Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Empty Suit politicizing everything

Not really related to anything below.  I just thought it was funny.

Here’s a story of how The Empty Suit is corrupting and politicizing the military.

Who knew?  I never thought naming US Navy ships after SJWs (Harvey Milk and Cesar Chaves) instead of US Naval heroes was politicization at all.  Like every other three letter department of government from the FBI to the EPA azzbag sleezball Demo-Dopes have used DoD a political tool.

The US Navy is now a disgrace.  Not only were sailors all too happy to “give up the ship” to a bunch 3rd world sub humans, it seems they are all too happy to kowtow to the same group of cretins when they harass our ships in international waters.  This is TES’s and shameful Navy Secretary Ray Mabus’s legacy.  Now, ask yourself, what were the wannabe admirals doing when all of this going on?  Who resigned?  Who spoke up?  Who objected?  Not a damned one as far as I know.

I’d say this is total BS but everyone with a brain knows that.  My hope is that, if Ray the azz Mabus thinks he can name a Navy ship whatever he wants, the next Navy Secretary can undo Mabus’s BS.  But let’s face it, if the next secretary is a Rat establishment Republican assigned the positon, they won’t have the stomach to do the right thing if it flies in the face of MSM anointed PC BS.  Trump will have to find an outsider to do the right thing or maybe real admiral.

I‘d rename every ship Mabus named after Medal of Honor winners (or Deplorables if you will) in a very public ceremony and dare the PC crowd to object.  If they did, I’d read the citation and compare the sacrifices of military heroes against the PC azzbag’s resume as a career politician or SJW.  Then I’d blame the entire renaming brouhaha on a feckless azzbag of a former Navy Secretary that, as all Dopes do, placed politics above the good of the country.

That’s how I’d try to undo the damage of a total loser running the Navy.  I do not know how to fix the once proud FBI that has flushed every bit of its credibility to protect a lying thieving tub of crapola referred to this page as Shrillda the Hutt.  Jimmy the fixer Comey is a BS artist.  I’d start by asking him for his resignation.  If he refused, I say fine then reassign him to a field office in North Dakota.  No disrespect to North Dakota.

Then I’d order every page of the FBI investigation into the Hutt underacted to the extent possible and released to the public to expose Jimmy the fix as the corrupt Dope facilitator that he is. 

Now do any of the #NeverTrumpers think that the corruption of government departments is going to get any better Shrillda the Hutt?  What do they suppose will be left of the government after 8 more years of corruption?

I may have to reconsider the moniker for Shrillda the Hutt.  Jabba the Hutt looks a lot more fit than daughter Shrillda. 

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