Friday, February 17, 2017

Epic times 10

What’s a word that equals 10 times “epic”?  That’s what I’m looking for to describe PDJT’s presser yesterday.  “Epic” is too puny a descriptor for what happened in the East Room of the White House yesterday.  We’ll have to make one up: Trumptastic, Trumpamaina, Trumperman, Trumpific, I dunno.  Needs work.  Maybe just “Nuked”.

I’m pretty sure, but too lazy to look it up, that Lex has opined for some time that what conservatives really want is someone who will hit back.  When Harry the roach Reid lied about Mitt Romney on floor of the senate, no elected Republican followed him to the floor to call him the lying thieving bastard that he is. I think we have one now.  No thanks to the Rat establishment Republicans who ignore Dope attacks as long as those attacks were not directed at them personally.

My hope is that Republicans will take a page from the PDJT book and slap the Dopes and their bootlicking water carriers – the MSM – back…hard.  Then bust their puppet masters – the Dopes.  Honestly, I’m not hopeful.  I still see the majority of Republicans as the spineless, Dope Lite, Rat establishment variety.  These whinny bureaucrats passed 6 Robertscare repeals when Obama was president.  Now that there is a guy in the Oval Office who will actually sign the damn thing, the weasels have lost their nerve.  PDJT may have to start naming names soon.

Here’s the beauty of what happened yesterday, the MSM believe that they are the story.  So when coach addresses the team and calls out “quitters”, I always assumed he was talking about someone else.  I never went home and cried, “Coach called me a quitter.”  PDJT calls “the press” some of the most dishonest people around and the press collectively assume that he’s talking about them personally.   That’s very telling, isn’t it?  I think it is.  With the exception of the very fake news CNN, PDJT didn’t call anyone out by name.  Yet the MSM TV anchors all hit the fainting couch as if PDJT were calling them out.

In the post below, Lex notes how easy it is for PDJT to tweak the Lefty Libs.  Yesterday was a perfect example.  In 77 minutes PDJT had all of them turning in circles so tight that they look like those Russian Whirling Dervishes.  HEY!  There’s another Russian connection to PDJT!!  Call CNN!!  Call CNN!!  Call CNN!!

What the detractors won’t report is all that PDJT has done.  That’s the problem.  It’s not PDJT’s personality that worries them. It’s the fact that PDJT is actually doing what he said he’d do.  YGBSM!  That’s not how things work in Caligula, D.C.  EXAMPLE:  PDJT had coal miners at the White House and invited them into the Oval Office after killing off one Obama’s executive orders designed to kill off the coal industry.

Tomorrow PDJT will hold a rally in FL.  There will be a sold out crowd, but all of the press attention be on the Soros funded violent rebel rousers blocking traffic, burning and smashing things.  I’d like to see this as a weekly event.  PDJT shows up in states with vulnerable Dope senators.  FL is one where they say Bill Nelson - who is what 130 years old now – is in trouble.  He needs to go to IN, MT, MO and ND to rally Republicans against vulnerable Dopes.

Profiling works
Senseless violence?  Yep profiled it.  Wanna bet whether or not they have MAGA hats?  Wanna bet that they’d beat you for wearing yours?

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