Tuesday, September 20, 2016

!Jeb!!, Ted the tool Cruz and Kasich need to ride the Trump tiger or go to hell

Every time John Kasich looks in the mirror to shave his face or cut his own hair, he probably sees a future President of the United States and has since before he quit the House of Rep.  In an effort to push TPP across the finish line, last week Kasich travelled to Caligula, D.C. to put his weak and narrow 1 for 38 political shoulder to the wheel for The Empty Suit.

I’m not necessarily against TPP.  To be honest, I don’t know much about it.  That probably means that I know as much about it as 98% of the congress and other Caligula, D.C. swells.  What I do know for certain is that I do not trust the ruling class Caligula, D.C. azzwipes pushing it.  I do know I do not trust anything coming out of Caligula, D.C. with the words “comprehensive”, “common sense”, “equal”, “fair”, “fairness”, “open”, “affordable”, “sustainable” or now “partnership” in it, because the exact opposite will be the result of whatever is intended. Take the “Affordable” Care Act (please – rim shot) which it decidedly is not.  Despite the noble sounding title, the ACA is long on premiums and deductibles and short on care.

So on paper TPP may be the greatest thing since Shrillda the Hutt discovered Bleachbit to cover up her illegal activities, but in practice it will serve only to line the pockets of the Caligula, D.C. swells and their buds who are pushing it.  I think Donald Trump is on to something when he argues to make individual trade pacts country to country.  The naysayers argue individual agreement are too hard to negotiate and take too long.  TPP and the like are similar to a company signing a labor agreement with a union instead of negotiating an hourly wage with 1,000s of employees.  The obvious answer to that argument is to ask, “aside from absurd public employee unions, where have unions worked out for either the union or the employer lately?”  Detroit?  Amtrak?

So when a career politician like Kasich tells us TPP is a good thing, that’s enough to put Kasich on my personal “usual suspects” list.   Then there’s Kasich’s disregard for his own word.  Was I dreaming or did I actually see and hear John I cut my own hair Kasich vow on stage during a debate to support the Republican nominee - even if the nominee was Donald Trump?  Preferring a Shrillda the Hutt presidency s that he can run again in 4 years, the slimy little dope says he won’t even votefor Trump

So WTF John?  What else are lying through your azz about?  Is your silly bruised pride and ego at being beaten like a shag throw rug from a construction trailer by a political novice more important than the country?  It’s not the first time you have run a pathetic losing campaign for the presidency that went absolutely nowhere.   In 2000 you started your run for president in March and ended it in July.  I think you endorsed Bush after that humiliating showing.


Jeh Johnston proves he’s not up to the job as DHS Sec
Sometime ago Lex noted on this very page that Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnston just looked stupid.  That’s no assessment of his actual intellect.  Larry, Curly and Moe may have been geniuses, but they looked the part of being Stooges.  Jeh could fill in for any one of them.  He looks like dim witted boob.  Besides, what else can be concluded from a guy who cannot even spell “Jay” correctly? 

Now we learn that Jeh’s DHS inexplicably granted several hundreds of criminal aliens US citizenship.  Now who do you suppose the criminals will vote for?  We know that the criminal element is key Demo-Dope voting block.  Criminals are probably a more reliable Dope voting block than the black vote. 

Josh not so Earnest
Earnest made the rounds yesterday calling the war on terror a battle of “the narrative”.  YGBSM!  Did Josh not ever hear the most famous elementary school come back ever – “Stick and stone can break my bones, but names will never hurt me”?  Seems to me Josh that Islamo-Terror-Fascist use of knives, guns, bombs and vehicular murder are just a bit more kinetic than a “narrative”.  But I suppose the Boston bombing victims can explain their injuries to strangers who ask about their missing limb like this, “Well I was at the Boston Marathon when I learned that words actually can hurt you and just how destructive losing the narrative on the war on terror can be.”

Trump recruits for ISIS
Because Trump happens to believe that the current face of islam - ITF bastards – need to be dealt with in harsh terms, Shrillda the Hutt calls Trump an ISIS recruiter.   That’s a bit like claiming that advocating for law and order actually creates more criminals.

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