Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The press is free to be as big a bunch a a-holes as they want, that does not mean they should

The press is still blathering on and on about PDJT’s statement about American’s free press.  Anyone who thinks the American press is not free is an idiot.  They are free to be 98% liberal a-holes.  They are free to print and say as much garbage as they can fit onto a page or into a 7 minute TV segment.   They are free to collude in what stories will be told and what stories will be ignored.  They are free to follow the exact same editorial line. They are free to perpetuate destructive lies in unison – hands up don’t shoot being the most destructive line of BS perpetrated on the American people in my life time.  A line of BS that to this very day has not been corrected by the a-holes who started it.

A free press is not the problem.  The problem is a fair and responsible press.  And to be fair the fact that 98% of us know that 98% of the American press are left leaning a-holes isn’t even the problem for press.  The problem for the press is that PDJT is pointing out what everyone already knows – the American press is NOT fair and in many cases it is not responsible – again hands up don’t shoot. 

In attacking PDJT, John McCain stated a well-worn banality, “you have to have a free and many times adversarial press”.  Well no $h!t Sherlock.  So is McCain saying the MSM today is not free to be adversarial to PDJT?  That’s an insane.  They are 99% adversarial, and free to be so.  They are in a competition to see who can be the most adversarial.  MSNBC actually had anchors wondering if PDJT would take to poisoning “journalists” a la Putin in Russia.  Well not to be too clever, but if DJT were to authorize the poising of “journalists”, MSNBC would be safest place to be, because they don’t hire “journalist”.   So what’s McCains point?  Oh, there isn’t one? 

Look at the Sweden story.  According to the free adversarial press it’s perfectly okay to lie, misrepresent, make up, twist, and distort PDJT’s words at his Saturday rally

Did PDJT really say there was a “terror attack” in Sweden?
You gotta look at this.  Take the video test.  See if you can count the passes.  The video is relevant to the story. 

So the press is free.  They are not objective.  They are not fair.  They are not responsible.  When you add all of that up, I think you could make a strong case that the press is an enemy of the American people.

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