Friday, November 04, 2016

The WikiLeaks dog that isn’t barking

Every Demo-Dope and their MSM hacks have their marching orders and talking points that they retreat to every time a new shocking WikiLeaks revelation is dropped – which means they are droning on with those talking points like a record that’s skipping at the old folks home gathering area where no one can get up to push needle.  Sorry kids google that reference.

The talking point that the Dopes and the MSM hacks retreat to is that the Wiki material is only available because the Russians hacked Podesta’s e-mail – but certainly were not clever enough to penetrate Shrillda the Hutt’s unsecure G-mail account archived on her unsecure bathroom server. 

Wiki front man Julian Assange assures us that the Russians were not the source of the material he has been releasing and will be releasing material for months to come.  

Now here’s the bombshell.  The dog that is not barking in the Dope and MSM’s cover up is even a hint that what has been released by Wiki is not true.  That’s sort of like when a guy throws a rock through his competitor’s storefront window and gets caught.  When the eye witness says he saw the perp throw the rock, the perp complains that the witness’s belt doesn’t match his shoes.  Who cares?

Friday before the election is traditionally the drop day for any October surprise if it’s going to have time to penetrate an electorate as obtuse as the American electorate.  Thank you public education and the ironically termed “teachers’” unions.   

Surprisingly, this morning the government is announcing a drop in unemployment, rise in take home pay and gas is under $2 just in time for Tues.  Wow isn’t that interesting?  It amazing how predictable these things are days before an election when every other report is prefaced with the word “unexpectedly”.  As in:  The unemployment rate “unexpectedly” spiked.  Take home pay “unexpectedly” dropped.  Gas prices “unexpectedly” spike.  But you know when crooked Dopes are pulling the levers of government everything is going to come up smelling like roses - as expected.

The feel good stories of the day are here and here.

I cannot vouch for, but I did use Bing to do a cursory look at them, which is a lot more effort than I put into most things that comport to what I believe or want to be true.  I did not run across anything that would immediately make me think the story is pure BS.  The first is 2 days old and hasn’t been picked up by anyone else.  The other is 7 hours old at the time of this post.  So we’ll see.

No matter what, the Clintons will, as always, claim this old news, and sadly it is.  We've known forever what creepy people they are.  The charges may be new but the specifics are sort of irrelevant.  Nothing they could be accused up to and including murder would surprise anyone particularly the people who know them best.  When I see the headline under a Drudge animated siren I’ll feel better.  If she's elected she'll be pardoned by The Empty Suit before inauguration.  Anyone trying to hold her to account will labeled a right wing sexist.

The best outcome would be Shrillda the Hutt being cuffed at a FL rally this afternoon.  Don’t hold your breath.

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