Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Victimhood is the new racism

Well, well, well what are you called when someone takes you in from a violent $h!thole of a country, feeds you, educates you, clothes and houses you?  Lucky?  No.  Thankful?  No.  Hopeful?  No.  Let’s just stop these ignorant racist guesses.  You are a victim of that country’s history of racism, sexism, Islamophobia and repression.  You’d have been so much better off eating dirt and living in a cardboard box in Somalia than living in America.

In a spectacular example of the old adage, no good deed goes unpunished, an Islamo-Terror-Fascist refugee from Somalia was brought into this country from his African $h!thole of a country and has basically been living off the taxpayer’s dime ever since.  So like so many freeloaders living off the US government’s generosity and goodwill, when someone brings you in from the cold feeds you and otherwise meets every one of the requirements that form the base of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the last thing you’d ever do is say, “Thank you.” 

Instead, being a lowbrow ingrate, you spit their face and bitch to them because they are not providing enough.  You ask why they force you to lag behind the neighbor’s living standards.  Because your benefactor will not contribute enough to let you live better than the people footing your bills, it is unfair and clear evidence of their racism, sexism, Islamophobia and repression.  All of that goodwill from the country that took you in should not make you thankful.  No.  Your good fortune clearly makes you a victim.

The plain truth is, contrary to what Black Thugs Matter would have us believe, racial attitudes have changed remarkably in this country.  Had it not been for the racist in the White House, we’d be even further down the road.  I know this because I talk to young Lex.  For the Dopes, who have made a living/business off of stoking racial divide, this is very bad news.  Something has to take the place of real racism.  Victimhood is that something.  So everyone is a victim of something, and it is government’s job to address the victims’ grievances.  Large swathes of the pampered and privileged snowflakes on campus – like every person in the world - see themselves somehow as victims of some perceived slight.  Only in 2016 America is expecting people to use the bathroom that corresponds to their God give plumbing allow the male perverts who insist on using the women’s room to claim “victim” status. 

So it’s just like the LGBTQILHOIGFUDFGXNCBVN community who insist that science and biology have nothing what-so-ever to with their gender or sexuality, victimhood is totally dependent on how an individual feels at any particular moment.  Which is fine until it becomes society’s and government’s responsibility to make amends for every one of their insignificant gripes.

As George Washington used to say, F ‘em all.  No.  GW didn’t use to always say that.  Now the burden of these few words every morning is making feel a bit put out.  I have to petition government to make America read the rants of an idiot who insists on putting his idiocy on the Interweb 5 days a week.  I have put my heart and soul into this page and have yet to make a dime off of it.  I’ve labored mightily.  Why do Breitbart and Drudge get all of the clicks?  It is not fair.  I’m a victim of Breitbart and Drudge’s awesome web pages.  As a victim, it’s time for the government to pay up.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's the Supreme Court stupid

Secretary of State
I was a big Romney supporter in 2012.  I am not anymore.  I’m pretty sure Romney did everything in his power to torpedo Trump’s run for the Oval Office.  Mitt was an early, ardent and perhaps the most outspoken in the nastiest way possible #NeverTrumper. Given the only realistic alternative to Trump – Shrillda the Hutt, that’s unforgivable.

I’m no Lincoln.  Were I elected the most powerful man in the world, I would relegated the Mittster to the dustbin of history if his efforts had been directed at me.  But maybe Trump is channeling Lincoln who advanced Union generals Hooker and McClellan despite their disloyalty to him, the nation and the army.  Lincoln’s only concern for choosing generals was his estimation in their ability to take the fight to the South.

We are told by all of the talking heads that the appointment of Romney to SecState would be a slap in the face to his base.  Uh, no it won’t.  Trump did not win based on his promise to appoint rock ribbed early Trump supporter to SecState. 

My personal choice for SecState would be the no nonsense former UN Secretary John Bolton.  He is eminently qualified and has the additional resume enhancer of being hated by lefty Libs and Rat establishment Republicans alike.  You might recall ReR wimp George Voinavich RIP cried when speaking against Bolton in the US Senate after his nomination for the UN position.  Like Steve Bannon, Bolton aggravates all of the right people.  That’s good enough for me.

Not so for longtime Trump supporter and the guy who got Trump’s rise right from the start – Karl Rove.  No wait.  Rove was pretty much a #NeverTrumper from the start as well.  AND, and, and being wrong 10,000 times in the last 18 months about the President-Elect should never ever under any circumstances deter one from continuing to pontificate about how Trump is hurting himself.

Rove isn’t happy with the infighting among staff members over his SecState pick.  Rove says it makes Trump look weak.  Now if all of the Trump staffers were in lockstep with The Donald, Rove would worry that Trump had populated his staff with a bunch of boot-licking sycophants that make the President-Elect look weak.  Trump steamrolled these azzweasels by the score on his march to the White House.  He should not start taking their counsel now.
Like The Donald’s habit of tweeting, which drives Mrs. Lex nuts, maybe the guy who threaded 10,000 needles, smashed through the Demo-Dopes vaunted “blue wall” in the rust belt, expanded the GOP, garnered more votes in the primary than any Republican ever, got more Mino votes in the general than McCain and Romney on his way to Electoral College landslide knows what he’s doing.    

I’d be surprised if Mitt gets the nod.  I won’t jump off the Trump tiger if he does.  Romney might do a bang up job.  What’s most important to me, what drove my support for Trump, is Trump’s Supreme Court nomination(s).  That’s the prize.  That’s the salvation of the constitution and the country.  In 6 months 2/3rds of American won’t even know who the SecState is.

30-40 teens loot gas station
Yup.  Profiled it.  No problem.

Somali Muslim refugee runs over stabs students at The OSU; motive remains unknown
After ISIS suggests that its supporters spontaneously run over and stab Americans, a Muslim dirt bag at The OSU does exactly that.  Chief Clancy Wiggum heading up the investigation is dumbfounded as to the motive for the senseless campus violence.  Wiggum said, “We just don’t know.  He’s a practitioner of the ‘religion of peace’ so that can’t be it.  I tell ya Lou, this one is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.  We may never know the answer.  My biggest worry now is a backlash against peace loving Muslims.”

Monday, November 28, 2016

A weekend to remember

 What a great weekend!  We traveled to VA.  We had a great Thanksgiving dinner shared with great young people – graduates from the Naval and Military Academies gathered for a joint wedding.  Friday, before the wedding, the news broke that a ruthless murdering dictator – Fidel Castro – had assumed room temperature and then was sent to his eternal resting place in a much warmer place - hell.  Then we celebrated the wedding of two truly remarkable people - a Navy ensign to an Army 2nd Lieutenant.  Then we learned that Sirus radio was running a free weekend special.  That’s important because that deal from Sirus allowed us to listen, unencumbered by the vagaries of radio waves while traveling, to The Game: The OSU V. Meatchicken won in double overtime by The OSU.

First, the wedding, attended by a score so recent graduates from the USNA and USMA, allowed me to regain a bit of confidence in the trajectory of the US military.  The bad thing is that these particular young people are about 20 years away from pulling the levers of power in the Pentagon.

Next, Castro.  Good riddance to that POS.  Lefty Libs – including Dope Homer - are of course in deep mourning at the passing of one of their fellow like-minded commie bastard travelers.  These idiots justify the murder of thousands and the suffering of tens thousands more in Cuba over nearly 50 years of ruthless cruel commie rule by citing  that Castro improved the schools and healthcare system in Cuba. 

First of all, it’s total BS.  It isn’t true.  What great discoveries have originated from Cuba in last 50 years to lead anyone but a brain-dead lefty Lib to think that the Cuban education system is a model for the world?  When Castro fell ill, did he take advantage of the Cuban healthcare system?  No they brought n doctors from the west to treat him.  So if the guy who created the system wants nothing to do with it, how good can it be?  It’s like our own Caligula, D.C. azzwipes exempting themselves from the RobertsCare BS they foisted on the rest of us.  So dolts who make this ridiculous claim need to be asked, “How many thousands of people would you be willing to kill to get your kid into a college or hospital?” 

Last, The OSU’s win over Ichigan.   I’d pretty much tuned out of sports.  In fact, this year I’d guess I’d followed Indiana football - which was minimal - more closely than The OSU.  Being trapped in a car for hours on end required my undivided attention to The Game.  It was frustrating for 3 quarters of the game, but The OSU remained within striking distance, although it was difficult to imagine how The OSU was going to be able to penetrate the Ichigan defense.  Then suddenly The OSU’s offense began getting 1st downs and drove for 2 field goal attempts, making one at the end of regulation to send the game into OT.  In OT Ichigan couldn’t stop The OSU offense.

Now here’s the thing, Ichigan coach Jimmy the bitter Harbaugh is a big Shrillda the Hutt supporter.  He also allowed players to take knee during the national anthem.  So it was kinda nice to see Jimmy the bitter getting his face rubbed into a steaming pile of dog $h!t on the 50 yard line of “the Shoe” by Urban Meyer.

Like Dopes everywhere, Jimmy the bitter is unable to accept reality – you lost.  While the Dopes are challenging the voting results in the rust belt, Jimmy the bitter is bitterly disappointed in the officiating of The Game.  I didn’t see the game.  Jimmy the bitter’s complaint is that JT Barrett failed to make the line to gain on a 4th and one in the 2nd OT.  The play was reviewed and allowed to stand so I thought, well that’s that.  Not for Jimmy the bitter.  In his post-game comments, instead of heaping praise on his players and the opponent, Jimmy the bitter whined about the officiating incessantly, reiterating 10,000 times how “bitterly disappointed” he was with the officiating. 

Here’s the 4th and one play.  Here’s what I see.  The ball is in Barrett’s right hand and appears to cross the line to gain in the video, but either way it is close enough not to get too upset with the call either way.  Coach Locke – no friend to referees - would always tell us, “The refs will never lose a game for you.”  The implication is that no matter the calls, the outcome of the game rests on the team.  Calls go both ways, and if they don’t even out in a single game, they even out over the year.  Deal with it.   

So while Jimmy the bitter whined about the officiating, no one asked him how the refs caused the 3 Ichigan turnovers that led to 14 The OSU points.  No one asked him how the refs effected Ichigan’s inability to stop Curtis Samuel’s 15 yard game winning dash on the play after the disputed play.  Jimmy the bitter’s whining may work against him in the recruiting wars.  Who the hell wants to play for a cry baby whiner?

My advice to the Ichigan AD is to get Jimmy the bitter to issue a statement acknowledging the efforts of the players on both teams and move on.  That’s about as likely as the Dopes accepting the outcome of the election. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Generation Snowflake is melting down

One of dad’s favorite sayings when he saw a youngster struggle to, oh say, shovel snow off of the side walk or get out of bed to go to school or remember to take the garbage to the curb on trash night or lift the 300 pound suitcase from the trunk of the car or something of that nature was, “Geez, I hope we never have to fight another Battle of the Bulge.  You guys will never make it.”  The implication of course was that if we youngsters were struggling with these menial tasks, how could we ever hold up when the going got really tough?  Ah, nothing like a good old fashion world-wide depression, near starvation on a daily basis and a world war to toughen a guy up.  There were obvious reasons why they became to be known as the “greatest generation.”

Like most things when the old man is ribbing you, you roll your eyes and get on with the task at hand with a bit more vigor. 

Well once the title of “greatest generation” has already been claimed, what is there to aspire to? The nearly great generation.  2nd greatest generation.  The had you been born 40 years earlier, you could have really been somebody generation.  What?   Since all the good names/name for generation(s) have been taken, we call them mundane things like boomers.  Then we just lettered them GenX, GenY or Millennials.  What’s next?  Gen snowflake.

And truly if this bunch had to fight another battle of the bulge, we better start to learn the language and customs of their adversary.  Trump wins the election and universities establish crying rooms, aroma therapy rooms, and safe spaces with crayons, coloring books and Play Doh where these babies in adult bodies can go to lament Shrillda the Hutt’s catastrophic loss.  WTF?  I mean seriously, W-T-F? 

I don’t know who to be more incredulous with, the college for sponsoring such nonsense or the “young adults” who actually show up requiring the therapy. 

Had Shrillda the Hutt won the election, I had a plan that didn’t include a crying room. My plan was to praise the Lord that I was officially part of the counter culture where relentlessly mocking establishment was okay and expected – right up to the point where they tire of the insults and send a harm missile through my front window.  I was looking forward to making fun of the know-nothing, do-nothing, be-nothing buffoons who think global warming is causing the sea levels to rise when the sump pump quits and there’s a foot of water in their basement.

The bottom line is we can take care of ourselves.  They can’t.

So anyhoo turkey day is upon us.  That can mean only one thing.  Big sis will be celebrating another birthday.  So if you happen to see a warm glow over Birmingham, it isn’t the end of times, it isn’t the launch of a Saturn 5 rocket, the sun isn’t exploding, it’s the candles on the cake.  Happy Birthday Sis.  Another year older is better than the alternative.


Trump thumps MSM with first 100 days release

I have no idea how this Trump thing is going to work out.  I do know Trump is not Shrillda the Hutt.  In that regard, Trump’s presidency will be a huge success.  The Ramirez cartoon above captures my sentiment exactly.  My coming out position, to anyone who cares, is that if Trump does nothing other than nominate decent Supreme Court Justices his election will have been worth the gamble.

Now the new Senate minority leader Chuckles Chucky Schumer is indicating that the Dopes will filibuster Trump’s nominee, if in their opinion the nominee is outside the mainstream.  Well, look at the election map.  About 7/8ths of the country is outside the Dope mainstream.  Dopes are vilifying everyone Trump talks to during his transition as a racist.  Jeff Sessions = racist.  Rudy Giuliani = racist.  Steve Bannon = racist.  A trend?  No doubt whomever Trump picks from the list of potential Supreme Court Justices that he published and ran his campaign on will be outside the Dope mainstream.

Republicans could steamroll the Dopes with the nuclear option that - ala Harry the roach Reid - suspends the senate’s filibuster rules.  The more likely option is that 6-7 Dopes that feel threatened in their upcoming mid-term elections – Joe Manchin (WV) for example - will vote to confirm at least the first of Trump’s Supreme Court nominees.  Elections have consequences.  Trump won.  So go big on the first nominee.

The idea that Senate Republicans would grow a spine after Trump’s example of how to beat the Dopes is suspect.  We handed them the House in one off year election and all they did was bitch about not controlling the senate.  We handed them the Senate in the next off year election and all they was bitch about not having the Oval Office.  We’ve handed them the Oval Office – against the wishes of many of them by the way – and even money is now on that the Rat establishment Republican's coming out position when faced with Chucky Schumer’s obstructionism will be, “Well, we need a super majority in the senate to get anything done.”  After all, Trump’s election did not change the fact that the overwhelming majority of congress is made up of self-serving Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzwipes.  They are the swamp creatures that Trump needs to hang out to dry after the swamp is drained.*

*Is the term “drain the swamp” environmentally triggering?  I mean does it not indicate that Trump hates the wetlands?  Maybe the smug self-righteous Hamilton cast can address this outrage from the stage at their next performance.

But I’m sure Trump’s affect will resonate far beyond the Supreme Court.  First, Trump had the MSM to Trump Tower - and according to some reports - read them the riot act.  He reportedly told the truth about CNN and all of the on-air personalities (to call them “reporters” is such a stretch) calling them all liars.  After pointing out the undeniable truth about the MSM, Trump gave them all the middle finger bypassing them – bigly - when he released his 100 day plan and update on his transition plans via YouTube.  Brilliant move on his part.  Call the BS MSM out and then minutes later show them how easy it is for him to sidestep them.   

I’ve always wondered why the GOP played nice with the MSM.  It could not be clearer that the MSM hates their guts.  But the GOP bends over backward to accommodate the MSM’s dismantling of their organization.  The GOP could not even bring themselves to choose the moderators and rules for their own debates.  Instead, they gave the keys to bank to criminals.  Trump won’t play nice with these azzbags.  Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, FNC etc. gives Trump the opportunity to marginalize the big MSM outlets.  He should never sit with them for anything.  Everyone knows they are a rigged wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC.  Trump should treat them as such.  At his first presser, he should ignore them completely and call on reporters outside the MSM until the bigs demonstrate that they capable of honest reporting.   The last two words in that idea are totally foreign to the MSM. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Dopes don't want to know why they lost, they can't handle the truth

Celebs leaving LAX after the election - we wish
As the Dope autopsy on Shrilda the Hutt’s azzwippin’ takes form, the finger pointing and accusations of racist sexism are flying faster than the all of the private aircraft taking off at LAX packing phony celebs who said they’d leave the country if Trump won or, for those who prefer hypocrisy and irony, the ones leaving Davos after talking climate change policy (for the little people) over an arduous three days of cocktail parties with like-minded swells.

Trump - the well-known racist - got a larger percentage of the black and Hispanic vote than Romney or McCain.  But the Dopes cannot hold blacks and Hispanics responsible for Trump’s election, because holding a mino responsible for a disaster real or perceived would, of course, be racist.   When blacks riot, burn and loot Ferguson, Baltimore, Oakland, LA… well pick any city under Dope control for the last 50 years, it’s not the blacks who are rioting who are held responsible for the destruction, rather it’s the police, white privilege, “institutional racism”* etc.  In the mind of the typical Dope, the proximate cause of the damage is never the perp causing the damage.  So blacks and Hispanics who voted for Trump are off the hook…for now.

*If it is “institutional racism”, and the city has been under Dope control for 50 or more years, who institutionalized it?

Here’s another fun fact for the Dopes.  Trump – the well-known misogynist – carried 53% of white women.  Well there’s half a scapegoat for the Dopes.  The “white” part of that description fits in perfectly with the Dope world view – white = bad.  But want to do with “women” part of “white women”?  Hmm.  Shrillda the Hutt’s singular qualification for running for president and the only part of her failed campaign that wasn’t a total BS lie was that she’s a she.  So, what to do with these whitey women who somehow betrayed their lady parts and left the Dope Reservation.

Being women they cannot be racist, sexist, homophobes.  So what happened?  Well for one thing they are sick of helping their kids with common core math with word problems that read like Dope propaganda: 

There are 35 kids in Little Johnny’s class.  That overcrowded classroom was forced on the valiant teacher’s union by nasty Republican who would rather spend money on nuclear bombs to destroy the world than fund our schools.  Of the 35, 32 ½ are LGBTQOUKYJGGH, one-and-a-half identify as god and one is a camo clad white supremist who plays football, has been seen using a finger gun on the playground, says “God bless” when someone sneezes and eats meat.  When the white supremist brings one of his dad’s 100 or so AR military type weapons of mass destruction to school and kills 23 of Little Johnny’s classmates, how many kids will the lunch ladies have to prepare one of Moochelle’s wonderful meatless tofu and gruel meals for Little Johnny’s class?   If you are within 5 ¾ you will receive full credit.  Counselors are available if this problem has traumatized you.

The problem has to be with the white working class men.  But, they voted for The Empty Suit…twice in PA, MI, OH and WI.  So what caused them to go from enlightened globalist pawns to racists knuckle dragging idiots in 8 years?  The easy answer is TES happened.  The other easy answer is the Hutt who ran on nothing other than being a lying thieving woman. 

So the proximate cause of the Dope azzwippin’ will go unidentified.  The swells in the party will identify the cause as not enough celebrity endorsements, the MSM wasn’t fully in the tank and the party didn’t label the correct percentage of Trump supporters as deplorables.  Their answer will be to become more vile, more anti-American, more open borders, less fair trade, look further down their noses at the working class.  Nothing says we couldn’t be more out of touch than putting a raging anti-Semite – Keith Ellison - in charge of the DNC.   

When Trump asked that the cast apologize for hectoring the VP after Friday’s performance on B’way, the cry baby, safe zone snowflakes claimed that Trump was against free speech.  No.  He’s against rude boorish behavior – that isn’t his own. 

And it’s not just rude.  It’s also cowardly to take a cheap personal shot at someone from the stage where the target has no chance to respond.   The actor is a coward and a punk.  WOW!  Alert the MSM.  Actor turns out to be cowardly punk!  What were the chances?

The DNC will bring in more of these narcissistic clueless a-holes that helped them to lose the last election.  Keep bashing your head against that wall DNC harder and faster. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Trump is one in a million - maybe 2

What were the chances 18 months ago that Donald Trump would be able to thread the 10,000 or so needles that needed to be threaded to win the election?  What other candidate could have done it?  When Trump's path to victory is considered, Trump's election truly was a one in a million shot.

I had discussion with a friend not long ago.  My friend made the point that any of the other Republican candidates would have beaten the Hutt by 6 percentage points.  I accepted that premise then, but upon further review, I am not so sure.  Unless the Republican candidate took Lex’s advice and rode the Trump tiger, that candidate might well have gone down to a Romneyesque defeat.  Aside from Rand Paul and Carley Fiorina I cannot see where any of the other candidates could expand the electoral map a la DJT. 

Rand Paul would have gone after the millennial and mino vote and probably would have been successful by typical Republican standards.  Fiorina was probably the best candidates blunt the Hutt’s singular qualification for office – being a woman.   Other than that, what would any of the Republican primary candidates have brought to table?  They would have been embarrassed to go after white working class voters for fear of being called a racist.  They would have backtracked on Trump signature issue – immigration.  They never ever would have gone after the media the way Trump did.  They never would have sustained the campaign schedule trump did.  They never could have generated the everyman support that Trump did.  At the first attack from the MSM, the average Rat establishment Candidate would have spent the remainder of the campaign apologizing for whatever racist, sexist, homophobic lie the MSM made up about them.

Trump would just tweet out, “Failing NY Times Lying.  Ads down. Circulation down. Lies up. So unfair.”  So the Times would be forced to cover DJT’s reaction to their story which generate another tweet from DJT and the loop would continue of the lying MSM reporting on DJT’s reaction to their lopsided unfavorable coverage.  That resulted in 100s of millions of dollars of unpaid ads for Trump.  The normal GOP campaign plan calls for tit for tat TV and radio ads.  The Hutt out spent Trump 3 to 1 and lost.  What Republican candidate would have opted for a relentless schedule of rallies with the masses instead of a half schedule of cushy fund raisers with the swells?

What Republican candidate would have invited those masses on stage with him and turned the mic over to them to say a few words?  Trump – the supposed ego maniac - would see people in the crowd and get them up on stage to address the crowd with him.  Who does that?

Now consider that Trump won four states by a total of about 100,000 votes.  When the usual Dope voter fraud is factored in, it wasn’t that close, but when dealing with crooked Dope pols, the fraud must be factored in.  So what other Republican candidate could have gone into MI, WI, PA and OH and assured the working class that he would bring the jobs back from Mexico and China?  None would have said such things for fear of being called a racist.  DJT just told the truth and won the election.

Shrillda the Hutt was a horrible candidate.  She is a well-known liar and thief.  But she has the almighty D behind her last name that is good for about a 60 point starting advantage in the Electoral College.  So Reps had to have a candidate that could expand the electoral map.  Upon further review, few – perhaps none – of the Republican candidates had the energy or vision to have done what Donald J. Trump did and in all likelihood would have gone down to the usual Republican 4% loss. 

Avoid being called a racist, call Thaddeus to make your point
I wanted to say what is contained in this video, but I didn’t want to be called a racist.   So I’ll let Thaddeus Alexandermake my point.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Stolen election?

In this piece, MSNBC, who else, links to how the Republicans stole the election by purging 10s of thousands “double voters” from voter rolls. 

Question:  What’s missing in this piece of “investigative reporting”?  Answer: Any investigation into whether or not the “purge list” did in fact contain “double voters” or people who just happen to registered twice irrespective if they actually vote twice and any reporting on voters actually disenfranchised by the purge?  The conclusion to be drawn here is that any purge of a voter list of dead people, people who moved, double voters etc. is nefarious and “double voters” are fine as long as they reliably Dope double voters.  And isn’t it a bit racist to assume that largest majority of the purged double voters are minos?  How do they know?  Well if Jemira d’Andre Dawson’s name is struck from four different voter rolls in Philly, what else are we to assume?  Well how about this – people move.  Voting locations change, mine has changed three times in 5 years.  I don’t know if my name remains on the roll at the old location or not.  If it does and it’s purged, I don’t care and it certainly isn’t racist if it is.

Dopes always protest against states requiring voter ID, removing dead people from voter rolls and purging voter rolls of voters who have long since left the areas.  Why?  It interferes with their voter fraud operations.  Now splain this Lucy, why are lefty Libs always advocating issuing IDs to illegal aliens in the name of making the “streets safe”, but then claim that requiring an ID to vote is too much of a burden on minos?  Illegal alien IDs = no problem.  IDs for American minos = undue burden.  Weird huh?

ASIDE:  And talk about weird, the lapdog MSM that slept through RobertsCare, fast and furious, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, rise of the JV (AKA ISIS), the DNC fixed primary, the dripping of an email scandal that lives today, the Clinton Crime Family’s pay to play get rich quick scheme, etc. etc. is throwing a fit because DJT dumped them to have dinner with his family.  After 8 years of incompetence by The Empty Suit and his minions, the MSM has finally found something to get unhinged – bigly - over.  Listening to these pompous losers talk about an “independent” press’ need to have 24-7 access to the President-elect in order to speak truth to power is an absolute joke.  We read WikiLeaks.  We know the press is in the tank for the Demo-Does lock stock and barrel.  DJT should hire Sean Hannity to accompany him wherever he goes.  Then tell the press, “There.  I’ve hired my own ‘independent press pool’ just like the Demo-Dopes.  Problem solved.”

In a post under, the real scandal in this election is that hook upon which the lefty libs are hanging their protest hat - the popular vote - was stolen for the Hutt by 3 million illegal aliens who voted.  Anyone want to wager which party gets the lion’s share of the illegal alien vote.  While we’re at it, the Hutt won VA by 60,000 votes. How many felons did Gov. Terry McAuliffe pardon just prior to the election?  He pardoned about 60,000.  Anyone want to wager which party gets the lion’s share of the felon vote?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

School kids forced out of school to protest Trump

Kids in the blue strongholds are being told to leave school and protest the election of Donald Trump.  Given the uproar from ignoramuses who populate much of the Dope Party now crying about the Electoral College AFTER the election, that time it seems would be better spent with lessons on the constitution and civics. 

Notice how none of the Dopes bitch about the EC before any of the votes are cast.  If the EC is a disadvantage to any party, it is a disadvantage to Republicans.  Dope nominee essentially starts with 217 solidly blue EC votes.  When historically “leaning” Dope states, like IA, PA and NV are figured in, the number swells to 249 of the 270 EC votes needed to win the presidency.  When the same math is applied to the Republican side, the number of solidly or reliably leaning EC votes is 191.  If you landed from Mars and looked at those numbers, given the math, who would the Martian smart money be on for which side would be bitching about the EC?

Because they have a healthy baked in advantage in the system, Dopes never bitch about the EC before the election, but like the spoiled brats that they are largely composed of, the Dopes now are complaining about the rules that have been in effect since 1788.

If the Dopes really want to know why they lost the election, they should ignore their advantage in the EC.  They really need look no further than their own corrupt party.  Any half honest Dope politician should have been able to beat Trump by 6-7 points.  The Dopes insisted on nominating a totally corrupt, dishonest, unlikable, untrustworthy and tired candidate because it was that candidate’s turn and that candidate by the happenstance of birth had two X chromosomes.  The EC had much less to do with Shrillda the Hutt’s final (I hope) demise than her own corruption and 30 year record of being a totally dishonest and deeply flawed candidate.

Once they sober up, it’s unlikely that the Dopes will continue their call for the end of the EC that gives them such an advantage in presidential politics.   

No doubt, after running the kids out of school for a couple of days (HA! Just when you thought I’d lost my place, I got back to it.), the teachers’ union teachers encouraging this kind of stupidity will be protesting the limited amount of time in the school year that they have to get their job done and demanding a pay raise for their arduous 9 month with 12 paid holidays job.  No.  I do not think teaching is an easy job.  I tried it.  I couldn’t do it.  My main problem was that about 10% of the snowflakes were azzbags and their parents and the school administration were happy to let them disrupt the classroom.  So before I wound up in jail, I bowed out.

Aside:  I have to say, given the people who do not like him, Steve Bannon must be a great guy.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

But, but, but the Hutt won the popular vote

Here’s the perfect answer to the post-election lefty lib mantra “Shrillda The Hutt won the popular vote” non sequitur.  Winning the popular vote is like having the most first downs in a football game.  It’s nice, but it does not determine the victor.

The election was determined by the rules set out in the US Constitution.  As a good percentage of the perpetually outraged alt left are anti-American and anti-constitutional - in that they claim it’s a living and breathing document - that fact alone may explain why the lefty Libs are outraged. 

Trump played by the same set of rules every presidential election has been played under since 1788.  Wednesday after the election the left is crying foul, taking to the streets to destroy their own lefty liberal strongholds.

There are many reasons why the states actually elect the president through the Electoral College (EC).  The EC ensures that every president isn’t a native of large and popular states like NY or CA.  It lets diverse (the holy grail of lefty libs until it works against them) states vote their own interests.  It ensures that a fractured vote among 5 or 6 candidates does not result in the election of a fringe candidate as president.  It is a final safeguard against a tyrant rising to power.  Blah, blah, blah.  Bottom line: Those were the rules that game started under.  Now the lefty Libs don’t like the results and want to throw the playing board across the floor.  

There are even those on the looney lefty Lib calling for revolution, secession of certain states, violence etc.  Well the lefty Libs ought to consider these few things before getting too carried away.  A quick look at the county by county voting chart here makes it clear 98% of the country’s food production is in the red.  A large percentage of America’s energy resources are in the red areas.  A large percentage of guns and an even larger percentage of people who likely know how to use them are in the red areas.  It may be a better idea for the looney lefty Libs to continue to destroy tier own strongholds than to try to move the violence into the red areas. 

The blue areas do have the advantage of already being organized into feral, well-armed and violent units that law enforcement refers to as gangs.   The big disadvantage is getting them to move into a red area.  As there is nothing to easily loot, it’s a tough sell.  Better and easier to stay put and loot, burn and smash up the blue strongholds while railing against the red areas of America.  Sure it’s weird.  But that’s what it is.

It’s also a good reason to check your ammo supply.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Dumping RobertsCare, big money pols, joy and Trump's picks

In the post under, there’s a link to a LA Times article that describes the difficulty in repealing RobertsCare.  The first hurdle is getting 60 votes for repeal in the senate.  That’s not much of a hurdle if the legislation is included in a budget bill that, by senate rules, only requires a simple majority.

But let’s say that, as always, Republicans refuse to play hardball with the Dopes.  In that case Trump should repeal all of The Empty Suit’s waivers to Robertscare and use the bully pulpit of the presidency to insist that congress live under the exact same RobertsCare BS that they have foisted onto the American people.  He could even go so far as to calling the system – get this – rigged if they don’t and see how fast Dopes clime on the repeal and replace band wagon before the mid-term election.

Someone once pointed out that the best way to get rid of a bad/stupid law is to vigorously enforce it.  Once all of TES’s waivers are stripped out and the azzweasel Caligula, D.C. ruling class is subject to the exact same rules they legislate against us, they won’t be able to dump their BS RobertsCare work fast enough.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea for the new congress to pass a rule that demands congress will no longer be able to exempt themselves from the BS laws they burden the American people with. 

Note:  Lex calls it RobertsCare because SCCJ John Roberts had a chance to drive a stake into the heart the unconstitutional BS bill instead he legislated from the bench to call the penalty for not signing up a "tax".  From that day the ACA went from TESCare to RobertsCare.

Dope refrain: Get the big money out of politics
I wonder how many of those sore losers rioting/protesting across America railed against the Citizens United decision to the “get the big money out of politics”?  My guess is that, since TES and Shrillda the Hutt were both against that ruling, that about 100% of rioter/protesters also believe that big money is tainting US politics.
Well then, how do they reconcile this?  It’s their own candidate who went after the big, big political money not the guy who they are rioting/protesting against.  That’s right Shrillda the Hutt outspent Trump 3 to 1.  Just add that disadvantage to the score or so other disadvantages Trump overcame in his remarkable march to the White House.

So in true Caligula, D.C. fashion we have the party railing against big money in politics raking it in as fast as they can hand over fist.  Given that the same party is run and ruled the biggest bunch of hypocrites in history, this should come as no surprise.

Joy in the sufferings of the smug elite political class
There is a German word for taking joy in the suffering of others - Bill Gates suggests this spelling for – schadenfreude.   I’ve watched this several times it gets better every time.  As the music builds, the end is perfect. 

Trump/GOP leadership
I don’t really care if Pauly Walnuts remains Speaker of the House as long he’s not an impediment to the things Trump campaigned on and needs to get done.  Better not to fracture the party when there is a golden opportunity to stop and perhaps even reverse the madness visited upon this country by Dopes.  The same goes for Rince Prebius as Trump’s COS.  I cannot get worked up about any of that.

What I care about is getting his Supreme Court nomination through, securing the border, passing tax reform and getting the military on firm footing.   Trump needs to go in using a shotgun not a one shot, one kill mentality.  Flood the zone with so many initiatives that the MSM and the Dopes (actually one in the same) are soiling themselves several times a day.  If Chuckels Schumer isn’t rushing to cameras to hold 5 press conference a day to whine about what Trump is doing, Trump isn’t moving fast enough in my opinion.

I do think keeping Bannon in a key spot will cause much hyperventilation on the left, which is good enough reason to keep him in a key position.  Everyone on the left is calling Bannon a “white nationalist”.  I don’t know why that’s a bad thing.   He’s white.  He wants to put America first.  The first is a happenstance of nature totally out his control.  The other is exactly what Trump campaigned on.  I guess if you’re an America first guy who happens to be white you have been thrown into the Dope’s same basket of deplorables as Bannon.  They never learn.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Will President Trump be able to do something The Empty Suit never did - govern?

The LA Times is predicting repealing and replacing RobertsCare won’t be as easy as DJT thinks.  The crux is that Republicans lack the 60 vote majority for cloture to blow it through the senate.  Well I recall something about budgetary legislation being exempt from the 60 vote rule so the change could be contained in budgetary bill and passed with a simple majority.

I’m not so sure, given the most recent election results, that Demo-Dope are going to be in lock step opposition against something better than the current debacle.  The Dopes are going to have a lot of seats to defend in the 2018 off year election.  I doubt any of them want to be seen as defending the status quo with RobertsCare.

Do not put it past the Rat establishment Republicans in the senate to oppose President Trump on the ground that they do not have 60 votes for cloture.  These are the people DJT warned us about.  They ARE the swamp that DJT told us needs draining.

Cloture is not the sticky part of rpealing RobertsCare.  The sticky part is dealing with the 20 million insured under RobertsCare with your money.  DJT has said that he intends to block grant money back to the states and let the states care their uninsured.  That seems to be a reasonable approach.  It’s certainly no worse than the current set that has premiums skyrocketing and deductibles going through the roof.

The bottom line is that, like RobertsCare had mothing but Dope fingerprints on it, whatever replaces RobertsCare willbe wholey owned by the Republicans, so it needs to work.  

Rioters continue to defecate on their own lefty Lib doorstep  
I suppose the rioters could wise up and march in the red areas of America, but do you seriously suppose that people who reportedly cannot figure out how to get an ID are going to able to figure out where the red areas are and how to get there?

When they arrive they may find out that inhabitants of these are necessarily going to sit on their azzes willing to be victims.  The Empty Suit has been the best gun salesman in the history of gun sales.  A lot of those guns are in the red areas America. 

It’s nuts.  Such lawlessness is one reason DJT won.  So the college brats quit classes, demand safe spaces and assault Trump votes and again prove the point of the DJT movement.  So keep it up so we can expand the movement and withhold federal funds from these bastions of the looney left.
Good news! Smug MSM outed by smug MSM
Here and Here

Bad news.  Smug MSM will learn absolutely nothing from smug MSM

Love Trumps Hate; well not so much
Trump supporter beaten for being a Trump supporter in - where else - Chicago.

Trump already wining on NAFTA

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dopes do not accept the results of the election, no comment from MSM

Upon review this is kind of a mashed up post, i.e, what you have come to expect on this page, but particularly bad in this case.  I do not have time to mess with it.  Ignore the topic changes without any transition or logic or reason and enjoy.

The lefty Libs went into near hysteria, clutched their pearls, grabbed a powder and headed for the fainting couch when, at the last debate, Donald Trump refused to state unequivocally that he’d accept the election results irrespective of how broadly Demo-Dope cheating was exposed.  Now in their latest display of hypocrisy before the nation, the Demo-Dopes have taken to the streets to protest the results of an election whose results they cannot fathom because they do not know a single person who voted for Trump. 

In typical lefty Lib fashion, they shoot themselves in their own foot first. The protests disrupt areas that have been run by the Dopes for decades and widely supported Shrillda the Hutt.  So traffic in Dope strongholds of Chicago, NYC, Philly, Oakland and LA are a mess.  Using the same logic, I’m going to protest The Empty Suit by defecating on m y own door step.  That’ll show him!

The lefty Lib psyche it is seems is about as rugged as a soap bubble.  It rarely survives first contact.  I guess in that regard they are a lot like the French army.  So safe spaces are being established on campus for likeminded snowflakes to gather and console each other in a place where reality is not permitted as it may “trigger” a negative feeling.  This social BS on campus is like a NASCAR race in that it all only goes in one direction – to the left.   Try establishing a safe space on campus to discuss the evil of abortion or carrying a .38 revolver verses a .380 auto for concealed carry and see what happens.

I wonder if any of these snowflakes have ever considered what it must be like to be a conservative on campus.  You talk about an outlier.  If the election proves one thing conservatives are the most under represented people in faculty lounge, on the student newspaper, student government etc. etc.  What steps, I wonder, are universities taking to correct that discrimination?  Are there going to be affirmative action hiring practices for conservative.  Nope.  Remember, everything goes in only one direction with these azzweasels.         

The meme from these lefty Lib snowflake azzbags protesting the election is that Trump is the racist, homophobe, sexist, bigot.  This for guy who had the first woman campaign manager ever to win a national election, had a woman of color as his national spokesperson and of course the beloved by Omerosa as his Director of African American Outreach.  

Now I do not know if he hired any homosexuals A) Because unlike the lefty Libs, I don’t care what a person’s sexual preference is and B) Unlike the lefty Libs who all seem to have finely tuned gaydars, I cannot tell by looking at a person if they are homosexual or what their religious affiliation might be or how they like their eggs for that matter.  More importantly, unlike the lefty Libs, I’m not keeping a score card and don’t really care anymore about it with Trump than I care about that kind of stuff about the person who hands me food at the drive through.   As friend mine use to say, “Just do your J-O-B.”

So what if Trump didn’t hire every aggrieved social group in line with their representation in the general population?  GWB, you might recall, had the most diverse cabinet in history.  What did it get him?  Nothing.  Those coming into work for GWB were labeled Aunt Jemimas, Uncle Toms, house n*ggers, lawn jockeys etc. by the tolerant lefty Libs.  It is a hell if you do, hell if you don’t proposition for non-Dope pols, so you might as well just hire the best people and get on with it.  Donald Trump seems to be very good at hiring the best people.

This election proves that it’s the Republicans who will stand for the blue collar little guy while Demo-Dopes have become the party of the big money donors.  Check out Michael Moore in the link in the post under if you do not believe me.  I do not know when this shift occurred.  Wall St. big money, the Chamber of Commerce, hedge funds, union bosses, silicone valley are all key Dope constituencies along with the Hollywood glitterati and felons.

As unlikely as it seems, the blue collar billionaire – DJT – has tapped into the working class for the Republican party and if the Republican don’t eff it up again with thier petty BS they will be able to keep the rust belt for a while.  Looking at the election results, Dopes think white working class people voting their interests is racists.  Also, for the Dopes offering a minority a free cell phone and a government handout is compassion.  Offering them an education and a job is racist. 

Hey I think I might have swerved into something profound there.