Friday, September 09, 2016

Georgetown will learn, it'll never be enough

Here we go.  Georgetown University is offering preferential treatment to descendants of 272 slaves the university sold in 1838.  As Lex has warned on this page, whatever form eventual “reparations” take, it will not be enough.  Georgetown’s effort to correct a wrong is a perfect case in point.  In an effort to atone for a 296 year old crime – that was at the time not a crime and in fact was the way of nearly the entire world but today is nearly the exclusive enterprise of the “religion of peace” and ironically the continent Africa.

But Georgetown is learning that no good deed goes unpunished.  Making an effort today to correct a 200 year old wrong cannot be looked at as magnanimous.  It is a slap in the face and is a bigger crime than the crime that initiated the offer.   

So Georgetown offers a leg up to the progeny of the 272.  I suspect that Georgetown is 100% on board with affirmative action.  So the new policy is sort of a special targeted affirmative action, or double secret affirmative action if you will.  I’m certain when a mino discovers that he/she/xr/ze/ve/na discovers that they/zir/xir/viir/nir were excluded to make amends to a less qualified mino all heck will break lose.

The easy answer to this, if Georgetown really wants to make amends, is to cut out the middle man - Georgetown should just send every descendant of the 272 a doctoral degree diploma.  In true welfare fashion the recipients will have all of the benefits with none of the work.  

But not even that will work.  The descendants want a billion bucks as a leg up rather than a Georgetown sheepskin that a may or may not pan out as well as a direct payment.  It’s sort of like Monty Hall asking the woman dressed as a mustachioed circus strongman with black balloons taped to the ends of a broomstick if she wants to risk the $20,000, the new car and the trip to Aruba she has already won for what’s behind door number one.  Better to have certainty of the bird in the hand, I’m thinking. 

What Georgetown will soon find out is that the chance at a degree, an issued degree and a cash payment will not be enough in a few years.  It’s not totally unlike blackmail (can you say that?).  Once you indicate that you are willing to pay, the recipients will always think that you certainly will be able and willing to pay more.     

I’m not exactly sure what my family’s history was in the old country or how they were treated once they arrived in America.  I’m pretty sure - like every one of us to this very day - they were met with discrimination based on the color of their skin, religion, accent, country of origin, something.  I’m thinking the city of Columbus, OH owes me several hundreds of thousands of dollars for forcing my grandfather to live in a German ghetto on the south side when he settled there. 

No.  Hell no.  Not even close.  No way.  I’m not saying my grandfather’s American experience compares in any way to that of a slave in the 1800’s.  But that’s kind of the point.  It was my grandfather’s experience, not mine.  No matter how poorly he might have been treated, I’m happy he suffered through it.  Okay “happy” isn’t the right word, but I gotta run and you know what I mean.

9-11 tribute
As a tribute to the victims of 9-11, flags at the compound will be at FULL STAFF.  I',m not weepy about 9-11.  I'm not reflective.  I'm not whiny.  I'm still mad as hell.  I think we should still be looking for bastards to kill for that day.  I am in no mood to spend the day with my head down.  As a nation I think we should keep our collective heads up and ours eyes open with hope of finding and killing people who need to be killed.     

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America, and most of Europe has gone collectively nuts. EOM.