Monday, November 07, 2016

Let’s give this one more try: Why #NeverTrump should be #NeverShrillda

The Supreme Court
The self-righteous, preening, “principled” #NeverTrumpers don’t think that the balance in the Supreme Court of the United States for the next two generations is good enough reason to try to stop crooked Shrillda the Hutt from ascending to the highest office in the land.  All the things that they supposedly care about – liberty, abortion, 2nd Amendment rights, free speech, religious freedom, immigration, tax law well just about everything hangs in the balance if the Hutt is able to pack the court with 2-3 looney lefty liberal justices who think that the constitution is a living breathing document that should be interpreted using the latest fads on campus and international law and norms rather than the framers intent.  The Hutt stated in a debate that she believes that the court should be on “little guy’s side” and used to bludgeon “the powerful” - i.e. white men - irrespective of equal justice under the law.  It does not matter to the holier than thou #NeverTrumpers.

Continuation of the imperial presidency
The legislative branch of government under Rat establishment Republican control will be no check to an imperial Shrillda the Hutt presidency, her SCOUS picks, her executive orders to get around congress and the court’s subsequent approval of those orders.  The ReRs have demonstrated that they have no stomach for providing any opposition to the first half black president – for fear of being called racist.  It is unlikely that they have the capability or even the interest in growing as set of manly orbs between this Wednesday and Inauguration Day if the Hutt is elected.  The shift from the MSM will be from calling any opposition to The Empty Suit’s hare-brained agenda a racist to calling them sexist if they oppose the bloated cow’s dangerous anti-American agenda.  #NeverTrumpers could not care less.

Like most Dope pols, Shrillda the Hutt is a crook and everybody knows it
Not only that, she’s the worst kind of political crook.  The Hutt is the kind of political crook whose crookedness is directed at enriching herself.  Richard Nixon’s crookedness and Sandy Burger’s crookedness were directed at saving the presidency.  From Whitewater, to cattle futures, the e-mail server scandal, the firing of the White House travel office personnel etc. etc. etc. etc. are all about Shrillda the Hutt and her rapist grifter old man using their political power to line their own pockets.  These are the most common and base crimes worthy of a drug cartel or Mafia family.  There’s never a higher purpose with Clintons - like to save the presidency or protecting the little guy that they supposedly care so much about.  With the Clintons it’s all about money all of the time, and they have proven they will sell anything – worthless real estate, fixes in the cattle futures market, the White House travel office and American security, influence and access, ANYTHING, not nailed down to enrich themselves.

The Hutt’s private e-mail account on a unsecured server was set up for one reason and one reason ONLY: To allow the Hutt to sell access to the SecState of the USA while laundering the money paid to the Clintons by some of the worst actors in the world through the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.  The server was key to frustrate FOIA requests that would have exposed the Hutt’s get rich quick pay to play scheme. 

In the process of pursuing that enterprise, the Hutt loaded scores of classified documents onto a server that any high schooler intent on breaching could have gained access to.  And that’s just what we know from the crapola that did not get acid washed once the Hutt’s illegal IT arrangements were learned.  Only the Hutt, few of her close aides, the Russians, the Chinese, the N. Koreans, and the Iranians etc. know what was in the 33,000 or so deleted and acid washed e-mails.

The Hutt says that those deleted e-mails contained “yoga routines” (anyone could look at the slob and know that’s a lie), wedding arrangements for her grifter daughter (Oh yes she is.  She took 600K from NBC for 30 seconds of air time work.) and condolence notes to friends.  In the 1,000s of Hutt e-mails since recovered by the FBI and WikiLeaks, what’s the one thing that they have yet to uncover?  That’s right any reference to yoga, a wedding or condolences.  Well those are the things that she claims she deleted.  She also claimed that she never sent or received any classified material on her private account but wa la, on inspection, there it was.  Now, isn’t it a bit odd that when the forensics are complete, the one thing that was supposedly supposed to be on the server does not exist in any meaningful way, but $h!t that the Hutt told us over and over again were not on the server turn out to be on it are there in spades?  No difference to the #NeverTrumpers.   They are part of the grifter Caligula, D.C. ruling class.  They just want to get tier share.

Trump is impeachable, the Hutt is not
As noted above the ReR will have no stomach for holding the Hutt accountable for crimes against the American people.  Hell they will have no stomach for opposing the Hutt on bedrock constitutional principles.  Even if the Wizard of Oz showed up on Capitol Hill the day after the election and gave all the ReR representatives and senators backbones so they could do the right thing, lockstep Dopes in the senate would prevent any conviction al la the Hutt’s rapist husband Billbo Billyboy.  So the Hutt will know from day one that she, like TES, will be untouchable and have a blank check to continue to shred the constitution.

In an ironic note, part of the Dope defense will be the headliner just above:  Shrillda the Hutt is a crook and everybody knows it.  In the Hutt’s defense, the Dopes will argue that that is an absolutely true statement.  She is a crook.  Everybody knew it.  They voted for the crook anyway.  Therefore impeaching the crook would be a violation of giving the American people the crook they demanded as president.

Trump on the other hand is totally impeachable.  The Dopes don’t like him.  The ReR don’t like him, and perhaps most importantly the MSM really don’t like him. 

So for the sake of having a president that is accountable to the legislative branch, #NeverTrumpers should vote Trump.  Hmm impeaching Trump probably has an appeal to the #NeverTrumpers.  What could be more delicious than a lion, after running all of the traps laid out for him by the ruling class and achieving his goal, being humiliated by the runt of the pride?  It would be like the Cal player with the ball during “the play” tripping over the hash mark at the two yard line.   So deep is their disdain for the country, the #NeverTrumpers would actually consider the inevitable impeachment of Donald Trump a good reason to vote for him.

There is also the succession to the residency to consider.  Given the age and hostility to the top of each ticket, the VP choice ought to have significant weight to bring the #NeverTrumpers around.  But seriously who factors the VP in as the deciding factor for casting their vote?  Well we ought to, but definitely not the #NeverTrumpers.

The final appeal to the #NeverTrumpers
So to the #NeverTrumpers I appeal to your good judgement.  Vote Trump because you can and probably will try to impeach him.  

Lex was right
Absolute truth: Saying black people are too shiftless, lazy and/or stupid to get an ID to vote is racist.  Watch.

Now I have to run.  Like the FBI, I need a half hour or so to go through 650,000 e-mails.  

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