Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Nostradamus Trump, Law Enforcement = fascism and Chaos

PDJT: Liar or Prophet
When PDJT mentioned that, “Sweden.  They took in large numbers [of immigrants]. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.”  The Lefty Lib MSM took that imprecise statement and went nuts.  Too lazy to do their jobs, the MSM demanded to know, what terrorist attack?  Uh, PDJT never mentioned a terrorist attack.  He was talking about this Tucker Carlson interview about Sweden’s problems with Middle East immigration. 

The lyin’ MSM twisted themselves into pretzels ignoring the facts and sticking with the Swedish government’s rosy “who ya gonna believe me, or your lyin’ eyes” assessment of Sweden’s own crime statistics which clearly show a spike in rape and murder since inviting 10’s of thousands of unskilled unemployed, probably unemployable, military aged men in from the Middle East.   The news articles calling PDJT a liar, hadn’t even made it to the bird cage before, almost on cue, riots broke out in Sweden’s immigrant communities

Too busy establishing that phantom Russian connection to Hillary’s azzwippin’, the once compliant BHO press turned into a decidedly one-sided disparaging PDJT press and is giving the Swedish riots about 1/1,000th the coverage of PDJT’s non-existent Swedish terror attack comment.   Hard to believe?  No.  Not at all. 

Enforcing the law drives ACLU Lefty Libs nuts
When PDJT announced that ICE would begin to enforce the law with regard to illegal immigration, the ACLU and Lefty Libs had the predictable reaction.  As with everything that comes from PDJT, they were outraged.  They call enforcing laws passed by the duly elected representatives of the government fascist.  Wow, here all along I thought that fascists were in favor of highly centralized (dictators) governments.

So BHO single handedly passes DACA, changes Robertscare to suit campaign donors with a stroke of the pen, suspends immigration law, frees Git’mo detainees w/o the required congressional notification/approval, introduces rafts of EPA, IRS, Ag and business regulations without legislative approval and he’s is hailed by the left as a great man.  PDJT rolls back the regs by forbidding new ones without repealing two existing ones and demands that ICE enforce the law and he’s a fascist.  I, like Forrest Gump, am not a smart man, but think they have it exactly backward.    

PDJT’s White House in chaos?
I doubt it.  I worked for guy in the USMC whose mantra was “constant change – constant improvement”.  I think he attributed that philosophy to the Demming Management System.  Anyway, we quickly changed the maxim to “constant change- constant confusion”.  No.  That doesn’t mean we didn’t work our butts off to make the old man’s vision work, but you cannot keep turning an organization on its head and expect a well-oiled machine. 

With every new administration, the White House gets turned on its head.  It’s like an ant hill you kick over on the sidewalk.  It appears to be absolute chaos at first, but if come back in 15 minutes, you’ll find an orderly process in place to reconstruct the hill.  I dunno if I was an ant I’d be thinking, maybe we should move this thing.   But humans are like ants when it comes to beach front property.  No matter how many times Mother Nature sweeps their beautiful homes in to the sea, they can be seen on TV vowing to rebuild. 

Hmm, this slipped off the rails somewhere.  Point is, I think, PDJT’s White House is not in chaos.

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