Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rival cities bidding for 2016 Olympics should use a little Dear Dope style politics

Reuters is reporting that:

Chicago's rivals to stage the 2016 Summer Olympics showed no sign on Tuesday of being fazed by the announcement that President Barack Obama would fly to Copenhagen on Friday to support the U.S. city's bid.

And why should anyone worry about former Chicago thug and current Dear Dope pushing the city with broad shoulders’ bid for the Summer Olympics? Just show this video of a Chicago teen’s death in streets while other Chicagoans go about their business beating each other in a street melee as if not much new is going on.

Just after the Dear Dope shows up, every other city in contention for the games ought to have about 10,000 DVDs of that clip and just start handing them out to everyone and anyone in Copenhagen. Let the Dear Dope try to umm and uhhh his way around that video.

How would other cities passing out DVDs of this incident be any different than the Dear Dope’s own political operatives clearing the political field twice for their own know nothing, do nothing, be nothing candidate?

CNN offered this insight into Dear Dope’s sense of fair play:

In his first race for office, seeking a state Senate seat on Chicago's gritty South Side in 1996, Obama effectively used election rules to eliminate his Democratic competition.

As a community organizer, he had helped register thousands of voters. But when it came time to run for office, he employed Chicago rules to invalidate the voting petition signatures of three of his challengers.

The move denied each of them, including incumbent Alice Palmer, a longtime Chicago activist, a place on the ballot. It cleared the way for Obama to run unopposed on the Democratic ticket in a heavily Democrat district.

And if dirty politics – is there any such thing any more? – got this buffoon over once, maybe it would work again. During his run for the US Senate, the Dear Dope pried open the sealed divorce records of his Republican opponent Jack Ryan. Then he sat quietly while his creepy henchmen smeared Ryan as mercilessly as those Chicago thugs beat that boy. Ryan withdrew, once again clearing the political field for the Dope.

Now, the Dear Dope’s buddies are trying to clear the political field of all opponents to Dear-Dope’s-a-care by calling us racists. Ahh, but this time the political opponent is 56% of the American people. So what’s a Dope to do?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The whole world is racist now

So what has the Dear Dope’s dumping on his own country and all of our friends while coddling really creepy dictators like Chaves, Ahmadinejad, Kadafy, Kim Jung Il and the rest of the Star Wars bar crowd gotten us in return? Where’s all of the love the world was going to show the US if we would just elect the Dear Dope?

D2 has used every opportunity while traveling abroad to assure the rest of the world that he shares their opinion of the US as an arrogant state born on the back of slavery that has not really done anything worth mentioning other than start wars and rape the world of it natural resources so that a few fat cats could get a bit fatter.

He has kicked all of our best friends to the curb in the hope that by doing so he can further convince the human trash whose approval he so desperately seeks that he really, really, really is not George Bush.

But something unexpected has happened to Dopus Maximus. Nobody on the world stage is buying his hopey changey BS. The Dear Dope goes out of his way to throw Israel under the bus but Ahmadinejad flaunts his new secret uranium enrichment plant. It is just for peaceful use you see. There’s nothing nefarious going on at all. Oh really? Well then, why are you hiding it? When D2 promises to send Ahmadinejad a strong letter of protest from the UN, Ahmadinejad shoots off a bunch of missiles. That’s the diplomatic equivalent of giving Dopey the finger.

The Dear Dope’s Secretary of Defense is towing the Dear Dope’s line when he says that there is no military option that will accomplish anything more than delaying what now is seen as the inevitable for this bunch of clueless clowns – a nuclear Iran. Well if bombing will delay the inevitable, bomb the hell out of them. Then when it becomes inevitable again, bomb the hell out of them - again - and see who gets tired first. It seems to me that bombs have to be cheaper than nuclear facilities.

Expect to see more from the LameStreamMedia – the Thomas ain’t China great because they can mow down thousands of their citizens Friedman types – about how it really isn’t that big of a deal that Iran has Nukes. We have been dealing with bad acting nuclear nations for a long time. So what’s one more?

Well, heretofore the bad acting nuclear states like the former Soviet Union, China and even N. Korea didn’t have a death wish. They all use nukes as means of extending their foreign influence. But they all really really want to continue to live. If we are to believe what the nut job in Iran says, he intends to use nukes on Israel to create world chaos in a hope that it will smoke out the 12th Imam. I think that is a pretty significant difference.

Meanwhile at home things are going just as badly. Support for Dear-Dope-a-care hits a new all time low, and the only groups that seem to be on board with Jug Ears’ domestic policies are the LameStreamMedia, the Demo-Dope party and a small group of public school teachers who have their students acting more like the Hitler Youth Movement than the American Bart Simpsons we expect to see. And they call us Nazis. Children singing anthems to the Dear Dope is about as creepy as it gets for real Americans.

What the hell has happened to the Dear Dope? Racism! That’s what. The whole world has turned into a bunch of racists.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Adding more troops that are not allowed to fight would be useless

When the US began its surge in Iraq, Lex opined that what the troops were allowed to do was as important as how many troops were sent. So we dropped 30,000 additional troops into a country the size of California and presto - problem solved. I still argue that the 30,000 troops were not the turning point. Letting the troops do their job was probably at least as effective as adding 30,000 troops to the 140,000 already in place in a country the size of Iraq with nasty borders with neighbors like Syria and Iran.

So now we’re told that we need an additional 40,000 troops in Afghanistan. The first question I’d ask as Commander in Chief is, “OK let me see your rules of engagement (ROE).” If those rules are not structured to allow our forces to freely kill the enemy, I’d deny the request. We don’t need to send in more targets for the enemy to shoot at.

Four Marines were recently killed in Afghanistan due in part to ROE that would not allow artillery and other supporting arms fire to be used against an enemy dug into a mountain side with a few civilian huts around. This is idiocy of the highest order. Commanders who denied the Marines supporting fires ought to be ashamed.

Military force is supposed to be an extension of foreign policy that promotes OUR national interests. I’d tell NATO, the UN, the Afghan government, and Pakistan that our troops are going to kill the enemy with or without their help. Further, until the others get on board with a “win the war” mentality, far from increasing troop numbers, the US is going to withdraw forces. Those forces remaining will only be used were they are free to kill the enemy. Afghan forces can provide security for the Afghan people – ha! That’s a joke.

For now we will exercise our right to act in our national interest by killing Taliban and al Qaeda where we find them with the minimal number of troops required to get that job done. We will worry about “Afghan security” and increase our troop strength commensurate with others will to win. Absent that will to win and an ROE that supports it, I would not commit more troops to act as targets for an enemy that we are not allowed to engage.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Breaking the Lib mantra of: Every conservative is a RACIST!

The Dear Dope and his like get away with calling people who disagree with them racists because you can take a group photo of the leadership of any state or the National Republican Party and count the people of color on one hand. Republicans have Michael Steele, who after a shaky start, is doing a pretty good job as the voice of the party. He needs to do more.

Now is the perfect time to start to change some of those photos if you will. Republicans have to find credible candidates to run in the minority communities of this country. Republicans can no longer afford to just write off 90% of the black vote.

Never before have so many kooky liberal ideas floated to the top and into the mainstream of Demo-Dope thought and policy. Cap, Tax and Trade is a job killer. Dear-Dope-a-care will tax EVERYONE and provide fewer services with all of the compassion of your local DMV. Amnesty will dilute the vote of EVERY legal American citizen and further stress already stressed labor pools, schools and healthcare facilities.

It’ll be hard to get going for a few reasons:

Republican minority candidates are often the victims of vicious racist attacks…from hypocritical race baiting Demo-Dopes. Ask Michael Steele who was regularly pelted with Oreos by tolerant diversity loving liberals during his campaign for Governor of Maryland. Ask Condi Rice or Colon Powell – before he got his mind right and came back to the Demo-Dope plantation. It seems tolerance and diversity is abandon the second it appears that a candidate of color is ready to make a move to escape the chains of the Demo-Dope party. Nearly every Republican candidate candidate or leader is labeled an “Uncle Tom” the second they stop stooping to pick the Demo-Dope cotton.

It’s hard to break a 50 year cycle of race baiters asking then demanding for a government hand out instead of a hand up for crimes committed 150 years ago. The hand outs have proven to create a cycle of poverty that is handed down generation to generation. The hand out creates a dependant class that is easily organized into a reliable Demo-Dope voting block intent on perpetuating the dependency.

Every hip hop cool dude in town has throw in with the Demo-Dopes. Like getting a tattoo or wearing and earring, it’s cool to be a Demo-Dope and shows your individuality. But how cool and individual can you be if everyone is doing it? Zoe is the coolest guy around.

But Republicans have advantages as well”

People of color oppose abortion a heinous practice that was pushed on minority communities by racist liberal as a means of controlling minority populations – Margaret Sanger. Seems it’s mostly wealthy white folk who favor abortion as a means of keeping up their disposable income.

People of color overwhelmingly oppose gay marriage. This fact is overlooked by kooky gay rights Libs who march on Rick Warren’s church but don’t go anywhere near a black church – I’m sure that’s some instinctive self-survival mechanism kicking in. Why get your ass kicked at a black church when you can label whitey Christian a homophobe while he feeds you and brings you cools drinks on a hot day of protesting? Blacks in particular do like the gay agenda being compared to the civil rights movement.

School vouchers is another issue that people of color can get behind. Everywhere in the inner city schools are crumbling and producing graduates who cannot compete. So the call goes out for affirmative action and more government hand outs. It’s a vicious circle. If there were just one issue that might break the Demo-Dope strangle hold on inner city minorities this is it.

So we need to get busy and start challenging the Demo-Dopes in the inner city districts. Michael Steele needs to get in there and find reliable alternative voices to the Barbara Lees, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangels et al. In order to escape the constant charge of racist, Republicans have to recruit and back with tons of cash bright conservatives of color. And it has to happen in every election cycle, because it’ll probably take ten cycles just to establish a toe hold.

I just do not believe that Republicans cannot find a candidate of color that will demonstrate to voters what a fool Maxine Waters really is.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

YOU LIE! about global warming

Well, well, well, after near hysteria about the vanishing ice in the North Pole – some “scientists” actually predicted an “ice free” North Pole THIS YEAR - we get this ooops, from “scientists” at National Geographic:

This year’s cooler-than-expected summer means the Arctic probably won’t experience ice-free summers until 2030 or 2040, scientists say.

Some models had previously predicted that the Arctic could be ice free in summer by as soon as 2013, due to rising temperatures from global warming.

What the…How can anyone take these people seriously anymore? NASA calls last year the warmest in history because it foolishly recorded Oct temps twice. NASA temperature monitoring equipment has been photographed set up over blacktop parking lots and next to air conditioner discharge units – which blow warm air – and still the “science” doesn’t add up for these Chicken Littles. And when they get caught all they can say is, “The debate is over.”

Well it isn’t over. But the more times AlGore and his idiot acolyte’s pronouncements of Armageddon are proven false, wildly inaccurate and the data faked and the more people who jump off of the global warming doom train, the louder the climate doomers shout, "THE DEBATE IS OVER!!!"

So what to do? Well call in the Dear Dope and have him mumble on about one more topic he knows nothing about. After all, it isn’t as if D2 has been over exposed or anything. So Dopus Maximus goes to the UN and claims that before 2009 the US did nothing about global warming…uh er…cooling…uh mmmm…oh hell, climate change.

Weird Huh? What was that unleaded fuel stuff about? Catalytic converters? Ethanol? Clean air act? CAFÉ standards? US carbon emissions dropped 1.3% in 2006, how? Is 2006 before or after 2009? If I yelled, “you lie” after that Dear Dope lie, would I be a racist? Yes of course – nobody but a racist challenges the Dear Dope’s idiotic claims.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When are US foreign policy gaffs unimportant?

The Dear Dope is laughing it up in NY with the swells at the UN this week. After snubbing our allies in Poland and the Czech Republic by reneging on a missile defense shield, D2– no doubt – will be rubbing elbows with and cajoling the world’s worst bits of human debris – Kadafi, Amadinajab, Chaves, etc all the while blaming America for all of the world’s woes.

During his run for office, then candidate B-HO, promised a new foreign policy that would “restore” America’s standing among the international community. Well what have gotten so far?

Additional NATO help in Afghanistan? Nope.
An end to North Korean nuclear proliferation? Nope.
Strong sanction against Iran’s nuclear ambitions? Nope.
A move toward peace in the Middle East? Nope.
Less vitriol coming out of loud mouths in Central America? Nope.
A more helpful China? Nope.
A more Helpful Russia? Nope
A more helpful UN? Nope.

Nine months into his “America sucks and is responsible for all for the world’s troubles” tour and selling out our allies while kissing our enemy’s ass, the Dear Dope and his broad at the beam Secretary of State have nearly one foreign policy victory. I guess if we would just say more nasty things about our own country, sell more of our friends out and chuckle more with the world’s despots we could get some kind of major foreign policy breakthrough.

Were it not for the Dear Dope’s America ending domestic policies, his back@$$ward foreign policy would be a major scandal and embarrassment

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We fight the close battle while our troops fight the deep battle

You may wonder why Lex has not been all over the Iraq/Afghan war debacles taking place under the Dear Dope. Sadly the war on Islamo-Terror-Fascists trying to destroy America has to take a backseat to our own government trying to destroy America.

I believe that there are three things right now that have the possibility of destroying the America we know. Government run healthcare, amnesty and cap, trade and tax. Anyone of these will set on an irreversible path toward bankruptcy, political suicide, ruin and third world status. So for the near term, we at home need to – oh hate to do this – gird our loins against the Dear Dope and his home grown anarchist buddies while our troops battle the ITF. Simply stated, there will be no victory against the ITF if we lose the battle on the home front.

So to answer the Griffin's question: The Dear Dope's misguided sense of priorities makes the most important crisis facing America right now STOPPING the Dear Dope. Simply stated, there will be no victory against the ITF if we allow the Dear Dope to destroy America.

But the Griffin weighed in with this dissection of the Dear Dope caught in ANOTHER lie.

This BS will get our people killed…

1) I saw Obama say yesterday that he was awaiting McChrystal’s report (ABC with George S) before making any decisions on possible troop adjustments,

2) Yesterday I saw Chris Wallace of Fox discussing this report. They said it was known within the beltway that the White House did not want to see the report for 6-8 weeks….(WTF?),

3) Then today this article says the report was released on 8/30 and is under review by Barak.

Okay then….

1) Is THE most important crisis facing us healthcare, cap and trade, or the war on terror (It cannot be both)?

2) Why does the WH want the release of this report suppressed?

3) If we capture terrorists are we doing any interrogation or just letting the nutballs with info on planned terror attacks go about killing our troops and innocent civilians?

4) Transparency or smoke and mirrors?

5) Are Obama and the WH gang of idiots forsaking our troops?

These dolts wanted the White House, got it, and blames everyone from Rush, to Fox News, to GM, to insurance companies, to Sarah Palin and GWB, as to why they can’t get things done including the war on terror. They wanted the baton and they got it! If we sustain another big attack on the US these no-gonad politico’s will blame everyone except the terrorists or themselves. Forget cap and trade and healthcare. Which is the real crisis?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Who's lying?

The Sunday fish wrap had an editorial listing “lies” about HR 3200. It had all of the usual, “the word ‘rationing’ never appears in the bill” as if that is proof positive that healthcare rationing will not occur as a result of passing the bill. You know, like when mom leaves a plate of cookies out. You know that absent an explicit order from mom not to touch the cookies before dinner, the cookies will be gone and the pot roast pretty much left un-touched.

So Lex fired off his own list of lies:

While we’re talking about healthcare lies, here are but 6 of a myriad of Liberal lies.

Lie 1: The president has a healthcare plan. Every time the president says, “my healthcare plan…” he’s lying. HE – HAS – NO – PLAN.

Lie 2: HR 3200 makes sense. Anyone who says that they have read and understand HR 3200 is a liar. The bill is 1,200 plus pages of unreadable gobbledygook – ask John Conyers. If passed, HR 3200 is so fouled up every page of it will end up being litigated for the next 500 years in every court in the land.

Lie 3: The Republicans don’t have a plan. They do. It includes medical savings from tort reform, allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines and providing tax incentives for doctors who treat the poor at little or no cost.

Lie 4: If the president would just talk more in glowing platitudes about some unspecified healthcare plan – calling it his own – the American people are sure to get on board. Every time the president talks, new falsehoods emerge and support for government run healthcare falls.

Lie 5: The “overwhelming proportion” of people who disagree with this president’s vision of a government controlled healthcare system are racist, a la Jimmy Carter. Shouting racist without a single shred of evidence is the last bastion of scoundrels who know they cannot win the argument. 56% of American voters now reject government controlled healthcare. We are not racist because we disagree with this president’s misguided healthcare policy.

Lie 6: There is a healthcare crisis in America. 85% of Americans are happy with their healthcare. It makes no sense to tear the entire system apart for the benefit of the remaining 15%. We should target reform at the 15% and leave the other 85% alone.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cry me a river Queen Dog

Well that pretty much does it. If the dumbest woman in North America - Nancy Peloser - thinks that people challenging the Dear Dope are inciting the type of violence that was seen in San Francisco in the 70’s, well then I guess we’d better just shut up and let Peloser and the Dear Dope destroy the country without so much as a peep of opposition. No sense seeing this ugly hag weep through eyes that can't blink again.

Uh, thank you no, Nancy, I will NOT shut up because an arrogant half-wit like you calls me a Nazi, assassin, terrorist or anything else. You, Jughead, the Dear Dope and the rest of the Demo-Dope party can go straight to hell with your BS scare tactics. The violence to date surrounding town halls, tea parties and the 9-12 project have all been sponsored by Demo-Dopes and union thugs.

The black man beaten at town hall, the man whose finger was bitten off and any other physical contact has all been initiated by the creepy people on your side,. The Dear Dope himself incited this behavior by telling Demo-Dopes to “get in their faces” and creepy Demo-Dopes like Axelhead talking about “pushing back twice as hard.”

So you see you Botoxed queen dog, if anyone gets hurt behind all of this, it will likely be as a result of your stupid asinine comments and those of the Dear Dope.

Using an entire deck of race cards

The race card may blow up in the Demo-Dope’s face. Thankfully, anything that blew up in Maxine hard to believe how stupid I really am Waters’ face would be an instant improvement to that ugly puss. Now the ever shrill Maxine wants anyone carrying a sign with “ObamaCare” on it “interviewed.” Well Maxine that’s exactly why Lex refers to the government grab for our healthcare system as Dear-Dope-a-care. That should pretty much take Lex off of the “interview” list.

Proving once and for all that he remains – for now anyway – the WORST PRESIDENT EVER – Jimmy if only Reagan hadn’t swept 44 states Carter continues to pound the drum that half of America is racist and giving the Dear Dope a bum rap. Hmmm, the Dear Dope was elected with 52% of the vote. If I could only get a bum rap like that, I could get this mess straightened out. The fact is that a lot of suckers are just waking up to what the 48% already knew, the Dear Dope is hopelessly in over his head. The country will be lucky to make it to Nov 2010.

Well Maxine and Jimmy are finding out that you cannot go around calling everyone who disagrees with the Dear Dope a racist. First, it’s the Demo-Dopes themselves holding up Dear-Dope-a-care. In case Jimmy and Maxine forgot how count – a very real possibility in Maxine’s case – the Demo-Dopes control both houses with overwhelming majorities. So it has to be racist Demo-Dopes holding this whole thing up. Given the numbers, there is no other explanation.

But when you’re a Demo-Dope and losing the argument badly because you are wrong, there is only one thing left to do, label everyone asking tough questions a racist and move on. Well that leads to second problem. When you have 55% of Americans now asking tough questions about Dear-Dope-a-care, labeling them all racists will offend them and a good many others.

David Horowitz likened Demo-Dopes calling people who oppose Dear-Dope-a-care racists to terrorists hiding behind women and children in a war zone. Both are despicable cowardly acts used by desperate scoundrels who cannot go mano y mano with their opponents.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The good Joe Wilson gets more fund raising help from House Demo-Dopes

The House passed a resolution disapproving of the good Joe Wilson’s “you lie” comment directed toward a lying Dear Dope during the Dope‘s show to a joint session of one of the world’s most corrupt bodies.

The sanction read in part:

“Resolved, That the House of Representatives disapproves of the behavior of the Representative from South Carolina, Mr. Wilson, during the joint session of Congress held on September 9, 2009.”

Ouch! Damn. I don’t know how the good Joe Wilson could even get out of bed after a bunch of lying drunks, pimps, thieves, ne’er do wells, tax cheats, etc. throws down a marker like that. Well at least they didn’t call him a RAAAAAAAAACIST!

America’s biggest loser Jimmy I could have walked on water if given a second term Carter took care of that. Carter sans the cardigan that pointed up what a weak sister he was, said the “overwhelming” portion of criticism of the Dear dope is race based. So when Lex refers to the Dear Dope as a jug eared, pencil necked dope, it’s because I’m a racist, not because the Dope’s ears stick out like sails on a boat, he has an 11 ½" collar and the dopiest set of policies since Jimmy if only I could just STFU Carter. Well coming from an idiot like Jimmy, I’m OK with that.

Then Georgia Demo-Dope Hank I wanna look like Mike (Jackson) Johnson piled on declaring, “We will have people with white hoods running through the countryside again” if the house doesn't reprimand the good Joe Wilson. This is the kind of backward logic that Hank calls “the logical conclusion” if the house doesn’t rebuke the good Joe Wilson.

Hey Hank, I’m just thinking that if a white guy is prone to done his KKK sheet and run through a neighborhood, he’s is unlikely to be dissuaded from doing so because a body of nitwits that has a higher percentage of real criminals and scumbags than the solitary confinement block at Fulsome Prison “disapproves” of the boorish behavior of one its members. On the other hand, if a group of black kids are prone to beat the snot out of a white kid for the very real racist crime of trying to sit next to one of those black kids on the school bus, well stupid comments like yours are probably going to encourage them.

OK Jimmy and Hank America is ripe with racism:

Rev Jerry Wright is a racist.
Van Jones is a racist.
Judge Sotomayor talks like a racist.
AG Holder weak kneed racist.
Those kids on the bus racist – every one.
Kanye West a racist.
Tax cheat Charlie Rangel a racist.
Maxine Watters a racist.
Hank Johnson a racist.
Barbara Lee racist.

So get busy and clean up the mess on your own side.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If it hurts when you do that, don't do that

There’s a standard Marx Brother’s bit where a man walks into Groucho’s doctor office and says, “Doctor it hurts when I do that.” Groucho’s cure for the ailing man? “Well, don’t do that. That’ll be $5.”

There is a similar cure for the Dear Dope and his sad-sack Demo-Dope friends still upset with the good Joe Wilson for telling the truth about the Dear Dope. Wilson shouted “you lie” at the Dear Dope when the Dear Dope was lying about “his healthcare plan” – which isn’t his at all.

Given how well everything is going in American, today Demo-Dopes in the house think that it's wise to use time to take up the national crisis of one member telling the truth, albeit inappropriately, during a joint session of congress. In body made up of liars, thieves, pimps and political whores, we just can’t afford one guy telling the truth.

Well if the Dear Dope and Demo-Dopes in general don’t like being called liars take Groucho’s advice, stop lying.

Instead, Demo-Dopes are forced into feigning outrage that someone would actually call them what they are. The only thing that will be a surprise in all of this is if the Demo-Dopes, led by the dumbest woman in North America, don’t call the good Joe Wilson a racist for telling the truth. Racist is what Demo-Dopes now call anyone who offers an argument against any of the Dear Dope’s policies that cannot be refuted.

So if you have the temerity to point out that there is NO WAY the Dear Dope and Demo-Dopes can’t be lying when they say that Dear-Dope-a-care won’t add to the deficit, you my good friend are a racist. Ahh, but what about adding to the deficit? Shut up racist. But how can we add 30 million (a new and improved number) to government run healthcare rolls and not add to the deficit? RACIST! RACIST!!!! RACIST!!!!!!!!! R-A-C-I-S-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look the good Joe Wilson apologized to the Dear Dope for his boorish behavior. The Dear Dope accepted the apology. End of story right. Then why the hell does the dumbest woman in North America have to get involved?

Read Thomas Sowell today for the clearest case against Dear-Dope-a-care to date – except my own of course.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The most obvious lie: The Dope has NO PLAN

The Dear Dope lied straight faced throughout his speech to the joint session of congress. Let’s just start with an indisputable lie. The three times he used the words “my plan,” he was lying. HE – HAS – NO - PLAN, at least not one that can be Googled and read by us mere mortals who will have to shell out over a trillion dollars over the next ten year to pay for it – whatever “it” is.

There’s a house plan and several senate plans and yes there are even several Republican counter plans, but there is NO PLAN for Dear-Dope-a-care from the Dear Dope himself. The list of lies goes on and on.

And Demo-Dopes, as hypocritical as ever, are upset that the good Joe Wilson called the Dear Dope exactly what he is, a liar. But the same Demo-Dopes have lost their voice in telling this arrogant airhead that it is at least in as equally bad form when a real president or even the current Dear Dope uses the bully pulpit of the office call someone else a liar.

Quite the contrary, when the Dear Dope made the thinly veiled accusation that Sarah Palin – and really anyone else who disagreed with him – was lying, the Demo-Dopes took to their feet and cheered. Well if his @$$holiness can lie by calling others liars in a speech to a joint session, then the good Joe Wilson ought to be able rise and call that lying skinny tube of excrement a liar.

Now I know the Dear Dope is looking for people to “call out,” and that is my greatest hope that the Dear Dope will call Lex out – the Dear Dope that is, not his stooges in the IRS. That great honor comes right after being named Keith could I be any more dramatic speckled retort Olbermann’s worst person in the world.

Oh yeah, was it just 8 years ago man made disasterists flew planes into buildings and into a field in PA killing nearly 3,000? My, my, how time flies. Well, we better get down into the pit where the buildings once stood and read the names, ring a bell and sing God Bless America. For God's sake America we should wake and kill thousands of terrorist every 9-11. 9-11 should be the safest day of the year because any terrorist worth his bomb belt would be in deep hiding on this day. Instead we go on about our business, read the names, ring a vbell and forget about the whole thing for another year.

The thought of that day 8 years later still makes as mad as the day it happened. Too bad the Dear Dope can’t get as mad at foreigners who are trying to kill us as he does at Americans who know “his plan” (HA!) for Dear-Dope-a-care is an asinine bag of gobbidygook designed more to move us down the road to government controlled healthcare and socialism than to treat what ails us.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tom's head still empty and flat

When Thomas L. Friedman released his book The World is Flat, I referred to him as Thomas my head is flat Friedman. Many though it was just hyperbole, like when I refer to the Dear Dope. It wasn’t and isn’t. I believe that the Dear Dope is a cartoonish buffoon who would be out of his depth in parking lot puddle let alone running, or as it turns out ruining, America.

Now, we have proof positive that Tommy I’d rather be a Chinese Communist Friedman is perhaps the most complete @$$hole alive today. Read this crap if you can stand it. Tommy argues that the communist Chinese have a far better government than our democracy because the Chinese murdering, forced abortion, forced labor, compulsory service to the state set up allows them to be “committed to overtaking us in electric cars, solar power, energy efficiency, batteries, nuclear power and wind power.”

Wow Tom, were those battery powered tanks that ran over hundreds of unarmed civilians in Tiananmen Square? Were the bullets that the Red Army used to gun down thousands more produced in an environmentally friendly way? Are forced labor prison camps run by solar and wind power? Is the one baby rule that has about 7 of 10 baby girls in China being aborted to allow for the birth of a son and a guaranteed disproportionate male population for generations the “final solution” to homophobia in China?

This is offensive on so many levels but this @$$wipe will be taken seriously, especially at the White House. I wonder if Tom Turdific would think it such good idea for the US to have a dictator when Nixon was running things? This guy – like 99.99999999% of liberals – is a brain dead hypocrite. He lives in a house the size of the Super Dome on grounds big enough to build a shopping mall, yet Tom I got mine Friedman fancies himself an environmentalist. But hey, I’m sure he uses an electric golf cart to get his fat @$$ the half mile from his dinner table to his nine foot energy sucking plasma screen TV after dinner.

Go to hell Friedman. Better yet go to Communist China and live out the rest of your years under the glorious rule of a dictator.

What to look for during the Truman Show tonight

When asked what he thought of the debate on Dear-Dope-a-care, Rev. Jerry whitey can go to hell Wright said “the racists in the right-wing are upset because poor people are about to be helped.” OK fine. I suppose just like the left-wing, which is loaded with anti-Semites and racists, Wright among them, the right-wing has its share of racists as well.

But Wright, the Dear Dope and the MSM are missing something rather huge. It’s not racist right-wingers stopping Dear-Dope-a-care. Even if every one of us right-wingers were a racist, we do not have a nearly 60 seat majority in the house and 59 senators in the senate. The Demo-Dopes do hold those majorities. Then just who is it holding up Dear-Dope-a-care? It must be racist left-wingers.

After rallying America’s youth yesterday, Truman (aka the Dear Dope) takes to the airwaves again tonight to sell Dear-Dope-a-care. But who is he trying to sell it to, racist right-wingers or the racist left-wingers who are the ones holding it up?

If you’re watching tonight, listen for several things:

We can not afford to do nothing.

WRONG!! Thanks to the Dear Dope’s so far successful attempt at bankrupting the country, doing nothing is about all we CAN afford to do.

Also “doing nothing” is code for the Dear Dope to allege that Republicans do not have a plan of their own and just want to block everything. He said as much at his special interest group talk at the AFL-CIO picnic. That is a lie. And that is why calling him the Dear Dope is a generous title. Better to think of our Exalted One as a sail-eared, pencil neck, buffoon being manipulated by evil doers than a sail-eared, pencil neck, lying buffoon calling his own shots.

America is the only industrialized nation that does not provide healthcare for its citizens.

Fine, go to one of those other countries and stand in line next time you or one of your kids gets sick.

And notice the line is always “doesn’t provide healthcare.” The Dear Dope and Demo-Dopes never claim that America doesn’t provide TREATMENT for its citizens. Why not? Well because, America does provide medical TREATMENT for its citizens, and it’s the best medical TREATMENT in the world.

America is the richest nation in the history of the world, yet we still have 43 million Americans without health insurance.

First, that number is BS. The Dear Dope knows the number is BS. And sadly for the Dear Dope and Demo-Dopes more and more Americans are learning that the number is BS.

But OK fine let’s play pretend and say that for the first time ever the Demo-Dopes aren’t lying through their teeth to us and that there really are 43 million uninsured Americans. Insure them and leave the rest of us the hell alone. It has to be cheaper and easier to work on that small number of 43 million rather than the slightly larger number of 350 million which is everyone in the US.

The Dear Dope will frame his idea – which isn’t his – in newer poll tested terms. Listen for the terms “cost savings” and “competition” to be used over and over.

Cost saving and competition can be achieved by lifting the bans on insurance companies doing business across stateliness and adopting a rule that if you sue your doctor and lose you pay (aka tort reform).

Last, everything will be repackaged. The government option will get some fancy poll- tested name like Co-Ops.

Don’t fall for any of this. This is the Dear Dope’s umpteenth attempt to explain and sell this albatross. I learned somewhere that if you have to explain something more than twice, it’s either a bad idea or too complicated. Dear-Dope-a-care fails on both accounts. Dear-Dope-a-care at 1,200 pages and growing is so complicated nobody knows everything in the bill. And it’s clearly a bad idea to take the best healthcare system in the world and turn up it upside down to model it after systems that have failed or are failing all around the world.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Jones, Wright and Truman

Van Jones is out. That’s great, but how did he ever get in? I believe the only thing this administration regrets about having Van Jones inside the inner circle is that we the people found out what a lunatic he really is. There is no doubt that the Exalted one would still be front and center at Rev Jerry screw whitey Wright’s church were it not for Wright’s own vanity in having his sermons taped. The same probably goes for Jones. Were they able to hide the trail racist and irresponsible remarks they would have.

Oh and speaking of Rev Jerry whitey sucks Wright, heeeeeeeee’s back. That’s right the right Rev. Wright popped up from his hole long enough to call people who oppose Dear-Dope-a-care­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________ (fill in the blank): a) thoughtful people who happen to disagree with the idea that government should be in charge of healthcare b) Selfish rich people who do not appreciate the benefits of socialism on the way to communism c) RACISTS!!!! If you answered other than c, you haven’t really been listening to “the debate” on Dear-Dope-a-care where every argument and concern about the program is met with the same counter argument – “You don’t like Dear-Dope-a-care? Well then you must be a racist.”

Truman (aka the Dear Dope) takes to the airway again today – just like every other day - to talk to K-7th graders. According to Drudge, he’ll remind the kids to “wash their hand,” “do their best,” “stay in school” and eat all of their arugula. With advice like that to our kids coming directly from the top, it’s hard to deny that we really are becoming a nanny state. Maybe he’ll end his speech with his own stirring rendition of a Spoon full of Sugar helps the medicine go down. He’s also going to tell the kids that he – the Dear Dope – is doing all he can to fix their schools up. Ha. He isn’t and shouldn’t be doing a damn thing.

The Griffin had the right take on this thing in the comments section a few posts under. The kids do not care one hoot about the Dear Dope. They will be flicking boogers on each other, pulling hair or falling asleep three minutes into the speech. For that they will be given a time out and/or a swat. When the teacher - for whom the speech is really intended – has had enough and decides to punish the class with a quiz on the content of the speech, they will all get Fs. Thus a whole new generation of conservatives is made when little Johnnys and Sallys across the fruited plain (or in this case pain) are forced to listen to the Dear Dope and then get a time out, a spanking and an F all as a result of the Dear Dope’s narcissism.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Dear Dope, Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, Sonia Sotomayor racist birds of a feather

When serial adulterer candidate Clinton was running for the White House voters convinced themselves that, “well, he certainly wouldn’t be doing that kind of thing as President of the United States” and they voted him into office.

When candidate B-HO disavowed Rev. Jeremiah whitey sucks Wright, voters convinced themselves that the Dear Dope would never allow such an openly racist backward thinking bigot near him while in the White House.

Well President Clinton couldn’t keep his trousers zipped and the Dear Dope is attracted to racist lunatics like a moth to light. The Dear Dope has turned 30 BILLION dollars of stimulus money over to a race baiting communist – Van Jones. To make matters worse, Jones is one of those unaccountable, unconfirmed, unelected Czar guys now so popular with the Dear Dope.

30 BILLION dollars of taxpayer money being doled out by a racist communist with absolutely NO congressional oversight. In other words, there is no accountability to the people coughing up the bucks.

Every single time you think this skinny sail eared know nothing non-throwing non-bowling non-golfing affirmative action loser dope can’t get any worse, you turn on Glenn Beck and discover another communist inside his administration. Now Arugula Boy is set to address the nation to try to convince us he and his Van Jones types ought to be in charge of healthcare. Let’s see the first question on the Van Jones healthcare form, “Are you white? (If yes, get to the end of the line honky.)”

And in twist only a hypocritical brain-dead Demo-dope would have the lack of sense to try, Charlie sure I write the tax code but I don’t have to pay ‘em Rangel says people who oppose Dear-Dope-a-care are racist. Sure Charlie, the Dear Dope sits in the pew of race baiting bigot preacher’s church for 20 years, has a racist communist in his inner circle, appoints a racist Latina woman to Supreme Court but it’s us who are the racist for pointing any of this out or for opposing an asinine socialist healthcare bill.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Proud to be an anti-American, racist, Nazi, right-wing domestic terrorist

Some Dear Dope front organization called Organizing for America ran the following:

“All 50 States are coordinating in this – as we fight back against our own Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists who are subverting the American Democratic Process, whipped to a frenzy by their Fox Propaganda Network ceaselessly re-seizing power for their treacherous leaders.”

The website for Organizing for America is So excrement for brains can hardly claim that he has nothing to do with it, which is HIS stand on Holder investigating the CIA. It – literally - has his name all over it.

Now, if you want to get sick to your stomach and throw up so that you can ask the boss for the rest of the day off to go fishing, click on the link and read the O-H-I-O story. It’s funny that a state well ahead of the national average in unemployment is rocking “the walls and rafters of the Lausche Building.” I guess that is one advantage of having the unemployed as a major constituency, they have plenty of free time to rock rafters.

But let’s get back to the point. Here-to-fore I thought I was just an anti-American, racist, Nazi for daring to speak up against Dear-Dope-a-care. Now, I’m a right-wing domestic terrorist. Wow! Think about that one. When Islamo-Terror-Fascists blow up buildings and kill thousands Americans, this administration insists on calling that event a - manmade disaster. But when granny shows up at a town hall meeting with hand lettered sign that reads “No to Dear-Dope-a-care” she’s a right-wing domestic terrorist.

The term “war on terror” is out replaced by the banal sounding “Overseas Contingency Operations.” So what do these left-wing loons call it when a nervous congressperson has granny arrested by Dear-Dope-a-corps Domestic Security Cops (see the post two under for a picture of what they will look like) for asking one of the exalted class an embarrassing question – like: “Have you even read this monstrosity?”

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Dear Dope use Truman Show as model

There are a couple of things to worry about. First, Ohio State opens with Navy this weekend and the Middies have a devastating running game utilizing the triple option. The Bucks had better come ready to play.

Now, on to the lesser worry of the day. The Dear Dope has decided that since he can’t get any traction with adults, he’ll address the nation’s school children next week. Hmmm, if ever there was a case for home schooling this would be it. Public schools by and large are a bastion of lock-step liberal thought – or since we are talking libs - no thought.

Ask any Lib and they will tell you, “We are all about diversity.” That is, unless you are talking about diverse ways of thinking in secondary and higher education. Sort of in the same way Libs claim to be all about “choice.” That is unless you are talking about a driving “choice” such as a SUV, the “choice” to own a gun, or a child’s choice of offering a prayer before lunch in the school cafeteria, then the Libs are all “my way or the highway.”

So I don’t think we need the sail-eared Dope interrupting classes to tell the kids anything. Look, to date, the Dear Dope’s presidency has been like the Truman Show 24-7-365. Decent people cannot get away from this creep. Turn on the All-Star game he’s there throwing the first pitch into the dirt 10’ short of the plate and the MSM hail him – “Oh did you see that? He could have been the next Warren Spawn.” Turn on NASCAR, there he is claiming to be a big fan after he called us all bitter clingers. The Dear Dope is even doing a promo for the George Lopez Show that’s scheduled to air Mon-Fri on channel 187 between 2-3 am. The only place that you can get away from this narcissistic creep – for now - is the cooking channel.

I don’t know. Half of me wants to have a one day home school boycott the day the Dear Dope is scheduled to talk. The other half wants me to send young Lex in with the following question:

The Dear Dope has more than 20 unelected, unconfirmed and unaccountable Czars – aka Special Advisors – running various areas of government. By what constitutional authority were these Czars hired and paid? Follow up: From what article and section of the constitution do the Czars draw ANY authority for ANYTHING?

When faced with a tough question – something he never experienced on campus - the Liberal 20 something Social Studies teacher, fresh from the “higher education” Liberal Mind Meld, will issue one of the required 3 times daily doses of Riddilan and encourage everyone to take a nap.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

In Dear Dope's world, New Balck Panther good, CIA bad

Posted by PicasaIn perhaps the best news ever, Justice Department political appointees overruled career lawyers and ended a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense of wielding a nightstick and intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place last Election Day. Well there you have it finally some of that racial reconciliation the Dear Dope had promised. Click on the picture for a link to a video of these Community Organizers in action.

Lex that’s old news. It happened months ago. Yes and so did the CIA’s use of Justice Dep approved enhanced interrogation methods against al Qaeda. But it seem now that the Dear Dope’s Justice Department isn’t wasting it’s time prosecuting thugs at polling places, it now has time to resurrect a years old investigation into CIA conduct that had already been reviewed by career people at justice ending – supposedly – with people involved in inappropriate conduct being dealt with.

That’s not good enough for the Dear Dope who coincidently says he has nothing to with the investigation. NOTE TO DEAR DOPE: It’s your administration idiot and YOU are the chief law enforcement officer in the country. There’s that separations of power bit in what’s left our constitution. Congress makes law, the judiciary interprets the law and the executive (That’s you knucklehead) enforces the law. So you sound and look like an idiot – which can mostly be attributed to the fact that you are an idiot – when you pretend that you are nothing more than a disinterested third party in this and the whole thing was Holder’s idea. Particularly when you LIED when you said that there would be no looking back into CIA actions immediately following 9-11.

In the Dear Dumb@$$es world, if you’re a thug wearing para-military garb threatening granny with a club when she come to vote, that’s OK. Particularly when the thugs are black and granny is white. Granny is basically getting what she deserves. But if you’re a terrorist who blew up 3,000 or as the Dear Dumb@$$ prefers, a man made disasterist, and a CIA agent bring a drill into the room – doesn’t use it mind you, well we can’t have that. Well we cannot have that. We must prosecute the bastard – the CIA agent that is not the man made diasterist.

This is the upside down, backward thinking world of the Dear Dope.