Friday, February 10, 2017

Bring down the Big-top on the 9th Circus

Republicans are waking up to the fact that, like the Ringling Bros., the 9th Circus has to go.  But of course, being Republicans, they only want to take half measures.  Breaking it up won’t do.  Breaking it into two certainly will not do.  The Circus needs to go the way of Carthage.  Dismantled. Pulverized to dust. Plowed into the Earth.  After that, it needs to go the way of Voldemort and the name never again spoken – oops in making a reference to “he whose name shall not be spoken” the name was spoken at least in the heads of people reading this. 

I’m a bit surprised at the wall to wall coverage of the 9th Circus decision which amounts to the sun rising in the east.  The only thing the Circus Court ruling demonstrates is the lengths Lefty Libs will go to in order to advance their agenda.  I think by and large, conservatives play by the rules.  By and large lefty Libs do not.  That is why the country inexorably moves left.  A short time ago same sex marriage had lost over 30 state-wide referendum.  Hillary and Obama opposed same sex marriage.  Today, same sex marriage is the law of the land.  How the heck did that happen?

Dopes could once be counted upon invoke “the women and children” as the hardest hit in any and every policy proposal by Reps.  But when transgendered bathrooms were introduced, the lefty Libs suddenly went quiet on women and children who are no doubt hardest hit on this issue.  Men would probably invite women into the men’s room.  But who the heck wants a 40 year male predator able to walk into women’s room or girl’s locker room with the cover of court ordered protection and legitimacy?  Yet the NCAA and others are going to boycott NC for having laws to keep predators out of the girl’s bathrooms.  It’s insane.  But you can count on some court somewhere telling the people of NC that’s it’s unconstitutional to expect men to use the men’s room, that there is some heretofore unknown inalienable right for creeps to hang out in the women’s room.

Also, consider that conservatives, for the most part, went about their business while Obama was doing his level best to ruin the country.  Today, lefty Libs are rioting in the streets.  They, like Islamo-Terror-Fascists are wont to do, are threatening violence on anyone and everyone who disagrees with them.  

Through it all have you noticed that PDJT continues to suck all of the oxygen out of the room, leaving Chucky Chuckles Scummer and the Dopes in the corner on their knees sucking for air?  

Trump needs to do something big like call all of the Patriots boycotting a White House visit losers who didn’t contribute anything to the SB win.  That ought to change the subject for a news cycle or two.  Trump ought to ask Jim Brown to meet the champs with him.  So you'd have the optics of the greatest football player ever showing up, but a bunch of political cry babies sitting at home.  Brilliant!  

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