Thursday, November 17, 2016

Stolen election?

In this piece, MSNBC, who else, links to how the Republicans stole the election by purging 10s of thousands “double voters” from voter rolls. 

Question:  What’s missing in this piece of “investigative reporting”?  Answer: Any investigation into whether or not the “purge list” did in fact contain “double voters” or people who just happen to registered twice irrespective if they actually vote twice and any reporting on voters actually disenfranchised by the purge?  The conclusion to be drawn here is that any purge of a voter list of dead people, people who moved, double voters etc. is nefarious and “double voters” are fine as long as they reliably Dope double voters.  And isn’t it a bit racist to assume that largest majority of the purged double voters are minos?  How do they know?  Well if Jemira d’Andre Dawson’s name is struck from four different voter rolls in Philly, what else are we to assume?  Well how about this – people move.  Voting locations change, mine has changed three times in 5 years.  I don’t know if my name remains on the roll at the old location or not.  If it does and it’s purged, I don’t care and it certainly isn’t racist if it is.

Dopes always protest against states requiring voter ID, removing dead people from voter rolls and purging voter rolls of voters who have long since left the areas.  Why?  It interferes with their voter fraud operations.  Now splain this Lucy, why are lefty Libs always advocating issuing IDs to illegal aliens in the name of making the “streets safe”, but then claim that requiring an ID to vote is too much of a burden on minos?  Illegal alien IDs = no problem.  IDs for American minos = undue burden.  Weird huh?

ASIDE:  And talk about weird, the lapdog MSM that slept through RobertsCare, fast and furious, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, rise of the JV (AKA ISIS), the DNC fixed primary, the dripping of an email scandal that lives today, the Clinton Crime Family’s pay to play get rich quick scheme, etc. etc. is throwing a fit because DJT dumped them to have dinner with his family.  After 8 years of incompetence by The Empty Suit and his minions, the MSM has finally found something to get unhinged – bigly - over.  Listening to these pompous losers talk about an “independent” press’ need to have 24-7 access to the President-elect in order to speak truth to power is an absolute joke.  We read WikiLeaks.  We know the press is in the tank for the Demo-Does lock stock and barrel.  DJT should hire Sean Hannity to accompany him wherever he goes.  Then tell the press, “There.  I’ve hired my own ‘independent press pool’ just like the Demo-Dopes.  Problem solved.”

In a post under, the real scandal in this election is that hook upon which the lefty libs are hanging their protest hat - the popular vote - was stolen for the Hutt by 3 million illegal aliens who voted.  Anyone want to wager which party gets the lion’s share of the illegal alien vote.  While we’re at it, the Hutt won VA by 60,000 votes. How many felons did Gov. Terry McAuliffe pardon just prior to the election?  He pardoned about 60,000.  Anyone want to wager which party gets the lion’s share of the felon vote?

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