Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Rat establishment sure to condemn modest wins

The lefty Libs took a bit of an azz whippin yesterday in OH, TX, KY, VA and CA.  Ohio rejected a marijuana legalization prop.  It’s unclear if the Buckeyes said no because they were against the legalization of the drug or because the prop established monopoly for production and distribution to about 10 swells.  Either way it’s probably good news. 

In Huston, TX common sense won when a prop that would have allowed men into the women’s locker room failed.  Shrillda the Hutt supported the prop.  Mike Huckabee spoke out against it.  One transgendered guy wanted use the girls locker room because he identifies as girl.  So the entire school district is turned on its head to accommodate this young “girl” whose every cell says he’s a boy.  The confused young boy doesn’t care.  The world must accommodate his backward belief.    And no a private locker room or even a cordoned off corner of the girl’s locker room will not do.  The boy must be allowed into the shower with the girls.  He must be allowed to see them dress and undress and they must be forced to see him.  No.  We haven’t gone off the rails.  Not at all.

KY elected a very rich Republican to the governor’s office for the first time in decades.  Call that one the Trump effect.

After Mike Bloomberg and Terry McAuliffe dumped tons of money into VA State Senate races primarily using anti-gun ads, they failed to turn the VA state senate.  In fact they may go down one more seat.

In CA criminally negligent San Francisco County Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi took a heinous azz whippin.  Maybe the new sheriff will arrest Mirkarimi’s worthless azz.

Don’t worry Demo-Dopes.  No doubt the Republi-RAT establishment will be out with a memo by noon calling OH voters stogy old party poopers, TX voters homophobes, KY voters angry white men, VA voters knuckle dragging Neanderthals and San Fran voters xenophobic white trash.  The RNC will demand that Sat. Night Live replace the Donald with deposed sheriff Mirkarimi or be labeled anti-Hispanic.   The Rat establishment only knows how to lose.  Hello Donald Trump.

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