Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Boko Haram isn't the problem the face of islam is

It seems to me when feel good lefty libs assure us that these “lone wolves” randomly killing, stabbing, shooting, maiming Americans have no connection to “known terror groups”, it makes the case that the current face of islam maybe the culprit.  Apparently these geniuses think it will make a huge difference to those blown up, shot, stabbed or raped by these creeps if the bomber, gunman, knifeman, or rapist was affiliated with al Qaida or ISIS. 

What do al Qaida, ISIS, Hezbollah, al Shabaab, Taliban, Hamas, Boko Haram, muslim brotherhood, Abu Sayyaf and so on and unfortunately and on and on, and on and on have in common?  Uh, they are all hard to spell?  They are applying as expansion teams in the NFL, because they too like to disrespect the flag and National Anthem?  They are the latest companies trying to sell gold on Glenn Beck’s radio show?  Dance troops?  What?

They are all muslim Islamo-Terror-Fascist groups.  So what difference does it make what particular sect, from a plethora of sects, of a murderous ideology they belong to when they blow something up?  Yesterday Lex used a very clever mechanism to expose the idiocy of such thinking.  When the Germans broke through the Ardennes, it probably was of little concern what divisions were involved in the breakthrough.

So what difference does it make if the ITF bastard blowing things up hadn’t received his membership card and secret decoder ring in the mail from any of them?  They are all ITF bastards and they are the face of today’s islam.  Let’s face it - that is the problem.  Until there is reformation and the ITF are relegated to the ash bin of history by the “overwhelming majority of moderate Muslims” they will continue to be the face of islam and they will continue to be the problem.

Update on Josh Earnest “Narrative battle”
I think if Josh Earnest really thinks that the war on terror is really “a battle for the narrative”, he should be supporting Donald Trump.  Who has controlled the political narrative since he announced his candidacy?   Donald Trump.  So there you have it Mr. and Mrs. America, even Presidential designated liar (AKA spokesman) Josh Earnest is riding the Trump tiger. 

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