Friday, November 06, 2015

Everything is fine. Our biggest problem is getting LGBTZCAHD kids into the women's locker room

Carly to the view today
The IQ over at the Lib gal gab fest The View will increase 10 fold today when Carly Fiorina walks on to the set.

More racist excrement heads of color
Racist Hispanic parents are teaching their crude brand of hate to their young children. They should be deported.

What’s missing from the story?  Wanna bet the race of the perps?  Deport them.

Massive fight at PAhigh school.  Wanna bet who is involved?  Deport them.

Black man burns black churches to incite hate in the black community.  Deport him.

Watch these animals.  Parents?  We don’t need no stinkin’ parents.

Making a video threatening white people.  Deport her

Gang beats white guy for Confederate flag.  Deport the racists

If we continue down this line, by this time next year there will not be any lefty Libs in the country to vote for Shrillda the Hutt.

Think we need any of the Syrian “refugees?” 
Europe is lost so, yeah, what the heck let’s follow their lead.  More Muslims is exactly what we need.  Send open borders azzbag Geraldo Rivera and family to live with them.

Thank goodness the Europeans have gone t the trouble to disarm their populations.  It will make it that much easier for Islamo-Terror-Fascists to takeover.

It will mark an end to an open society.

Caligula, D.C. pols and Hollywood swells will not be affected.

By the time journalist and homosexuals start getting their heads chopped off, it’ll be too late.

Let’s face it in its current form, Islam is BS religion.  Barring reform, we’re headed to dark days.  Today there is no government, no person of import Muslim or otherwise demanding reform.  Quite the opposite Lib pols and MSM are facilitating their own demise.  Whatever else happens, when the lefty Libs come for guns, do not let the government have them.

 The world is burning and what is The Empty Suit worrying about?  Letting men into the girl’s locker room.

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