Monday, September 30, 2013

Notes on the budget battle

Republican Spines?
Are Republicans growing a spine?  No.  I doubt it.  It doesn’t matter how strong a hand they have, they are always personally too weak to play it.  But it is clear they are trying to extract something from the King before going limp, assuming a supine position and caving to his demands.

Fund the government one day at a time
Pat Buchannan suggested the Republicans stand strong on stripping Robertscare from the budget.  He suggests that the Republicans send individual funding bills to the senate for votes.  So on day one they send over a bill to fund the military, day two fund the VA, day three Social Security etc. etc.  This, I believe will put the Dopes and our King in an untenable position.  They will have to vote day in and day out on critical funding.  What will they do?  Idunno.  If they vote yes, the government gets funded without Robertscare.  If they vote no, who will be to blame for the government shut down?  Clearly the Dopes.  This has the added advantage of cutting waste.  When these things are broken down to essential funding, they can strip out all of the BS.

Who is at fault?
Also, it seems to me that there isn’t enough talk from the Republican on who has failed to fund the government now for over 1,000 days.  That would be the creepy Harry the roach Reid.  The Republicans should be making the point that we wouldn’t be here if Harry the roach had bothered to do what the law requires – pass a budget.

Robertscare will collapse of its own weight
For the nervous Nellys who think the best policy is to do nothing and let Robertscare fail under its own weight and waste, Rush Limbaugh asks the key question, “When has that ever worked?”  Every time the Ponzy scheme known as Social Security begins to fail, the government comes along and props it up at great cost to taxpayers for another 10 or so years.  The latest effort to prop up SS is called amnesty for illegal aliens.  The same is true of Medicare and Medicaid.  The government cannot make any of these “signature” programs work, but we are supposed to believe fourth time is the charm and Robertscare will work splendidly.  BS.

Love note to Republi-Rat Coats
After the vote on cloture of the house bill striping Robertscare, I wasted some time and sent a love note to my Republi-Rat Senator Dan Coats:

Senator Coats:

Main point up front:
I’m done with you.  I will NEVER pull the lever for you in another election – NEVER.  I didn’t vote for you in your primary.  I preferred a fresh face who hadn’t - for years on end - participated in running the country deeper and deeper into debt while piling one unsustainable government program on top of another.

Supporting evidence:
Your decision to stand with the loathsome, despicable, lying, and - I truly believe - senile mean old bastard Harry Reid over Ted Cruz tears it for me and tells me everything I need to know about you.  You are a worthless coward.

Gratuitous name calling:
You and the other worthless cowards in the Washington D.C. ruling class elite may think the fight is over and are willing to lie down – but only after you are done lining your pockets with every dime you can loot for yourself from the treasury.  I am not. Spineless, weak weasels like you are precisely why most Americans would rather welcome an AIDS inflicted leper with suicidal tendencies and time bomb strapped to their back and with a bad case of the deadly Guanarito virus into their home before a member of congress.

Complimentary close:
Strong letter to follow.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The king's boyz out targeting white people, nothing from the king

A couple of the King's princes, if he had any, are out killing white people.  No word yet from the King of about the racist nature of his spawn.  One thing we know for sure though is that no matter what, it's not a hate crime because these are Eric the wad Holder's people.

This is probably as good a case as any for getting a concealed carry permit, even if you believe that the 2nd Amendment is your concealed carry permit. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What McCain is thinking, what Karl Rove would have done during great moments in history

What McCain is thinking:
Who the hell is this Cruz guy?
A freshman?
Who the hell does he think he is?
I’ve been here forever.  I was co-host of Hardball.  I lost to the king in 08.  LISTEN TO ME!!!
Why the hell won’t he reach across the aisle like me?
I’ve reached across the aisle so many times I spend most my time on the Dope side?
His unwillingness to do so makes the rest of us look like a bunch of capitulating d-bags.
Chrissy Mathews still like me better though.
I need to reach across the aisle and condemn Cruz for something he said at the 19 and half hour mark of his speech.
Hold on, I’ve got a straight flush going in video poker.  Damn a spade.

Karl Rove tactics:
If Karl had been president during the Civil War, our southern border would be secure because it would be with the Confederate States of America.  It is the CSA who would be securing it to keep welfare bums from the north out.  The Confederate border would continue south somewhere past the Monterey peninsula.
In Korea, Karl would have retreated to the Pusan Perimeter, then surrendered.
In WWI, we’d still be in the trenches.
In WWII, he’d create fortress England.  Cede the rest of Europe and Africa to Hitler.
If Karl were running the rescue effort at the Kenyan mall, he’d be arguing not to do anything until the terrorists ran of ammo or hostages, which ever came first.
If Karl were the skipper of the American boat in the latest America’s Cup competition, Karl would have just quit.  Why waste the energy and risk injury to the crew for such a lost cause?
If Karl were the head coach of any team on Alabama’s schedule, he’d forfeit.

When studying tactics at Marine Corps Amphibious Warfare School, we learned that bold moves often carry the day in combat.  Also, never miss an opportunity to strike the enemy.  Also, favor a plan that gives you more than one way to win.  Also, keep unrelenting pressure on the enemy, even in retreat, even when weak, disrupt the enemy advance with spoiling attacks of your own.  Ted Cruz is doing all of the above.

Karl Rove and McCain are in headlong retreat running scared as fast as they can with no plan to make a stand anywhere.  At least Ted Cruz is willing to stand in the middle of the axis of the Dope advance and give them the finger.  When they are finally run down, Rove and McCain are just hoping for a gig serving coffee and doughnuts to the king and his court.  Cruz is a hero.  Rove, McCain and the rest are…well, capitulating d-bags.

Making first ever calls to Indiana’s two senators Coats and Donnelly.
Vote no on cloture for the CR.  If Robertscare goes forward, Washington D.C. ruling class had better not grant themselves or their staff any favors, waivers or subsides.  If Robertscare is so great, sign up and suffer the consequences you are forcing on the rest of us.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Three cheers for Ted Cruz American patriot

If you listen to the talking heads, Ted Cruz’s non-filibuster filibuster is a pointless exercise.  That’s right before they call him every name in the book that can go across the airwave without FCC sanction.  So, if it’s pointless, why all the vitriol?  If it’s pointless, why is Ted Cruz on every channel this morning?  If it’s pointless, why is twitter abuzz with the Cruzibuster.  If it’s pointless, why does every website have a picture of Cruz followed with “Cruz demolishes Obamacare” or “Cruz lambastes Republicans” or “Cruz filibuster: Resistance is not futile” or “Cruz reads union letter objecting to Obamacare” and on, and on.  The end result may be business as usual - for now – in D.C., but this NOT a useless effort.

Lex has noted on this page more than a few times, what we want is someone who will fight the good fight.  I’m sick of the go along to get along Repbubli-Rats who line their own pockets while offering just enough resistance to not be called a Demo-Dope.  Rats who are content to slow the car to 60 miles an hour before it goes over the cliff rather driving over it at 100 mile per hour - as long as they were able to sufficiently loot the treasury for themselves before it ends up in a fireball at the bottom.

You know you’re on to something when despicable and senile old bastards like Harry the roach Reid and John McCain are both railing against you.  Yeah, yeah, yeah I know McCain is a war hero.  Don’t take this the wrong way, but so was Benedict Arnold.  That may be the only quality those two share.  The point is, even good soldiers lose their way occasionally in the pig sty that is American politics.  You know you’re on to something when Pissy Mathews and the entire PMSNBC crowd is in an up roar over what it is you are doing.

I’d like to see Republicans from the house and senate in the chamber supporting Cruz and rise for a standing O when he finally collapses.  These spineless ruling class weasels are even too cowardly for that bit of support, and dare anyone say it – jealous of a man of Cruz’s conviction and character.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Catching up

The argument
The world’s dumbest broad - Grand Fran Nan we have to pass it to see what’s in it Peloser - actually said that there is nothing left to cut in the federal budget.  Hmm, how about your government subsidy for Robertscare?  How about we start by cutting that?

That is one argument I do not hear Ted Cruz or anyone else making in loud clear voice.  If Robertscare is soooooooo wonderful, why have you accepted a government subsidy to pay for yours?  I would think that even people who are stupid enough to think Robertscare is a good deal are smart enough to recognize a double standard when they see one.  I’d be hammering that point every chance I got.  Any member who took to the house or senate floor to speak in favor of Robertscare, I’d ask them straight up, “OK fine.  Then  are you going to pay for your own or foist your cost off onto the taxpayer?”

Uh Oh we found something else that’s in in Robertscare
Lex has always been of the opinion that anything the numbskulls in Washington can come with can and will be overcome by the private sector before the law is printed.  Take Robertscare.  We had to pass it to find out what’s in it.  The private sector knows what’s in it.  BS.

The dopes Washington do a fine job telling employers all of the things they must do for their employees with regard to Robertscare.  It’s almost as if someone in Washington has business experience.  What the dopes did in the process is destroy family policies.  Most employers offered family plans for their employees.  Under Robertscare employers are saying, “Fine, we’ll tend to our employees, but we’re cutting their families loose.”  As result an estimated 500,000 children will lose their health coverage formerly covered by an employer policy.  How ironic is that?  Robertscare was supposed to provide "free" coverage for the uninsured.  Now it's creating half a million more of the very people it was supposed to eliminate. 

So, guess who will pick up the tab for all of the uninsured jr.s Robertscare just created?  Mom and dad.  But not to worry jr will be off mom and dad’s policy soon enough.  No wait, jr can stay on mom and dad’s policy until they are 26.  That’s good news for jr. bad news for mom and dad who were looking forward retirement and travel.

Kid at 26?
At age 17 George Washington was surveying the Shenandoah Valley.  We have “progressed” so much as a society that today, we call 26 year olds – “kids.”  Maybe that’s why they never grow up.  They’re off to college for 4-5 or 6-7 years where they rack up tens of thousands of dollars of debt earning an advanced degree in puppetry.  Then they are surprised that there is not an overwhelming demand for people with advanced degrees in puppetry, so they cannot get a job.  Then they’re in mom and dad's basement perfecting their Call of Duty skills for 18 hours a day until they snap and go on a mall shooting spree.  What’s next?  “Your kids can move into the old folks home with you until it’s their turn to move in with their kids.”

Kenyan mall attack
Fortunately, our king has al Qaeda on the run or the mall massacre in Kenya would have been really bad.  Yeah it was really bad, but imagine how really, really bad it would have been if the king hadn’t so thoroughly disabled al Qaeda.  The metric used for “thoroughly disabled” is the same metric used for a job “saved” by the king’s trillion dollar stimulus package.  And just think of the carnage if this act were perpetrated by other than those practicing the “religion of peace.”  Wow, what a mess it would it have been if the Quakers or Mormons showed up in Kenya looking for blood.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Catholic Church is the most positive thing going on in the world today

Pope Francis came out and said that the Catholic Church should stop obsessing over abortion, birth control and gays.  The left went nuts for our Pope. Chris Rock said the Pope may be the greatest man alive, or some such thing.  Some dope at MSNBC said he may start going to mass again.

There in lies the problem.  The Pope’s pronouncements are hailed by people who do not read or know anything about the Pope or Catholics in general.  This Pope, among other, has expressed that the Catholic Church is a positive option.  It is not the church of “you shall not…”  It feeds more people word wide with compassion than all of the governments of the world.  It educates, clothes, houses and cares for more of the world’s sick than all of the governments.

That’s pretty positive stuff.  But the Catholic Church is bad - no, its terrible - about spreading the news about all of its good deeds.  So, you don’t read much about that stuff.  Also the lapdogs have no interest in spreading the news.  That's because, just like they love to trash conservatives, the lapdog media love to trash the Catholic Church.  The lapdogs love to trash Catholics so much that it has been said in more than one place that Catholics are the one group in America that it’s OK to trash.

What is missed in Francis’ proclamation is that it did not change one thing.  Not even the Catholic Church’s position on those issues.

If you asked Chris Rock or the MSNBC lemming the primary mission of the Catholic Church is, I’ll bet they don’t even get close.  For all the good the church does in the areas mentioned above, that’s not its mission.  Neither is it the mission of the church to condemn godless human behavior.  The mission of the Catholic Church is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  So if Chris Rock and the MSNBC dope ever bothered to stop by and listen what goes on in church on any given Sunday, they’d discover a pretty positive agenda.

I’ve been going to mass my entire life and cannot recall but one homily where the priest condemned anyone.  Now that’s not say they don’t teach right from wrong.  It’s wrong to steal.  Don’t do it.  It’s wrong to kill the unborn.  Don’t do it.  It’s wrong to mess with God’s plan with regard to human reproduction.  Don’t do it.  If you’re sitting there listening to one of those homilies and you’ve been involved in one of those activities, it may sound as if you’re being condemned personally.

These homilies usually, generally, almost always end with the power of God’s forgiveness.  No matter how badly you screw up, you cannot screw up badly enough not to be forgiven – if you ask. That’s pretty powerful and positive stuff.

I guess that’s one area where Catholics get into trouble.  Confession is a Catholic ritual not shared among other religions.  If I snitch and candy bar, why can’t I go and say three Hail Mary’s and an Our Father and be done with it?  Because, you first have to admit your sin.  Then you have to be genuinely sorry for it.  Then correct the sin.  Then do a penance.

So if you went to the store gave back the candy bar or paid for it, made a genuine apology and then did the penance you would be on stronger ground.  But you can’t just pray while eating the stolen candy bar and expect that it’s OK.  Also one bedrock of Catholic confession is found in John 20:23.  Jesus told his disciples, “Those whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven; those whose sins you retain, they are retained."

Jeez, how did we get down that rabbit hole?   Anyhoo, Francis said that the church is like a triage.  You shouldn’t worry about the splinter in man’s finger when he has sucking chest wound (I paraphrase).  Nothing much has changed except perspective.  If the left wing lemmings spent more time in church or reading about it or educated themselves about what the church does day in and day out, they wouldn’t be surprised by Francis’ words in his latest interview. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Why things go south for our king

Our king does half black foreign policy.  Putin plays white. 

In one of his two books about himself, our king notes that his basketball career was thwarted by his high school B-ball coach, who according to the king, preferred players “who played white.”  You see the king “played black,” but the coach “coached white.”  Wow that is sooooooooooo post racial.  No wonder race relations have improved so much under our enlightened king who speaks lovingly of a “typical white woman.”

The king achieved very little playing time on the team that used an eight man rotation, making the king what…#9 on the talent chart.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The king may not have even made the team at all had a fellow choomer not flunked and drop out of school altogether.

True to his nature, the king complained to anyone who would listen that his playing time was based on his style of play rather than the fact that he simply wasn’t that good.  Loyal Demo-Dope and NBA Commissioner David Stern once noted in an interview, “He’s not that good.  He only goes one way.  I’m just telling it like it is.  He’s not as good as he thinks he is.”

We saw his prowess on the roundball court on full display during the White House Easter egg roll when he missed about 8 shots in a row from the foul line.  We also know that he’s not nearly as good a basketball player as former MA Senator Scott Brown who challenged the king to a game of two on two.  Brown would play with his daughter and the king could pick any elected official in Washington D.C. for his second.  The game never took place.  Why?  Well, as David Stern noted, the king isn’t that good.

But not making your high school varsity basketball team is no shame.  Michael Jordan was cut from his team, reportedly because he had trouble at the foul line.  Now here’s the big difference between Jordan and the king.  While the king smoked dope and complained that “he played black,” Jordan shot free throws everyday until he MADE 500 - everyday.

I would guess that the king didn’t get much playing time because it was easier for him to complain about not playing and make up excuses than it was to put down the marijuana joint and participate in the hard work – like learning how to dribble the ball right handed - that would get him a starting slot.

That’s essentially where we are today, sans the joint – I think.

Have we ever seen a king who took more time off to travel to and fro on the taxpayer dime to play golf?  Have we ever seen more White House concerts and parties for Hollywood swells?  Have we ever seen more campaigning and less actual governing from one of our kings?

And while things steadily go to hell, there’s our king complaining about the Republicans not letting him do what needs to be done.  Meanwhile his lapdog media complain that Republicans don’t like the king because he’s half-black.  Not much has changed from the king’s choom days.  The king can rely on the lapdogs to attribute any policy dispute to race while the king lays about playing golf and campaigning when he’s not on vacation.

Then along comes Putin who apparently does foreign policy like a white player and who is kicking our king’s butt.   Rather than do the hard work, our king simply declares victory and says anyone who does not agree is “coaching white,” while he blows the country up “playing black.”

And just like his b-ball game, the king can only go one way – his way.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Libs buying up AR-15s before they ban them?

I recall an old bumper sticker that said, “If you want to piss off a liberal, buy a gun.”  That’s good stuff.  Now we can offer a modified sticker, “If you want to REALLY piss off a liberal, buy an AR-15.”

Liberals are obsessed with what they refer to as the black military style assault weapon.  Well, many are black, but if you want to cough up the cash, you can get a pink one for your wife and daughter.  It’s made of matt black plastic because plastic is a heck of a lot easier to maintain, cheaper to produce and modify than a traditional wood stock.  Besides, since gun grabbers and tree huggers are pretty much the same people, shouldn’t they be celebrating the fact that no trees were harmed in the production of AR-15s?

By military style, I suppose they mean it looks like a military weapon.  Yes, perhaps it does.  But that’s were ignorant Libs make a big mistake.  In their ignorance they confuse appearance with functioning.  So when they foolishly pass laws to ban “assault weapons,” they zero in on how the weapon looks rather than how it functions.  So they out law rifles with pistol grips.  That is just plain idiocy.

Many popular hunting rifles, which are much more powerful than an AR-15, function in the exact same manner as an AR.  But ignorant Lib pols cannot be distracted from their unconstitutional gun grabbing ways by facts.  Facts, to a Lib, are like kryptonite to Superman, chlorine to algae or real work to our king.

The term “assault weapon” is the most curious of Lib descriptors of guns whose appearance they don’t care for.  Rifles account for only 3% of the weapons of choice for criminals when committing their crimes. Rifles or long guns, are far less likely to kill you or anyone else in a crime than human fists. Yet nobody is requiring background checks and mandatory wearing of Hulk Hands for people prone to fisticuffs.

Facts make no difference.  Libs remain obsessed with the AR.  So much so they see it everywhere, even in places where it isn’t like the Navy Yard shootings.  The media went on a holy terror telling anyone who would listen that Aaron Alexis had an AR-15.  He didn’t.  Yet Piers Morgan dedicated an entire hour to bemoaning the AR-15.  Which probably had the unintended consequence of boosting sales of the AR.  After all, if ultra Lib gun grabbing Piers is against it, I gotta have one.  Reference paragraph 1. 

Aaron Alexis’ took Slow Joe Biden’s advice when choosing his weapon.  He bought a Remington 870 shotgun.   A shotgun gives a shooter in close quarters a big advantage.  Pistols and AR rifles are very accurate weapons that put a single projectile on the point of aim.  A shotgun disperses many projectiles indiscriminately over an ever increasing pattern.

So if a nut enters a crowded cafeteria and fires three shots from an AR, he’s likely to inflict three casualties.  If the same nut fires three rounds from a shotgun, he’s likely to inflict a dozen or more casualties – depending on the density of the crowd.

So thanks Joe for giving nut jobs good advice on how to inflict the maximum number of casualties on a crowd of people in confined spaces.

If I could justify the purchase for an AR-15, I would buy one just so I could casually mention it in conversation to Libs.  It would be worth every penny to see them shrink away in shock and horror.  But you know, Libs being Libs – that is hypocrites of the highest order – they probably all already own one.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What happens when everyone in the king's court is a jester?

The Syrian government apparently has handed world leader Russia new information implicating Syrian rebels in the red line (or was it Red Bull?) gas attack outside Damascus.  Now if this new information turns out to be more credible than a YouTube video nobody ever looked at, the king and his court of simpletons of a former world leader are in a tough spot.  Most people can accept something that has occurred previously – like a YouTube video sparking Muslim outrage - before they believe something that has never happened previously – like the king and court telling the truth.

Sadly, we have reached appoint where Assad and Putin are every bit as credible as the king or any of his lying minions.  Now the left is still clinging to the illusion that the king and his nitwit foreign minister got everything they wanted.  Oh yeah? Let’s review.

Shirilldabeast tells us Assad is a reformer.  That was, is and always will be total BS.

Cambodian war hero John Kerry tells us the road to peace in the Middle East run through Damascus. That was, is and always will be total BS.

The king tells us Assad has to go.  He’s still there and if anything is more powerful now than before the king’s pledge to use force.

The king draws a red line which he ignores the time it is crossed.  The second time it’s crossed he pledges to punish Assad with military action.  No military action has been taken.

After a gaff by the foreign minister, Putin commandeers the entire Syrian process and the king declares victory.  Assad is still there more deeply entrenched than ever.  He hasn’t been punished in any way.  The king moves the goal posts from punishing Assad to wanting chemical weapons out of Syria. 

Prediction:  One year from now they will still be talking about Syria turning over a complete list of its chemical weapons holdings.  Not one ting will have been accomplished.

The king and his court - made up entirely it seems of jesters - got played.  But as long the MSM tells our naked king his new clothes look splendid, the weak will go along to get along.  The last thing anyone wants is to have the IRS rolling in on them because they told the truth.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why do the police have all of those guns?

If the initial reports are accurate, which in a lot of cases they are not, the Navy Yard gunman, who by the way looks a lot like the King’s son- if had one, entered the building he terrorized armed with a shotgun.  When he was killed by police, in addition to the shotgun, he had a handgun and an AR-15.  Hmm, that means he was able to gather the weapons of the people he shot along the way.

What does that mean for the anti-gun crowd?  Well Slow Joe two blasts and a garden variety slap Biden advised everyone to get a shot gun.  So in an odd way he is responsible for the gunman’s choice of initial weapons.  It also means that the anti-gun crowd will have to advocate for the police and other security forces to return to the days when they carried a 6 shot 4” revolver.  Well, that has to make sense, yes?  If the criminals are getting their weapons from the police, disarm the police.

Well police did kill the suspect - long-time trouble maker Aaron Alexis.  After the shooting, the king promised the perp would be held responsible.  Hmm, maybe we should send a D.C. police team to Benghazi.  After all, it seems they get results.  The king also told us the shootings were a cowardly act.  First, we need to check that assessment with little unfunny man Bill Maher.  It was Maher who told us after 9-11 that our combat pilots were cowards and the men with real courage flew the planes into the WTC, Pentagon and a field in PA.  So does it take courage to enter a secure building with armed guards and start shooting unarmed people?  Tell us Bill.  The world wonders.

Conspiracy Theory #9-13
Alexis apparently is Buddhist or at least belonged to a Buddhist temple.  He recently returned from a trip to Thailand.  There is a significant Muslim insurgency in southern Thailand.  Authorities should be looking at just where Alexis spent his time in ThailandOf course, if he spent all of it in the south with Muslim extremist, the government will never admit it or tell us.

Monday, September 16, 2013

First, repeal all of the Robertscare waivers

A noted here before, there is a ruling class in Washington D.C.  OUR senators and representatives act more like life-long Dukes and Barons whose power and title comes from a grant from the king than temporary national custodians empowered by the people.  And whose fault is that?  Well the arrogant thieving bastards like Harry the roach Reid for sure, but an ill-informed, totally complacent and largely “bought-off” public cannot escape some of the responsibility.

The ruling class notion extends past elected officials to their staffs and government agencies who by their actions of wanting to “crucify” people or harass them endlessly act as if they part of the king’s court.  As such, they believe they exempt from the law and common human decency that rules the rest of us peons.  These pampered D.C. stafflings believe they are entitled to take the largess of the government to fund expensive Las Vegas trips, make ridiculous and pointless “training videos” at great expense to tax payers.  They also believe that their position in the king’s court allows them screw us little people in any way they choose.

Because Roberscare is an unmitigated disaster with expensive and far reaching unintended consequences, the congress has exempted themselves and their stafflings this pile of steaming excrement.  The stafflings have to be exempted, you see, because having to buy the very same Robertscare the Dukes and Barons have foisted on the rest us will lead to “brain-drain” in Washington D.C.  First off, if Robertscare will lead to brain-drain in D.C. what do they expect will happen to private companies in high cost areas like D.C. NYC, San Fran etc?

But the whole idea of brain-drain in D.C. is ludicrous on the face.  How smart do you have to be to run a country 17 TRILLION dollars in debt?  I’m thinking a group of 535 people chosen at random or by lottery could do a better job at about 1/1,000th the cost than the dopes who have created the mess we’re in.  Brain-drain?  YGBSM.  If anyone in D.C. had a brain we would be in this mess.  Who was it who foisted Robertscare on us in the first place?  The same geniuses and stafflings who now want to exempt themselves from the BS law they passed.

One indication of just how effed up the Republi-Rat party is that while Ted Cruz wants to defund the entire Robertscare mess, other Rats cannot even agree that they should make congress subject to the same rules that the bastards have forced on the people.  If the Rats won’t even agree to play by the same rules as they make for the rest of us, there is no opposition party.  There is no hope of repeal of Robertscare.  There is little hope for the republic.

If the ruling class Republi-Rats were serious about repealing Robertscare, their first move would be to see to it that Washington D.C. is NOT exempt.  Then they would go about repealing the other waivers Emperor Dumbazz has issued.  If they will not join forces for that common sense venture, then I have to judge that they are not interested in using their position in government for repeal or anything else related to the “good of the nation.”  I have to conclude, their only interest lies in looting the treasury for their own good and the good of their political friends and family.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Twitchy for the quick take on CO recall

I like to go to Twitchy to see what people are saying.  It also fits right in with my usual span of attention – about 140 characters.   It’s amazing how clever people can be with just 140 typed characters.  It’s also amazing how stupid they can be.

For instance Piers Morgan tweeted:
I'd like to suggest a new amendment to the U.S. Constitution that enshrines the right NOT to be shot/killed by a gun.

Hmm, covered in the Constitution’s preamble – “insure domestic tranquility”
Covered in the Declaration of Independence’s inalienable rights among them – life
Covered in the ten Commandments -  #6 You shall not murder
Covered in law in about every way possible - to include meting out extra punishment when the judge is able to read the defendant’s mind and determine a “hate crime.”

The best response so far from the twitter crowd came from H2 who indelicately tweeted:
.@piersmorgan we covered that in the Declaration of Independence in the course of telling another asshole Brit to fuck off.

Well said Mr. 2

Piers and other lefty lunatics are probably still smarting from the recall of the Colorado two.  Well they shouldn't worry.  After all, these two recalls occurred in heavily Republican districts, uh, wait, they heavily Demo-Dope districts.  That is bad news.  Well anyway, the right so outspent the left on this, there is no way this can happen again.  Uh, wait, Mikey Bloomberg and friends outspent the 2nd Amendment gang by about 6 to 1.  That's more bad news.

Well then this has to be a clear-cut case of voter suppression.   Hmm, how does that work in a Dope district?  Eric the wad Holder's "people" show up in uniform with clubs and scare away Dope voters leaving what...more Dope voters? 

Hopefully this an awakening of things to come in 2014.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Screw Islam and our government for kowtowing to it

The really offensive thing about these two images is that your government encourages the one on right (Piss Christ by Andres Serrano) while suppressing the one on the left.
Last year, after administration officials lied their azzes off, a video maker was arrested and jailed for inspiring the attacks on our consulate in Benghazi.  Yeah, yeah, yeah I know he was arrested for violating his parole.  But that arrest would never have been made had it not been for the Shrilldabeast trying to cover her oversized incompetent azz by blaming a video for her screw up.

This year, the government has arrested FL Pastor Terry Jones on some trumped up charges that have yet to be announced.  The pastor was towing nearly 3,000 (one for each person killed on 9-11) kerosene soaked korans in a large Bar-B-Q burner.  He planned to burn them at a park in FL when he was arrested.

Seems to me there has to be a charge to be arrested.  The government is still considering what charges to file against Jones, which means at the time of the arrest, he wasn’t doing anything wrong.  The arrest seems to me to be some kind of pre-crime arrest.  Inciting violence from the “religion of peace” is likely to figure into what ever the government trumps up.

This government allows and even encourages – through NEA grants- all manner of desecration of Christian icons.  It bans any Christian display from a simple roadside cross that might bring a bit of comfort to a grieving family to the joy inspired by a Nativity Scene from the public square.  But this government bends over backwards to accommodate our enemy when it comes to their religion.  Our government burns Bibles in the Middle East rather than issuing them to troops who might be interested in reading them for fear of offending Muslims but directs the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  to beg Pastor Jones to suspend his 1st Amendment rights and not burn a koran in America.

The worry this government has about burning korans, making cartoons of Mohammed, videos depicting the truth about Islam or even the mildest criticism of the practitioners of the so-called “religion of peace” is that any such display will incite the practitioners of the religion of perpetual outrage and violence to outrage and violence.  This government will trump up charges and “crush” their own troops for making a poor decision on the battlefield, but will promote a psychopathic Muslim psychiatrist to avoid having to confront the psychopath about his treasonous remarks and attitude.  Then when the psychopath kills 14 people, this government calls the clear case of Muslim inspired terrorism “workplace violence.”    Then in an unbelievable remark, Army Chief Casey says the real tragedy of the Ft. Hood shooting isn’t the 14 dead people but rather if the incident some how interferes with the Army’s diversity push.  YGBSM!

I don’t know much about Pastor Jones.  He may be a nut.  But we let all sorts of nut talk in America.  Hell, Al Notsosharpton has his own tv show.  Alan Grayson is member of congress and talks all the time.  Hank Johnson, who worries about the island of Guam capsizing if we put more troops there, also spouts off from the floor of the House of Representatives.  Listing all the nuts whose speech is not only protected but encouraged could go on for days.  So why are we worried about the free speech of one nut - and I don’t know if he’s a nut or not, but for the sake of argument - one nut in FL?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

An unbelievably small eunuch took to the air waves last night

With nothing much to say and after having his suit coat, tie and shirt taken from him by Assad and his pants, undershirt and skivvies taken from him by Putin, our unbelievably small and naked emperor took to the airwaves last night in black socks and shoes to reassure us everything was fine, and he was still the toughest kid on the block.  Only a fool would believe him.  But alas fools are the overwhelming majority among Demo-Dopes and make up a majority on both sides of the aisle in congress.

Has anyone made the point that we would not be in this mess had GWB still been president?  First, GWB isn’t stupid enough to taunt a psychopath, but if GWB drew a “red line,” Assad would not have crossed it.  And, if GWB had drawn a red line he would have first made sure he had international support and then secured the support of the congress.  He would have never talked about an “unbelievably small” response.  In fact it would have been the exact opposite.  GWB would have put the fear of a real God into Assad.  Assad would never have crossed the line and the Russians would have made sure he didn’t.

But hey, it’s amateur hour in congress and the White House.  Domestically, the administration mired in scandal after scandal.  In fact, they are mired in so many scandals they would have brought down any administration not raised on affirmative action do-overs and a lapdog slavish media.  Foreign affairs are a disaster under this naked emperor.  But Putin doesn't do, do-overs.  Now His Unbelievably Smallness wants to take us to war for no other reason than to save face or avoid war by turning US national interests over to the Russians and the UN.

Here’s a hint for the congress.  Would you turn the keys of your classic Ferrari over to a clueless idiot wearing nothing but black socks and shoes?

But there is hope.  Two arrogant bastards were recalled in Colorado yesterday.  I hope this approach catches fire and we can begin getting rid arrogant bastards who fail to listen to the people.  Sadly, we seem to elect the same weasels who got us 17 trillion dollars in debt over and over.  It needs to stop.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Secretary of State D-Oh

Pencils out we're having a pop-quiz:
When John Fran├žois Kerry used the term “unbelievably small,” he was referring to: a) the size of his brain, b) the size of the Shilldabeast’s penis, (come on you knew the penis meme was going to start.  At least I didn’t take the easy road by leading with it or attributing the comment to Kerry’s penis. No, I took the high road here.), c) the attack on Syria, d) the likelihood that the naked emperor knows what he’s doing, e) all of the above

What an idiot.  Two major goofs in one presser.  After the “unbelievably small” comment you’d have thought the moron would just shut up.  But just when you think he’s said the dumbest thing possible, he keeps right on talking.  He says Syria could avoid an attack by turning over their chem weapons in 7 days.  Then Sec Dope goes on to defeat his own proposal by saying, “But he isn’t about to do it, and it can’t be done, obviously.”

Not so fast my friend.  Never missing an opportunity to make a monkey out of our naked emperor, Vlad Putin seized on the proposal and ran with it.  Now it is all but US policy.

After 20 years in the artillery, I know something about ammunition accountability.  It isn’t easy.  Once after a shoot, two enterprising young Marines squirreled away two 155 sub-charges.  Then thinking they were playing a “trick” on their buddy, attached the charges, which looked to be no more than 2 to 3 times the size of an M8-80, to his barracks door and ignited them using slash wire and a battery.  The explosion, heard throughout Las Pulgas, blew the door off their buddy’s room.

The two geniuses ran.  Ah, but like the geniuses they were, they forgot to recover the slash wire before vacating the scene.  So the investigator followed the wire right to their room and found the battery.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the slightest.  Back in the day before we “crushed” our Marines, the two Marines probably were reduced in grade, fined and restricted.  The safety officer who “certified” that the sub-charges were destroyed probably had a special fitness for duty report filed and topped out as a 1st Lt in the Marine Corps.

The point is that if two lame-brains can walk off the range with sub-charges in their pockets to play a joke on their buddy, what do suppose evil smart people might be able to walk out of Syria with?  Trust me on this, Kerry was right about one thing and one thing only – accounting for Syrian chem weapons cannot be done in 7 days or 7 years.

But the naked backtracking emperor has grasped the idea like a drowning man grabs a life line, even if the line is really an anaconda snake.  Now his nakedness has even said he came up with idea while talking Syria with Vlad.  The naked emperor reminds me of the Jon Lovits character on SNL – the pathological liar  -  “That’s a TV camera.  I invented it, you know.”  Vlad has to be laughing his butt off.

To be a pathological liar, I think you have to believe your own lies.  That’s were we are.  The naked emperor lies his skinny azz off in the most outrageous ways.  He believes it.  The MSM swears it’s all true.

Ann being Ann
Trying to advance the dialogue on race in this country, Ann Coulter told Sean Hannity that Putin was making a monkey out of our naked emperor.  The left’s reaction is predictable:
Ann Coulter calls O a monkey
Ann Coulter says O looks like a monkey
Ann Coulter tells Hannity O descended from monkey
Ann Coulter calls all black people monkeys

This is the problem with having a conversation about race in this country, half the vocabulary is off the table.  Monkey, Chicago, welfare, food stamps, Obamaphone, niggardly, gang, self-reliant, constitutionalist, founders, work, education, father, prison and any other word that might effectively prove a point of what self-serving race hustlers have done to destroy the black family.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Just remember, he's a liar and Zoomie Amos counter marches...again

Emperor Lyzhizazzoff takes to air ways today to lie his way through six different TV interviews before a wall to wall lie-fest address to the nation tomorrow - so many lies - so little time.  The ONLY tough question the little sail eared waif will get in most of the interviews today will be along this line, “Gee, you really are awesome.  Are you as amazed as we are by your own awesomeness?”

I would ask and continue to ask variations of the Shrilldabeast question.  Syria used chem weapons: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”  We’ll bomb them to make sure they don’t do it again:  “What difference, at this point, will that make?”  Assad was a “reformer” now he is a ruthless dictator:  “What difference, at this point, does that make?”  We have to send a message to Iran:  “Why not bomb them, besides, what difference, at this point, is bombing Syria going to make with Iran?”  Iran and Syria are a threat to Israel:  “Since when have you given a $h!t about Israel, besides what difference, at this point, does bombing Syria make?”  I will look the feckless loser I am unless we risk WWIII to prove to the world I am not a eunuch:  “A majority of Americans already now know what loser you are, besides what difference, at this point, does it make?”

Marine Corps Commandant Zoomie “crush the troops” Amos a coward
Well the Marine Corps has decided not to “crush” one of the troops involved in the heinous crime of relieving themselves on a couple of dead Tallies.  But alas, the charges are not being dropped because the Marine Corps believes the perp is innocent or that he’s been over charged.  The charges are being dropped to keep from embarrassing first ever incompetent Commandant of the Marine Corps - Zoomie Amos.

When it became apparent that the defense would want all of Zoomie’s e-mails after it was revealed that Zoomie exerted unlawful command influence in the case, the Marine Corps, no doubt under even more unlawful command influence, dropped the charges against Captain James V. Clement.  Captain Clement’s lawyer, John Dowd, hit the nail squarely on the head when he said:

“The withdrawal of the charges was another act of cowardice by the commandant, his counsel and the Judge Advocate Division of [ Marine Corps headquarters] to cover up the worst case of unlawful command influence in the history of the Marine Corps, which was beginning next Wednesday to be uncovered in a hearing before the chief judge … on several motions to compel discovery."

Marines and former Marines know how difficult it is for any of us to speak ill of the commandant.   I do not like this one bit, but we are in difficult times and Zoomie has proven himself to be a self-serving sycophantic “yes man.”  Or, would it be “yes we can man” under the current emperor?  But, I didn’t start it.  Lt Gen Thomas Waldhauser notified the defense of the unlawful command influence in sworn statement.

So you have a double whammy.  You have an active duty Marine taking on his commandant, and you have Gen on Gen fratricide.  The general officer corps is a pretty close nit group.  To have one of them turn on another is sort of like having one mob boss testify against another.  It doesn’t happen all that often.  It’s a big deal when it does, and when it does happen, the one testifying definitely needs to go into witness protection.  So Lt. Gen. Waldhauser has been reassigned as the senior military advisor to Sec Def – Box-O-Rocks Hagel.

Having brought great discredit on his office and the Marine Corps, I hope Zoomie quietly resigns.  Having shredded his integrity and proven how deeply he is willing to dive head first into the Washington D.C. cesspool for this emperor, that option is unlikely.  Like Assad, Khadafy and Mubarak, Zoomie will have to be forcibly removed from his comfortable E Ring office.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Syria stream of thought

 The left in one frame.
Kerry says that the Arabs will pay for it.  So that makes us…what?  Mercenaries?  Lest we forget, George Washington crossed the Delaware River to engage Hessian mercenaries.
King Takes-a-buck’s new business card:
King Takes-a-buck
Have cruise missiles, will travel
Contact King Takes-a-buck (Not on the golf course please)
No crisis too dangerous to send in other people’s kids.
Also, Links Master, Vacationer extraordinaire, Spades player during a crisis – no problem, Race baiter, possibly the biggest dope in the history of man kind.
Diane Feinstein said that if we don’t do something, we’ll look like a “paper tiger.”  Maybe under any other president, with King Dope it’s more like a very expensive looking golden, but none-the-less worthless, non-descript lump useful only as a door stop.
King SFB is finding out that, unlike everything else in SFB’s life, Putin does not have an affirmative action plan for clueless half mino underachieving dumb azzes.
This disgusting story of the execution of Syrian prisoners by our “allies” will do more to expose this Royal Halfwit than all of the questions from congress.
Wannabe General - and first ever azzbag Commandant of the Marine Corps - Zoomie Amos said he was “against executions until taking that position against our ‘allies’ threatened my [his] career” then he quickly counter marched and got into step with the crowd.  “After all,” he said, “it’s not as if they peed on the dead bodies.”
The media and certain political animals are still telling us we need grant the King authority to go war.  Failure to so, they say, will diminish the credibility of the King.  Were the hell have they been?  Let’s forget the myriad of other dumbazz moves by the King and just look at Syria.  He has already lost credibility.  After drawing a “red line,” the dumbazz said he didn’t draw the red line. It’s not his credibility on the line, it’s America’s, he said.  WHAT???  YGBSM!  NOT HIS – AMERICA’s – WTF (win the future).  That’s as good a reason as any for his security detail to take him out back and beat the $h!t out him.
Supposedly, 1,400 people were killed in a chem attack in Syria.  How many civilians are we likely to kill in our “shot across the bow?”  They kill 1,400 with gas.  That's outrageous. We kill another couple hundred with bombs, but our hands are clean?  Idunknow?
Question from listener on Rush yesterday:
How is it that the intell community knows how many dead there are and who is responsible for the chem attack in Syria.  We instantly know everything there is to know about the Syria chem attack and are ready to go to war over it, but we blamed a video for the deaths of Americans in Benghazi.   A year later we don't know anything more than the night of the attack, and not a single person - other than the video dude - has been held responsible?
Lex’s bottom line:
I don’t care if they bomb Syria, but I would not vote to do it, because there is not one person in the entire administration who can be trusted to tell the truth about it – sadly that includes the military.
As far as the unintended consequence, I think we are going to deal with the Muslim world in a major way sooner or later, so why not now before King Dumbazz degrades the military any further?

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Dead is dead, unless you've been gassed to death, then it's much worse

More than 100,000 Japanese died in the firebombing of Tokyo in 1945.  During ten days in 1994, between 500,000 to one million Tutsis were hacked to death by Hutus in Rwanda.  In Egyptian there is an ongoing genocide of Christians.  Before chemical weapons were used in Syria, over 100,000 people had already been killed in the civil war there.

Let’s try a bit of mental gymnastics this morning.  Does it really make a difference what kind of horrible death you suffer?  Is it better to be burned alive, hacked to death, raped and tortured to death or gassed?  Does it really make sense to go war because 1,400 Syrians were killed in a particularly cruel manner?  Not that they were killed mind you.  That’s been going on for over two years without so much as a peep from King Golfs-a-lot, but because they were killed using a particular weapon.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me.  If you are going to tolerate Egyptians terrorizing Christians without a word of protest and even continued US funding of the effort, it’s hard for me to get worked up over the use of chem weapons in Syria.  As an aside, I don’t believe one word from anyone in this administration about who was responsible for the use of the weapons.  Sadly, I have as much confidence in the Russian take on this as anything coming from King Golfs-a-lot or his merry band of lying, cowardly SFB Secs.

But if you want to go bomb Assad and kill him, his deputies and lay waste to as much of his military as possible, I’d probably support that effort as a matter of fact, as long as it targets the leadership directly.

Unlike King Golfs-a-lot and his know-nothings, I happen to know that whatever is accomplished over a few days of bombing will be undone over a few weeks and months when the bombing stops.  I also know something King Golfs-a-lot and his Special High Intensity Trained Staff (or $H!T Staff), have apparently forgotten, in war the other guy gets a vote.

A couple weeks of after the bombing stops, Assad gets to do something.  It won’t be pleasant.  It’ll probably spark the need for King Golfs-a-lot to beg the international community and congress for another go ahead to escalate the matter.

If I were King for a day, I’d ignore Syria and ask for a resolution to bomb Iran for the next 10 years.

Also, is it stated in the treaty we signed against the use of chem weapons that we would go to war against anyone who might use them?  I don’t know and I am too lazy to wade through 1,500 pages of legalize to find out, but I doubt it.  So, just because you are a signatory against the use of such weapons, doesn’t mean you declare war on everyone who does.

Oh, and King Golfs-a-lot said he didn’t draw the red line.  He also denied ever saying the Cambridge cops “acted stupidly.”  This is why I have less than zero confidence in anything this bunch of lying sac-O-craps have to say about chem weapons or anything else.  They just lie all the time.

Again, Assad should just blame the whole thing on a misunderstanding over You Tube video and ask “what difference, at this point, does it make?”  I think given that scenario, King Golfs-a-lot would be left no choice but to say, “Well, all righty then.”