Friday, September 16, 2016

Jimmy Fallon thrown into the basket of deplorables

One of the fun things that happens when the Dopes lose an election is their reaction.  They are forever threatening to leave the country - sort of two fer for our side - but then never do.  To gage what might happen if Trump wins this November, check out the comments section of this clip of Fallon messing up Trump’s hair on the Tonight Show. 

As always, right after calling someone who’s argument they cannot refute a racist, xenophobe, sexist, homophobe etc. they hit the “all of the above” one word button and call them Hitler.  So predictable.

First off, as a one party, racist, authoritarian, big government control of everything political system, Nazism is a left-wing construct.  Look at The Empty Suit and Dopes in general.  Do they believe in the two party system?  One word - Robertscare.  The Dopes suspended senate rules to pass that abomination on a simple majority straight party line vote.  Who are the racists?  Is Rev? NotsoSharpton a conservative.  When the Attorney General says he’s not going to prosecute “his people” was he echoing conservative principles?  When Dopes insist blacks and other minorities are too stupid or too lazy to get an ID is that conservative?

Who are authoritarians? If the legislature does not do what TES wants on immigration, he pulls out his phone and pen and unconstitutionally does what he wants.  When the Supreme Court rules his actions unlawful, he ignores them.  Who supports and uses authoritarian government agencies to squash law abiding citizens?  The Dopes have proven time and again that they have no qualms what-so-ever about sic’ing the IRS and other three letter government attack agencies on their political adversaries.

Ironically all of the “ism’s”, fascism, Nazism, Socialism, Communism are left-wing constructs, that like the big, big lie - - being anti-civil rights - - has been heaped on conservatives by the Dopes, MSM, academia and Hollywood  when the exact opposite is the truth.  All of the “ism’s” are how Dopes see government’s role in American’s lives but are an anathema to conservatives. 

Now Jimmy Fallon, formerly one of the hipster insiders, is being dumped on by his own side for doing his TV show.  Wonderful.  Welcome to the basket Jimmy.

I’d expect Fallon to undergo some kind of re-education.  He’ll have to spend the next 50 or so days dumping on Trump to rehabilitate himself.

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