Wednesday, November 09, 2016

We’re saved, for now

Okay, I’m pretty wiped out.  I continued my self-imposed ban on cable tv and network news last night and followed the election results on Drudge.  As a result I knew well ahead of Mrs. Lex – who followed the returns on TV - that Trump was looking pretty good and on the way to his improbable win. 

I lifted my cable and network news ban at about 11:30pm when, after winning FL, NC and OH (big), Drudge and the NY Times showed Trump projected to win WI, MI, and PA.  I turned it on mainly to see what was going on at MSNC.  It was funny and pathetic.  It’s clear there will be no honeymoon for Trump with this crowd.  The voice of sanity, oddly, was Chris Matthews. 

On Fox, Karl Rove credited Pauly Walnuts with carrying WI for Trump.  Total BS.  No one at Fox had the presence of mind to say what I was shouting, “WALNUTS COULDN’T CARRY WI FOR HIMSELF AND MITT ROMNEY.  NOW HE GETS CREDIT FOR CARYING IT FOR TRUMP!??  BS!!!!!”  There is only one guy to credit – or blame – for any of this – President-elect Donald J. Trump.

The pundits STILL DO NOT GET IT.  Even in the end the pundits were advising Trump not to speak to his campaign crowd until this morning.  They were in shock when Trump showed up the campaign HQ to rally the crowd.  Someone at Fox put it best when they said, “just like during the campaign, he’s not letting her dictate what he will do”.  Then not 20 minutes later, PA fell into the Trump column, Shrillda the Hutt conceded and once again the Donald’s instincts were spot on. 

As with the Brexit, markets are plummeting.  When stocks tanked after Brexit, I recall Trump, who was opening a golf course in Scotland, saying it was a good time for people to buy.  When the bottom fell out of the Euro, Trump’s reaction was that it’d be a great time for Americans to come stay at his resort and play a round of golf.  The media, who whined that Trump’s temperament was unsuited to be president, was in shock that Trump would be so calm and point to the silver lining in the market drop.  A month later the markets corrected and regained lost ground and were on the rise again.  Trump’s instincts were spot on…again.  So I’d buy into this market drop and come out on the other side smelling like new money.

To the Rat establishment Republicans, Demo-Dope establishment, MSM azzweasels, Hollywood swells, entertainment boot lickers and globalist everywhere, FU!!  It worth listening to Michael Moore one more time tell the world that the election of Donald J. Trump would be the biggest FU to the elite of the world in history.  Hat tip to AF bro who ID’d Moore in this clip.  Because it made sense, I couldn’t quite come to grips with the fact that it was coming from Moore. 

Now for all of the glitterati who threatened to leave the USA if Donald Trump won, GET THE *UCK OUT.  SERIOUSLY, GET THE *UCK OUT.  I’m sure trump won’t take that vindictive point of view, but I am sick of these d-bags. 

For Shrillda the Hutt:  I wouldn’t “lock her up”, but I’d keep my pledge to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the investigation of the Hutt and lay their finding bare before the people.  I'd go after the Clinton Crime Family Foundation hard.  When you've got the enemy on the run, press your advantage.

No doubt this morning the Dopes are now prepping for Chelsea Clinton’s 2020 run and Rat establishment Republicans are trying to decide which Bush should challenge Trump in the Republican primary.

I have to take credit for the win.  I sent in an Election Day donation to the Trump campaign to push them over the top.   I got an e-mail saying that Mr. Trump would be looking at a list of Election Day donations, so kicked in another $5 hoping the Trump would see my name and give me a shout out.  I waited for him to recognize me in his victory speech last night, but he must have accidentally skipped that line on the teleprompter.  No doubt I’ll be getting a call today.  That now makes $205 I’ve donated to the NY billionaire.  It’s still weird to me to put it that way.  So, for now, it’s the best $205 I have ever spent.

For my part all flags at the compound will be flying high until inauguration day.  The wind out of the south here is hard on flags at this time of the year.  Oh and don’t even try an e-mail phishing scheme today saying Donald Trump has a million dollars for me if I can just send him $1,000 for legal fees.  Unless it’s signed by Trump himself, I won’t be falling for that.

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