Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The Empty Suit shows true colors with Kaepernick defense

 The Empty Suit defended Colin Kaepernick’s 1st Amendment right to sit on his butt during the National Anthem.  So do I.  I do not think federal marshals or state or city police should arrest Kaepernick for being a classless buffoon and uninformed tool.

1st Amendment rights have never been the point in the Kaepernick caper.  Judgment, common sense, truth, hypocrisy, vanity, etc. are at the center of this.  Only a fool like Kaepernick would argue that Kaepernick doesn’t have the right under the 1st Amendment to be a totally misinformed self-absorbed azzbag in this brouhaha.

Quite frankly I think the people who make the 1st Amendment argument on Kaepernick’s behalf are just as misinformed – probably willfully so - as Kaepernick about America and the meaning of the flag and the national anthem.  Remember Kaepernick sported a shirt a shirt supporting the Castro brothers and socks depicting cops as pigs.  Clearly Kaepernick’s problems with America go well beyond being oppressed as a half white muti-millionaire nearly washed up athlete.   

And while TES shouts the virtues of the 1st Amendment on Kaepernick’s behalf, remember he’s the same guy who made up the story and stuck to it for weeks about a video causing “spontaneous” riots in Benghazi.  Remember it was Hillary vowed to the families of the Benghazi dead that the filmmaker would be “arrested and prosecuted”.  And the filmmaker was arrested in the dark of the night on what was probably some trumped up parole violation.  So much for the value of free speech.

Dinesh D’Souza was arrested and jailed for a year after making an unflattering film about TES.  The charges were that he over contributed to a friend’s campaign fund.  In what is described as unprecedented, as a first time offender, D’Souza was jailed for a year.

Seems for TES, unjustly trashing America is “free speech” while standing up for her or warning her is a criminal act.

Then there’s the NFL.  The NFL fines players continuously and exorbitantly for exercising “free speech”.  Wear a cap that is not a NFL licensed product, get fined.  Wear your socks too high, get fined.  Wear your socks too low, get fined. Celebrate a TD in an unapproved manner, get fined.  Wear a message in your eye black, get fined.  Wear unauthorized colors to call attention to an unapproved cause, get fined.  The list of penalties handed down by the NFL on players exercising their “free speech” right is as long as it is ridiculous.  Apparently the only time the NFL is willing to tolerate free speech from a player is when it is anti-American speech.

The same goes for the 49er’s organization. 

Anyone who brings up the 1st Amendment and “free speech” as defense for Kaepernick is a fool, a liar, an anti-American anarchist or some combination thereof.  So I ask, which combination thereof is TES?   

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