Friday, November 11, 2016

Will President Trump be able to do something The Empty Suit never did - govern?

The LA Times is predicting repealing and replacing RobertsCare won’t be as easy as DJT thinks.  The crux is that Republicans lack the 60 vote majority for cloture to blow it through the senate.  Well I recall something about budgetary legislation being exempt from the 60 vote rule so the change could be contained in budgetary bill and passed with a simple majority.

I’m not so sure, given the most recent election results, that Demo-Dope are going to be in lock step opposition against something better than the current debacle.  The Dopes are going to have a lot of seats to defend in the 2018 off year election.  I doubt any of them want to be seen as defending the status quo with RobertsCare.

Do not put it past the Rat establishment Republicans in the senate to oppose President Trump on the ground that they do not have 60 votes for cloture.  These are the people DJT warned us about.  They ARE the swamp that DJT told us needs draining.

Cloture is not the sticky part of rpealing RobertsCare.  The sticky part is dealing with the 20 million insured under RobertsCare with your money.  DJT has said that he intends to block grant money back to the states and let the states care their uninsured.  That seems to be a reasonable approach.  It’s certainly no worse than the current set that has premiums skyrocketing and deductibles going through the roof.

The bottom line is that, like RobertsCare had mothing but Dope fingerprints on it, whatever replaces RobertsCare willbe wholey owned by the Republicans, so it needs to work.  

Rioters continue to defecate on their own lefty Lib doorstep  
I suppose the rioters could wise up and march in the red areas of America, but do you seriously suppose that people who reportedly cannot figure out how to get an ID are going to able to figure out where the red areas are and how to get there?

When they arrive they may find out that inhabitants of these are necessarily going to sit on their azzes willing to be victims.  The Empty Suit has been the best gun salesman in the history of gun sales.  A lot of those guns are in the red areas America. 

It’s nuts.  Such lawlessness is one reason DJT won.  So the college brats quit classes, demand safe spaces and assault Trump votes and again prove the point of the DJT movement.  So keep it up so we can expand the movement and withhold federal funds from these bastions of the looney left.
Good news! Smug MSM outed by smug MSM
Here and Here

Bad news.  Smug MSM will learn absolutely nothing from smug MSM

Love Trumps Hate; well not so much
Trump supporter beaten for being a Trump supporter in - where else - Chicago.

Trump already wining on NAFTA

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