Thursday, November 03, 2016

A Shrillda the Hutt presidency will be a stain on the nation akin to slavery

There is a stench rolling across the land.  The Dopes, Hollywood swells, sycophants in the entertainment industry and the MSM have been living with the stink for so long that they have become immune to its noxiousness.  They are like those cat ladies you read about from time to time living in a trailer park with 100 cats.  They have been cooped up with the foul smell which is absolutely paralyzing to ordinary people for so long that they are able to eat and sleep and otherwise function normally in the cesspool of filth. 

The stench, the noxiousness, the foul smell and the filth is of course the Clintons.  You’d think a national party would try to distance itself from a rapist and his enablers.  You’d be wrong.  Billbo, Billyboy’s sexcapades – including rape, groping, exposing himself, probably pedophilia and otherwise just being a crude boor, are to this day explained away by the Dope’s salves in the MSM as just about sex and as long as his enablers – Shrillda the Hutt and their no talent off spring - are cool with it who are we to judge?

It’s time for a 100 million dollar ad buy that asks the question Kathleen Willy asked, “What kind of woman stays with a rapist?”  It’s simple.  If the rapist provides you with a path to power and wealth, you stay.  If the rapist’s crimes are going to be largely ignored and even actively covered up by the MSM, why not stick around?

The power hungry money grubbing Clintons have been a stain on this nation’s character for 30 years.  If elected Shrillda the Hutt will become for the American psyche the 21st century equivalent to slavery.  Not slavery in terms of the human suffering, but given her proclivity for making a mess of every foreign policy she touches, who knows how many will suffer and die as a result of her recklessness, but rather in terms of the deep dark mark she will leave on the nation’s soul if she’s successful.  A mark so deep and broad that an entire platoon of Billy Mays’ (RIP) couldn’t get it out with a container ship's load of Oxyclean. 

What kind of people actively support or stand idly by (#NeverTrumpers) and allow this kind of corrupt to the core, lying, conniving, craven, crooked, thieving, megalomaniac ascend to the highest office in their land?   Seriously, could the rank and file fighting under the Confederate Flag have been any more misinformed; could they have any more misplaced their loyalties; could they have any more placed the nation at risk than those who support a woman who could not care less about the security of this nation and those defending it than the latest revelation about Shrillda the Hutt’s e-mail server and the Clinton Crime Family Foundation’s willingness to sell anything this nation has to offer for the right price?

I submit to you that the average Confederate soldier had a lot more honor and well-placed loyalty to both his new country and the Union than the knee jerk Demo-Dope who will pull the lever for a known subversive lying, crook, simply because there is a (D) beside their name or the subversive happens to be a woman subversive.

Whoa, you may have gone too far there Lex.  No.  I don’t think so.  I’m not talking about the cause for which either fights.  I’m talking about the harm to the country and the willingness to go along with that harm.  I’m talking about the potential for America to be embroiled in another civil war as a result of putting a lying crook in office and then that crook using the levers of a corrupt government and MSM to keep the their brain damaged, slug-like azz in power. 

And while The Empty Suit has done his best to minimize and marginalize America’s influence on the world, it is still, “As goes America, so goes the world.”  If America spends the next 2-4-8 years under the thumb of a crook who is under constant investigation and threat of impeachment for crimes willfully committed and of her own doing, where will we be?  Where will the world be?  We will never get the stench of the Clintons off of the nation if we do this, and in that regard it will be like the stench of America’s original sin - slavery. 

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