Thursday, February 23, 2017

Subverting the hecklers veto

Republican representatives are being harassed at town hall meetings by DNC organized disrupters.  We know that they are organized because they admit as much.  The DNC may not be the one paying for the loudmouths, but the DNC is certainly the intended beneficiary of the chaos. 

Remember Robert Creamer?  Creamer was Demo-Dope operative that paid people to visit violence upon Trump rallies.  He got caught on video tape here admitting it.  Aside: I love the way CNN starts the piece with, “The undercover videos produced by discredited conservative activist James O’Keefe…”  “Discredited” in Lefty lib lingo means, “you caught us red handed”.  I do not remember when O’Keefe was discredited.    I remember when he was arrested for videoing something he shouldn’t have been videoing, but that’s the stuff that made 60 Minutes famous.  And, getting caught doesn’t discredit what’s on the tape.

There’s also this:

The fact that punks are being prosecuted is a good thing.  We get the added benefit of the prosecution causing the snowflakes such angst.  The twit’s tweet ain’t exactly Nathan Hale.  But notice the top of the screen shot, “we’ve done a million f_ing times before.  We followed the formula that we’ve used in the Europe and the US for years…”   These are professional (I.e. paid) protestors. 

So are the azzbags disrupting Republican town halls are, for the most part, professional hecklers. 

What to do?
First off, video tape everyone and everything that happens at these town halls.  The RNC should invest in face recognition software to see if there are people who show up in multiple districts to “question their representative.”  Question:  If they are protesting in more than one district are they voting in more than one?

Next, stand there and absorb the disruption.  Post it on line.  Do TV, radio and newspaper interviews to talk about what is essentially a Lefty Lib’s hecklers veto to an orderly Q and A from constituents.    

After Lefty Lib disruption is clearly documented, provide an orderly way for constituents to be heard.  You could use a $64,000 Question type sound proof booth.  Questioners enter the booth, where the representative is located, and then allowed 45 seconds to ask a question.  He leaves and the Rep answers the question.  The sound of entire thing is broadcast live into the hall.

Bathroom wars

I can see the day - coming soon - when public restrooms are all unisex stalls.  I'm okay with that as long as there are still pee troughs for men at the stadium.

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