Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Worst case of global warming ever in Paris

According to the douche Dopes, scores of people in Paris have succumbed to a hot wind blowing across Europe.  Islamo-Terror-Fascists had nothing to with the mass murder in Paris.  They are so stupid as to claim that climate change has given rise to ISIS.  It’s easier to get Mel Tillis to say Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers five time fast than get any Dope to utter the words Islamic terrorists.  The only thing dumber than refusing to say Islamic terrorist is to allow Syrian refugees into this country.  The Dopes are pushing both.

I’d love to think that America was capable of taking on ISIS.  I’m thinking right now, given the absolute douche baggery of The Empty Suite and his core military azz kissers at the Pentagon, that we are better off letting the French do the heavy lifting.  It pains me to say this, but I’m not certain that TES and his wannbes at the Pentagon will not actively sabotage any efforts the French undertake to dismantle ISIS.  Anyone who thinks that is not possible does not listen to or believe TES’s own testy petulant words when asked how he could have possibly f**ked things up so badly.  When faced with the reality of his failures, TES insists everything is gong swimmingly.  HE cannot or will not admit he’s gotten his azz whipped like a rented mule at every turn by every international player.

The only thing TES knows for certain is that inviting a  - no make that another Muslim 5th column into the country under the guise of compassion toward Syrian refugees will work out well for us.  It won’t.  The Donald says he’ll deport them if TES lets them in.  Republi-Rat Paul Ryan says there will be no mass deportations on his watch.  Someone needs to ask Rat Pauley Walnuts if enforcing the laws of the nation count as a mass deportation.

Here’s a strange little fact.  Many believe Trump would need to enact a whole new set of statutes under some kind of – shoot me for using the term – “comprehensive immigration reform” to begin to move the illegal aliens out of the country.  All that really needs to be done is enforce existing law particularly with regard to people who hire illegals.  I assume Pauley is for enforcing the law.  

Everything that is wrong with our universities is here
When these uneducated and probably uneducable campus malcontents link up with the Muslim 5th column the fight will be on.  Buy ammo.

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