Thursday, September 29, 2016

State AGs now being weaponized against Demo-Dope political enemies

For year we have known that The Empty Suit has gone about weaponizing government’s alphabet stew of agencies against his political enemies.  From the DEA to the DoJ now to the FBI there is a plethora of examples of TES using the levers of the federal government to restrict, harass, arrest and jail political opponents.  Then there’s the just plain stupidity of the government under TES as encapsulated in the Fast and Furious scandal that has left 100s maybe 1,000s dead, including Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

In Wisconsin Demo-Dope Attorney Generals used so-called John Doe no-knock warrants which allowed them storm the homes of supporters of Governor Scott Walker in the dead of night seizing their assets and demanding that they not engage a lawyer or speak to the media about the raid. 

Now the that scam is expanding to State AGs.  Read about it here.  Can you imagine this scam being run by Shrillda the Hutt?  What is the response to a government that criminalizes your behavior for your party affiliation, your religious beliefs or your opposition to its harebrained schemes?   You cannot petition the legal system.  The legal system is now part of the scam.  You cannot petition law enforcement.  Law enforcement is more and more becoming part of the scheme.  If you cannot trust the FBI to be an impartial player, what law enforcement agency is left?

American democracy is built on a bedrock of disagreement.  The Demo-Dopes want to end all disagreement by fining, jailing or intimidating anyone who might disagree with them.  So when the weight of government comes down on you for trying to organize a non-profit to oppose the government, or producing a crappy video that no one watched, or supporting a Republican governor opposed by the Teacher’s Union etc. etc. 

We better figure it out because political free speech is stamped out on campus and on the Internet.  And when TES cedes control of the Interweb Machine to the UN the greatest tool of free speech since the printing press will be gone.

So before the UN outlaws descent let say – the UN is crap hole that should be bulldozed into East River.

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