Friday, September 30, 2016

Say goodbye to the Interweb, say hello to the new Interweb

CORRECTION:  In the post under Lex suggested that the UN Building should be bulldozed into the East River.  That was a foolish error.  First, the building would have to be imploded…with some of the world’s most disgusting people representing disgusting regimes inside…and then it should be bulldozed into the East River.  Lex regrets the error.

As The empty Suit prepares to begin the process of turning the Internet over to a corrupt, clueless, unaccountable bunch of anti-American UN hypocrites and scoundrels (whoa, that sounds like a typical bunch of Demo-Dopes), our hard fought Rat establishment Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, like every other issue of consequence, are nowhere to be found opposing TES’s foolish and irresponsible BS.

Former UN Secretary John Bolton has indicated that we will not be able to recognize today’s Internet in 10 years after the creepy people at the UN - who think Israel is the problem in the Middle East, who allow countries like Iran to sit on the “human rights commission”, who send UN “peace keepers” into countries that promptly begin raping refugees, who sit atop hills in white armored vehicles and watch genocide, etc. etc. etc. weaponize the Internet as tool for the forces of globalization against individuals who try to promote national sovereignty.   

The Internet is already pretty much a one way street when it comes to social platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc.  But those are private entities.  If they want their businesses to be seen as lefty lib, globalist reactionaries, that is their prerogative.  When the UN get involved, it’ll be the very globalist institution that globalist want to turn the world over to that will be running AlGore’s Interweb Machine.

While I can still do it let me repeat: *uck the UN.  Implode the building.  Bulldoze it into the East River.

But there is hope.  In proof that the while the wizards of smart plot America’s destruction in Caligula, D.C., those pesky people not included in the plot continue to innovate and resist.  Here’s a piece that could frustrate the UN, TES, Zuckerberg, Dorsey et al’s bid to “control” the Interweb and thereby its content.  I do not pretend to know how “Blockstack” works, but I’m happy that, if successful, it will prevent the globalist elite from blocking, deleting, labeling as "hate speech" and otherwise censoring the voices with whom they disagree.  I don’t know how bitcoin works either, but if I had a pocket full, I donate some to the Blockstack team.

I think these guys all need to have 24-7 security or the globalist just might arrange a series of unfortunate accidents.  I would not put it past the globalist to do that.  All of this reminds of the TV show Person of InterestGo here and then to the “plot” portion of the page to get the jist.  Suffice it to say the show is about competing “machines” - one whose goal is to control human behavior by nefarious means (the globalists) while the other thwarts those efforts.  The inventor of the good “machine” and his small team are mercilessly hunted by the globalist elites on the other side. 

Anyhoo, if you are prone to tilt at windmills, here’s a list of numbers for the congressional switchboard.  Remember, there are probably only a small minority of members of this BS institution that are NOT in on the fix and already lining their pockets from this setup.   But we do what we can do right.

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