Friday, September 30, 2016

Say goodbye to the Interweb, say hello to the new Interweb

CORRECTION:  In the post under Lex suggested that the UN Building should be bulldozed into the East River.  That was a foolish error.  First, the building would have to be imploded…with some of the world’s most disgusting people representing disgusting regimes inside…and then it should be bulldozed into the East River.  Lex regrets the error.

As The empty Suit prepares to begin the process of turning the Internet over to a corrupt, clueless, unaccountable bunch of anti-American UN hypocrites and scoundrels (whoa, that sounds like a typical bunch of Demo-Dopes), our hard fought Rat establishment Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, like every other issue of consequence, are nowhere to be found opposing TES’s foolish and irresponsible BS.

Former UN Secretary John Bolton has indicated that we will not be able to recognize today’s Internet in 10 years after the creepy people at the UN - who think Israel is the problem in the Middle East, who allow countries like Iran to sit on the “human rights commission”, who send UN “peace keepers” into countries that promptly begin raping refugees, who sit atop hills in white armored vehicles and watch genocide, etc. etc. etc. weaponize the Internet as tool for the forces of globalization against individuals who try to promote national sovereignty.   

The Internet is already pretty much a one way street when it comes to social platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc.  But those are private entities.  If they want their businesses to be seen as lefty lib, globalist reactionaries, that is their prerogative.  When the UN get involved, it’ll be the very globalist institution that globalist want to turn the world over to that will be running AlGore’s Interweb Machine.

While I can still do it let me repeat: *uck the UN.  Implode the building.  Bulldoze it into the East River.

But there is hope.  In proof that the while the wizards of smart plot America’s destruction in Caligula, D.C., those pesky people not included in the plot continue to innovate and resist.  Here’s a piece that could frustrate the UN, TES, Zuckerberg, Dorsey et al’s bid to “control” the Interweb and thereby its content.  I do not pretend to know how “Blockstack” works, but I’m happy that, if successful, it will prevent the globalist elite from blocking, deleting, labeling as "hate speech" and otherwise censoring the voices with whom they disagree.  I don’t know how bitcoin works either, but if I had a pocket full, I donate some to the Blockstack team.

I think these guys all need to have 24-7 security or the globalist just might arrange a series of unfortunate accidents.  I would not put it past the globalist to do that.  All of this reminds of the TV show Person of InterestGo here and then to the “plot” portion of the page to get the jist.  Suffice it to say the show is about competing “machines” - one whose goal is to control human behavior by nefarious means (the globalists) while the other thwarts those efforts.  The inventor of the good “machine” and his small team are mercilessly hunted by the globalist elites on the other side. 

Anyhoo, if you are prone to tilt at windmills, here’s a list of numbers for the congressional switchboard.  Remember, there are probably only a small minority of members of this BS institution that are NOT in on the fix and already lining their pockets from this setup.   But we do what we can do right.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

State AGs now being weaponized against Demo-Dope political enemies

For year we have known that The Empty Suit has gone about weaponizing government’s alphabet stew of agencies against his political enemies.  From the DEA to the DoJ now to the FBI there is a plethora of examples of TES using the levers of the federal government to restrict, harass, arrest and jail political opponents.  Then there’s the just plain stupidity of the government under TES as encapsulated in the Fast and Furious scandal that has left 100s maybe 1,000s dead, including Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

In Wisconsin Demo-Dope Attorney Generals used so-called John Doe no-knock warrants which allowed them storm the homes of supporters of Governor Scott Walker in the dead of night seizing their assets and demanding that they not engage a lawyer or speak to the media about the raid. 

Now the that scam is expanding to State AGs.  Read about it here.  Can you imagine this scam being run by Shrillda the Hutt?  What is the response to a government that criminalizes your behavior for your party affiliation, your religious beliefs or your opposition to its harebrained schemes?   You cannot petition the legal system.  The legal system is now part of the scam.  You cannot petition law enforcement.  Law enforcement is more and more becoming part of the scheme.  If you cannot trust the FBI to be an impartial player, what law enforcement agency is left?

American democracy is built on a bedrock of disagreement.  The Demo-Dopes want to end all disagreement by fining, jailing or intimidating anyone who might disagree with them.  So when the weight of government comes down on you for trying to organize a non-profit to oppose the government, or producing a crappy video that no one watched, or supporting a Republican governor opposed by the Teacher’s Union etc. etc. 

We better figure it out because political free speech is stamped out on campus and on the Internet.  And when TES cedes control of the Interweb Machine to the UN the greatest tool of free speech since the printing press will be gone.

So before the UN outlaws descent let say – the UN is crap hole that should be bulldozed into East River.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Jimmy the fixer Comey's insincere confession and reparations

Jimmy the fixer Comey admitted to the Senate Committee on Homeland security that he is “a deeply flawed and fallible human being’.  That sounds like the opening line of every one of my Catholic confessions.  It also happens to be true of every single person who ever entered this world – except the Spotless One.  In that regard Comey’s confession is more of a, “Hey, I’m just like you.  Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, line of defense for his crooked BS “investigation” of Shrillda the Hutt and, as it turns out, her lying Sac-O-Crap accomplice, The Empty Suit. 

We are all flawed and fallible, but we all don’t succumb to political pressure to taint an “investigation” that the conclusions to are so obvious Inspector Clouseau could have solved it before lunch.  Your sin isn’t being like everyone else, Jimmy.  Your sin is being a spineless political azzwipe.  Your sin not only ruining your own reputation, which would be fine, but also dragging a once proud, respected and trusted agency into a steaming mound of freshly deposited BS and political corruption.   How long do suppose it will take, Jimmy, for the FBI to get the stench of your crooked deals out and regain the trust of the American people to honestly conduct an investigation of a political figure?

Your sin is not being like the rest of us.  Your sin and crime is being bought off, blackmailed, bribed, persuaded or otherwise corrupted into laying out a perfect and airtight case against a powerful political figure for 15 straight minutes before the now famous “however”, as in – “however” no matter how obviously and completely guilty this lying tub of crap is in matters pertaining to national security, I chose not to indict.

The locker room parlance for you, Jimmy, is what Ann Coulter called Ed Schultz and what Ralph Peters accurately called The Empty Suit.  Your crime is allowing the FBI to become another federal agency weaponize by Demo-Dopes against the people of this country. 

One more good reason to kick the UN out Manhattan.
The UN thinks the US should offer blacks in America reparations for slavery and generations of racism.  Okay fine.  Subtract how many years - now generations - of “affirmative action”, welfare, subsidized housing, food stamps, head start, Empty Suit Phones, etc. etc. etc. from the total.  Okay, now what do we owe?

I contend that reparations have pretty much been paid in full by generations of social programs targeted at the black community.  I also contend that no matter what payment is agreed upon, when it runs out, another will be demanded.  Anyone who thinks paying reparations to blacks will end the unrest, much of it manufactured by a race hustling industry that makes money off the unrest, probably voted for The Empty Suit thinking electing a black president would lead to racial healing.

Also where do such payment end?  Were the Chinese treated any better when they worked the western end of the Transcontinental Railroad?  For that matter were the white European Irish treated any better when they worked the eastern end of that engineering marvel?   

Slavery was an odious world-wide phenomenon that continue today in Africa and among the believers in the religion of peace.  Why not let the past rest and concentrate on current events where some good might actually come?

 I’m sure if Shrillda the Hutt is elected she’ll be all for reparation, free college,  free Starbucks for minorities, free cars, steak and eggs for breakfast for everyone – no wait that might lead to global warming – tofu and kale for everyone for breakfast etc. etc. etc. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Debate aftershocks

Ahh the Tuesday morning quarterbacks are out in full force telling us where the man in arena couldda shoudda done better.  He couldda said this.  He shouldda said that.  As a guy whose best rejoinders were always thought of the morning after the party or the day after the argument, I can sympathize with Trump and is the primary reason a strict cable news ban is back in force for at least two days.  The last thing I need to hear is the same crowd of “expert” commentators who had buried Trump’s campaign 15 minutes after he made his now famous elevator ride 15 months ago telling me how the strong man might have done better.

There are a few reasons why I think Trump won going away.  First and foremost because I cannot stand that snaggletooth blisterbag who was on stage with him.  Next, QUICK!  How many years has Shrillda the Hutt been in politics?  If you had tuned in for more than 5 minutes last night you know that the Hutt has been hanging around the halls of power for 30 years.  Third, when I woke up this morning the most memorable line of the night to me was when Trump admitted that Shrillda the Hutt had “experience”, but he went on to add, it’s all bad experience.  Last, when the fair minded Mrs. Lex identifies Lester Holt acting as a Hutt coat holder all night it must have been pretty clear to all that ol’ Lester had chosen sides and didn’t care who knew.

The suspect list of topics that did come up – an 8 year old argument about The empty Suit’s birth certificates, Trump’s 13 year old opposition to the war in Iraq and ol’ Lester demanding that Trump heap praise on his opponent for being a woman who won a rigged primary against an 80 year old socialist – was complete BS compared to the subjects ol’ Lester dutifully avoided – the Hutt’s current and on-going e-mail scandal, the Hutt’s Benghazi scandal, the Hutt’s influence peddling for Clinton Crime Family Foundation while acting as SecState, the Hutt’s cooperation in Russia’s purchase of 20% of US uranium assets, the Hutt’s open borders immigration policy, the Hutt’s support of sanctuary cities etc.

The post under has a tongue in cheek list of ol’ Lester’s questions.  Turns out it wasn’t off by much.  I think Americans don’t like fixed fights.  They don’t like when the referee takes sides.  They don’t like when a POS who starts a fight is getting his azz whipped good and then one of the POS’s friends jumps in to make it two on one.  By his clear partisanship for the Hutt, Ol’ Lester may have unwittingly pushed more people into Trump’s camp.  We’ll see how this plays out.

One thing is for sure, at future debates Trump and Pence need to be prepared to bring up - by force if necessary - the subjects that the Hutt and her staffers (aka MSM acting as debate moderators) insist on avoiding.  

Monday, September 26, 2016

Mondays morning wrap

Something is on TV tonight.  Lex got a look at Lester's list of questions.

For Shrillda the Hutt:

World Affairs:
You were the most widely traveled SecState in history.  You've been called "America's globe trotter".  What size shoe did you wear during all of that globe trotting?

Social Issue:
You are a well-known and long-time advocate for "the children".  What is your granddaughter's name?

Follow Up:
Is it true that you "aint' no ways tarred"?

National Security:
Mrs. Clinton you have three multi-million dollar homes.  How do you keep the security codes straight?  

For Trump:

World Affairs:
As nearly everyone knows, the Pacific island of Yap is key to our far east strategy.  Do you know who the assistant to the third under secretary of  pathway development for national parks is?

Social Issues:
As a well know racist, xenophobe, misogynist and homophobe, would you like to look into the camera tonight and offer an apology to the American people and suspend your campaign?

National Security:
You have attacked the beautiful religion of peace, why do you insist that every single one of  world's billion plus Muslims is a rabid terrorist bent on killing everyone on the planet?

If whites cannot understand the plight of blacks can the same be said for blacks' understanding of cops?
While discussing inner-city policing, Fox News’ Juan Williams told that network’s Sunday morning talk show audience that he worries that there are a lot of white people who are in “denial about what is a very racial situation that unfairly burdens people of color in American society.”  I suppose that’s true.  I suppose I’m one of the white people.

The corollary of Williams’s remark is that there are a lot black people, probably blacks like Williams who are pseudo intellectuals who wear ties, who are in denial about the feral nature of many young inner-city black men.  Check out the video in a the post under about the pack hunting down whites to beat them and strip them naked.  Or check out this piece on the POS who mistakenly shot a protester in Charlotte instead of his intended target a gang banger. 

So sure I can understand that I cannot understand the back experience in America. Can Juan understand that he cannot understand the plight of city police forces – particularly white officers on that force - that are required to bring order to inner-city neighborhoods run by Demo-Dopes for generations that now look more like third world $h!tholes than American cities?

I stipulate that it’s impossible for me to “know” the black experience, but I do know that if I thought the cops were out to get me – not unlike certain citizens every small town in America – my motto would be the same as Larry Elders’, “Don’t die - comply.”   

Every time a Mouhaemmead (pick your own vowels) shoots, stabs, rapes or blows someone up lefty libs can be relied upon to come out in unison and repeat over and over again that the perp “had no known connection to any known terrorist organization” (except islam).

The lefty lib knee jerk reaction to any Muhammad blasting away at innocents reminds me of the famous scene in the Wizard of Oz when the Wicked Witch’s palace guard march into the palace in lockstep chanting “Oh we Oh, Oh weee Oh, Oh we Oh, Oh weee Oh…”  Just watch the next time Muhammed al Douchebagdaddy shoots up a mall or high school football game.  The lefty libs will fall-in in a tight formation, cover down, align and step off in perfect unison chanting “No terror here, no terrror here, no terror here, no terrror here…”  The MSM will dutifully report that “Douchebagdaddy had no know connections to any know terrorist group (except islam) and clearly had mental problems…”

Of course 98% of terrorist are crazy.  That’s why it’s important to have extreme vetting for people who want to come into this country from countries that support terror.  Hint that’s not Israel, Sweden, Luxemburg etc.   So how did the “crazy” terrorist get into the country?  What’s driving him crazy?  islam maybe?

What’s wrong with this picture

Refugees in Germany.  What does the picture tell us?  
This is perhaps the first time in history where “men” are the hardest hit in a refugee crisis.  This line of “refugees” could just as easily be a line of newly arriving recruits at boot camp.  WTF?? 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Trump’s “what have you got to lose” line a double edged sword against Dopes

Trump’s “what have you got to lose” line is a twofer.  It can get him black votes but also by pointing out the obvious to the black community – nothing’s changed in 50 years of voting Demo-Dope so why continue to do it - it also may also get many otherwise reliable black Dope voters to sit this one out.  After all, what’s the point?

There’s little doubt that the blacks who do show up will dutifully vote for Dopes by a large majority.  If Trump can just tap an extra percentage point or two of black votes and disillusion another percent or two who just throw up their hands and say why bother, that’s 3-4 percent shift.  That could be enough. 

But being totally honest with myself, when I look at the face of the black community, Black Thugs Matter, rioters in Charlotte, pampered millionaire athletes sitting out the anthem, The Empty Suit’s “favorite” rapper posting a picture of a dead white judges on the White House lawn on his album cover, black celebs supporting every anti-social behavior that crops up, a black Attorney General who praises lawlessness when it is committed by blacks or on behalf of some perceived injustice, and this disgusting video of a group of feral irredeemable excrement heads beating and stripping a white man, I don’t think a platform of offering jobs to blacks who are otherwise totally cared for as wards of the state will win many votes.

I can understand the underclass rioters rejecting the prospect of a good job and having a good school in the neighborhood. After all why trade a check in the mail for getting up every morning and going to work?  I just cannot understand why the rest, the celebs, the athletes, the Dopes advancing in the Dope party would not be for the prospect of changing the black experience in their own neighborhoods.  I suppose it has something to do with votes, something to do with the racial grievance industry and a fear of being an outlier in the latest SJW hipster FAD.  

I don’t know the black experience.  When I see the face of it, Kaepernick, Charlotte et al I don’t understand it and honestly find in un-understandable.  How is doing the same thing for 50 years with absolutely ZERO results and then being convinced that trying it one more time will work out for them understandable?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Riots arer for lawless opportunists, protests are for patriots

So a black cop shoots a black perp, who reportedly had a gun, in Charlotte, NC, and the back chief of police of Charlotte comes out and defends the shooting as completely justified.  So what do you do if you are a black in Charlotte?  Well, if you are a law abiding citizen, there is absolutely no change in your behavior.  If you are a grievance mongering, race baiting idiot or someone prone to take advantage of chaos to loot and commit crime you go out and riot. 

How the heck does busting into a store and looting a pair of sneakers or a TV from a store atone for a police shooting - justified or not?   These appear to be organized opportunist.  For them, a tragedy is nothing more than an occasion to destroy something that they have neither the business savvy, work ethic nor intellect to create. 

Many of the looters may have bought into a lifetime of The Empty Suit type woe is me propaganda.  I can’t catch a break from racist America so it’s completely understandable why I’d drop out of high school to purse a life of drugs, crime and impregnating as many women as possible and then ignoring my progeny – unless one of them gets shot while robbing a liquor store.  Then I show up on every cable TV show hawking t-shirts demanding a settlement from the city a la Freddie Gray’s family.

So does it make one bit of difference that the perp had a gun?  No.  It doesn’t.  Mike Brown was a lawless punk and thug who got his rather worthless azz shot off while assaulting a cop.  Mike Brown is now a hero among the Black Thug Matter, Demo-Dopes, Hollywood swells, and the MSM who pushed the completely bogus “hands up don’t shoot” meme, which persist to this day.   

My guess is that this garbage will continue as long there are TV’s and votes to steal by acting out this way.  It will continue as long as the MSM is more interested in a narrative than the news.  It will continue as long as race baiters can profit from it.  And yes, it will continue as long as institutions are okay with sitting out the National Anthem and burning a flag.   

Along that line, I mailed via the snail mail this love note to NFL Commish Roger Goodell:

Commissioner Roger Goodell
National Football League Headquarters
280 Park Avenue, Suite 12
New York, New York 10017-1216

Hey Rog,

Thanks for being the spineless weasel that you are by supporting a misguided protest of the anthem, the flag and the country by NFL players under the guise of “freedom of speech”.  I never knew I could get so much done on a Sunday afternoon when I wasn’t parked in front of a TV watching football.

My guess is that if any of the players who take a knee during the anthem exercised their “1st Amendment rights” to tell America that the NFL Commissioner is a “clueless boob” during a post-game interview you’d fine them.  That would put you in the rather untenable and hypocritical position of placing your own pathetic ego above the well-being of the nation and its symbols.

But I digress.  Thanks for giving me my Sunday afternoons back.  The wife says the yard and gardens have never looked better.

Sincerely, former NFL fan
Doug Schumick

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Boko Haram isn't the problem the face of islam is

It seems to me when feel good lefty libs assure us that these “lone wolves” randomly killing, stabbing, shooting, maiming Americans have no connection to “known terror groups”, it makes the case that the current face of islam maybe the culprit.  Apparently these geniuses think it will make a huge difference to those blown up, shot, stabbed or raped by these creeps if the bomber, gunman, knifeman, or rapist was affiliated with al Qaida or ISIS. 

What do al Qaida, ISIS, Hezbollah, al Shabaab, Taliban, Hamas, Boko Haram, muslim brotherhood, Abu Sayyaf and so on and unfortunately and on and on, and on and on have in common?  Uh, they are all hard to spell?  They are applying as expansion teams in the NFL, because they too like to disrespect the flag and National Anthem?  They are the latest companies trying to sell gold on Glenn Beck’s radio show?  Dance troops?  What?

They are all muslim Islamo-Terror-Fascist groups.  So what difference does it make what particular sect, from a plethora of sects, of a murderous ideology they belong to when they blow something up?  Yesterday Lex used a very clever mechanism to expose the idiocy of such thinking.  When the Germans broke through the Ardennes, it probably was of little concern what divisions were involved in the breakthrough.

So what difference does it make if the ITF bastard blowing things up hadn’t received his membership card and secret decoder ring in the mail from any of them?  They are all ITF bastards and they are the face of today’s islam.  Let’s face it - that is the problem.  Until there is reformation and the ITF are relegated to the ash bin of history by the “overwhelming majority of moderate Muslims” they will continue to be the face of islam and they will continue to be the problem.

Update on Josh Earnest “Narrative battle”
I think if Josh Earnest really thinks that the war on terror is really “a battle for the narrative”, he should be supporting Donald Trump.  Who has controlled the political narrative since he announced his candidacy?   Donald Trump.  So there you have it Mr. and Mrs. America, even Presidential designated liar (AKA spokesman) Josh Earnest is riding the Trump tiger. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

!Jeb!!, Ted the tool Cruz and Kasich need to ride the Trump tiger or go to hell

Every time John Kasich looks in the mirror to shave his face or cut his own hair, he probably sees a future President of the United States and has since before he quit the House of Rep.  In an effort to push TPP across the finish line, last week Kasich travelled to Caligula, D.C. to put his weak and narrow 1 for 38 political shoulder to the wheel for The Empty Suit.

I’m not necessarily against TPP.  To be honest, I don’t know much about it.  That probably means that I know as much about it as 98% of the congress and other Caligula, D.C. swells.  What I do know for certain is that I do not trust the ruling class Caligula, D.C. azzwipes pushing it.  I do know I do not trust anything coming out of Caligula, D.C. with the words “comprehensive”, “common sense”, “equal”, “fair”, “fairness”, “open”, “affordable”, “sustainable” or now “partnership” in it, because the exact opposite will be the result of whatever is intended. Take the “Affordable” Care Act (please – rim shot) which it decidedly is not.  Despite the noble sounding title, the ACA is long on premiums and deductibles and short on care.

So on paper TPP may be the greatest thing since Shrillda the Hutt discovered Bleachbit to cover up her illegal activities, but in practice it will serve only to line the pockets of the Caligula, D.C. swells and their buds who are pushing it.  I think Donald Trump is on to something when he argues to make individual trade pacts country to country.  The naysayers argue individual agreement are too hard to negotiate and take too long.  TPP and the like are similar to a company signing a labor agreement with a union instead of negotiating an hourly wage with 1,000s of employees.  The obvious answer to that argument is to ask, “aside from absurd public employee unions, where have unions worked out for either the union or the employer lately?”  Detroit?  Amtrak?

So when a career politician like Kasich tells us TPP is a good thing, that’s enough to put Kasich on my personal “usual suspects” list.   Then there’s Kasich’s disregard for his own word.  Was I dreaming or did I actually see and hear John I cut my own hair Kasich vow on stage during a debate to support the Republican nominee - even if the nominee was Donald Trump?  Preferring a Shrillda the Hutt presidency s that he can run again in 4 years, the slimy little dope says he won’t even votefor Trump

So WTF John?  What else are lying through your azz about?  Is your silly bruised pride and ego at being beaten like a shag throw rug from a construction trailer by a political novice more important than the country?  It’s not the first time you have run a pathetic losing campaign for the presidency that went absolutely nowhere.   In 2000 you started your run for president in March and ended it in July.  I think you endorsed Bush after that humiliating showing.


Jeh Johnston proves he’s not up to the job as DHS Sec
Sometime ago Lex noted on this very page that Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnston just looked stupid.  That’s no assessment of his actual intellect.  Larry, Curly and Moe may have been geniuses, but they looked the part of being Stooges.  Jeh could fill in for any one of them.  He looks like dim witted boob.  Besides, what else can be concluded from a guy who cannot even spell “Jay” correctly? 

Now we learn that Jeh’s DHS inexplicably granted several hundreds of criminal aliens US citizenship.  Now who do you suppose the criminals will vote for?  We know that the criminal element is key Demo-Dope voting block.  Criminals are probably a more reliable Dope voting block than the black vote. 

Josh not so Earnest
Earnest made the rounds yesterday calling the war on terror a battle of “the narrative”.  YGBSM!  Did Josh not ever hear the most famous elementary school come back ever – “Stick and stone can break my bones, but names will never hurt me”?  Seems to me Josh that Islamo-Terror-Fascist use of knives, guns, bombs and vehicular murder are just a bit more kinetic than a “narrative”.  But I suppose the Boston bombing victims can explain their injuries to strangers who ask about their missing limb like this, “Well I was at the Boston Marathon when I learned that words actually can hurt you and just how destructive losing the narrative on the war on terror can be.”

Trump recruits for ISIS
Because Trump happens to believe that the current face of islam - ITF bastards – need to be dealt with in harsh terms, Shrillda the Hutt calls Trump an ISIS recruiter.   That’s a bit like claiming that advocating for law and order actually creates more criminals.

Monday, September 19, 2016

When is a bombing not a bombing? When Donald Trump says a bomb was used in the bombing.

An indication of how brain damaged Shrillda the Hutt really is
When a bomb exploded in NY City, Donald Trump told a CO campaign crowd, “
Just before I got off the plane, a bomb went off in New York and nobody knows exactly what’s going on.”  When Shrillda the Hutt addressed the explosion on her Fund Raising Plane (AKA Campaign Plane),I’ve been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey, and the attack in Minnesota.

After a bomb went off in NY City Shrillda the Hutt called the bomb “bombings” while she questioned Donald Trump’s temperament for saying the bombing was caused by a bomb.

She’s such a knee jerk liar and fool that she’s willing to lie and say just about anything knowing full well that her Campaign Staff (AKA the MSM) will clean it up.

Just because Moooohammme(a)d (Spell it any way you want to) Allah Akbar blows things up we shouldn’t assume it is linked to the religion of peace.
We’ve seen this BS time after time.  When Mohammad Adid $h!thead shouts Allah Akbar before stabbing or shooting people before blowing himself up we are asked to suspend common sense and not link Mohammad’s action to terror.  When Muhammed al Dumbazz shoots up a gay night club, DoJ pulls the bed sheets up over its collective head and intones that “we may never know the motive.”  When Mohammed el Scumbag shoots up a company Christmas party we are warned not to jump to conclusions until the “investigation” is complete.  When Major Muhamed al de Douche shoots up an Army post, it’s labeled “workplace violence”.  Same when Mouhammmed el Scumbag hacks off a woman’s head at work for defending Christianity against the murderous cult know as islam.  The "leaders" tell us, "Nothing to see here folk just a crazy lone wolf is just inflicting more workplace violence on us." 

I’m happy to stipulate that all of the fictionalized actual events above were perpetrated by crazy muslims if dopy lefty libs will stipulate that, at a minimum, the face of the religion of peace is that of a murderous cult.    

With all of that as a background, was it any surprise that NY City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that Saturday’s explosion in the city was intentional but there was no connection to a terror organization.   Oh good.  Whoever is trying to blow us up hasn’t yet put on his I love ISIS/al-Qaida/al Shabab/Hezbollah or whatever t-shirt and proudly paraded it up and down Manhattan while placing his bombs.
 Um, Bill, I think by definition it was the use of violence to intimidate to advance a political point of view.  Okay we do not yet know the exact political point of view the bombers were attempting to be advanced.  But that’s a rather nitpicky bit info at this point, isn’t it.  When the German army smashed through the Ardennes, I doubt anyone in the intel community was saying, “Well look, there’s been a breakthrough in Ardennes, but we don’t know for sure what German divisions are responsible for the breakthrough and we certainly do not want to create any sort of backlash against the German people for the actions of a large group of crazy lone wolves.” 

It’s insane.  Just insane.  We know the face of the religion of peace has declared war on us.  When they commit acts of war, we are shocked and deny that people who declared war on us are blowing us up. 

It has gotten soooo stupid that Demo-Dopes are now declaring that getting blown up n our own country is sign that we are winning.  Given that logic, when Hitler crawled out of his bunker at the end of the war and observed the rubble that was once Germany, he must have been pretty happy with the German armies’ progress against the allies. 

Funny and true piece
I don’t know where this fits into anything, but I found this at Instapudit and thought it was funny and true so I thought I’d share.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Jimmy Fallon thrown into the basket of deplorables

One of the fun things that happens when the Dopes lose an election is their reaction.  They are forever threatening to leave the country - sort of two fer for our side - but then never do.  To gage what might happen if Trump wins this November, check out the comments section of this clip of Fallon messing up Trump’s hair on the Tonight Show. 

As always, right after calling someone who’s argument they cannot refute a racist, xenophobe, sexist, homophobe etc. they hit the “all of the above” one word button and call them Hitler.  So predictable.

First off, as a one party, racist, authoritarian, big government control of everything political system, Nazism is a left-wing construct.  Look at The Empty Suit and Dopes in general.  Do they believe in the two party system?  One word - Robertscare.  The Dopes suspended senate rules to pass that abomination on a simple majority straight party line vote.  Who are the racists?  Is Rev? NotsoSharpton a conservative.  When the Attorney General says he’s not going to prosecute “his people” was he echoing conservative principles?  When Dopes insist blacks and other minorities are too stupid or too lazy to get an ID is that conservative?

Who are authoritarians? If the legislature does not do what TES wants on immigration, he pulls out his phone and pen and unconstitutionally does what he wants.  When the Supreme Court rules his actions unlawful, he ignores them.  Who supports and uses authoritarian government agencies to squash law abiding citizens?  The Dopes have proven time and again that they have no qualms what-so-ever about sic’ing the IRS and other three letter government attack agencies on their political adversaries.

Ironically all of the “ism’s”, fascism, Nazism, Socialism, Communism are left-wing constructs, that like the big, big lie - - being anti-civil rights - - has been heaped on conservatives by the Dopes, MSM, academia and Hollywood  when the exact opposite is the truth.  All of the “ism’s” are how Dopes see government’s role in American’s lives but are an anathema to conservatives. 

Now Jimmy Fallon, formerly one of the hipster insiders, is being dumped on by his own side for doing his TV show.  Wonderful.  Welcome to the basket Jimmy.

I’d expect Fallon to undergo some kind of re-education.  He’ll have to spend the next 50 or so days dumping on Trump to rehabilitate himself.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Deplorables explained, sort of

While “campaigning” (i.e. fronting a fund raiser) with wealthy swells in NY, Shrillda the Hutt let loose with her “deplorables” comment. 

“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?” Clinton said. “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.”

I consider myself a proud deplorable.  So I’m interested in why Shrillda and the Demo-Dopes have been at war with me for 40 years.  Dopes have attacked, destroyed or in the process of dismantling just about everything I hold/held dear.  They attack religion, freedom of speech, the military, patriotism, 2nd Amendment and no and on. 

Like Islamo-Terror-Fascists they cannot tolerate anyone who differs with them, and they have weaponized every agency of the people’s government to destroy anyone who has the temerity to stand against them.

So when the Hutt let loose her comment I wasn’t surprised.  But what does it mean?  Well when Shrillda and Dopes call someone a “racist” it means that they have no counter argument for what the “racist” is saying.  As in: 

“Robertscare is a disaster.”
“You’re a racist.”

“We need to restore law and order in these inner cities that Demo-Dopes have been running and destroying for 50-100 years.”
“You’re a racist.”

If you happen to point out the obvious differences between men and women Shrillda the Hutt and the Dopes call you a sexist.  As in:

“The average woman does not possess the upper body strength of the average man.”
“You’re a sexist”

If you express a religious belief you’re a homophobe.  As in:

“Marriage is a religious construct between one man and one woman.  As such, government should get out of the marriage business.”
“You’re a homophobe.”

If you happen to believe a country enforcing its border is a duty of that country’s government they call you a xenophobe.  As in:

“I think we need to enforce our southern border so we can know who is coming into the country.”
“You’re a xenophobe.”

If you happen to think that “extreme vetting” is a must for people trying to enter the country from regions of the world where ITF bastards have declared war on us and are in the process of attacking us anywhere and everywhere that they can Shrillda and Dopes call you an Islamophobe.

Shrillda and Dopes have such weak arguments for the issues of the day and such contempt for us that, when in power, because they have no effective counter arguments, they do not hesitate to sic our own government on us to intimidate us and shut us up. 

For Shrillda and the Dopes common sense is deplorable.  Truth is deplorable.  Public expressions of religion are deplorable.  Colin Kaepernick and Black Thugs Matter are heroes while the police and the national anthem are deplorable.

Colin Powell
Powell has e-mails out that are not flattering at all to either Shrillda the Hutt or Donald Trump.  The MSM is saying that, because both candidates are attacked, Powell’s e-mails are a wash and will not really benefit either. 

That would be true were it not for one thing, Powell knows Shrillda the Hutt and calls her a friend.  Aside from what he reads, I’m not sure he knows Trump.  So if a friend calls you a sick, incompetent, greedy, power hungry, know-nothing you might take it a bit more seriously than some guy in traffic flipping you off for some unknown reason.

Trump should use Powell’s e-mails with the caveat that Powell knows Shrillda.  He doesn’t know me.  He voted for The Empty Suite twice.  He is a Demo-Dope in Rat establishment Republican clothing.   Even as a Dope in good standing, he knows what a complete clown Shrillda the Hutt is.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

If the Hutt has "pneumonia" I have the winning mega bucks lottery ticket

America’s greatest satirist Michael Ramirez nails it in one frame here.  The Hutt is a sociopath.  The latest proof is Shrillda the Hutt’s handling of her “pneumonia”.  Her willingness to lie about her health issues is proof positive that she is a sociopath.  She prefers to lie even when the truth will be to her benefit. 

There was no good reason for not reporting “pneumonia” when they “first learned” about it on Fri afternoon.  That diagnosis would have explained away the coughing fits the low energy campaign schedule and possibly “the deplorables” comment.

Conspiracy theory #XX-16:  The campaign knows something is terribly wrong with the Hutt’s health.  They know she is prone to drop as fast and unexpectedly as JoLo’s latest husband.  Knowing she could face plant at any moment, the staff has had the “pneumonia” story ready to go should her unstable condition become public in a video.  If the Hutt drops again, it'll be a "stubborn case of pneumonia".  If she drops again they will blame Trump or a supporter for pushing her.

Then she never gives up the lie until faced with very public information that debunks whatever BS lie she has constructed to cover her incompetence and corruption.  Example that come mind:

There’ a “vast right wing conspiracy” lie debunked by a blue dress.

Landed “under sniper fire” lie debunked by photos of kids with flowers on the tarmac.

Fired the White House travel office for being “corrupt” debunked by a trial which acquitted Billy Dale.

The Benghazi lie about “the video” debunked by the survivors and common sense.

The plethora of lies about the e-mails and the server debunked by an FBI investigation.

The “overheating”/“pneumonia” lie blown up by a video of the Hutt staggering and passing out like Foster Brooks after a 3 day binge before being thrown into a van - sans one of her shoes - like a sack potatoes.

You can bet had no video of that event surfaced, the pathological liar known as the Hutt would still be lying and probably still is.  Who believes “pneumonia” is the real story of the Hutt’s health problems?  I don’t.  I will not believe any “health records” produced by the Hutt either.  The only way I’ll believe she’s healthy is if she is shot with a tranquillizer dart and taken into an alien space ship – the home ship if you will – and the aliens replace the Hutt’s computer chip in an operation televised live to the world in one of those holograms you see in the movies.

Otherwise, as history has proven, everything associated with the Hutt is a lie. 

Trump's child care plan
It has the feel of trying to out Santa Claus Santa Claus.  Why not?  Dopes have been doing this for years.  They promise "free" health care.  What happens?  The health care system collapses.   I like the idea that the child care is a "savings account" that can be used for elder care and and can be used to pay family members for the care. Dopes do the exact same thing only they use taxpayer dollars to pay off their worthless progeny.  

I don't get the government paying for 6 weeks of maternity leave if employers won't.  So if the government is going to pay, what incentive will employers have to pony up?  Makes no sense to me.  Did we learn nothing from Robertscare? 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Empty Suit politicizing everything

Not really related to anything below.  I just thought it was funny.

Here’s a story of how The Empty Suit is corrupting and politicizing the military.

Who knew?  I never thought naming US Navy ships after SJWs (Harvey Milk and Cesar Chaves) instead of US Naval heroes was politicization at all.  Like every other three letter department of government from the FBI to the EPA azzbag sleezball Demo-Dopes have used DoD a political tool.

The US Navy is now a disgrace.  Not only were sailors all too happy to “give up the ship” to a bunch 3rd world sub humans, it seems they are all too happy to kowtow to the same group of cretins when they harass our ships in international waters.  This is TES’s and shameful Navy Secretary Ray Mabus’s legacy.  Now, ask yourself, what were the wannabe admirals doing when all of this going on?  Who resigned?  Who spoke up?  Who objected?  Not a damned one as far as I know.

I’d say this is total BS but everyone with a brain knows that.  My hope is that, if Ray the azz Mabus thinks he can name a Navy ship whatever he wants, the next Navy Secretary can undo Mabus’s BS.  But let’s face it, if the next secretary is a Rat establishment Republican assigned the positon, they won’t have the stomach to do the right thing if it flies in the face of MSM anointed PC BS.  Trump will have to find an outsider to do the right thing or maybe real admiral.

I‘d rename every ship Mabus named after Medal of Honor winners (or Deplorables if you will) in a very public ceremony and dare the PC crowd to object.  If they did, I’d read the citation and compare the sacrifices of military heroes against the PC azzbag’s resume as a career politician or SJW.  Then I’d blame the entire renaming brouhaha on a feckless azzbag of a former Navy Secretary that, as all Dopes do, placed politics above the good of the country.

That’s how I’d try to undo the damage of a total loser running the Navy.  I do not know how to fix the once proud FBI that has flushed every bit of its credibility to protect a lying thieving tub of crapola referred to this page as Shrillda the Hutt.  Jimmy the fixer Comey is a BS artist.  I’d start by asking him for his resignation.  If he refused, I say fine then reassign him to a field office in North Dakota.  No disrespect to North Dakota.

Then I’d order every page of the FBI investigation into the Hutt underacted to the extent possible and released to the public to expose Jimmy the fix as the corrupt Dope facilitator that he is. 

Now do any of the #NeverTrumpers think that the corruption of government departments is going to get any better Shrillda the Hutt?  What do they suppose will be left of the government after 8 more years of corruption?

I may have to reconsider the moniker for Shrillda the Hutt.  Jabba the Hutt looks a lot more fit than daughter Shrillda.