Thursday, February 02, 2017

Left's calls for violence should be a call to arms - literally

UPDATE:  Check this out first

In anticipation of a Hillary Clinton administration, I bought a sporting rifle last year.  I was pretty sure had Hillary won her pick to the Supreme Court would slap limits on the 2nd Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms.  I was also pretty sure that even the Demo-Dopes and their Supreme Court lackeys wouldn’t be bold enough to confiscate guns from Americans.  In other words, I and my sporting rifle would be “grandfathered” when Hillary’s Supreme Court began shredding the Constitution.

Several posts under Lex noted that had he waited until Nov 9th, he’d probably never have had purchased the weapon.  Now, I’m not so sure.  The Lefty Lib is becoming more and more unhinged and violently so.  Led by Hollywood Swells, “entertainers” and former a Dope Vice Presidential candidate, Leftists are calling for violence in not so subtle or veiled ways.   

Starting with the leftists’ violence surrounding Trump’s inauguration, and the D.C. police indifference to it, the violence is beginning to ratchet up.  There’s Madonna’s very public thoughts of blowing up the White House.  But who takes an 80 year old crooner who offered oral sex to Hillary voters (perhaps another reason Hillary got clobbered in the male vote) seriously?  There’s the SAG award winner David Harbour vowing to “as per chief Jim Hopper, punch some people in the face”.  I am not into the pop culture.  I didn’t get the chief Jim Hopper reference.  I don’t know who Harbour’s character in Stranger Things punched in the face or for what reason.  But can we agree normalizing punching your political opponents in the face probably isn’t in the best traditions of our republic.

Last night the campus at UC Berkeley was set ablaze by rioters protesting a speech by Milo.  Brilliant!  Fight Milo’s “intolerance” by burning down the campus.  Some dope Hollywood guy (pretty much a set of the whole for that crowd) named Judd Apatow indicated that the Berkeley riot “is just the beginning”.  In the same link someone named Lexi Alexander declared “Hate speech is not free speech”.  I’m pretty sure the exact purpose of the 1st Amendment is to protect unpopular speech. 

With regard to “hate speech”, let’s face it, the left and the Dopes call anything one mil left or right of their thinking hate speech, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic etc.  They cannot be taken seriously on such issues anymore.  In their world it isn’t so much what is being said but rather who is saying it.  I’m sure Lexi does not consider Madonna’s, Apatow’s or Harbour’s calls to violence “hate speech”.  But if punching someone in the face for their political views isn’t “hate” what is?

If you type “punching Nazis is okay” into Bing, you will get 9,000,000 results.  Who’s against punching Nazis?  Well, who gets to determine who is a Nazi.  The point of this dangerous movement is to normalize violence against people and ideas the left disagrees with.  So if Lex says, “The Empty Suit is an incompetent boob” the left declares Lex a Nazi which makes it perfectly okay to then visit violence upon him, after all HE’s A NAZI!

Which brings me back to the point of this post – I think, if the left is going to foment violence on us, I guess we have to be prepared.      

ASIDE:  Were I Milo, I’d set about bankrupting UC Berkeley.  I wouldn’t even have to sue them to accomplish that goal.  I’d simply schedule a speech on campus every day until the leftist lunatics burnt the entire campus to the ground.   

ASIDE II:  The left has its shorts in knot over Republicans not having a plan ready to go to replace Robertscare.  Well, not just the left.  What the heck, Paulie you’ve had how many years to get something in place.  Anyhoo, with the Left’s never ending decades long drum beat about “common sense gun control”, why don’t they have a replacement for the 2nd Amendment ready?  With their never ending *itching about gun control and the meaning of the 2nd Amendment, why have they never proposed a “common sense” amendment to the 2nd Amendment?  Short answer is it would smoke them out on their true purpose: Ban guns

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