Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Empty Suit removes head from azz long enough to get it wrong...again

America’s own $h!t stick a walking talking turd large enough stop up a port-a-john thinks because the Republican field has taken CNBC and the MSM - including FOX - to task for the thus far BS debate performance of moderators who, to a person (Save Brett Baier), think that they are the story of Republican debates.  The Empty Suit – not at all surprisingly – gets it totally wrong when he says of the Republicans “…they can’t handle a bunch of CNBC moderators at a debate.”

TES must have had his pin head firmly planted up his azz to his sail ears for the last week not to have noticed that not only did the GOP field “handle” the CNBC moderators, they steam rolled them, chopped them to little pieces, fed them to the fishes and exposed them as the Dope acolyte weasels that they are.  So thorough was the GOP curb stomping of Harwood and crew that even lefty libs were forced to admit that the lefty lib CNBC BS merchants were humiliated.  Only a blockhead and total d-bag like TES could have missed what happened.

Next, there’s nothing wrong with trying to negotiate the best deal possible for your efforts.  I’d have stopped at one demand – Unbiased questions.  No.  I really do not care what lefty lib azzbag asks the questions.  All that really matters is that the questions are unbiased.   

Next, who the f**k is TES to call out the GOP for negotiating a deal for future debates given the moderator inspired train wrecks of the last three? 

Last, the GOP candidates actually showed up for the Dope traps disguised as debates.  Shrillda the Hutt won’t walk onto a Fox News set.  So how is the Hutt going to handle Putin if she can’t handle Brett Baier?   Oh that’s right.  She’ll send them a mistranslated “reset” button.

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