Monday, November 09, 2015

Ben Carson's predicament

I’m not surprised at the avalanche of negativity that is coming down on Ben Carson’s head.  Calling an appointment to the Military Academy a “full scholarship” is a rookie mistake that to me is easily avoided.   But were I to attempt brain surgery, I’m sure my first move would be rookie mistake that would cause Dr. Carson to shake his head in bewilderment.

At the end of the day though “full scholarship” and “appointment” are really distinctions without much of a difference.  He wasn’t going to have to pay, I think was the point.  In fact you could argue that the term “full scholarship” is a more widely understood term for the concept to a layman than the term “appointment.”

Or you might take the counter point that Carson was trying to put one over on us by making it appear that he was special with regard to earning a “full ride” to West Point.  To believe that you’d have to believe that kids of this generation are going to try to embellish their resumes by listing all of the little league trophies they “earned,” while not mentioning all of the boys in the league got the same trophy.

An appointment to West Point is a full ride.  So what, exactly, is the controversy?  Semantics!  Damn it!  A  Republican misspoke.  When a Republican misspeaks, for the MSM, it’s a lie damn it!  When a Dope lies, i.e. moves their lips, it is accepted on face value.  It was, after all, a video that got four people killed in Benghazi not The Empty Suit and Shrillda the Hutt’s gross incompetence.  Everyone in the MSM knows that.

Anyone who thinks that Ben Carson would not have been given an appointment to West Point or any of the other academies for that matter is nuts.  The academies to this day seek out the exact kind of people like Carson.  If Carson were a female transgender with Hispanic sir name, today the academies would be vomiting on one another to get him/her.  Back in Carson’s day, being a well-educated black man was enough for them to vomit all over one another.

The problem the academies have getting the Carsons of this world is that every other industry in America wants them as well and is willing to pay a heck of lot more for their talents.  No.  This does not put the lie to the fable that America is a racist country.  Until these companies are willing to hire and pay people of color with no talent other than rolling blunts and causing trouble the same amount as talented well-educated black Uncle Toms, America will remain racist to the core.

Now about this bit about CNN not being able to track down anyone who can corroborate Carson’s story about being a troubled youth who tried to knife a relative.  I think the book notes three instances when Carson’s anger manifested itself in violence involving a lock, a knife and a hammer.  CNN is on the case.  The fact that they cannot turn up any evidence is proof positive that Carson is liar.  Never mind that there is an ocean of evidence that Shrillda the Hutt is a liar and CNN, like the rest of the MSM, refuses to attach that label to the lying whale.  See in MSM world if there is an ocean of evidence proving a Dope is a liar – well then nothing to see here move along.  But if a boyhood story of Republican cannot substantiated, well then the Republican is a liar.  Case closed.

Carson’s three defenses.  First, let’s call it the Eddie Haskell defense.  Creeps are not creeps all of the time.  They are cordial when they need to be.  They fool the people who will coral them if they knew what they were up to.

Next, Three lousy incidents does not seem to create a pattern large enough to destroy Carson’s persona of mild mannered.  By contrast, at Lex’s high school anytime anything and I mean anything went wrong Principal  McCann (a great, great man) would round up the usual suspects who he once dubbed “The Fantastic Four” to get to the bottom of the foolishness.  Now it was all good fun and no one ever got hurt, but the point being The Fantastic Four had created a pattern wide enough to become the usual suspects.  If we If they didn’t do the deed they probably knew who did. You cannot become a usual suspect by never being involved in the tomfoolery.  So Carson’s Eddie Haskell routine and limited pattern of foolishness may have kept him off the radar of friends and school administrators.

Last, isn’t Carson flying under the radar consistent with so many other infamous criminals?  How many times do the MSM show up in the neighborhood of the criminal celeb of the week to interview friends and neighbors and hear, “Well he was a quiet kid.  He kept mostly to himself.  We never suspected he was capable of anything like this.”?  In most cases upon hearing this the MSM go on their merry way accepting that another criminal slipped under the radar.  But when it’s Republican and the neighbors say, “Well he was a quiet kid.  He kept mostly to himself.  We never suspected he was capable of anything like this.”  Well then the Republican must be a liar. 

Last, last, isn’t it weird that CNN is going about trying to prove that Ben Carson was descent young man instead of the semi-tough his book claims?  What’s the worst that can happen to Carson?  CNN banner headline: BEN CARSON MODEL CITIZEN IN YOUTH.  And that’s supposed to destroy Ben Carson.

No.  I’m still a Cruz guy.  There are probably a couple of guys I’d put ahead of Carson in a primary.  I’d vote for nearly anyone in the general before I’d even think about pulling a lever for a lying POS like the Hutt.  Carson comes in 3rd in the dinner poll though.  You know - which of the candidates would you like to have dinner with?  After Christie and Trump for sheer entertainment value, then I’d go with Carson. 

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