Monday, September 12, 2016

Happily, I'm in the basket

Shrillda the Hutt reminds me of the old joke, what’s the difference between the Hutt and a 5 gallon bucket of bull feces?  The bucket (rim shot).  The Hutt told a crowd of swells that she thinks that most of us supporting Trump are a “basket of deplorables”. That is that we all share every “ist” and “phobe” in in the Dope arsenal - as in racist and homophobe just for starters.  As a charter member of the “vast right wing conspiracy”, I’d much rather be in a basket of deplorables than included in a bucket of America hating PsOS like the Hutt and 98% her supporters.

This happens every election cycle.  If you disagree with the policy positions of a half black know-nothing affirmative action pass through, you’re a racist  If you disagree with a the lying thieving girl you’re a sexist.  This is either what the Dopes actually believe, that the middle of the country is “deplorable” or what they are willing to say and do to win elections, purposefully dividing and fracturing the country for political gain.  I do not know what percentage of each case it is for the Dope Hutt supporters, but I do know that that tactic is pretty deplorable.    

Does anyone else think it rich that a woman with a 30 year record of being a lying, thieving, rape enabling, condescending, no-talent POS who would be scrubbing toilets at the county jail right now were not for her slack jawed POS old man has the nerve to call anyone else “deplorable”?  She obviously lacks even an ounce of self-awareness.

But, like the Hutt, ain’t karma a b*tch?  A couple of days after trashing half the country, the Hutt buckled like a three ton jack under a 15 ton load.  I take no joy in the Hutt’s poor health, but we are seeing once again the extents that the MSM will go to prop this loser up.  She is so obviously sick, possibly brain damaged and corrupt, yet there isn’t a whiff of curiosity among the MSM about any of it. 

Here's what it means to be a "deplorable".

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