Monday, February 13, 2017

Volatile America

It seems to me things in America are getting more and more volatile.  There are, of course, the black clad, masked Soros funded rent-a-mobs.  But who cares.  They insist on protesting and destroying liberal cities (Caligula, D.C. Berkeley etc.), liberal institutions (universities) and liberal companies (Starbucks).  Go ahead, crap where you eat. Who cares? 

Liberal line towing Starbucks has got to be mystified.  Liberal through and through, why are the mobs targeting their violent lefty lib anarchy at Starbucks?  Simple – the large glass windows are all the easier to smash.  Don’t expect the mob to do anything but take the path of least resistance.  Big windows are easier to smash than small ones.  I doubt that there is an IQ test included in Soros’s rent-a-mob application.  In fact the app probably consists of a single question, “Are you currently employed?”  If the applicant has a job, he’s probably a plant and the app is rejected.

What is missing from the lefty anarchist is the exact same thing missing from the religion of peace, moderates who condemn the violence.  Instead, the lefty lib entertainment industry, the MSM, a former president and sports figures egg the disruptions, the destruction and the violence on. 

Next, the “women’s march” proved one thing, they are vulgar know-nothings and (okay two things) the lefty libs have no idea what they are protesting.  The mob was a loose confederation of anyone and everyone who has a gripe against America - communists, socialist, jihadists, Black Thugs Matter, LGBTQOIJHG, Erff First tree huggers, warm-mongers and the just plain ignorant who showed up for no other reason than a mob was gathering.  If a poll were taken, there would probably be a 10,000 or so reasons for the protest.  We used to call such diverse protests “elections”, but we just held one of those protests.  Now the losers are taking to streets breaking and burning things and violently attacking anyone who is not in lockstep with their world view.

So when does violence meet violence?  I suspect that is the mob’s goal.  They want to trigger wide spread violence.  After all they admit that they want the country to become ungovernable.  What better way to achieve that goal than to have daily violence in the streets?

Even if Trump wanted to meet their demands, other than quitting and then killing himself, it would be impossible to do so.  Even if Trump accepted those conditions, the protests of Mike Pence would begin the next day. 

I keep hearing friends and pundits saying – “STOP TWEETING!”  I disagree.  Anything that sets the leftist cabal off its rocker not only needs to continue, the pace of that activity needs increase.  My advice to conservatives is as it has been since the day he announced – Ride the Trump Tiger.   

Last last Super Bowl reference
One thing over looked in New England’s improbable come from behind over-time win against Atlanta is that the Falcons never had the opportunity to possess the ball in the overtime.  But Lex the rule clearly state that…RULES SHMULES!!!  Rules for the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election were clearly stated as well.  That has not stopped George Soros funded mobs from showing up everywhere breaking things and setting things ablaze. 

Beside, all of the “rules” EVERYWHERE were set up by white guys.  Hell even the Patriots getting the ball first in the overtime was decided by a flip of coin, and who flipped the coin?  A white guy.  Case closed. 

Now, a lot of black players have signed up to boycott the Patriot’s visit the White House, because they know that the Russian’s fixed the coin flip with a huge magnet suspended over NRG Stadium by a black helicopter which was then lower into the stadium by the very cable that lowered the GaGa at halftime and was repeatedly turned on and off with every rotation of the coin to ensure that the coin landed coinciding with the Patriot’s call.

I do not know why there is not more outrage about this - the fact that Atlanta did not have an opportunity to possess the ball in overtime not the magnet thing which is total BS.  Everyone knows the Russians simply slipped a replacement coin into the ref’s pocket that would turn into a double sided coin showing whatever the Patriot’s called once the coin was flipped and return to normal coin when the coin was picked up after the call. Damn Russians.

I demand thee NFL address the OT rules to allow each team an opportunity to possess the ball.  If not, I may have to go smash a Starbucks window or something.

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