Monday, February 27, 2017

If congress lived like the rest of us things would change - fast

Repealing Robertscare
Steve Bannon called the MSM the opposition party.  Prediction:  When it comes to repealing Robertscare the real enemy will be timid Rat establishment Republicans.
Note to the unwashed: Lex calls it Robertscare because SCCJ John Roberts had the opportunity to drive a stake into the heart of the ACA, but instead of killing it off, he decided to legislate from the bench rewriting the mangled up mess of BS to pass constitutional muster.  So this whole thing is on him. 

At his address to congress tomorrow, PDJT should publicly demand that every member of congress get off their congressional healthcare plan in favor of the Robertscare plan they foisted off on their constituents.  Republican senators and congressmen should get off cushy congressional health plans as soon as possible thereafter.  They should in mass join the rest of us the BS mess John Roberts has created.

Then they should shame the Demo-Dopes into doing the same or STFU about how great Robertscare is.  Of course there’s one problem here.  How do shame people incapable being shamed?  Well I suppose you start by bashing them over the head every time a hypocrite like Chucky Chuckles Scummer runs his suck about the topic. 

If you could get a majority of the congress off their tax payer subsidized plan and onto the excrement sandwich they fed the American people, they’d begin to see the problem they created.  Once they begin to live under the rules they forced onto us there would be wide-spread support repealing and replacing Robertscare.

If the Dopes fail to cooperate, and let’s face they fail to cooperate in all things American, the Republicans need to pass a one sentence bill, “Starting immediately, members of congress shall be covered by healthcare provisions provided under the ACA and none others.”  Force it through and get members on record with a vote and then beat them like rented mules if they object.

Once congress is forced to live under the exact same rules they inflict upon the rest of us, my guess they take repeal and replace more seriously.  

 Transgender laws face stiff headwind, it does not matter
We know how this plays out.  Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to an idea.  Liberal pols try to force it down our throats.  Citizens revolt and pass referendum after referendum refuting the idea.  Libs take it to court.  One judge’s opinion cancels millions of votes. 

Sun rises in west.  Lex was right!  

As Lex has noted from the start of this BS, the only ones hurt by all this transgender business is women and girls.  No word in the story if the winner and loser were forced to shower together.

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