Monday, November 02, 2015

The Empty Suit's mentor Saddam Hussein

Just before the start of the second Gulf War Saddam Hussein emptied the Iraqi prisons.  A la Saddam Hussein, The Empty Suit is scheduled to start emptying the prisons this weekend.  According to the know-nothing TES, the release will be of “non-violent offenders” to reduce overcrowding.  OK two questions:  1) Will the criteria for release be the crime the perp was arrested for or the crime the prosecutors pleaded down that crime to avoid trial?  Many of the “violent” crimes are downgraded by prosecutors to avoid expensive time consuming trials.  So when Joe Blow is arrested for aggravated assault he pleads to simple assault.  When he gets nailed for drug dealing he pleads to simple possession.  So will TES and his punks at DoJ review the records to ensure only truly nonviolent criminals will be released?  Because it involves actual work, we can be assured that these government weasels will not.  2) If overcrowding is the problem how about engaging the private sector to build facilities to house the nonviolent over flow?  Why is the correct answer to turn these guys lose on an unsuspecting public?   As soon as these creeps are turned lose, look for an uptick in crime in all of the usual places.  Then look at lefty Libs to blame society and demand more money for “job training” and all manner of failed social programs.  Also do not be surprised when there is about a 90% recidivism rate among releases. 

Republican debates
Dopes are all over the Republican field because the candidates have gotten together to establish some rules for future debates.  The Dopes call the Republicans “whiners” for asking that the debates be fair and substantive.  Wow that is really off the rails.  While the Dopes call Republicans whiners, Shrillda the Hutt and the Dopes refuse to venture on the Fox News set to answer questions.  So..

Two posts in a row for NASCAR.  Read the post under for context.  NASCAR is in another controversy because a driver purposefully wrecking another driver.  Yesterday Matt Kenseth drove his car into the rear quarter panel race leader Joey Logano.  But wait there’s more.  Then Kenseth mashed down on the accelerator and drove Logano into the wall.  I was flipping between football when it happened and thought holy moley you don’t see that very often.

All the NASCAR swells were in a race to condemn Kenseth the most.  “There’s no room in our sport for that kind of thing” one of swells humphed.  Well last week Kevin Harvick did the exact same thing – knowingly caused a wreck.  The only difference was that Harvick didn’t know who he was going wreck.  NASCAR did nothing to Harvick for his bush or Busch league move.  So now we can understand NASCARS rules.  If you wreck a specific driver on purpose, that’s bad.  If you wreck someone at random on purpose, well that’s just racin.  

NASCAR will rightfully come down hard on Kenseth.  To be fair they should hve come down hard on Harvick as well.

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