Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dumbest tweet ever? We have a winner!

Brianna Wu is a Demo-Dope – emphasis on dope - running for congress.  Her campaign slogan is “It is time for a bolder Democratic Party”.  Okay fine so far, right. The Demo-Dope tweeted this, “This is being covered as a fun hijink for rich people, but the idea of a private corporation having access to moon should give you pause.”  Well that’s not horrible.  Evil corporations controlling celestial objects – Death Stars, satellites capable of altering weather patterns or destroying whole cities - or are the stuff of any number of great movie plots.

Sadly Ms. Wu continued.  The moron went on to tweet, “The moon is probably the most tactically valuable ground for the earth.   Rocks dropped from there have the power of 100s of nuclear bombs.”  WHAT!?? You cannot be serious.  No one is THAT stupid – right?  So Brianna, what is keeping rocks dropping from the moon and “nuking” the Earth right now?  Answer: Unless you happen to be falling, gravity is our friend.  Ms. Wu is now considering changing her campaign slogan to “It is time for a boulder Democratic Party.”

Well one thing we know for sure, stupidity is not a disqualifier for holding public office if you’re a Demo-Dope.  Exhibit A) Hank Johnson - who once famously worried that Guam would capsize if all the Navy personnel were stationed at one end of the island.  Exhibit B) Maxine Watters – who flavors her brand of stupidity with a shrill voice and incoherent logic.  She once called “waving American flags” “outrageous behavior”.  Exhibit C) Slow Joe Biden – Does Lex really need to spend the next 3 hours compiling a rather endless list of Slow Joe’s gaffs, foolishness and downright stupidity?  Quick, how many letter in J-O-B-S?  Nuf said on that one, right? 

Move over kids.  Make room for one more. 

I think for sheer comedic value, we should all contribute $10 to Brianna Wu’s campaign.  Think of it as a cover charge to a comedy club.

I’ll be out tonight and will have to catch PDJT’s speech to congress on the Internet afterwards.  My hope is that the Demo-Dope geniuses Johnson and Waters disrupt the speech with a well-timed, “America has never been great!” call from the gallery.  My guess is that the Dopes will not be able to control themselves.  The mere sight of PDJT is likely to “trigger” some kind of bizarre behavior from the Dopes.  My hope is that PDJT shouts back at them, “Sit down losers!” 

Monday, February 27, 2017

If congress lived like the rest of us things would change - fast

Repealing Robertscare
Steve Bannon called the MSM the opposition party.  Prediction:  When it comes to repealing Robertscare the real enemy will be timid Rat establishment Republicans.
Note to the unwashed: Lex calls it Robertscare because SCCJ John Roberts had the opportunity to drive a stake into the heart of the ACA, but instead of killing it off, he decided to legislate from the bench rewriting the mangled up mess of BS to pass constitutional muster.  So this whole thing is on him. 

At his address to congress tomorrow, PDJT should publicly demand that every member of congress get off their congressional healthcare plan in favor of the Robertscare plan they foisted off on their constituents.  Republican senators and congressmen should get off cushy congressional health plans as soon as possible thereafter.  They should in mass join the rest of us the BS mess John Roberts has created.

Then they should shame the Demo-Dopes into doing the same or STFU about how great Robertscare is.  Of course there’s one problem here.  How do shame people incapable being shamed?  Well I suppose you start by bashing them over the head every time a hypocrite like Chucky Chuckles Scummer runs his suck about the topic. 

If you could get a majority of the congress off their tax payer subsidized plan and onto the excrement sandwich they fed the American people, they’d begin to see the problem they created.  Once they begin to live under the rules they forced onto us there would be wide-spread support repealing and replacing Robertscare.

If the Dopes fail to cooperate, and let’s face they fail to cooperate in all things American, the Republicans need to pass a one sentence bill, “Starting immediately, members of congress shall be covered by healthcare provisions provided under the ACA and none others.”  Force it through and get members on record with a vote and then beat them like rented mules if they object.

Once congress is forced to live under the exact same rules they inflict upon the rest of us, my guess they take repeal and replace more seriously.  

 Transgender laws face stiff headwind, it does not matter
We know how this plays out.  Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to an idea.  Liberal pols try to force it down our throats.  Citizens revolt and pass referendum after referendum refuting the idea.  Libs take it to court.  One judge’s opinion cancels millions of votes. 

Sun rises in west.  Lex was right!  

As Lex has noted from the start of this BS, the only ones hurt by all this transgender business is women and girls.  No word in the story if the winner and loser were forced to shower together.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Slouching toward Gomorrah

The usual suspects all have their shorts in a wad over PDJT’s repel of Obama’s requirement that schools receiving federal funds (i.e. all of them) facilitate voyeurism and allow creeps into the women’s room.  Now the caterwauling azzbags in CA and NY are screeching, “We won’t comply!”  Won’t comply with what?  There’s nothing to comply with.  PDJT has removed the requirement to comply.  Thanks to PDJT, states are now free to do as they choose on this issue.  So, GFY.

Who knew that letting men wander into the women’s room would be the next big “civil rights” movement?  My money was on reparations; followed by some sort of government pay out to Mexican families displaced by the Mexican American War; followed by a payment to Chinese families whose ancestors built the Pacific end of the Transcontinental Railroad (No.  Screw the whiter than white Irish.); followed by a payment to women for having their voting rights suppressed; and on and on until the only people not receiving a hand out are the white working class.  I’d never have guessed that Creep access to the women’s room was going to be the cause de jure for the lefty Libs.

You know that this is a fake issue because providing separate facilities for trannies is not enough.  Separate but equal will not do.  No, they must be allowed into the same facility as the women.   Even that wouldn’t be a problem if there were a mechanism where by you could differentiate the trannies from the criminal voyeurs likely to “use the law” to advance their own sickness.   How do you define a trannie that will exclude creeps when the whole argument on the left is that sexual identity is fluid?  I suppose given the fluidity of sex, even a sex offender could feel like a woman on any given day.

The whole thing to me is nuts.  But it is a brave new world.   You know what?  I don’t even care if it’s all true.  Sex identity is a fluid thing.  Sex is determined by biology not your feelings or desires to legally peep on women in the bathroom.  Deal with it until the plumber comes.

Given the high dudgeon Lefty Libs find themselves in over tranny restroom laws, I’m baffled by any outrage over Milo.  Once “pick your sex daily if you like” is normalized, what’s left?  Incest, bestiality and pedophilia would seem to be only things left off the table.  And the normative cry, “I was born that way!” will be issued to silence objections.  I know about being “born that way”.  Left to my own desires, there’s no doubt I was born to be 400 pound alcoholic addicted to Cheetos.  Why isn’t the left out advocating for me?  After all, I was born that way.

Milo, as far as I know, never hurt anyone.  He talked in some tasteless way about pedophilia, but his whole shtick is making obvious points about the left and society while being tasteless.  Tasteless, sadly, is the new norm in these things.  Outrageously edgy is a requirement to get noticed.  Milo is hard to ignore.  While conservatives have jettisoned Milo for his remarks, Lefty Libs are standing by Bill Maher, Lena Dunham and George Taki after they made similar remarks.  I guess that’s what makes us different -some sense of decency.   

My guess is that Milo will be as popular as ever on college campuses.  I hope he self- publishes his book.  I was looking forward to it as it was billed as the serious side of Milo – serious commentary about the state of America without the f bombs and constant references to his black boyfriends.

You know, I just looked at this post.  Have we already slid off the rails?  This could be a daily post from Sodom and Gomorrah

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Subverting the hecklers veto

Republican representatives are being harassed at town hall meetings by DNC organized disrupters.  We know that they are organized because they admit as much.  The DNC may not be the one paying for the loudmouths, but the DNC is certainly the intended beneficiary of the chaos. 

Remember Robert Creamer?  Creamer was Demo-Dope operative that paid people to visit violence upon Trump rallies.  He got caught on video tape here admitting it.  Aside: I love the way CNN starts the piece with, “The undercover videos produced by discredited conservative activist James O’Keefe…”  “Discredited” in Lefty lib lingo means, “you caught us red handed”.  I do not remember when O’Keefe was discredited.    I remember when he was arrested for videoing something he shouldn’t have been videoing, but that’s the stuff that made 60 Minutes famous.  And, getting caught doesn’t discredit what’s on the tape.

There’s also this:

The fact that punks are being prosecuted is a good thing.  We get the added benefit of the prosecution causing the snowflakes such angst.  The twit’s tweet ain’t exactly Nathan Hale.  But notice the top of the screen shot, “we’ve done a million f_ing times before.  We followed the formula that we’ve used in the Europe and the US for years…”   These are professional (I.e. paid) protestors. 

So are the azzbags disrupting Republican town halls are, for the most part, professional hecklers. 

What to do?
First off, video tape everyone and everything that happens at these town halls.  The RNC should invest in face recognition software to see if there are people who show up in multiple districts to “question their representative.”  Question:  If they are protesting in more than one district are they voting in more than one?

Next, stand there and absorb the disruption.  Post it on line.  Do TV, radio and newspaper interviews to talk about what is essentially a Lefty Lib’s hecklers veto to an orderly Q and A from constituents.    

After Lefty Lib disruption is clearly documented, provide an orderly way for constituents to be heard.  You could use a $64,000 Question type sound proof booth.  Questioners enter the booth, where the representative is located, and then allowed 45 seconds to ask a question.  He leaves and the Rep answers the question.  The sound of entire thing is broadcast live into the hall.

Bathroom wars

I can see the day - coming soon - when public restrooms are all unisex stalls.  I'm okay with that as long as there are still pee troughs for men at the stadium.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Nostradamus Trump, Law Enforcement = fascism and Chaos

PDJT: Liar or Prophet
When PDJT mentioned that, “Sweden.  They took in large numbers [of immigrants]. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.”  The Lefty Lib MSM took that imprecise statement and went nuts.  Too lazy to do their jobs, the MSM demanded to know, what terrorist attack?  Uh, PDJT never mentioned a terrorist attack.  He was talking about this Tucker Carlson interview about Sweden’s problems with Middle East immigration. 

The lyin’ MSM twisted themselves into pretzels ignoring the facts and sticking with the Swedish government’s rosy “who ya gonna believe me, or your lyin’ eyes” assessment of Sweden’s own crime statistics which clearly show a spike in rape and murder since inviting 10’s of thousands of unskilled unemployed, probably unemployable, military aged men in from the Middle East.   The news articles calling PDJT a liar, hadn’t even made it to the bird cage before, almost on cue, riots broke out in Sweden’s immigrant communities

Too busy establishing that phantom Russian connection to Hillary’s azzwippin’, the once compliant BHO press turned into a decidedly one-sided disparaging PDJT press and is giving the Swedish riots about 1/1,000th the coverage of PDJT’s non-existent Swedish terror attack comment.   Hard to believe?  No.  Not at all. 

Enforcing the law drives ACLU Lefty Libs nuts
When PDJT announced that ICE would begin to enforce the law with regard to illegal immigration, the ACLU and Lefty Libs had the predictable reaction.  As with everything that comes from PDJT, they were outraged.  They call enforcing laws passed by the duly elected representatives of the government fascist.  Wow, here all along I thought that fascists were in favor of highly centralized (dictators) governments.

So BHO single handedly passes DACA, changes Robertscare to suit campaign donors with a stroke of the pen, suspends immigration law, frees Git’mo detainees w/o the required congressional notification/approval, introduces rafts of EPA, IRS, Ag and business regulations without legislative approval and he’s is hailed by the left as a great man.  PDJT rolls back the regs by forbidding new ones without repealing two existing ones and demands that ICE enforce the law and he’s a fascist.  I, like Forrest Gump, am not a smart man, but think they have it exactly backward.    

PDJT’s White House in chaos?
I doubt it.  I worked for guy in the USMC whose mantra was “constant change – constant improvement”.  I think he attributed that philosophy to the Demming Management System.  Anyway, we quickly changed the maxim to “constant change- constant confusion”.  No.  That doesn’t mean we didn’t work our butts off to make the old man’s vision work, but you cannot keep turning an organization on its head and expect a well-oiled machine. 

With every new administration, the White House gets turned on its head.  It’s like an ant hill you kick over on the sidewalk.  It appears to be absolute chaos at first, but if come back in 15 minutes, you’ll find an orderly process in place to reconstruct the hill.  I dunno if I was an ant I’d be thinking, maybe we should move this thing.   But humans are like ants when it comes to beach front property.  No matter how many times Mother Nature sweeps their beautiful homes in to the sea, they can be seen on TV vowing to rebuild. 

Hmm, this slipped off the rails somewhere.  Point is, I think, PDJT’s White House is not in chaos.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The press is free to be as big a bunch a a-holes as they want, that does not mean they should

The press is still blathering on and on about PDJT’s statement about American’s free press.  Anyone who thinks the American press is not free is an idiot.  They are free to be 98% liberal a-holes.  They are free to print and say as much garbage as they can fit onto a page or into a 7 minute TV segment.   They are free to collude in what stories will be told and what stories will be ignored.  They are free to follow the exact same editorial line. They are free to perpetuate destructive lies in unison – hands up don’t shoot being the most destructive line of BS perpetrated on the American people in my life time.  A line of BS that to this very day has not been corrected by the a-holes who started it.

A free press is not the problem.  The problem is a fair and responsible press.  And to be fair the fact that 98% of us know that 98% of the American press are left leaning a-holes isn’t even the problem for press.  The problem for the press is that PDJT is pointing out what everyone already knows – the American press is NOT fair and in many cases it is not responsible – again hands up don’t shoot. 

In attacking PDJT, John McCain stated a well-worn banality, “you have to have a free and many times adversarial press”.  Well no $h!t Sherlock.  So is McCain saying the MSM today is not free to be adversarial to PDJT?  That’s an insane.  They are 99% adversarial, and free to be so.  They are in a competition to see who can be the most adversarial.  MSNBC actually had anchors wondering if PDJT would take to poisoning “journalists” a la Putin in Russia.  Well not to be too clever, but if DJT were to authorize the poising of “journalists”, MSNBC would be safest place to be, because they don’t hire “journalist”.   So what’s McCains point?  Oh, there isn’t one? 

Look at the Sweden story.  According to the free adversarial press it’s perfectly okay to lie, misrepresent, make up, twist, and distort PDJT’s words at his Saturday rally

Did PDJT really say there was a “terror attack” in Sweden?
You gotta look at this.  Take the video test.  See if you can count the passes.  The video is relevant to the story. 

So the press is free.  They are not objective.  They are not fair.  They are not responsible.  When you add all of that up, I think you could make a strong case that the press is an enemy of the American people.

Monday, February 20, 2017

After 8 years of compliance with BHO, the Maverick is back to oppose the Republican President

Rat establishment Republican John McCain is returning to his anti-conservative roots.  Once a MSM darling when he was a thorn in the side of GWB’s administration, turned MSM Republican boogeyman when he had the nerve to win the Republican nomination and run against “their party’s hero” BHO, McCain is back to courting the MSM’s favor by openly opposing his party’s president.  In high school we called people with such malleable principles/friendships twofaced a-holes.  In the today’s Republican Party they call such people “the leadership” or given his advanced, advanced age and his life time appointment to the senate is it “the eldership”.

After getting his butt kicked in a presidential race he could have easily won had he rejected the 2008 big bank bailout that gave rise to the term “too big to fail” and that we are still paying for, McCain went silent throughout BHO’s 8 years of destroying the country.  Now that a Republican is back in the Oval Office, McCain can no longer be silent.  He travels abroad to trash a US President of his own party.  Because McCain couldn’t and some say didn’t want to win the presidency, he reverts to his true nature of trashing the guy from his party who managed to pull off something he could not.  I think everyone knows the locker room word those kind of people.

McCain has used his admirable Vietnam service to his benefit.  I have no problem with that.  The more veterans in congress the better - to some point - I suppose.   That said McCain’s honorable service doesn’t give him a pass for the rest of his life. Benedict Arnold was a war hero before he sold out his country.  No.  I do not think McCain is a traitor.  But then I do not think he’s that much of a war hero either.  I happen to agree with PDJT’s assessment, I prefer heroes who weren’t captured.   Getting captured by the enemy is not in and of itself heroic.  In many cultures – Japan – it is in fact a disgrace.  But one’s conduct while in captivity can be heroic by repeated efforts to escape, organizing resistance in the prison, refusing to cooperate in manner with the enemy, etc.  The son of a Navy Admiral and having been badly injured during his bail out, McCain was offered and refused a parole.  Good for him.  He did exactly what the code of conduct for captured personnel requires.  Like a couple of million other US personnel who served in Vietnam, he did his duty.  Are they all heroes?  Well they are.  But there are degrees of heroism.  Not every one of the 2 million plus servicemen who served in Vietnam have been accorded the pass that mantel of “hero” has afforded McCain.

Heroism is a funny thing.  Heroism it seems to me is a confluence of training, opportunity and a high regard for those with whom you serve.  There was a kid at our school who could have been a football star.  He could have played fullback, linebacker, tackle, nose guard and about 5 other positions and been a standout at any one or two of them.  He could also kick and punt the ball a mile.  He never had the opportunity.  After his father passed, he was too busy working after school to earn money for his family.  So while we were strutting down the halls of CWHS in our letter jackets, a real hero – Terry Willard – quietly walked the halls in a well-worn t-shirt and blue jeans.

McCain has once again, almost on cue, morphed into a useful idiot of the MSM.  McCain is a MSM darling when trashing a Republican President.  PDJT called the MSM an “enemy of the American people”.  McCain took the opportunity to compare PDJT to dictator for saying that.  I think a reasonable argument can be made for PDJT’s statement.  Should PDJT have said it?  I don’t know.  How about settling for an absolute truism, the MSM is an enemy of the truth.  But there is zero proof or call for McCain’s over the top BS statement.  For McCain though, the mission was accomplished.  He trashed a Republican President and in the process endeared himself to an enemy of the American people.  See what I did there?

Military age men hardest hit

Here's a picture of war torn Middle Eastern refugees.  Military aged men are obviously hardest hit.  Women and children apparently have remained behind to organize the resistance.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Epic times 10

What’s a word that equals 10 times “epic”?  That’s what I’m looking for to describe PDJT’s presser yesterday.  “Epic” is too puny a descriptor for what happened in the East Room of the White House yesterday.  We’ll have to make one up: Trumptastic, Trumpamaina, Trumperman, Trumpific, I dunno.  Needs work.  Maybe just “Nuked”.

I’m pretty sure, but too lazy to look it up, that Lex has opined for some time that what conservatives really want is someone who will hit back.  When Harry the roach Reid lied about Mitt Romney on floor of the senate, no elected Republican followed him to the floor to call him the lying thieving bastard that he is. I think we have one now.  No thanks to the Rat establishment Republicans who ignore Dope attacks as long as those attacks were not directed at them personally.

My hope is that Republicans will take a page from the PDJT book and slap the Dopes and their bootlicking water carriers – the MSM – back…hard.  Then bust their puppet masters – the Dopes.  Honestly, I’m not hopeful.  I still see the majority of Republicans as the spineless, Dope Lite, Rat establishment variety.  These whinny bureaucrats passed 6 Robertscare repeals when Obama was president.  Now that there is a guy in the Oval Office who will actually sign the damn thing, the weasels have lost their nerve.  PDJT may have to start naming names soon.

Here’s the beauty of what happened yesterday, the MSM believe that they are the story.  So when coach addresses the team and calls out “quitters”, I always assumed he was talking about someone else.  I never went home and cried, “Coach called me a quitter.”  PDJT calls “the press” some of the most dishonest people around and the press collectively assume that he’s talking about them personally.   That’s very telling, isn’t it?  I think it is.  With the exception of the very fake news CNN, PDJT didn’t call anyone out by name.  Yet the MSM TV anchors all hit the fainting couch as if PDJT were calling them out.

In the post below, Lex notes how easy it is for PDJT to tweak the Lefty Libs.  Yesterday was a perfect example.  In 77 minutes PDJT had all of them turning in circles so tight that they look like those Russian Whirling Dervishes.  HEY!  There’s another Russian connection to PDJT!!  Call CNN!!  Call CNN!!  Call CNN!!

What the detractors won’t report is all that PDJT has done.  That’s the problem.  It’s not PDJT’s personality that worries them. It’s the fact that PDJT is actually doing what he said he’d do.  YGBSM!  That’s not how things work in Caligula, D.C.  EXAMPLE:  PDJT had coal miners at the White House and invited them into the Oval Office after killing off one Obama’s executive orders designed to kill off the coal industry.

Tomorrow PDJT will hold a rally in FL.  There will be a sold out crowd, but all of the press attention be on the Soros funded violent rebel rousers blocking traffic, burning and smashing things.  I’d like to see this as a weekly event.  PDJT shows up in states with vulnerable Dope senators.  FL is one where they say Bill Nelson - who is what 130 years old now – is in trouble.  He needs to go to IN, MT, MO and ND to rally Republicans against vulnerable Dopes.

Profiling works
Senseless violence?  Yep profiled it.  Wanna bet whether or not they have MAGA hats?  Wanna bet that they’d beat you for wearing yours?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

If Lefty Libs are going to be so easily outraged, give them a reason

There is something off-putting about lefty Lib vitriol to nearly everything visa vie PDJT, but at the same time there’s something very satisfying in knowing how easily they can be pushed over the edge.  Take a look at the picture above, and then click here to see lefty Lib reaction to it.  Sure Lex took exception to Obama propping his feet up on or plopping his ignorant azz down on top of the national treasure – for the sole purpose, I believe, of maliciously tweaking the sensibilities of people with any sense.   In shorthand, I’ll just say that’s different. 

 Then there’s reaction of the MSM to PDJT calling on reporters outside the MSM during the last three pressers.  What a bunch of crybabies.  First off, when you go the high school reunion do want to sit next to the guy who mocks your hair and weight?  No.  So you just move to the other side of the room and avoid the guy.  That’s what PDJT is doing.  These azzbags are in the business of destroying his presidency.  Why would he call on them?  Why would he assist them in anyway?  The press reaction is to shout, "We bullies will not tolerate being ignored" as they head off to pee in the punch bowl. 

Notice the MSM azzbags are not criticizing the questions per se.  Rather, they have their shorts in a knot because the questions are coming from people outside of what the MSM azzbags believe to be their exclusive club.  The high school equivalent:  The people asking these questions are not in the cool kid club.  Now Obama could do entire interviews with media figures a whole lot less news like than anyone PDJT has called on in the last three pressers without a peep from these azzbags – Flozell Green, Between Two Ferns, Steve Croft, Brian Williams.

PDJT should use the ease with which these people are sent into a tizzy to his advantage.  He should pull their chain every single day.  Park Marine One on the White House lawn and let Barron sit at the controls.  Show Melania carrying a simulation of the “nuclear football” in Ivanka brand heels and fashionable Ivanka business attire (with descriptions, prices and the website to order).  Caption: Melania leads the nation in rushing.  Put out a video of Don Jr. performing a barrel roll with Air Force One.  Show Eric winning the skeet competition (which he would do) and collecting on bets from Secret Service Agents at Camp David.  Have a video of Tiffany playing multiple video games on the screens in the Situation Room. 

Idunno, I guess you’d have to be more subtle.  Nonetheless, it’d be easy to do.

Flynn’s way out
Flynn should have used the lyin’ azz Clapper defense.  Recall when Clapper got caught lying to congress his excuse was that he was protecting national security.  That’s what Flynn should have said.  I had to mislead the VP so he wouldn’t expose national security secrets during his Sunday morning TV show appearances.  

It’s a pretty ironclad excuse and has the additional benefit of having worked before.

The Peoples’ Cube is on fire.  Check out the Valentine’s Day post.  If that doesn't make you laugh, check for a pulse.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

We alawys knew it was all about themselves now #NeverTrumpers join with the deep state

Former conservative pundit, Bill Kristol tweeted this:
Obviously strongly prefer normal democratic and constitutional politics. But if it comes to it, prefer the deep state to the Trump state.

YGBSM Bill.  You prefer unelected and unaccountable state bureaucrats to a duly elected President of the United States who can be checked by the legislative and judicial branches, removed via elections or impeachment?  You’d have loved the KGB.  You probably have a poster of Lois Learner on your bedroom wall.

I understand.  You misunderestimated (a little GWB there) PDJT from the start.  You’re embarrassed - rightfully so.  But is your ego really more important than a functioning and accountable government?

Bill, quick, what’s your opinion of Judge Gorsuch?  If you and the #NeverTrump mob had had your way, Hillary Clinton would have made a pick that would have tipped the Supreme Court left for a generation and in the end spelled the end of America as we knew her.  Would you have preferred a socialist state to “the Trump state”?

Here’s what needs to happen.  First, Mitch McConnell needs to fast track Judge Gorsuch.  Get him seated.  What’s the hold up?  Start the hearings and vote.  There is no reason this needs to take months and months.  The court is going to be critical as lefty loons use the courts for what they cannot accomplish at the polls.

Next, PDJT needs to immediately fire everyone working in the federal government who can be fired.  Then PDJT needs an “extreme vetting” program for re-hiring or replacing them.  The best end would probably be to let the positions go vacant.  That plan would accomplish two goals, 1) reduce the size of the government 2) break up the permanent deep state.

Next, DoJ needs to find one of the leakers and throw them in jail for a decade.   

Last, tweet your agenda of security, tax cuts, repeal of Robertscare every day.   Run a day counter with the number of days without congressional action.  As in: 35 days now.  After 8 years of complaining no Robertscare repeal bill?  Paul Mitch get moving.

PDJT, this is serious business.  You are the target.  It isn’t going to end with Flynn.  Demo-Dopes, MSM, Hollywood, sports entertainment, Rat establishment Republican (McCain Grhamnesty et al.), #NeverTrumpers are not going to stop until/if they are crushed in the mid-term elections.

Everything you need to know about Canada in 132 words
After Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the White House, Heat Street conducted a poll:  Where is Canada? A) I don’t know.  B)  Who cares?

I think Canada will become more relevant after PDJT builds the wall along the Mexican border.  While PDJT wants to vet refugees extremely, Trudeau openly welcomes Islamo-Terror-Fascists disguised as “refugees”.  So when the court finally admits that we shouldn’t allow ITF into the country as “refugees” and the southern border is secure, the ITF will wander into Canada.  Once they’ve melted into the massive expanses of Canada, the ITF just might find a way across the vast 4,000+ mile Canadian border with the lower 48.

So, Canada eh, how much do suppose a 4,000+ mile wall will cost, and how will you pay us to build it? 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Flynn does the right thing quickly

Wow, that was quick.  Lex knew Flynn was a dead man walking, but I expected him to resign today.  This might be the best thing ever happened to PDJT.  Flynn’s gone, but anyone with a brain is now aware that FBI is listening in on their phone calls.  Not only that a faction (renegade?) of the FBI has no compunction what-so-ever about releasing damaging info gained through illegal activities to their azzbag associates in the MSM.

It’s a big problem.  The government is rife with anti-American subversives willing to leak anything and everything to undermine PDJT and his administration.  Whatever the first order of business is in any government agency today, the parallel first order of business should be to root out or neutralize the subversives.

None of this excuses Flynn.  He had to go.  If he were working in a Demo-Dope administration he’d be promoted.  But we will go insane if we play the “double standards” game for the next 8 years.   Flynn is not Hillary lying her way thorough Benghazi, a server scandal and White Water before that.  There is a double standard.  Learn to live with it.  Learn to thrive. 

Administration officials cannot mislead the VP.

If the last three weeks are any indication, this dust up won’t last 24 hours.  PDJT will be off to the next thing today before the Dope and MSM have their first cup of coffee.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Volatile America

It seems to me things in America are getting more and more volatile.  There are, of course, the black clad, masked Soros funded rent-a-mobs.  But who cares.  They insist on protesting and destroying liberal cities (Caligula, D.C. Berkeley etc.), liberal institutions (universities) and liberal companies (Starbucks).  Go ahead, crap where you eat. Who cares? 

Liberal line towing Starbucks has got to be mystified.  Liberal through and through, why are the mobs targeting their violent lefty lib anarchy at Starbucks?  Simple – the large glass windows are all the easier to smash.  Don’t expect the mob to do anything but take the path of least resistance.  Big windows are easier to smash than small ones.  I doubt that there is an IQ test included in Soros’s rent-a-mob application.  In fact the app probably consists of a single question, “Are you currently employed?”  If the applicant has a job, he’s probably a plant and the app is rejected.

What is missing from the lefty anarchist is the exact same thing missing from the religion of peace, moderates who condemn the violence.  Instead, the lefty lib entertainment industry, the MSM, a former president and sports figures egg the disruptions, the destruction and the violence on. 

Next, the “women’s march” proved one thing, they are vulgar know-nothings and (okay two things) the lefty libs have no idea what they are protesting.  The mob was a loose confederation of anyone and everyone who has a gripe against America - communists, socialist, jihadists, Black Thugs Matter, LGBTQOIJHG, Erff First tree huggers, warm-mongers and the just plain ignorant who showed up for no other reason than a mob was gathering.  If a poll were taken, there would probably be a 10,000 or so reasons for the protest.  We used to call such diverse protests “elections”, but we just held one of those protests.  Now the losers are taking to streets breaking and burning things and violently attacking anyone who is not in lockstep with their world view.

So when does violence meet violence?  I suspect that is the mob’s goal.  They want to trigger wide spread violence.  After all they admit that they want the country to become ungovernable.  What better way to achieve that goal than to have daily violence in the streets?

Even if Trump wanted to meet their demands, other than quitting and then killing himself, it would be impossible to do so.  Even if Trump accepted those conditions, the protests of Mike Pence would begin the next day. 

I keep hearing friends and pundits saying – “STOP TWEETING!”  I disagree.  Anything that sets the leftist cabal off its rocker not only needs to continue, the pace of that activity needs increase.  My advice to conservatives is as it has been since the day he announced – Ride the Trump Tiger.   

Last last Super Bowl reference
One thing over looked in New England’s improbable come from behind over-time win against Atlanta is that the Falcons never had the opportunity to possess the ball in the overtime.  But Lex the rule clearly state that…RULES SHMULES!!!  Rules for the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election were clearly stated as well.  That has not stopped George Soros funded mobs from showing up everywhere breaking things and setting things ablaze. 

Beside, all of the “rules” EVERYWHERE were set up by white guys.  Hell even the Patriots getting the ball first in the overtime was decided by a flip of coin, and who flipped the coin?  A white guy.  Case closed. 

Now, a lot of black players have signed up to boycott the Patriot’s visit the White House, because they know that the Russian’s fixed the coin flip with a huge magnet suspended over NRG Stadium by a black helicopter which was then lower into the stadium by the very cable that lowered the GaGa at halftime and was repeatedly turned on and off with every rotation of the coin to ensure that the coin landed coinciding with the Patriot’s call.

I do not know why there is not more outrage about this - the fact that Atlanta did not have an opportunity to possess the ball in overtime not the magnet thing which is total BS.  Everyone knows the Russians simply slipped a replacement coin into the ref’s pocket that would turn into a double sided coin showing whatever the Patriot’s called once the coin was flipped and return to normal coin when the coin was picked up after the call. Damn Russians.

I demand thee NFL address the OT rules to allow each team an opportunity to possess the ball.  If not, I may have to go smash a Starbucks window or something.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Bring down the Big-top on the 9th Circus

Republicans are waking up to the fact that, like the Ringling Bros., the 9th Circus has to go.  But of course, being Republicans, they only want to take half measures.  Breaking it up won’t do.  Breaking it into two certainly will not do.  The Circus needs to go the way of Carthage.  Dismantled. Pulverized to dust. Plowed into the Earth.  After that, it needs to go the way of Voldemort and the name never again spoken – oops in making a reference to “he whose name shall not be spoken” the name was spoken at least in the heads of people reading this. 

I’m a bit surprised at the wall to wall coverage of the 9th Circus decision which amounts to the sun rising in the east.  The only thing the Circus Court ruling demonstrates is the lengths Lefty Libs will go to in order to advance their agenda.  I think by and large, conservatives play by the rules.  By and large lefty Libs do not.  That is why the country inexorably moves left.  A short time ago same sex marriage had lost over 30 state-wide referendum.  Hillary and Obama opposed same sex marriage.  Today, same sex marriage is the law of the land.  How the heck did that happen?

Dopes could once be counted upon invoke “the women and children” as the hardest hit in any and every policy proposal by Reps.  But when transgendered bathrooms were introduced, the lefty Libs suddenly went quiet on women and children who are no doubt hardest hit on this issue.  Men would probably invite women into the men’s room.  But who the heck wants a 40 year male predator able to walk into women’s room or girl’s locker room with the cover of court ordered protection and legitimacy?  Yet the NCAA and others are going to boycott NC for having laws to keep predators out of the girl’s bathrooms.  It’s insane.  But you can count on some court somewhere telling the people of NC that’s it’s unconstitutional to expect men to use the men’s room, that there is some heretofore unknown inalienable right for creeps to hang out in the women’s room.

Also, consider that conservatives, for the most part, went about their business while Obama was doing his level best to ruin the country.  Today, lefty Libs are rioting in the streets.  They, like Islamo-Terror-Fascists are wont to do, are threatening violence on anyone and everyone who disagrees with them.  

Through it all have you noticed that PDJT continues to suck all of the oxygen out of the room, leaving Chucky Chuckles Scummer and the Dopes in the corner on their knees sucking for air?  

Trump needs to do something big like call all of the Patriots boycotting a White House visit losers who didn’t contribute anything to the SB win.  That ought to change the subject for a news cycle or two.  Trump ought to ask Jim Brown to meet the champs with him.  So you'd have the optics of the greatest football player ever showing up, but a bunch of political cry babies sitting at home.  Brilliant!  

Thursday, February 09, 2017

End the Circus...court

Ringling Bros. Circus announced that it will end operations in May of this year.  There’s another circus that needs to end.  Irrespective of what the dopes in robes at the 9th Circus Court decide today with regard to PDJT exec order on vetting, one GOP issue for the midterm election should be dissolving and replacing the Circus Court.  The Circus Court is the largest, most out of touch, most reversed, most willfully anti/extra constitutional court in land.  It is an embarrassment.  For Lefty Libs, the Circus Court is like the corner convenience store, whenever they need something in a rush they stop in.  The Circus Court is loaded up with left leaning political ideologues where the law is subordinate to their political agenda.  Hence, the Supreme Court flips the Circus decisions as regularly as the cook an IHOP flips pancakes.

Article I, Section 2, Clause 9 gives the congress the responsibility “to constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court.”  Logic tells me if the congress can “constitute tribunals”, they can also dissolve them.  PDJT should campaign for Republicans in states he won handily against Demo-Dope incumbent Senators.  Indian is such a state.  Sen. Donnelly is ripe for an epic azz whipping in the Hoosier state.  PDJT should make it clear that one issue for the new congress after the midterm will be to dissolve the Circus Court.  States with vulnerable Dope senators like MI, IN, MT, ND, OH where should be made to defend the Circus Court.  PDJT and the Rep candidate should make it clear that busting up the Circus Court will be a high priority. 

I don’t think the judges can be fired, but by busting the Circus Court up into three courts, the whaco judges’ activist impact can be diluted and minimized.   Now is the perfect time to do this.  The MSM and Dopes, but I repeat myself, are already twisted into pretzels over so many things, what’s adding one more issue that’ll cause them convulsions?

Of course Chucky Chuckles Scummer and the Dopes will scream, or in Chucky’s case cry, like babies.  No wait.  Babies really do cry.  Chuckles only fake cries.  But that’s what the Dope have been reduced to doing.  Whinning is the only arrow left in their quiver.  When the inevitable meltdown comes over the end of the Circus Court the easy answer will be, “We campaigned on this.  The court’s demise is the will of the people.”

PDJT take on the judiciary
One of the score or so things the Demo-Dopes are clutching their pearls and heading to the fainting couch over is PDJT’s comments on a “so-called judge” and the Circus Court.  Who do these unelected, unaccountable, pampered dopes in black robes think they are?  Of course they can and should be criticized when they replace their political agenda for the law.  As per the above, when they do it consistently, the court should be dissolved.    

Ivanka’s line
Another of the score or so things the Dopes are whining about is PDJT’s defense of his daughter’s clothing line.  What!?  YGBSM!  Like most everything he does, I’m pretty sure this will redound to PDJT’s favor.  What father doesn’t come to daughter’s defense?  He’d be in more trouble if didn’t.

This the perfect opportunity for Ivanka to shed the brick and mortar and go exclusively online.  But I doubt that she needs Lex’s advice on a business decision. 

I needed new barn shoes so went online and bought them from LL Bean.  Bean was targeted for a boycott by lefty loons.  So that is where I decided to shop.  I don’t buy women’s clothes, but I hear they can be comfortable.  So if you do, get out there and buy a pair Ivanka’s shoes.  Well, not “her” shoes.  Her brand of shoes.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

A Wednesday grab bag of topics

Climate Change  Disruption is okay
It was 60 degrees here at the compound yesterday – Feb 8th – and aside from the rain, it was wonderful.  Come to think of it, because it was rain not snow, even the rain was wonderful.  The Global Warm-mongering crowd will use days like yesterday as proof positive that the Earth is warming.  My response to that is, as always, good.  It was below zero here in Nov.  So my thinking is that these things tend to average out.  That’s why it’s an average.  But the Global Warm-mongers take any variation in daily temperature readings of .0001 degrees above (or ironically even below) the average as the clarion call that the world is coming to an end.  11 years ago, AlGore, after telling an audience that the Earth’s core was hotter than the surface of the sun – “several million degrees”, predicted and an end of the world in ten years if we failed to adopt his Chicken Little view of Climate Change Disruption.  Eleven years later, somehow we’re all still here.

We learned that the Global Warm-mongers’ case is so weak that they are once again fixing the data.  So what’s new?  This is ops (operations) normal for warm-mongers.  The lying unelected unaccountable azzbags at NOAA fixed the data for a paper that has been given credit for moving attendees at the Paris Climate Control Accord to needless action.

Let’s face that’s incorrect.  These azzbags needed no paper to move them.  They would vote to choke America’s economy with climate control inspired greenhouse gas hocus pocus if the entire continent were covered in three feet of ice for 10 years.  The goal isn’t a stable climate, which is impossible.  The goal is to destroy America’s economy.  The mechanism is climate change disruption.

Keep in mind that these NOAA azzbags are just like all of the other azzbags that populate government agencies, Veteran’s Admin, EPA, IRS, etc. taking taxpayer money to pay their salaries to turn around and screw the tax payer.

Our government is out of control.  #Draintheswamp.  

Dumber than a hoe handle, but still not the dumbest
When Lex calls Gran Nan from San Fran the dumbest person on earth, it’s hyperbole. The honor of “Dumbest Person on Planet Earth” is always a tossup between Reps Maxine Waters and Hank Johnson depending on which was dumb enough to open their trap last thereby confirming the allegation. 

Watch dumbazz Water’s reaction Grand Nan’s comment.  So you thinking, “Well she has to be smarter than Grand Nan because she caught the mistake.”  Uh, No.  She isn’t.  Watch.  After being prompted on Allepo, the dumbazz confuses Crimea with Korea.  The ball is in your court Hank.

Per Shakespeare: First we kill all of the journalists
MSNBC idiot Joe Scarborough thinks PDJT ought to swear that he won’t have any journalists killed.  I think PDJT should take Joe up on the request with this tweet: “I swear I will not have any honest journalist killed.”  All the MSM journalists will feel threatened.

Last Super Bowl note
Dems say since Falcon’s led most of the game, and the Pat’s never had a lead until the last play of the game, the Pat’s are not legitimate Super Bowl Champions.  Tragically that probably makes sense to them. 

Once you call someone “the worst” no one else can be the worst
Chief Azzclown Chucky Chuckles Scummer called PDJT’s Sec Ed nominee Betsy DeVos the “worst nominee ever”.  She was confirmed yesterday.  So, Chuckles, where do you ramp up the rhetoric from “worst ever”?  Everyone from here forward is supposedly better than someone the Senate has already confirmed.  Soooo, Chucky, what’s next?  “Jeff Session, only slightly better than DeVos.”  EPA nominee Pruitt, “Were it not for Betsy DeVos, the worst nominee ever.”   

Heap Big Squaw Chief Lie-awatha Warren  get um scalped on Senate floor
Fake Indian, feather Indian not dot Indian*, Lizzy Warren got into heap big trouble last night.  While on the warpath against the nomination of Sen Jeff Session, Fauxcahontis  left the reservation of the Senate rules and the President of the Senate told her that she speak um with forked tongue and to return to her TP.  Okay he didn’t put it in those exact words but none-the-less told her to sit down and no speak.  Okay not in those terms either, but he did tell her to sit down.

My sense for this kind of thing is the old adage, “If your opponent is making an ass of themselves, get out of their way.”  They should let these azzbags talk and record every word for the midterms. 

*Yes I realize that’s terribly insensitive so I suspended myself for five minutes to take a leak and get another cup of coffee. 

America’s future
Okay, I’m back.  The future is American.  Not according to Hillary.  Her view is that “the future is female.”  Nice.  That makes me feel better for Lex jr.’s future.  So if I’m interested in my son’s future, I better look for a party that wants a future for ALL Americans.  Hint, it ani’t Demo-Dope.