Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally! Getting along!

During 1993 LA riots that followed the acquittal of four white police officers for beating Rodney King for no other reason than he was black – no wait King was high on drugs and resisted arrest during what passes for a routine traffic stop in LA, 53 people died. There were more than 2,383 injuries, more than 7,000 fires, damages to 3,100 businesses, and nearly $1 billion in financial losses. King’s response to the mayhem was, “can we all get along?”

Now 16 years later, we can answer in the affirmative. Yes, Rodney, we can get along. All it takes is a racist lying Harvard professor, a racist lying Dear Dope, a clueless bumbling idiot of a Vice President and cop doing his job to prove the point.

You have the racist lying professor create a disturbance. When the police arrive, the racist lying professor insults the cops and creates a larger disturbance. When police finally arrest the racist lying professor, the lying racist professor screams “racism” like a fire marshal would scream “fire” when trying to clear out 300 room Marriot at 2 am.

Then you add in a lying racist Dear Dope who stupidly sides with his lying racist professor acolyte, calls the cops stupid all while admitting that he – the Dear Dope – didn’t have a clue as to what happened. That scenario can be translated like this – “No I have any idea of what really happened. But I do know the lying racist professor was black and the cop acting in the line of duty was white. So as a lying racist dip$h!t myself, I can only conclude that the cop acted stupidly and the lying racist professor should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for fighting the power.

Then the real story emerges and it turns out it’s the lying racist professor and Dear Dope who have been acting stupidly. As a result, the Dear Dope’s approval takes a dip. Quickly a beer summit between the lying racist professor and the cop is organized by the Dear Dope to clear the air. Then you throw in the slowest wit in Washington D.C. Slow Joe Biden and you can finally say, “we can all get along.”

So Joe comes up the table wearing his dopey grin, “Hey what are you guys talking about”
D2 says, “We’re having a discussion about race.” Slow Joe pipes up, “Yeah, damn shame Jr. blew his engine last week at the Brickyard.”

But how does the lying racist professor and the cop sitting down for a beer at the White House square what happened? It doesn’t. The lying racist professor and Dear Dope are still liars and racists. Until the lying racist professor and Dear Dope offer the cop an apology - one for creating the mess and the other acting stupidly by taking sides sans any clue as to what happened – aren’t we still at square one?

Then there’s whole thing with the lying racist professor trashing the cops’ mother. Should the lying racist professor, at a minimum, be expected to say you know, “Hey I know you’re bigoted racist pig, but I shouldn’t have spoken badly of your mother.”

But how do these two/three come off as equal? Say your neighbor happens to be blue and he dumps his garbage onto your lawn. You as a sort of - not blue - but aqua guy go over the neighbor and tell him to clean his mess up. A loud argument ensues and Mayor who happens to be blue shows and says, "hey I don’t know what happened here but it’s clear that the Aqua guy is acting stupidly. Now, let’s all go over the Mayor’s office and have a beer." I’d be inclined to say, “Hold on Mr. Mayor. Who’s going to clean up my front yard?” It's all good for the lying racist professor and Dear Dope to sit down and have a beer and pretend like the whole thing never happened but it’s the cop’s lawn who got messed up and apparently is now his responsibility to clean up.

Bill Maher is taking heat for calling America a dumb country. I think he’s right but for different reasons. We just elected a smarmy Eddie Haskell type as Dear Dope who chose an idiot as VP and we have probably dumbest woman in North America second in line of succession. Now we’re falling for some smoke screen orchestrated by the White House to cover up their racist incompetence. Yeah, I’d have to say, as a nation, we’ve been pretty dumb lately.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Except for the cost, Dear-Dope-a-care perfect if you don't get sick

Just as Blue Dog Demo-Dopes begin to cave on Dear-Dope-a-care, the Dear Leader himself has become a one man wrecking ball on his own #1 issue. D2 is on rock tour trying to gin up support for the 1,000 or so page bill that nobody including himself has bothered to read. Even as he tries harder and harder to convince people that Dear-Dope-a-care is just what the Dr. ordered, more and more Americans are discovering that the Dear Dope is just acting stupidly when he tries to explain why they should scrap the best health care system in the world in favor of something the Dear Dope and Nanny Peloser dreamed up.

The Dear Dope said recently that government doesn’t want to get between you and your Dr. and then added although insurance companies get between you and your health care all of the time. But at the same the Dearest of Dopes says that the government will monitor health care and year to year recommend the best practices. So how is that going to work?

Say an 87 year old woman has a bad heart. Dr. X does what Dear-Dope-a-care requires and gives the woman increasing doses of pain medication and dies in 9 months. Dr. Y performs a heart transplant and the woman lives another 5 years. How will the Dear-Dope-a-care professionals score the outcome of the two treatments?

Well the Dear-Dope says that #1 problem with health care is the cost. So a heart transplant and the required 5 year after care bill will score well below the make the patient comfortable and let her die scenario. When the Dear Dope spoke stupidly about Dr. pulling out kid’s tonsils “unnecessarily,” he gave a hint as to how Dear-Dope-a-care would manage patient care. “Give the kids two aspirin and some throat lozenges. Call me in the morning if his fever spike above 104. No I don’t care that this Jr.’s 8th sore throat this month. Move on now. Next patient, please.”

As long as you do not need a Dr. at any point in your life – particularly in the later stages – except for the exorbitant tax cost, Dear-Dope-a-care will be prefect for you.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dear-Dope-a-care and the food police

There’s this bit of non-sense from the LA Times about taxing fat people’s food. This isn’t going to work for a myriad of reasons.

First off tell me how the American that gives every kid on the team a trophy at the end of the year to avoid self esteem issues is ever going to be able to tell fatty, “sorry tubs no McDonalds today and judging from your rotund physique, probably not in this century.”

High schools cannot even recognize high achievers with academic awards, but the lunch lady is going to be telling fat kids to get in the salad line? I don’t think so.

Hasn’t obesity – like every other form of indiscipline – been labeled a “disease” yet by the government yet? That would make fat people disabled and eligible for government protection and assistance.

What about hate crime legislation? Hasn’t somebody come up with a law making it illegal to discriminate against fat people? I think the 7-11 guys would end up in court pretty quick if they ever told two-ton-Tony he couldn’t have that 72 ounce slurpie and the box of Twinkies because he didn’t appear to meet government guidelines for the purchase of such foods.

But there are couple ways to handle this fat food tax. First and most obvious is that we will all be forced to pay for fat-so’s gluttony. That is the only realistic way this going to work. So stand by for a tax on everything that is good – I didn’t say healthy – to eat. In this day and age where cops cannot arrest a belligerent trouble maker who is disturbing the peace and acting like a complete @$$ without the Dear Dope interceding on the @$$’s behalf because the @$$ happens to be black and the cop white, it’s hard to believe that we will be able to turn some lard @$$ away from DQ for ordering a banana split. And God help us all if the lard @$$ happens to be black and the counter clerk white. So we are ALL going to have to pay.

Now one way this might work is if we have some kind of cap and trade on fatty (read anything that actually tastes good) food. So the Dear Dope would get Arugula credits from the whole foods store that he could then sell to the 800 pound Billbo Baggins to buy his double stuffed Oreos. Health nuts like Lance Armstrong and Michael Phelps could make millions selling exercise credits to the masses so we mere mortals could stand in line for hours to get our monthly ration of Mt. Dew.

The bottom line is that the ONLY way to tax fat people for the poor food choices they make is to tax us all. And if Dear-Dope-a-care is passed, the government will find it perfectly within their right to tax out of existence foods – like beer – that the government feels adds to the cost of health care.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Who hires racists? We do!

I was going to do a bit on what kind of firm would hire a racist @$$hole like Henry Luis “Skip” Gates. Then I remembered we hired a racist @$$hole to run the country. Now the two named @-holes are getting together with a white cop to slug beers and patch up @-1’s dust up and @-2’s mischaracterization of the dust up and the cop. Wanna bet @s 1 & 2 get the cop to say “everything has been worked out and we have reached a better understanding of each other’s plight”?

But really who would pay @-1 a dime to work for them? Harvard that’s who and they pay way more than a dime – mom and dad’s hard earned tuition money being flushed down the academic toilet to support a racist @$$hole.

Read this – Iowahawk – as always – has nailed this down to perfection.

Monday, July 27, 2009

People begin to see Dear Leader as the dope he is

Lex began referring to B-HO as the Dear Leader after his inauguration because he was like North Korean Dear Leader and president for life Kim Jung Il. Everywhere he went people cheered and there was not one word of dissent anywhere - most notable for their absence of criticism of the Dear Leader were the MSM who job it is to examine and when necessary and appropriate be critical. The only thing that was missing was a stadium card show that the NoKs are so famous for.

Now six months of gaffs and missteps into his term and the people are beginning to discover maybe this dope didn’t rise on the third day. Most people thought that the stimulus was a waste of money and even those who thought it was a good idea knew that it should have at least have been read by politicians before passing congress. Now the stimulus is out there but unemployment is still on the rise so the Demo-Dopes start talking about a second stimulus even though over 90% of the first one yet to be spent. A majority smell a rat.

Then along comes Judge Sotomayor, apparently a wise Latina woman who happens to be a racist bigot. But she is the best the Dear Leader could do for a nominee for the Supreme Court. When her words are splashed all over talk radio, Fox and Drudge a plurality of Americans agree that maybe she doesn’t have the right temperament for the highest court in the land. But nothing can shock the conscious of compliant Republi-Rats like Lindsey Ghramnesty. So she will sail through and sit on the bench waiting to rule against a white guy because she thinks she is so much smarter.

Then along came Dear Leader care and another bill in excess of 1,000 pages that we again needed so badly that nobody had time to read the thing. But when talk radio discovered that the bill contained all sorts of racial perks and preferences, people to say whoa. Hold on there fella. So the Dear Leader began a Brittany Spears like summer concert tour to drum up support for a stupid idea. And just like a Spears tour, only the faithful showed up. People smell a huge rat here and public opinion is against any government take over of health care.

Then most recently the Dear Leader spoke stupidly when he called police stupid for arresting a foul mouthed “college professor” for being disorderly. The Dear Leader spoke stupidly because primarily because he’s stupid but also because he didn't know what happened during the arrest. It’s no more complicated that that. Americans are beginning to see that all of the talk of the Dear Leader bring about post-racial period is utter bull$h!t. He spent 20 years listening to a race baiting moron every Sunday morning. He appointed a race baiting moron to the Supreme Court. And last week he demonstrated that he himself is a race baiting moron.

Now people are seeing the facts of the college professor’s arrest. They know the Dear Leader should have just shut his suck. Then the police rallied behind the arresting officer. Then the drip, drip, drip of what a racist jerk the professor was being to the officer began to surface. And only then does the Dear Leader decide he better have everyone over for beer to smooth it all out.

People are beginning to wake up to fact that the Dear Leader is a racist dope. His approval has fallen precipitously to below 50%. So in honor of the American people finally waking up the Dear Leader will now be known as what really is the Dear Dope.

Note to reader: Dear Dope may be abbreviated from time to as DD or D2. In addition to Dope The second D can stand for, doofuss, dolt, dip$h!t etc.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lessons learned from breaking into your own home

Unless you’re a blogger, if you don’t know all of the facts about a highly charged racial incident, when asked about it, you probably ought to shut up. That’s especially true if you’re the Dear Leader of the United States talking to the press during a live prime time press conference. The Dear Leader spoke stupidly – not a surprising or rare event really when you consider how stupid the Dear Dope is – when asked about a black professor being arrested.

The common meme – perpetuated by the Dear Dope - is that the professor was arrested for breaking and entering his own house. That is not true. Everyone agrees that the absent minded professor had lost his house key and had to force his way in to his own home. Apparently keyless entry, hide-a-key, leaving a spare key with a friend, family member, neighbor or in a desk drawer at work are all concepts too mundane for the high minds at Cambridge to contemplate or consider. It's much better to just force a door open in the middle of the night than give such a matter one minutes thought.

So a racist neighbor sees a couple guys forcing their way into the professor’s home one night and calls the cops. Five white cops with KKK tattoos show up, drag the professor from his own home beat him senseless while he recites Matthew 44-45 over and over.

No, actually that’s not what happened. Contrary to what the lying Dear Leader alluded to in presser, the professor was not arrested for being in his own home. The professor was arrested for being abusive and disorderly to a police officer acting in the line-of-duty after being called by neighbors to report a break-in.

So here are the lessons learned:

Home occupiers (as discussed below there are NO home owners):

Make sure you have an alternate way to enter your home in the event you lose your key.

If the cops show up after you’ve broken into your home, cooperate, throw in a “yes sir” and “no officer” now and then. Remember the cops don’t know that it is your house and you’re not some strung out meth addict with a gun until YOU prove it.

Use the incident as teachable moment to youth that the cops – 99.9% of time - are not the bad guys.

Remember you are not a victim. The only reason the cops are there in the first place is to help you and protect your property after you lost your house key.


Do your duty professionally and let the chips fall.

Race baiting fools are everywhere - even in the highest office in the land.

Dear Leaders:


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dear Dope-a-care

The Dear Leader has to be about the stupidest person alive. According to the Dear Doofuss, not allowing the government to hijack our heal care system is all the Republicans fault. Good! Glad to hear the OTHER class of worthless politicians is doing something worthwhile. But The Dear Leader is not only a dope, he’s a lying dope. The Demo-Dope party has a 30+ seat majority in the house and super majority in senate and the Dear Leader, in case the clueless fool forgot, is himself a Demo-Dope. Pass your bill; take the credit your due and move on.

There is something goofy about this health care and the myriad other “crises” we are facing. We always have to do something NOW or the world will stop. No it won’t. In a minute sanity the Dear Leader said the crisis in health care has been going on for years. So why do we have to fix it before August?

All of this crap. The Dear Leader and his gang of worshiping blockhead followers are out to destroy America and all of the liberty associated with it. They want to do this because, as they have told us, they want to “remake America.” But when the Dear Leader is done with his American make-over, we will not recognize it. Instead of the land of opportunity it will become the land of equal outcome. The Demo-Dopes will continue to spread the wealth around until we all are required to live in a hovel and are forced to drive a 1,500 pound government produced death trap.

Then in a moment of supreme arrogance and further demonstrating that Jessica Simpson has more on the ball than this brain-dead empty suite, when commenting on the Cambridge police arresting a black professor who WAS breaking into a home – his own - the scum-bag Dear Leader said, "There was a report called in to the police station that there might be a burglary taking place – so far so good," reflecting that he'd hope the police were called if he were seen breaking into his own house, then pausing.

"I guess this is my house now," he remarked of the White House. "Here I’d get shot."


Next, you wouldn’t get shot. The secret service is a professional bunch so you wouldn’t get shot. Now the criminal class of creeps and thugs you round with sure, they’d get shot and rightfully so.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Land tax reform

Lex noted yesterday that if you think you “own” your home, stop paying the taxes on it and see who really owns it. That got me to thinking – such a rare act that Ms. Lex asked if I was OK. Anyhoo. The constitution covers private property obliquely in the 5th and 14th amendments but only in the sense of the people not being deprived of property without due process and just compensation.

In the Kelo case, 5 dopes in robes took imminent domain to new level saying it was OK for the government to transfer land ownership from one private owner to another. What could ever go wrong with that setup? Heretofore imminent domain applied to the government seizing property for the greater good of the people to build hospitals, parks, roads, etc. Now the mayor and his cronies can seize a political rivals business, under pay the owner and set up a McDonald’s if they want. And when there IS a McDonald’s on every street corner in America – what then? Two McDonald’s? I was just wondering where the McDonald’s corporate model takes them when they finally are EVERYWHERE.

But really how can anyone ever claim to have private land “ownership” in America when that land has to be paid off every year to the tune of thousands of dollars and failure to make that payment to the government can constitute reason for a “due process” hearing that will result in the loss of your land? What other things do we buy that we have to keep paying off? You have to register your car – but only if you intend to use it on public highways. What if the government expected you to pay $100 a year for your 18 cubic foot refrigerator? Or sent you a tax bill on the number of TVs in your home?

Well the energy bill is likely to have such a provision in it – if anyone every decided to read the bill. And if it doesn’t tax you in that exact manner it will tax you every time the refrigerator kicks on or jr. turns on one of those TVs to catch the 24 hours of SpongeBob.

As a rather recent land “owner” myself – 1990 or so – I’m still not happy when I receive the annual tax bill. But how about a guy – a farmer for example – who is on the land that grandpa passed down to dad and dad passed down to you and the government is STILL taxing that land. Shouldn’t that tax bill be paid in full at some point? Say when the land is paid off; or after 20, 30 or 50 years of the same guy or family making payments.

And shouldn’t the taxes on property remain relatively stable to the purchase price? If I buy a house in the country and 20 years later Donald Trump decides to build a golf course next door, why do MY taxes go up? Assess Trump’s land to cover the cost of new roads – not mine. Why am I allowed to be taxed out of “my” home and neighborhood so Trumpy can make money on golf and expensive food?

None of this will ever see the light of day in any political circle. All pols love to spend your tax dollars so they all grab for them. But there is something wrong with the property tax system in America a place that claims to be a beacon to the world for private property rights.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wooppie! A 28th Amendment to protect homes and cars

A not so “wise African-American woman”

OK conspiracy theories are fun – to a point. To be a good conspiracy theory, “the theory” has to be based on something common sense tells us believable. The Kennedy shooting is a good example. How did one guy get off three accurate shots in such a short period of time with a bolt action rifle from a sixth story window?

Woopie dumb-@$$ debunks the entire moon program because she never saw the cameraman who took to pictures. YGBSM! Hey $h!t for brains. We never see the cameraman who shoots your worthless ugly @$$ everyday either. So I guess you don’t exist. Were it only true. That would mean one less clueless dope running around.

Homes, cars and guns

The Ft Wayne Urinal Gazette has run a couple of letters to the editor wondering why gun sales and ownership are not recorded and regulated like real estate sales and driving a car. Lex sent the following note:

I would like voice my agreement with a couple of letters to the editor that home ownership and the right to own and drive a car ought to have the same protections under the law as gun ownership. First, anyone who thinks that they own a home ought to stop paying taxes on it and see if they or the tax collector really “own” it.

But to put home, car and gun ownership all on equal footing under the law, all we need to do is pass an amendment to the constitution protecting home and car ownership from onerous government regulation.

How about something like:

Home ownership and transportation being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to own a home and operate basic transportation shall not be infringed.

This demonstrates a key difference between Liberal and Conservative theories of government. When confronted with government’s unequal regulation of several commodities, a Liberal’s first choice is to place the most severe government restrictions on all of the activities, while a Conservative will deregulate them all and let the people decide.

It is a sad, sad state when people do not know that homes, cars and guns are not regulated in the same manner because one is constitutionally protected. Absent that constitutional protection, the others are capriciously “regulated” by politicians primarily so that the government can raise taxes off of them and all activities connected to them.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Health care reform rule one: Buy your own damned insurance

STOP THE PRESSES!! There’s a new poll out indicating that 61 percent of Americans think that the cost of health care is the biggest problem facing the nation. So to bring down the cost, the government is going to make health care “free.”

Try that formula with any other commodity. The problem with Coke is that it costs too much. The want for Coke in America has been transposed into an absolute right. So the government decided that Coke should just give its product away. After about 24 hours, you couldn’t find a Coke anywhere. Soon black market (or wise Latina women market) Coke dealers began popping up. You had to get on a year long waiting list to get your ration of Coke. After a few months of giving its product away, Coke went broke. The government stepped in to take Coke over. Soon after, Coke’s began to taste like Tonic Water - then just like water. Finally, demand for Coke dried up and in response to that shrinking market the government increased production.

I think that health care costs too much because someone else is usually paying. Take the family out to dinner and say, “we’re on a budget. Get whatever you want as long as you pay for it or have the cost deducted from your allowance” and see what the bill comes to. Then take the family out and say, “we just had a wind fall. Dinner tonight is on me. Get whatever you like” and compare that bill to the first scenario. Then throw in a lawyer or two who will sue dad if jr. doesn’t get lobster bisque with his unlimited prime rib and crab legs.

And I’m not just talking about government paying here either. Why is it that we expect the company we work for to provide our health insurance? Wouldn’t it be better and cheaper if we could get a bit more money from the company then band together with like-minded people all across the country for our health care? If you’re 45 married with six kids you may want a more extensive policy than the 22 year old who lives at home in mom’s basement.

Why does the company have to provide these two with the exact same coverage? I know I never even considered spending a nickel on health care when I was youngster. Why? I was alone and healthy. The one time I thought I did need to see a doctor, I was charged over a $100, told to take some aspirin and call back if the problem persisted.

Lex health care reform:

Buy your own damned health care insurance.
If you sue a doctor and lose, you are on the hook for the cost of the court case.
People who cannot afford health care and are LEGAL American citizens can report to certain free clinics for treatment.

We’re being told that there are 40 something million uninsured so we need to reform health care. Why not just take care of the uninsured? The 2 TRILLION dollar price tag of the health care bill has got to be enough money to insure all of the uninsured. Why does congress insist on wrecking a system that works and replacing it with one that has proven time and again that it doesn’t?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mandatory use of public TOILETS NOW!!

Glenn Beck had a funny bit on his TV show last night. He asked a couple of questions:

Which would rather use a public restroom or a private one?
Where would you rather send your children to school, a public school or a private one?

Then he asked the obvious question, where would rather get your healthcare, from the “free” public clinic or a private doctor?

Sounds like a perfect set up for a TV ad. A guy pulls off the hiway into a rundown truck stop for an EMERGENCY restroom break. There he finds a line a mile long with people sitting in line with lawn chairs sunning themselves. Several people are seen leaving the line with soaked trousers. One guy walks away with an exaggerated bow legged walk as people in line turn and gasp for air as he passes. Cut away shows one guy making a mad dash to a filthy stall, dropping trou and sitting down in a big rush with a, “Ahh, finally! I made it!” Only then does he discover the toilet paper dispenser is empty.

Then a bright shinny semi pulls in along side the long line. People look at each other with a puzzled look. The sides of the semi trailer roll up to reveal a long line of porta potties. Men and women in attractive white jump suits set up a counter and start to charge the desperate patrons a quarter to use the clean porta johns. People flock to the trailer but no line forms as the operation is so efficient. The man from stall enters the porta john to find a mambo sized toilet paper roll.

Just as the line at the public facility is about gone, government idiots – as if there were another kind – dressed in tan shirts and black trousers and wearing an arm band that is eerily similar to the Dear Leader’s campaign logo, show up to arrest the semi-trailer operators. The unit is known as the DLPP – Dear Leader’s poop patrol.

Fade to black and back to a long line at the public restroom. Camera slowly zooms to man reading a newspaper. As the shot gets tighter the headline can be read, “Biden declares mandatory public restrooms a huge success” and a story under “Illegal semi crapper operations increasing.” Camera zooms out on the man with the newspaper as a wet spot begins to grow around the man’s crotch and down his left leg. The man simply folds the paper up and leaves the line.

Tag line “Government: doing a shitty job since 1776. And you want to trust them with your health care?”

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bit^%es and Pitches

It turns out that when Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is not talking and acting like racist bigot, she’s lying about being one. Reading her “story” about her “wise Latina woman” reminds of the commercial were a little boy, whose face and hands are covered in chocolate, is asked by mom if he ate the chocolate cake. He looks up at mom with a sad face knowing he’d been caught red – or chocolate – handed, shakes his head and says in a low, sorry voice, “No mom. I didn’t eat the cake.” Mom sighs, cracks a smile and cleans the boy’s face and hands with a super absorbent Bounty towel.

Anyone with half a brain, which sadly that excludes 99.99999% of liberal lap dog media and 100% of the Demo-Dope fools on the senate judiciary, knows that Sotomayor is lying when she says her “wise Latina” comments were to inspire other wise Latinas. BS! Plain and simple BS! She is lying.

Since when is it inspiring to young people to build them up by bringing others down? You know Consuala you are a much better hockey forward than all of those toothless white trash men who dominate the sport. If your goal is to inspire young people how about something like, “Hey look at me! A wise Latina woman that has worked and STUDIED hard and has risen to a powerful position on my own merit in spite of Rev Al and Jesse’s claim that whitey just wants to beat us down.”

And is anyone else sick of Supreme Court nominees having to avow that they’ll uphold Roe in order to get confirmed? Sotomayor said Roe was settled law. Oh really? So that’s it? Settled law is settled law huh? Well first, if it’s settled, why are there so many abortion cases every year? And if “settle law” is the new standard why was separate but equal ever over turned? And if “settled law” is settled law why is Brady and every other anti-gun organization suing every city in America that doesn’t happen to agree with their idiotic reading of the second amendment? For Sotomayor, “settled law” equals a wink and a nod, like a case where white men get promoted on merit, I’ve already made up my mind about abortion. There is no set of facts that can change it. Thank God we had smarter people than Sotomayor to pass the 13th Amendment and strike down the settled law of Jim Crow.

Then there’s this. America’s sycophantic press is insisting that the Dear Sissy got the throw “over the plate.” And really, who are you going to believe the MSM or your lying eyes? “Over the plate?” The little girly boy, who the press tells us is the most athletic, trim, fit, buff Dear Leader ever, couldn’t even get the ball TO the plate. Now take 4:28 and watch how a real man – who happens to know how to dress like a man as well – throws out the first pitch.

George Bush from the mound, on a line and a strike to boot. Meanwhile our non-bowling, throw like a little girl while dressed like a punk Dear Leader is touted as some great athlete. Yet he can’t even get the ball TO THE PLATE on a throw with an arch like and the speed of a slow pitch softball throw. Wake up America this punk is all smoke and mirrors. He’s a Wizard of Oz doofuss being controlled by the media, George Soros and others who have a much different view of America than the founding fathers.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nominating a racist finally shows some diversity on the Supreme Court

I heard one brilliant senator yesterday (Feingold, I think) say something along the line, we shouldn’t take one line from a speech out of context to judge Sotomayor. OK fine. Put this quote from the judge into some kind of acceptable context.

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would, more often than not, reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life."

Ahhh, well, you see Judge Sotomayor was talking about making tacos and enchiladas when she said that. She certainly wasn’t talking about applying the law equally. If you even suggested such an explanation for Sotomayor’s racist and bigoted comments, you yourself would be labeled a racist and bigot. Why the very idea of a Latina woman cooking tacos and enchiladas is insensitive stereotyping.

OK so the whole “wise Latina woman” is taken out context – but nobody will take the time to put it into its proper context during the next two days of hearings. Fine, it’s not as if we aren’t used to political double talk all of the time. But take the “wise Latina woman” and combine with her finding in the Ricci case where she ruled against white firemen and you have all the context that you need.

Oh, and try this context. Put her words into the mouth of any white conservative and see what happens.

She is a racist. She talks like a racist and acts like one. So she is a racist. Now the Supreme Court overruled her on the Ricci case. But when this piece of work is confirmed, she will sit on the very court that has here-to-fore reined her in by overturning her idiotic rulings.

But she will be confirmed. Idiot Republi-Rats like Lindsey Ghramnisty are sure to vote for her so that in this topsy-turvy world they themselves are not labeled racists. Way to go Lindsey. Sell out to save yourself a couple of tough questions from Telemundo.

But hey, we're finally getting some diversity on the high court. If confirmed, Sotomayor will be the only proven racist currently sitting on the court. Maybe we can finally get back to separate but equal.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Post racial my @$$

STOP!!! You're at the right page. Lex just changes the look up a bit.

Well if the Dear Leader has accomplished nothing else, he's leading us into the post-racial period of love and joy. Oops not really. There's this piece about a gang of black youths beating several white folks who happened to be enjoying the 4th of July fireworks in Akron, OH. During the beat down, the youths, numbering a couple score or so, were telling whitey that this was a black world now.

So you have a large number of black youths beating white folks and using racial epithets. Ahh but Inspector Clouseau at the Akron police isn't ready to label the beatings either gang related or a hate crime. Hmmm, so it's just a bunch of like minded people of the same racial minority who are out one night and who just happen to run into each other and beat another group of individuals who all just happen to be white while shouting in essence "we are the world." The "we" in this case meaning blacks.

Yet the Akron cop heading up the investigation, who happens to be the same cop that after finding a guy shot 17 times in the head declared it the worst case of suicide he'd ever seen, doesn't know if the incident is gang related and isn't ready to label it a hate crime. Give Akron Police Chief Clancy Wiggum a promotion and jelly doughnut. It's this kind of careful police work that makes Akron, OH a must stop for every police professional from the FBI Director to Mayberry's Barney Fife.

And you just know that Rev. Al is bound to show up in Akron demanding reparations for the thugs who did the beating. It was all caused by the victims not vacating the area in advance of the thugs or something. The same nefarious Rev. Al of Towanda Brawley, Freddy's Fashion Mart fame and current spokesperson for the protection of the one man freak show formerly known as Michael Jackson. Any and all references to MJ that are not 100% positive are in fact racist now.

Sure the Dear Leader has bankrupted the country, attacked our liberty at every turn at home and needlessly apologized to people and nations who owe us a debt of gratitude unknown in human history and others who we ought to be bombing. But at least he has brought us into the post racial period that Rev. Wright taught him about during 20 years at Trinity.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

North Korea is the model for Cap and Trade

All you really need to know about the Cap and Tax bill is that even the EPA says will it will do little or nothing to control climate change if enacted unilaterally by the USA. That statement assumes you believe the mumbo jumbo being spread around by grand nit wit AlGore who trades carbon credits to get rich so can jet to and fro urging on his sandal clad, hemp wearing, urine saving, bike riding moron acolytes to harass you for not supporting Cap and Tax.

Meanwhile, the world's real polluters - China and India - have pretty much thumbed their noses at the us for suggesting that they too ought to get on board with Cap and Tax. HA! That'll be the day those countries consider what's good for the USA when setting national policy. Yet our Dear Leader thinks that we need to get on board with this economy killing BS to "lead the world." Hey DL, the world will be happy to sit by and watch you flush the USA down the toilet without ever lifting a finger to stop you.

You know who is well ahead of the world in reducing greenhouse emissions? North Korea. That's right Kim Jung Il is a model new world, new order progressive. North Korea uses so little electricity it cannot be seen by satellite at night. The people of NK are also starving to death by the thousands. That of course is a good thing in the carbon off sets world. Because animals emit so much toxic methane, it's a far, far better thing for Mother Earth to have people to starve to death than deal with livestock ranches and farms. NK is also developing clean and perpetual nuclear power - or so it says. And really who the hell are the big polluters like us to doubt a people who are doing so much to save the planet?

I'm thinking if the USA really wanted to "lead the world" in greenhouse gas reduction we 'd do one of two things, nuke Washington D.C. or follow NK's lead and turn off the lights and starve our people to death. But hey that's exactly where Cap and Tax will take us.

Oh and T. Boone is out of the wind business. Hmm I wonder why. Pickens is smart guy. Maybe he figured out that when the wind stops blowing there will be no electricity. I wonder how meteorologist who can't look out the window and get the local forecast for rain right were ever going to be able to predict accurately how much wind there was going to be from day to day?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Two weird things happened

Two weird things happend yesterday that indicate a decline in America. One was when a group of people paid great homage to a peculiar little man who became popular even though Lex found nothing of talent in anything the guy ever did. The other thing that happend was Michael Jackson's "memorial service." The first was un-funny girly man Al Franken's swearing in to the U.S. Senate.

I really can't say which makes us look worse. Swearing in a no talent, know nothing, do nothing, be nothing pudgy little creep like Al Franken to help write our laws; or having opinion makers, lawmakers and show biz A-listers praising a guy who makes Ichabod Crane appear to be the picture stability and sanity while speaking of him as if he were the greatest thing since the apostles found an empty tomb on the third day.

I've always been for common sense people running government. Instead we have a ruling class of entrenched, nepotistic or glitz oriented boneheads running things. When one life-long pol dies or resigns in disgrace from office we appoint or elect his wife, daughter or son to take his place. When we're not electing or re-electing the same type doofusses every two years for life, we settle for some quasi celebity like Jesse Ventura, Al Franken or Shrilldabeast Clinton to run things for us.

I've noted on this page many times that we elect the people we deserve when vote - or fail to vote. If the people of MN think that America will be best served by having a left-wing diaper wearing loon serve as a senator, then fine so be it. But good God MN, that's the best you could do from an entire state's worth of people?

And how can a chattering class of know-it-alls sit by tisk tisking Sarah Palin for not being refined enough, smart enough or well educated enough to hold high office and not say a word about a mean-spirited little twit like Franken being sworn in as a U.S. Senator? What's next? Borat for the Supreme Court? I know, but Jerry Lewis is just too old.

On Michale Jackson about the best you could honesty say is that a talented freakish little man died suddenly. And what does it say about us when we stop the planet for a week to honor a one man freak show who sells records while the deaths of countless heroes who gave much more even though they were blessed with much less go unnoticed?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Palin resigns! What does it mean?

It means she’s finished. It means she’s a genius. It means she can never run again. It means she’s in perfect position for 2012 or 2016. It means just about everything and anything to whomever is doing the prognosticating.

To me it means what she said. Better to let a less polarizing figure get things done for the state while Palin tries to help Republicans re-group. It means she can better serve her state and the nation by stepping aside. It means the weak ugly women have driven the strong, pretty and smart girl off the team for now. The way these things end in the movies is that the girl driven away by the mean, petty and jealous freaks returns to kick their @$$es.

I like Palin because she’s genuine. She’s not some Chicago south side punk thug air brushed and marketed by other punk thugs. She’s the only national politician that if you asked her to dinner in your home might actually stop by and would help prepare the meal set the table and help clean up.

I actually heard one of her detractors claim that she was under-educated. I guess telling the truth consistently in words we can all understand disqualifies one from high office in these days and times. All answers must be nuanced so that at a later date when the unemployment rate is at 10% when he said it top out at 8.5% if we only passed his dopey 800 billion dollar stimulus bill, the Dear Leader can say, “as I’ve always said, unemployment would continue to rise.” Now the clueless class is talking about another stimulus bill when less than 10% of the money from the first bill has been spent.

See in this day and age when the Dear Leader says things of that nature, he's not treated as the clueless jug eared blockhead that he is. Rather he is treated as a brilliant highly educated pol. Ain’t it funny that the very dolts who claim to the smartest people in the room have landed us in this mess.

Let's face it, "they" don't like Palin because she's an effective outsider. Why not take a chance on common sense for awhile? Could we do any worse?

Friday, July 03, 2009

Wants, needs and rights

Well tomorrow is the big day. Fireworks have been popping around the neighborhood off and on since Sunday. We’ve even an occasional cluster go off above the roof tops.

We still have to go get our supply. I think I’ll kick in an extra $100 for the back neighbor display this year. All the neighbors gather in the street and shoot off the fireworks they gathered. The kids have a “blast” and except for the next morning clean-up, a good time is had by all.

I raised a 16’ flag pole in the back yard and bought a brand new flag to hoist precisely at 0800 tomorrow morning. I found my Marine Corps Band CD box set and will play the Marine’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner as I briskly raise the flag in the manner prescribed by flag etiquette.

Then I’m going to light my patio burner and keep it going all day so the kids can “burn a dog” or roast a marshmallow anytime they want while being serenaded by the 12 CD set of the MCB playing martial music. I plan to stock up on pop and beer and put out for the neighborhood.

It’s going to be a great day in spite of what the Dear leader and the Demo-Dopes are franticly doing to undo what the founders set up for us. While we celebrate the courage and vision of what took place 233 years ago, others are celebrating the undoing of much of what has been created.

I look at tomorrow sort of like you might with an elderly grandfather at Christmas. You never know, this may be his last, so let’s have a really good one. I’ve never had such an uneasy feeling about the fate of our republic. I thought that 2010 would roll around and we’d get the chance to turn things around. Now I’m not so sure we haven’t gone too far down the socialist path that a quick countermarch won’t get us back. And I’m not sure a majority of Americans even want to countermarch. Many seem perfectly happy to let their neighbors pay for their car, home, health care, xbox, credit card debt and every other want and need that have some how now become "rights" according to Demo-Dopes.

So let’s celebrate and – dare I say it – “hope” we can “change” directions in 2010.

Happy 4th!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pursuit of happiness will survive

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

How has that been working out for us lately? We are rapidly approaching an age when it’s perfectly legal to kill off the most innocent and helpless among us because, as the Dear Leader says, we don’t want to be punished with a baby. And sure, old people are cool, but only to a point. When they can’t make it to the bathroom they ain’t that cool any more. Wouldn’t we all be better off if they just passed away?

And if national health care passes, hold on to your hats. Your “pursuit of life” is going to boil down to dollar cost averaging done by a 20 something government bureaucrat. You need a new hip? Sorry cut off for that procedure age 55. 70 year old with a bad ticker? Sorry, surgery for you just doesn’t dollar out after age 60.

Well, there’s always “pursuit of liberty.” Probably, but only for a short period longer. The government in the name of saving the planet and saving us from ourselves will be regulating everything from the kind of light bulbs we use to how many times a month we can eat out. They are going to tell us what kind of windows we have to install in our houses and what kind of car we have to drive. Soon under the guise of greenhouse carbon reduction and health care reform, Barney Frank will be regulating every aspect of every un-aborted life.

Well at least they can’t take our pursuit of happiness away. I suppose that’s true. There is no way they can keep us from cracking wise while we wait in line for ACORN to issue us our weekly ration of gruel and our Demo-Dope representative gives us our monthly onion, while the union boss lectures us over the loudspeaker that we will never reach the goals set forth in “the new five year plan” unless we improve production.

They cannot keep us from thinking of happier times when we could pretty much write our own ticket based on our own skill sets, drive, talent and savvy. That was before 51% of us thought it was a good idea just to “spread the wealth a round” a little. Take from the smart, talented set and just give it to the less productive. That was before we decided to smother the talented set in a sea of liberty ending bureaucratic red tape for the sake of everyone’s health and the health of the planet. That was before we decided we didn’t want to punish ourselves with babies. So our population declined and with it our tax base and our ability to pay for the cradle to grave government sponsored nannyism the Demo-Dopes promised.

I suppose we’ll always have the pursuit of happiness. But how will we achieve it without life and liberty? The pursuit of happiness will return us to the pursuit of liberty, which will return us to the pursuit of life.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Do we still have a constitution?

Perhaps the greatest thing to come of the American Revolution was our U.S. Constitution. The last thing the original Americans wanted was to replace one onerous government with another. So America tried to govern itself under the Articles of Confederation for about 5 years after the war.

It wasn’t until 1787 that the great minds of a fledgling democracy produced the document that outlines how our government is SUPPOSED to function today. Since then, the constitution has been amended only 27 times and remains a touchstone for most Americans. That’s a pretty remarkable document to have survived 233 years with only 27 substantive changes.

And while America remains a relatively young country, we are the world’s oldest democracy. I am of the opinion that we owe any success that we’ve achieved to the brilliance of the founders who set this whole thing up. Sacrilege, I know; giving dead white guys, many themselves slave owners, credit for America. The freedoms established in the U.S. constitution have led us to this point in history.

And what point is that? That point is where are beginning to erode the very freedoms that have led to our success. The chief enabler in these erosions is the Demo-Dope party.

Today we have government heavily invested in the insurance, banking and auto industries. How can private business compete with government subsidized enterprises that do not have to turn a profit? I guarantee you when Ford kicks Chevy and Chrysler’s @$$, Barney Frank et al. will begin to regulate Ford out of business.

But wait there’s more. Not satisfied with running just the insurance, banking and auto industries, the government now wants to get its grubby fingers into the energy and healthcare industries. Under the watchful eye of the federal government, I’m sure those entities will be run with all of the efficiency of AmTrac and the post office and with all of the compassion demonstrated at your local DMV.

But wait there’s still more. After the Civil War, America’s self correcting democracy abolished slavery (13th Amendment) and guaranteed equal protection under the law to all US citizens (14th Amendment). Since then we have passed Civil Rights bills. Merits of the Civil Rights bill can be argued, but one thing is clear, if the Justice Department of the federal government had forcefully enforced the 14th Amendment, it would not have been necessary.

Now we are getting a spate of “hate crimes” bills that seek to offer special protection to certain groups. Never mind that these laws depend on judges and jurors to look into the mind criminals and determine if they have a “hateful heart” or are just run of the mill criminal dopes, these laws also provide extra equal protection to certain classes or Americans.

If some criminal dope shoots me on the street and takes my wallet, a liberal judge will likely sentence the thug to 90 days of work release, job training, drug rehab, night school and a government paid halfway house. Now if the same thug shoots a gay man and takes his wallet the liberal judge will sentence him to 90 years of hard labor with no chance of parole. Ironic that this set up kind of makes you hope that criminals DO target gays.

But nothing is more frustrating than when someone’s vote is MORE equal than your own. Demo-Dopes are up in arms because Iranian nut job Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has accumulated more votes than were voters in some districts. But the same damn Demo-Dopes welcome American nut job Al Franken with open arms even though he too carried precincts where more votes than voters were cast.

And still there’s more. Article one of the constitution calls for an “enumeration every ten years” to determine the number representatives each state is entitled to. Very simple and straight forward – right? Wrong. The current census bureau questionnaire is 28 pages long. Seems to me if they are “enumerating” the questionnaire would be one questions long. How many people live in your home? And to top it all off the people responsible for bringing Al Franken to the senate through fraudulant votes – ACORN – will be doing surveying. What could go wrong?

The bottom line is that what the founders feared - intrusive onerous meddling from an inept bumbling federal government – is exactly what we have. They have driven us trillions of dollars into debt, fouled up everything they have ever touched and yet they want more power for themselves and less freedom for the people.