Friday, November 18, 2016

Trump is one in a million - maybe 2

What were the chances 18 months ago that Donald Trump would be able to thread the 10,000 or so needles that needed to be threaded to win the election?  What other candidate could have done it?  When Trump's path to victory is considered, Trump's election truly was a one in a million shot.

I had discussion with a friend not long ago.  My friend made the point that any of the other Republican candidates would have beaten the Hutt by 6 percentage points.  I accepted that premise then, but upon further review, I am not so sure.  Unless the Republican candidate took Lex’s advice and rode the Trump tiger, that candidate might well have gone down to a Romneyesque defeat.  Aside from Rand Paul and Carley Fiorina I cannot see where any of the other candidates could expand the electoral map a la DJT. 

Rand Paul would have gone after the millennial and mino vote and probably would have been successful by typical Republican standards.  Fiorina was probably the best candidates blunt the Hutt’s singular qualification for office – being a woman.   Other than that, what would any of the Republican primary candidates have brought to table?  They would have been embarrassed to go after white working class voters for fear of being called a racist.  They would have backtracked on Trump signature issue – immigration.  They never ever would have gone after the media the way Trump did.  They never would have sustained the campaign schedule trump did.  They never could have generated the everyman support that Trump did.  At the first attack from the MSM, the average Rat establishment Candidate would have spent the remainder of the campaign apologizing for whatever racist, sexist, homophobic lie the MSM made up about them.

Trump would just tweet out, “Failing NY Times Lying.  Ads down. Circulation down. Lies up. So unfair.”  So the Times would be forced to cover DJT’s reaction to their story which generate another tweet from DJT and the loop would continue of the lying MSM reporting on DJT’s reaction to their lopsided unfavorable coverage.  That resulted in 100s of millions of dollars of unpaid ads for Trump.  The normal GOP campaign plan calls for tit for tat TV and radio ads.  The Hutt out spent Trump 3 to 1 and lost.  What Republican candidate would have opted for a relentless schedule of rallies with the masses instead of a half schedule of cushy fund raisers with the swells?

What Republican candidate would have invited those masses on stage with him and turned the mic over to them to say a few words?  Trump – the supposed ego maniac - would see people in the crowd and get them up on stage to address the crowd with him.  Who does that?

Now consider that Trump won four states by a total of about 100,000 votes.  When the usual Dope voter fraud is factored in, it wasn’t that close, but when dealing with crooked Dope pols, the fraud must be factored in.  So what other Republican candidate could have gone into MI, WI, PA and OH and assured the working class that he would bring the jobs back from Mexico and China?  None would have said such things for fear of being called a racist.  DJT just told the truth and won the election.

Shrillda the Hutt was a horrible candidate.  She is a well-known liar and thief.  But she has the almighty D behind her last name that is good for about a 60 point starting advantage in the Electoral College.  So Reps had to have a candidate that could expand the electoral map.  Upon further review, few – perhaps none – of the Republican candidates had the energy or vision to have done what Donald J. Trump did and in all likelihood would have gone down to the usual Republican 4% loss. 

Avoid being called a racist, call Thaddeus to make your point
I wanted to say what is contained in this video, but I didn’t want to be called a racist.   So I’ll let Thaddeus Alexandermake my point.

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