash wire used to for sound powered coms and burned/shocked a number of Marines using the system at the time.  Nearly all of the casualties involved 17-19 year old Marines.  

What I learned early on was that, like aviation rules, sailing rules and hunting rules, every one of those “asinine” artillery rules that are now standing operating procedure were written in someone’s blood and needed to be followed.  It seems to me Marine 0811 canoneers are more in need of "safe spaces" than any of the college snowflakes, but are not the least bit interested in such a space.  Weird huh.

Now juxtapose those Marine death defiers against the snowflakes on American campuses demanding a safe space.  WTF.  What I determined is that I’d much rather be in the company of “uneducated” jarheads than a bunch of college wimps (Lex jr’s company excepted). It’s pretty clear that what needs to happen on these campuses is that they need to be turned over to retired Gunnery Sergeants.  Get the bowtie, tweed jacket college administrators out of administration. 

Instead of catering to the safe space crowd someone needs to get up in their faces and tell them to get to class or get off campus.  It is clear to me that the snowflakes are on the prowl day in and day out for something – anything – to be offended about.  Give it to them.  Get in their faces.  Don’t give in.  Double and triple their discomfort so that they will beg for the status quo ante.  Marine Gunnery Sergeants are expert at this technique.    

Coward refuses to renounce white privilege
Mis-is-a-zoo well-known coward and lesser known football coach Gary Pinkel failed the Tim Wolfe test when this weasel refused to resign or renounce his “white privilege” during a radio interview.  My hope is that Pinkel is reduced counter work at a local convenience store.  Sadly as an SEC coach, he’s probably already stashed millions.  Too bad.  If ever there was a guy who should be in ruins it’s a two-timing coward like Pinkel.  My hope is that BYU lays 70 or more on them this Saturday.

O'Really update here

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Debate, Mis-is-a-zoo U. and Ol' Turkey Neck

First Debate
Jindal was clearly the smartest guy on the stage.  After about the 3,000th time he dropped the “we can’t send another big government Republican to Washington”, I pretty much tuned him out.

Santorum was good but I see no compelling reason for his candidacy.

Huckabee is always smooth and very good at these things.  I am 100% sold on the fair tax as the best tax plan.

Christie won.  He bashed Shrillda the Hutt in about every answer which is always good.

Main Debate
National Anthem?  What was that?  Pay no attention to the meter and the notes.  Sing it at any way you want.

It’s a heck of lot easier to pick out the loser – John Kasich lost.  What an obnoxious douche.  His “You cannot deport 11 million illegal aliens” is pure BS.  First there are probably 20 million illegals in the country by now.  We’re talking about getting rid of half.  It can be done.  What is aggravating to me are PsOS like JEB! and Kasich who will not even try, will not make even a modest effort to do so.  By admitting that you will not even try you invite more and more illegals into the county ahead of securing the border.

Cruz won.  He bailed Trump out on illegal aliens against JEB! and idiot Kasich. Republicans will lose if they adopt the Dope position amnesty.  I believe he’s exactly right.  Remember what sent Trump to the top of the polls in the first place.  He cleared the field on defense spending:  If you think spending to defend America is expensive, try not defending her.  His flat tax, all in, abolish the IRS plan is good enough.

Rubio did a nice a job particularly because he somehow avoided the immigration and TPP debates.  How the hell can Republican candidates talk immigration and NOT bring up Rubio and the gang of 8?  I blame the moderators for this.  Marco was smooth, too smooth by half to my way of thinking.  Given a perfect chance to slap the crap out Shrillda the Hutt as the person “with the most impressive resume”, Marco launched into some part of his stump speech and only nicked the Hutt at the end.

Fiorina was good and will get the biggest bump.

Trump was Trump (Why does she keep interrupting everyone?) and was on the right side of all of the big issues.  His army of Trumpsters will flood the Internet polls and he will declare himself the winner.  I see Cruz co-opting Trump support at some point.

The moderators were the best of any debate I’ve ever watched.  They were so much better than the Fox News moderators – save Brett Baire.  Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace were schooled by the Fox Business crew.

Mis-is-a-zoo timeline
Here is the timeline and thin gruel indeed on which a couple of hundred creeps at Mis-is-a-zoo U. used to get a couple of craven white guys to quit.  Both the timeline/incidents and the craven white guys quitting over them are pathetic.

Billbo O’Really’s book made up BS
Turkey neck BS artist Billbo O’Really is killing Reagan – well at least Reagan’s legacy.  His new “Killing” book is under intense criticism from Reganites.  The effete elite George Will took a day off from trashing Trump and other non-elite non-Republi-Rats to take on O’Really in an OpEd on Fri.  Will does a great job skewering ol’ Billbo.  So Billbo gets Will to come on the O’Really Factor to settle the score.  The interview is entertaining in the same way you might enjoy watching two people you cannot stand beat the hell out of one another.  They call each other liars and hacks.  They are both right.  Wonderful.  After the O’Really Factor slugfest, Will takes another run at O’Really in column.  Quite entertaining.

Ol’ Billbos’s big problem isn’t with Will though.  The guys hammering his worthless azz off most effectively are the guys over at Powerline.  You might recall that these are the smart times 10 guys that put the lie to Dan Rather’s National Guard story on GWB about 30 seconds after photo copies of the memos were released.  It was the Powerline guys who first reported that the font in the memos was inconsistent with the era of the typewriters available when the memos were purported to have been written.  Sort of like Shrillda the Hutt saying she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary.  Too bad the Hutt was three years old before Sir Edmund found his way to the peak of Mt. Everest and the public became aware that an Edmund Hillary even existed.

Anyhoo, the Powerline guys pretty much de-pant, destroy and give ol’ Billbo a series of ginormous wedgies:

Mark Levin levels O’Really and Fox News here.  I’ll bet the Griffins next paycheck ol’ turkey neck does not have the stones to invite Levin on the Factor.  I’ve only read one of O’Really’s Killing books – Lincoln.  Now feel compelled to go back to see if Lincoln’s really even dead.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lefty Lib Tim Wolfe destroyed by lefty Libs

System President Tim Wolfe is gone at the U. of Mis-is-a-zoo.  Zoo is the right suffix and clearly the animals are running the place.  So a good lefty Lib institution is in turmoil.  I wish I could generate one iota of give a $h!t about it.   My greatest hope for America is that this craziness spreads across America’s public college campuses like a virus.  Shutting them all down would give America a fighting chance.

If you cannot get your hands around what caused all of this – not much.  There’s the rundown of the heinous act committed on Mis-is-a-zoo’s campus.  One of the claims of “racism” goes back 11 years.  Others like the excrement swastika are still under investigation and like black church burnings in St.Louis may be the work of black agitators.  Who knows?  That’s why you investigate. 

It’s amazing that this kind of (excuse the pun) crap can happen on campus today.  Public universities in America these days are almost all to the core lefty Lib crap holes.  So a guy with a brain has to ask himself, WTF?  How can this happen?

Still the lefty Libs who populate the faculty and administration are the targets of even crazier lefty Libs.  Love it.  Of course the Demo-Dope party is forced to side with the craziest of the groups on campus. And as is always the case when it comes to Lefty Libs – the truth does not matter.  The key thing is supporting the lefty Lib narrative.  The first casualty when a lefty Lib starts talking is the truth.

Of course the sports shows are all lauding the football team’s “courage” for their part in forcing Wolfe out.  Weird huh.  Guys who are for the most part segregated from the general student population and on average have about as much interest in a degree and graduation as the squirrels on campus, have the power to depose the System President.  It just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

As one astute student athlete put it, “If we were 9-0 none of us would have anything to do with this.”   But hey if you’re 3-5 why not make a fake protest the center of your pee poor season?  The BS coach at Mis-is-a-zoo is being hailed as a hero.  Hero?  For going along with the mob?  This is so instructional.

Today’s heroes are followers.  So in the 2015 version of To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus Finch (played by Mis-is-a-zoo Coach Gary Pinkel) joins the lynch mob (played by campus know nothings).  Tom Robinson (played by System President Tim Wolfe) is hung.  Bob Ewell (Played by hunger strike faker Jonathon Butler) is elected mayor and Scout (Played by any of the snowflake student agitators) grows up to be a community agitator.

Then in an on campus piece some ESPN double D-bag brought up Ferguson as part of the spark for the campus unrest.  You remember punk thug Mike Brown.  He’s the guy Eric the wad Holder’s DoJ proved got his thug azz shot off while trying to assault a police officer.

This is so good. The lefty Lib MSM BS meme for thug punk Mike Brown is partially responsible for getting a lefty Lib System President sacked.  Beautiful.  I think this foolishness will end when the Muslims take over. 

HAPPY 240th TO THE USMC STILL A GREAT INSTITUTION - even after azzwipe worst CMC ever crush the troops zoomie Amos.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Ben Carson's predicament

I’m not surprised at the avalanche of negativity that is coming down on Ben Carson’s head.  Calling an appointment to the Military Academy a “full scholarship” is a rookie mistake that to me is easily avoided.   But were I to attempt brain surgery, I’m sure my first move would be rookie mistake that would cause Dr. Carson to shake his head in bewilderment.

At the end of the day though “full scholarship” and “appointment” are really distinctions without much of a difference.  He wasn’t going to have to pay, I think was the point.  In fact you could argue that the term “full scholarship” is a more widely understood term for the concept to a layman than the term “appointment.”

Or you might take the counter point that Carson was trying to put one over on us by making it appear that he was special with regard to earning a “full ride” to West Point.  To believe that you’d have to believe that kids of this generation are going to try to embellish their resumes by listing all of the little league trophies they “earned,” while not mentioning all of the boys in the league got the same trophy.

An appointment to West Point is a full ride.  So what, exactly, is the controversy?  Semantics!  Damn it!  A  Republican misspoke.  When a Republican misspeaks, for the MSM, it’s a lie damn it!  When a Dope lies, i.e. moves their lips, it is accepted on face value.  It was, after all, a video that got four people killed in Benghazi not The Empty Suit and Shrillda the Hutt’s gross incompetence.  Everyone in the MSM knows that.

Anyone who thinks that Ben Carson would not have been given an appointment to West Point or any of the other academies for that matter is nuts.  The academies to this day seek out the exact kind of people like Carson.  If Carson were a female transgender with Hispanic sir name, today the academies would be vomiting on one another to get him/her.  Back in Carson’s day, being a well-educated black man was enough for them to vomit all over one another.

The problem the academies have getting the Carsons of this world is that every other industry in America wants them as well and is willing to pay a heck of lot more for their talents.  No.  This does not put the lie to the fable that America is a racist country.  Until these companies are willing to hire and pay people of color with no talent other than rolling blunts and causing trouble the same amount as talented well-educated black Uncle Toms, America will remain racist to the core.

Now about this bit about CNN not being able to track down anyone who can corroborate Carson’s story about being a troubled youth who tried to knife a relative.  I think the book notes three instances when Carson’s anger manifested itself in violence involving a lock, a knife and a hammer.  CNN is on the case.  The fact that they cannot turn up any evidence is proof positive that Carson is liar.  Never mind that there is an ocean of evidence that Shrillda the Hutt is a liar and CNN, like the rest of the MSM, refuses to attach that label to the lying whale.  See in MSM world if there is an ocean of evidence proving a Dope is a liar – well then nothing to see here move along.  But if a boyhood story of Republican cannot substantiated, well then the Republican is a liar.  Case closed.

Carson’s three defenses.  First, let’s call it the Eddie Haskell defense.  Creeps are not creeps all of the time.  They are cordial when they need to be.  They fool the people who will coral them if they knew what they were up to.

Next, Three lousy incidents does not seem to create a pattern large enough to destroy Carson’s persona of mild mannered.  By contrast, at Lex’s high school anytime anything and I mean anything went wrong Principal  McCann (a great, great man) would round up the usual suspects who he once dubbed “The Fantastic Four” to get to the bottom of the foolishness.  Now it was all good fun and no one ever got hurt, but the point being The Fantastic Four had created a pattern wide enough to become the usual suspects.  If we If they didn’t do the deed they probably knew who did. You cannot become a usual suspect by never being involved in the tomfoolery.  So Carson’s Eddie Haskell routine and limited pattern of foolishness may have kept him off the radar of friends and school administrators.

Last, isn’t Carson flying under the radar consistent with so many other infamous criminals?  How many times do the MSM show up in the neighborhood of the criminal celeb of the week to interview friends and neighbors and hear, “Well he was a quiet kid.  He kept mostly to himself.  We never suspected he was capable of anything like this.”?  In most cases upon hearing this the MSM go on their merry way accepting that another criminal slipped under the radar.  But when it’s Republican and the neighbors say, “Well he was a quiet kid.  He kept mostly to himself.  We never suspected he was capable of anything like this.”  Well then the Republican must be a liar. 

Last, last, isn’t it weird that CNN is going about trying to prove that Ben Carson was descent young man instead of the semi-tough his book claims?  What’s the worst that can happen to Carson?  CNN banner headline: BEN CARSON MODEL CITIZEN IN YOUTH.  And that’s supposed to destroy Ben Carson.

No.  I’m still a Cruz guy.  There are probably a couple of guys I’d put ahead of Carson in a primary.  I’d vote for nearly anyone in the general before I’d even think about pulling a lever for a lying POS like the Hutt.  Carson comes in 3rd in the dinner poll though.  You know - which of the candidates would you like to have dinner with?  After Christie and Trump for sheer entertainment value, then I’d go with Carson. 

Friday, November 06, 2015

Everything is fine. Our biggest problem is getting LGBTZCAHD kids into the women's locker room

Carly to the view today
The IQ over at the Lib gal gab fest The View will increase 10 fold today when Carly Fiorina walks on to the set.

More racist excrement heads of color
Racist Hispanic parents are teaching their crude brand of hate to their young children. They should be deported.

What’s missing from the story?  Wanna bet the race of the perps?  Deport them.

Massive fight at PAhigh school.  Wanna bet who is involved?  Deport them.

Black man burns black churches to incite hate in the black community.  Deport him.

Watch these animals.  Parents?  We don’t need no stinkin’ parents.

Making a video threatening white people.  Deport her

Gang beats white guy for Confederate flag.  Deport the racists

If we continue down this line, by this time next year there will not be any lefty Libs in the country to vote for Shrillda the Hutt.

Think we need any of the Syrian “refugees?” 
Europe is lost so, yeah, what the heck let’s follow their lead.  More Muslims is exactly what we need.  Send open borders azzbag Geraldo Rivera and family to live with them.

Thank goodness the Europeans have gone t the trouble to disarm their populations.  It will make it that much easier for Islamo-Terror-Fascists to takeover.

It will mark an end to an open society.

Caligula, D.C. pols and Hollywood swells will not be affected.

By the time journalist and homosexuals start getting their heads chopped off, it’ll be too late.

Let’s face it in its current form, Islam is BS religion.  Barring reform, we’re headed to dark days.  Today there is no government, no person of import Muslim or otherwise demanding reform.  Quite the opposite Lib pols and MSM are facilitating their own demise.  Whatever else happens, when the lefty Libs come for guns, do not let the government have them.

 The world is burning and what is The Empty Suit worrying about?  Letting men into the girl’s locker room.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Leftist probably equals racist

There is an opportunity for Donald Trump to add $5,000 to the treasury of his favorite charity.  Some bozo group called “Deport Racism” has offered up a $5,000 bounty to “anyone who will yell out ‘Trump is a racist’ during the live broadcast of Saturday Night Live.”  So Trump walks out on stage and immediately shouts out “Anyone who thinks ‘Trump is a racist’ is a loser.”  Or he could have his people organize a left right response.  The lefty side of the audience shouts, “Trump is a racist...”  Then the right side responds with “…is a lie.”  Also this group is so stupid that it actually thinks the SNL is live.  It's taped live.  But actually goes out on about a two hour delay.  Idiots.

I would think that since the geniuses at Deport Racists bothered to advertise their bounty, SNL and Trump will be ready.  

Now on to the group’s name – “Deport Racists.”  If true racists were deported, I’m pretty sure that group would, as the multicutlt leftist like say, look like America.  Let’s look at lefty lib pols.  Starting at the top you can make a pretty good case that the race bating Empty Suit is racist #1.  Deport him.  Anyone who sends three administration officials to thug Michael Brown’s funeral and ignores Kate Steinle’s death just might be a racist.  Anyone willing to unload the jails because of a preconceived notion that there is a racial bias in sentencing, just might be a racist.  Anyone who thinks that the cops acted stupidly for investigating a man trying to bust down a door in the middle of the night, just might be racist.  Other racist pols are any pol from a district so gerrymandered that the result is guaranteed to be huge majority of a particular race. I cannot believe that mental midgets like Maxine federalize the gas companies Waters, Hank will the island capsize Johnson, Sheila Jackson the Constitution is over 400 years old Lee et al could get a majority of votes without playing the race card.  Now, if you want to see true racism watch this bunch roll in on a conservative pol of color like Ben Carson and Mia Love who win wherever they might run.  The Dem pols of color are all racists because they have to rely on receiving a plurality of a fixed election.  Deport them.

I’d say a good majority of Hollywood swells are racists.  Quinton Tarantino blames white supremacy for police arrests of young black men.  That is a racist statement.  Deport him.  I point out again, not one of the unfortunate incidents cited by Black Lives Matter BS artists – not even the one true case of murder the one in SC – would have happened if the perps had just cooperated with the police.

Then of course there is the rank and file.  When you see a headline “Gang beats vet steals phone” or “Flash mob robs convenient store” or “Woman assaulted in knock out game” or “Gang disrupts state fair” is anyone ever surprised when it is gangs of black youth assaulting whites?  Deport them.  They’re the racists.  They’re being encouraged by craven life-time pols from districts that look more like a Rorschach test than a district formed along any rational lines.  They are encouraged by “gangsta rap” artists who are never condemned by any of the azzbag pols.  Deport them all.

And while they offer up their own brand of hate whitey racism, the azzbag pols, the craven Hollywood swells and their army of and rank and file racists thugs would have you believe that whitey is at the same time a money grubbing capitalist but won’t hire the most qualified person to make him the very money he is grubbing.

No I’m not saying that there isn’t white racism, institutional racism or even the dreaded white privilege.  What I’m saying is that racism is not a white only or even a white predominately problem.  The biggest racists all seem to me to be on the left and many of them are people of color.  Deport them all. 

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Rat establishment sure to condemn modest wins

The lefty Libs took a bit of an azz whippin yesterday in OH, TX, KY, VA and CA.  Ohio rejected a marijuana legalization prop.  It’s unclear if the Buckeyes said no because they were against the legalization of the drug or because the prop established monopoly for production and distribution to about 10 swells.  Either way it’s probably good news. 

In Huston, TX common sense won when a prop that would have allowed men into the women’s locker room failed.  Shrillda the Hutt supported the prop.  Mike Huckabee spoke out against it.  One transgendered guy wanted use the girls locker room because he identifies as girl.  So the entire school district is turned on its head to accommodate this young “girl” whose every cell says he’s a boy.  The confused young boy doesn’t care.  The world must accommodate his backward belief.    And no a private locker room or even a cordoned off corner of the girl’s locker room will not do.  The boy must be allowed into the shower with the girls.  He must be allowed to see them dress and undress and they must be forced to see him.  No.  We haven’t gone off the rails.  Not at all.

KY elected a very rich Republican to the governor’s office for the first time in decades.  Call that one the Trump effect.

After Mike Bloomberg and Terry McAuliffe dumped tons of money into VA State Senate races primarily using anti-gun ads, they failed to turn the VA state senate.  In fact they may go down one more seat.

In CA criminally negligent San Francisco County Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi took a heinous azz whippin.  Maybe the new sheriff will arrest Mirkarimi’s worthless azz.

Don’t worry Demo-Dopes.  No doubt the Republi-RAT establishment will be out with a memo by noon calling OH voters stogy old party poopers, TX voters homophobes, KY voters angry white men, VA voters knuckle dragging Neanderthals and San Fran voters xenophobic white trash.  The RNC will demand that Sat. Night Live replace the Donald with deposed sheriff Mirkarimi or be labeled anti-Hispanic.   The Rat establishment only knows how to lose.  Hello Donald Trump.