Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Carlos Danger still shlonging along and gay men will save the nation

And the Weiner is…
Other than being about Tony Weiner (aka Carlos Danger), the header doesn’t really have anything to do with the article linked to under, but hey that’s enough.  I was doing my best to channel the NY Post’s – The Stroking Gun headline and have failed miserably.  It’s another case of why this stuff is better left to professionals.  But anyway, as is always the case, Mark Steyn nails it here with many and more clever Weiner references.

Peter Theil
I caught Peter Theil doing a live stream from the Press Club when I came up for lunch yesterday.  I know why this guy is very rich.  He’s very smart and can use his intellect to translate his thoughts into easily understood words and ideas. 

Lunch Lex?  He spoke at 10:30.  WTF?  Well I get up early.  Anyway I don’t know why I feel have to justify my dining habits to the deplorable unwashed masses who visit this page. 

Where was I?  Oh yeah, Peter Theil.  He made one very profound statement among many, many profound statements.  He said that the MSM took Trump literally but not seriously while the American people take Trump seriously but not literally.  Meaning that when Trump says he’s going to “ban all Muslims from coming into the country, until we can figure out what the hell is going on” the press go into apoplectic shock.  They take the threat literally and then suppose that Trump is not a serious man because he said it.

American deplorables on the other hand hear that statement and think, finally someone is going to take seriously the threat of Islamo-Terror-Fascists coming into the country to blow us up - even if he doesn’t literally mean he’ll ban every single solitary Muslims from entering the country under any circumstance – at least he gets it. 

Milo strikes BBC
And while we are on the subject of gay guys with powerful intellects that are capable of using that intellect to translate thoughts into easily understood ideas, watch the flamboyant Milo destroy a BBC reporter who tries to conflate Milo’s stand for free speech with being a white nationalist.  Milo’s take on Islam is not at all PC, but it is nonetheless correct.  The clip runs 11:30, but once he gets going, I don’t think you’ll be able to turn away.

So you have two gays trying harder to save the country and Republican Party than all of the Rat establishment Republican cowards scurrying for cover because Donald Trump said something that was not MSM pre-approved.  


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