Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Victimhood is the new racism

Well, well, well what are you called when someone takes you in from a violent $h!thole of a country, feeds you, educates you, clothes and houses you?  Lucky?  No.  Thankful?  No.  Hopeful?  No.  Let’s just stop these ignorant racist guesses.  You are a victim of that country’s history of racism, sexism, Islamophobia and repression.  You’d have been so much better off eating dirt and living in a cardboard box in Somalia than living in America.

In a spectacular example of the old adage, no good deed goes unpunished, an Islamo-Terror-Fascist refugee from Somalia was brought into this country from his African $h!thole of a country and has basically been living off the taxpayer’s dime ever since.  So like so many freeloaders living off the US government’s generosity and goodwill, when someone brings you in from the cold feeds you and otherwise meets every one of the requirements that form the base of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the last thing you’d ever do is say, “Thank you.” 

Instead, being a lowbrow ingrate, you spit their face and bitch to them because they are not providing enough.  You ask why they force you to lag behind the neighbor’s living standards.  Because your benefactor will not contribute enough to let you live better than the people footing your bills, it is unfair and clear evidence of their racism, sexism, Islamophobia and repression.  All of that goodwill from the country that took you in should not make you thankful.  No.  Your good fortune clearly makes you a victim.

The plain truth is, contrary to what Black Thugs Matter would have us believe, racial attitudes have changed remarkably in this country.  Had it not been for the racist in the White House, we’d be even further down the road.  I know this because I talk to young Lex.  For the Dopes, who have made a living/business off of stoking racial divide, this is very bad news.  Something has to take the place of real racism.  Victimhood is that something.  So everyone is a victim of something, and it is government’s job to address the victims’ grievances.  Large swathes of the pampered and privileged snowflakes on campus – like every person in the world - see themselves somehow as victims of some perceived slight.  Only in 2016 America is expecting people to use the bathroom that corresponds to their God give plumbing allow the male perverts who insist on using the women’s room to claim “victim” status. 

So it’s just like the LGBTQILHOIGFUDFGXNCBVN community who insist that science and biology have nothing what-so-ever to with their gender or sexuality, victimhood is totally dependent on how an individual feels at any particular moment.  Which is fine until it becomes society’s and government’s responsibility to make amends for every one of their insignificant gripes.

As George Washington used to say, F ‘em all.  No.  GW didn’t use to always say that.  Now the burden of these few words every morning is making feel a bit put out.  I have to petition government to make America read the rants of an idiot who insists on putting his idiocy on the Interweb 5 days a week.  I have put my heart and soul into this page and have yet to make a dime off of it.  I’ve labored mightily.  Why do Breitbart and Drudge get all of the clicks?  It is not fair.  I’m a victim of Breitbart and Drudge’s awesome web pages.  As a victim, it’s time for the government to pay up.

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