Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Flynn does the right thing quickly

Wow, that was quick.  Lex knew Flynn was a dead man walking, but I expected him to resign today.  This might be the best thing ever happened to PDJT.  Flynn’s gone, but anyone with a brain is now aware that FBI is listening in on their phone calls.  Not only that a faction (renegade?) of the FBI has no compunction what-so-ever about releasing damaging info gained through illegal activities to their azzbag associates in the MSM.

It’s a big problem.  The government is rife with anti-American subversives willing to leak anything and everything to undermine PDJT and his administration.  Whatever the first order of business is in any government agency today, the parallel first order of business should be to root out or neutralize the subversives.

None of this excuses Flynn.  He had to go.  If he were working in a Demo-Dope administration he’d be promoted.  But we will go insane if we play the “double standards” game for the next 8 years.   Flynn is not Hillary lying her way thorough Benghazi, a server scandal and White Water before that.  There is a double standard.  Learn to live with it.  Learn to thrive. 

Administration officials cannot mislead the VP.

If the last three weeks are any indication, this dust up won’t last 24 hours.  PDJT will be off to the next thing today before the Dope and MSM have their first cup of coffee.

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