Friday, July 29, 2011

Boehner, debt and sacrifice

Boehner holds strong hand

This many not sound right, but John Boehner has maneuvered himself into a pretty good position. He has a bill that he’s not sure he can get out of the house, that the scrawny old bastardly sack of crap who runs a senate that can’t pass a budget in going on 900 days says will never pass in the senate and Standard & Poors indicates won’t avert a credit downgrade anyway.

All of this puts Boehner in the perfect position. He needs to stroll out of his office at 10:30 this morning and issue this statement:

“Look, we tried to compromise. There is a dope in the White House, who knows so little about so much, doesn’t have a plan of his own – surprise - and can’t keep his word on a deal worked out by others. The POS over in the senate is like the neighborhood’s cranky old bastard who sits on a cinder block in the sweltering 90 degree sun all day in his own waste just to make sure none of the neighborhood kids sets foot on his dump like crabgrass infested lawn.

“We’ve been compromising with ourselves for the last three weeks and we’re not getting anywhere. Now we’re days away from what fear mongers call a ‘meltdown,’ and S&P tells us that neither of the two plans currently being considered is going to avert what we’ve been working to avert anyway. So, I think it’s time for us to put Cut, Cap and Balance back on the table. That’s our final offer. Call us when you get serious.”

What’s good enough for Chrysler ought to be good enough for the ChiComs

When the P-BO took over General Motor and Chrysler, the government financial plan left Chrysler’s bondholders unpaid and out in the cold. Why not use that same strategy with government bondholders like China? In Chrysler like fashion, give ‘em the finger and say, “So sad. Too effing bad.”

Well you don’t do that for couple of reasons. First off, it’s crude, immoral and illegal. Next, if you’re the P-BO, you know you can get away with being a classless, lawless, bully to your own people but not the ChiComs. Chrysler bondholders won’t shoot a missile over your head or try to assassinate you. The Godless ChiComs will. Given the spineless nature of the P-BO and the 535 who make up our congress, most of whom are themselves invertebrates, it is unlikely that they will use the Chrysler plan to restructure the national debt.

Shared Sacrifice?

When it comes to his oft used “shared sacrifice” meme, there are some who the P-BO doesn’t expect to share the sacrifice. His wife for one. The first old bag spent 242,000 taxpayer dollars for her vacation in Spain. Accounts are still adding zeros to the total for the India trip.

According to the P-BO, college kids don’t need to share the sacrifice, especially if they are minos on a government ride. You simply cannot expect kids today, especially mino kids, to work their way through college.

People who have been collecting unemployment for the last 99 weeks cannot be expected to share the sacrifice and pick up a part time job.

Welfare recipients can’t be expected to do with ten cents less.

The 49% who pay no federal income tax can’t be asked for ten bucks each to off set their use of national roads and other national services.

Federal workers and state union workers cannot be asked to restructure their contracts until the crisis passes.

The P-BO’s own endless list Czars and their staffs cannot be let go.

The only people expected to share the sacrifice in the P-BO’s world are the people currently pulling the wagon. And what else would you expect from an affirmative action pass through who has been riding in the wagon his entire life? He sits back in the comfort of the wagon and wonders why the people pulling the wagon can’t pull faster and give him a softer cushion to sit on. That is all he knows. That is his total life’s experience.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cut, Cap and Balance (CCB) is the way for Boehner to go

There is something really weird going on. The P-BO keeps using the poll tested phrase “balanced approach over and over. “Balanced approach” is the new euphemism for tax ‘em until they bleed. The P-BO likes the raise taxes so we can keep redistributing the money approach over the cut spending so we can save the republic approach. But guess what? In the Scrawny Harry plan that the P-BO supports, there aren’t any new “revenues” i.e. tax ‘em until they bleed.

The Scrawny one’s plan calls for an immediate raise in debt ceiling of 2.7 TRILLION and a dollars and a dollar for dollar of spending cuts of 2.7 trillion over the next 10,000 years. It’s shear idiocy. That’s why the Scrawny one proposed it and the P-BO thinks it’s a good idea. Idiots revel in idiocy.

As noted here before, politics is the art of the possible. It does not appear as if there is any middle road forward on this. So Boehner should get way over to the right. He should send his reworked plan over the senate. After the little bastard, aka Scrawny Harry, shoots it down, Boehner should go back to CCB and not budge.

It makes good sense for a few of reasons. First, CCB is the only plan that has been passed out of the house and was only three votes short in the senate. Just three votes short after the brain-dead old bastard who runs the place, maneuvered the bill off the floor before debate. Second, it is the only plan that can come close to dealing with the actual problem – a mountain of debt Washington D.C. SFBs have relentlessly piled on the nation without one wit of concern for how that debt would be retired. Third, “balanced budget” is only one word away from “balanced approach.” Everyone knows what a balanced budget is. Everyone guesses at what a balanced approach is. Balanced budgets are wildly popular with the American people who themselves have to live by them. A “balanced approach” is like having to give your trouble making, foul mouthed, sulking son the same ice cream cone as your adorable, helpful, polite and cute daughter when the family goes out to the DQ.

Talking heads say CCB will never pass. Try it. America will rally around a balanced budget. And about two hours after the P-BO and tiny Tim Geithner have to start making decisions about who gets paid and who doesn’t, they will be searching for a tall building to throw themselves off.  CCB will be a life line to the two lying know nothings.  On second thought, if they will throw themselves from a tall building, maybe we shouldn't offer CCB until slow Joe shovel ready Biden is sworn in.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Debt is the perfect issue for the next election

Let’s take a balanced approach this morning. “Balanced approach” must be the new poll tested phrase that the assclowns who load the P-BO’s teleprompter have stumbled upon to galvanize American opinion to favor tax hikes. They programmed the P-BO to use the term 7 times in 15 minutes last night.

I suspect this morning that many Americans are more in favor of “balancing” the debt teeter-totter with a cut, cap and balance approach in the form of Chris Christie on one side and a hey let’s raise taxes approach in the form of little Timmy Geithner on the other. That would be a decidedly unbalanced approach. You can just see little Timmy trying to climb down off of his raised end as Chris eats a ham sandwich and chugs a Coke at his end.

The P-BO has golfed, shot hoops and vacationed for over two years while this “crisis” brewed. After two years of squat, The Scrawny one, Pelooser and the P-BO are suddenly engaged in the work that they couldn’t be bothered with for over 800 days. Dare I say it? Yes. It’s like AlGore warning of the end of the Earth in ten years if we don’t change our ways, while he himself refuses to change his ways. So, if that (g)assbag actually believes his own BS but won’t change his life style, why in the hell should someone like me when I don’t buy into his BS?

The creepy Demo-Dopes couldn’t find the spine or time to turn out a budget that dealt with the debt in 800 days. Now they tell us certain death and calamity will occur on Aug 2, if we don’t do something. Excuse if I don’t believe them. Remember, unemployment wouldn’t get over 8% if we passed the stimulus bill. If the debt ceiling were that important, why didn’t the Dopes tend to it when they owned the House, Senate and White House?

Now we have to do something by Aug 2nd or the world will end. If P-BOcare is any indication, that something will be something that’s stupid and illegal, done in haste, in the middle of the night, likely to make the problem worse and no one will really understand exactly what has been done as they grin and grip at the photo shoot in Rose Garden at the signing ceremony.

Boehner should tell the P-BO and the Scrawny one, here’s the deal, cut, cap and balance. Take it or there will be a short term bill that will lay this issue in your laps next fall just before the election.

Besides, I just do not see how raising the debt limit does anything to calm the markets. “Oh good. The US is going another 2.7 TRILLION in debt. Now I don’t have to worry about them defaulting. Bankrupt in another 6 months sure, but default? No. Never.”

Then there’s this.  The Dopes from the P-BO on down keep talking about “shared sacrifice,” no doubt another poll tested phrase.  But how can there be shared sacrifice when Demo-Dopes have invited 46% of Americans to ride in the wagon and are making no sacrifice at all?  Is the “shared sacrifice” the P-BO and his ass clown administration keep referring to a sacrifice shared among the 54% who are actually contributing to the economy and pulling the wagon?  Shared sacrifice is a flatter fairer tax system that keeps 80% of Americans puling the wagon.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The train is headed off the tracks, time for another round of golf for the P-BO

The Demo-Dopes are purposefully trying to destroy the American economy. Can there really be any doubt at this point? Why? Demo-Dopes want to bring America down to size. They want to destroy its military either through social engineering or an economy that will not allow the American military to project its power as it has since WWII. The Dopes want as many Americans as possible on the public dole. The next biggest block, they want working in public unions. Last, they want a few of the most talented to work harder and harder so that their earnings can be confiscated to support the other two groups.

No one can seriously argue that the Demo-Dope are working to prevent default. The only Dope to have produced a budget in the last two years is the P-BO. His budget was so fantastic that it almost got one vote in the senate. That’s right, the P-BO couldn’t get even one of his own senators in the senate to support his BS budget. Senate and House Dopes haven’t produced a budget in over two years.  Yet they call the Republicans obstructionist.

And as the debt crisis train was gathering speed, what was the P-BO and his as clown administration doing about it? They were writing budgets that would plunge the country deeper into debt with more reckless spending. Now the train is approaching a hairpin turn and the P-BO wants to save the day. Too late. John Boehner threw the P-BO off the train Fri night, because not only didn’t the P-BO know how the train worked, he couldn’t even tell which direction the speeding train was moving.

The reason these talks are so difficult is that the key terms mean different things to the Reps and the Dopes:

Revenues? What are they? When Republicans talk raising revenue, generally it is in the sense of creating a flatter fairer tax code whereby tax rates actually go down but employment goes up creating more taxpayers thereby more tax revenue. When the Demo-Dopes talk revenues, they are talking raising taxes plain and simple.

Today, the Dopes are on a mission to conflate the two terms. When Boehner said they had reached an agreement on 800 billion in revenue, that money was from changes to the tax code, changes in rates and closing of loopholes. The other 400 billion Boehner said that the P-BO wanted was to come from additional taxes on those rich bastards who work their asses off. Republicans need to start calling a tax a tax and a revenue a revenue. Don’t let the Dopes get away with making the terms interchangeable.

Loopholes? What are they? For Republicans they are not loophole at all. They are things that are written into the tax code to give certain businesses incentives for doing business a certain way, depreciation tables, state waivers for 5 years of all taxes if a business will set up in an enterprise zone etc. are examples. Loopholes are also provided to individuals, and are not loopholes. They are things knowingly written into the tax code to encourage behavior, child deductions and energy efficient appliance rebates etc. are examples of individual tax loopholes.

The important thing to remember is that the term loophole makes it appear as if the dopes who write the tax law had no idea that these “loopholes” existed. They appear as if by magic. They do not. They are written into the tax code and passed for specific purposes.

For Demo-Dopes loophole are written to get as many people as possible dependent on the government. To the extent the Dopes allow business a break it’s because the business provided needed campaign money in the beginning but now can be better used to promote class warfare. So when oil companies were contributing mightily to the P-BO’s election bid the loopholes were good. Now that a majority of the American people can see what a clueless buffoon the P-BO is, he uses the tax policies he and the Dopes wrote into law, calling them loopholes, and are used to promote class warfare against oil companies. They call them loopholes like, “How the hell did that get in there?” They voted for it that’s how.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Finally, a Republican man

“Not a chance.” Those are the three beautiful words that Allen West used when asked by Stuart Varney if an apology to Dim Wit Schultz was forthcoming. Finally, a male Republican pol with a spine.

What we need to do is go back to the days when these disputes were settled by a duel. If that were the case, you can bet little Chucky Schumer wouldn’t be so quick to jump in front of a tv camera. Scrawny Harry Reid would have been filled so full of holes by now, they could bury the sleazy bastard in a travel sized aspirin bottle. If duels settled the disputes of the day we wouldn’t need continual calls for civility. Allen Grayson’s fat, bloated, and rotting carcass would still be decomposing on the Capital Building lawn as a reminder of what happens when a pol steps over the line. Civility would be the rule lest the Schumers and Reids of the world wanted to have their asses shot off by real men.

I wonder if the GOP could use some of Allen West’s stem cells to grow spines for the rest of the Republican “men.”

In other encouraging news, Eric the wad Holder’s DOJ, free from the burden of prosecuting New Black Panther thugs for voter intimidation, have filed suit against a 70 something year old man for peacefully counseling women outside a DC abortion clinic. The man, Dick Retta, has been credited with over 1,000 saves - women who change their minds and bring the baby to term. You’d think the wad and other Demo-Dopes would be elated. 1,000 more people that they can tax into oblivion.

In still more good news, the scrawny one is whining like the cry baby POS that he is because the Speaker of the House is taking this weekend off. So this d-bag is upset because the house will be taking the weekend off when Scrawny’s own senate has been off for over two years. Boehner ought to have Allen West type up an e-mail for him to send to the weasel. People would pay to read it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Make the P-BO an offer he'll probably refuse

Lex’s rule of the day: Don’t approve anything worked out by “a gang,” particularly a gang that includes RC Turdbin. Ever since Spanky busted up “Our Gang,” the term “gang” has had a pejorative connotation. The Crips, Bloods, drug and motorcycle gangs have pretty much ruined the term for those who remember telling mom and dad that they were headed down to the corner to hang out with the gang. Sort of like the word “gay” in the Flintstone’s theme song, “we’ll have a gay ol’ time.” Nobody says that anymore. Who wants to “have a gay ol’ time? Gays. That’s who.

So when the gang of six came out with a trillion dollars in immediate tax hikes wrapped in 3.7 trillion in cuts over ten years, my first reaction was, do the cuts now. We’ll see if we need the new taxes in 10 years.

Here’s what Republicans in the house ought to do. Pass a bill that cuts 500 billion now and raises the debt ceiling high enough to see the government through until Jan 2013. Then tell the P-BO, “Mr. Doofus this is as good as it’s going to get. These are weighty decisions that you are clearly unqualified to deal with. We will leave the issue to the American people. You think that “cut, cap and balance” is a “gimmick.” You go ahead and run on that notion. You think that the government should be allowed to continue to spend uncontrollably. You go ahead and run that notion. If the American people agree, you can have your way. Now, King SFB, you can sign this bill and keep the government running through the election that will allow the American people to decide how they think the country ought to run its finances, or you can shut the government down. It’s your decision.”

Given that choice, the P-BO’s handlers wouldn’t know whether to put taking the deal in the telepromter or try to formulate some new demagogic BS to deal with the proposal.

West Vs. DW (Dim Wit) Shultz

DWS, like most Demo-Dope spokes people, is a lying sack of crap. She raised the ire of Rep Allen West by speaking ill of him on the floor of the House after he’d left the room. Dim Wit said that the Cut, Cap and Balance bill would hurt Social Security or Medicare recipients. It’s BS. “Cut, Cap and Balance” makes no changes to those programs.

So West unloaded on her. Now the Demo-Dope hag caucus is calling West all sorts of names, misogynist, sexist etc. etc. the usual blather that comes from women who demand to be treated like men then whine like little girls who get their pig tails pulled in school when they get what they supposedly wanted. In DWS’s case we’re not sure that she doesn’t have an actual pig’s tail protruding from somewhere on her dumpy body.

West’s real crime was telling the truth in plain language. No life-time politician can stand that kind of heat so they get on their high horse and talk about “civility.” The last thing pols want is the bald faced truth about their character and motives to come out. So the Madame Barney Franks, Chas no taxes Rangel, Alcee I’ve only been impeached once Hastings, Slow Joe shovel ready, someone loaded Neal Kinick’s speech in to my teleprompter Biden, John Fran├žois Nixon sent me to Cambodia Kerry and on and on cry “civility” when someone tells the unpleasant truth about them. As a class, pols are the trash that needs to dumped ever 2-4 or 6 years. But like most kids whose job it is to take out the trash, they let it pile up too long. As a result the house begins to smell like garbage.

Well we’ve let our garbage pile up for way too long. When a new guy comes in and tells the truth.  The house stinks. The old guard closes ranks and shames him into an apology so that they can continue the stupid game. Double down Allen. Tell the hag caucus if they can’t stand to be treated like men as they demand to be, go home, kick off your shoes, get pregnant and make dinner.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

80% of American agree, Lex is #1

Quick post today. We just returned from a quick trip behind enemy lines in Chicago- sort of like John Kerry’s great Cambodian adventure except, we actually went. Chicago is a great city. It’s clean. It’s beautiful. It’s big. So big it needs three nicknames, the city with broad shoulder, the windy city and the city that works.

Unlike our trip to Philthydelphia we didn’t have to step over bums and bags of garbage to visit the sites in Chicago. You actually had to look for trash. And even the few bums were well dressed – for bums anyway – and pretty much left you alone. One even broke into “I Want to Hold Your Hand” when he saw my son’s Beatle’s t-shirt.

Yeah, it was hotter than Aunt Alice’s iron skillet cooking fried chicken after Sunday church, but we dealt with it. After all, it’s summer.

Now we pick up were we left off. The P-BO had claimed that 80% of Americans support his plan to raise taxes. First, he has no plan. Second, 80% of Americans can’t agree that Mother Theresa was a descent human being or that the sun generally rises in the east. The P-BO is either a sheltered buffoon, if he actually believes what the teleprompter tells him to say, or he’s just a buffoon.

Can this creep that the MSM keeps telling is a super hyper genius actually believe that 80% of Americans agree on much of anything let alone raising their taxes? He can’t. That would make him a lying buffoon. Sort of like the Jon Lovitz perpetual liar character on Saturday Night. You expect the P-BO to step up to the teleprompter and say, “I watched the Space Shuttle take off for the last time. I invented it, you know.” Can anyone be so stupid as to claim that 80% of American are asking for tax hikes and believe what the teleprompter said?

Sadly, this colossal boob probably doesn’t even realize what the telepromter told him to say.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Moody's probably right, would have been right three years ago, why now?

Conspiracy theory #3

You expect the pointy headed waifs and tax cheats that populate the P-BO’s team of economic dunderheads to toe the P-BO’s line of BS concerning the debt ceiling. After all the tax cheat in that equation owes his very livelihood the P-BO.

What if, during the confirmation hearings of gnome like Timmy tax cheat, the P-BO had declared:

“I cannot have a tax cheat in my administration. The Treasury Secretary must be beyond reproach as I will rely upon him to deliver and explain bad news to the American people from time to time. The last thing this person will need is the American people shouting at him F-you! You’re a lousy tax cheat who ought to be in jail or at least audited every two months.”

Well Timmy would be out on his slight and bony @$$ looking to see who in the private sector has a position for tax cheat and liar. He'd be forced to dawn a cone shaped red hat, smoke a pipe, wear curled up shoes and stand in some redneck's front yard amid the tulpips and lillies.

But you expect the P-BO’s clown menagerie to echo the P-BO’s line of BS. That’s what they are paid to do. So when Bernanke and Geithner go out repeatedly and shout, “the sky is falling, social security checks won’t go out, Dancing with the Stars will have to be canceled and there will be no more Rock Road ice cream if the debt ceiling is not raised,” you expect it.

You don’t expect Moody’s investment firm to fall in line. Not unless there is some form of Government regulation and oversight of such firms, and low and behold there is. Madam Barney Frank and Chris what COUNTRYWIDE SWEETHEART DEAL Dodd sponsored and passed such oversight legislation as part of TARP.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not questioning Moody’s assessment of the US budget. I’m questioning the timing of that assessment. We’re 14 TRILLION dollars in debt. If they were worth a $h!t, shouldn’t Moody’s have discovered that there was something amiss a couple of years ago, when, I don’t know, we were only 11 or 12 TRILLION in debt?

Instead, Moody’s comes out with its dire prediction of credit downgrade just as the Republicans are beginning to tighten the vice on the P-BO’s pea sized manly orbs. Weird huh? The P-BO needs some outside cover because the tax cheat has no credibility and the Brenanke is so obtuse to the reality of the economic situation that he actually thinks calling for another stimulus bill is smart thing to do.

Dutifully and right on cue Moody’s steps up. I wonder who from the P-BO’s administration called them and what they were promised?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Negotiations get tough, the P-BO quits

OK, when George W. Bush needed to raise the debt ceiling the P-BO was against it. Now he’s for it. When the Bush tax rates were voted on, the P-BO was against them. In Dec of 2010, when he extended them, he was for them. Now in Jul 2011, he’s against them again. “Everything must be on the table,” the P-BO announced when he finally got engaged in the budget negotiations. Then he issued a list longer than the space shuttle’s vapor trail of things that were off the table – starting with his signature dumb@$$ achievement P-BOcare.

After 4 days of tough negotiations sans any affirmative action monitoring professor with D- to A fairy dust, what does the P-BO do? What any loser without one genuine accomplishment in life does when faced with hard work, he quits. He walks out like a petulant little brat.

Grand Fran Nan Peloser put the P-BO’s huffy departure this way:

“He stayed for two and a half hours and listened to what members had to say. It was his meeting and the meeting had come to an end.

“The president could not have been more gracious. I have never seen a president spend so much time with the leadership of Congress day in and day out, respectful of their concerns.”

Sure just like his budget meetings a few days after taking office when he “graciously” told everyone he was the president so gets to talk more than everyone else. Or the time he told Republicans that it was going to be his way because he “won.” That kind of gracious?

Actually it’s good news for Americans that the P-BO is such a clueless quitter. While the Dope in chief is pouting in his bedroom because he didn’t get his way, the clock ticks toward Aug 3rd. Republicans should refuse to rejoin the negotiations. Instead they should spend their time putting together the first of the Newt like monthly spending bill and send it up. Be sure to title it “The P-BO won’t ensure Social Security but we will” bill.

Never has it been more apparent that the P-BO lacks even one qualification to be president of this great land. Hopefully this pile of steaming crap will ruin the Demo-Dope brand for the next 100 years.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The P-BO opts to pay the UN, let seniors eat cake

Warning: Extra strong P-BO bashing follows.

The P-BO can not ensure seniors will get their social security checks in Aug if Republicans don’t roll over and play dead like he demands. In other news, he thinks so highly of himself, the P-BO can not ensure that 2+2 will always equal 4.

If you ever needed more proof of what a callous self serving $h!t for brains this buffoon is, you don’t any more. SFB will cut off social security before he cuts off PBS, the UN, Endowment for no talent artists who can’t sell their crap, 800 billion to study the breading habits of the Kennedy family, and score upon score of other useless wastes of taxpayer money.

No, SFB goes right for social security. What a creepy effing loser. Call the d-bag’s bluff. Let ‘em eat cake. It’ll prove once and for all that you cannot trust the government for anything, particularly when a lying, know nothing, do nothing, be nothing, waste of flesh, affirmative action pass through is running things.

The most qualified man to be president in the current field, which includes SFB, Newt Gingrich offered Republicans a plan last night. And it wasn’t Lex’s 2009 Man of the Year Mitch McConnell’s we surrender proposal. Mitch’s award is officially rescinded. Newt said the Republicans should simply send the SFB in chief monthly budgets with the cuts they want until the nation finally rids itself of the louse next Nov.

Then it’s all on the slim, narrow, weak shoulders of the d-bag in chief and Demo-Dope cronies whether or not to start letting seniors eat cat food. That sounds like a reasonable plan.

In other news of the weak and spineless the incandescent light bulb ban repeal went down to defeat yesterday, because 138 Demo-Dopes and 10 Republi-Rats thought that they knew better than you what kind of light bulbs you should be using in your home. And that’s where we are in America today. The government is passing laws telling us what kind of light bulbs we should have in our closets. BS.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Have no fear, the P-BO is now engaged in the debt ceiling debate

The golfer in chief has declared that it’s time to pull the Band-aid off and eat our peas. Well there you go. Sound’s as if it’s time to make like a tree and beat it. Ahh, Band-aid covered peas, now we know why the mixed metaphor in chief is so damned skinny. My mom, no Rachel Ray, always covered the peas with Saran Wrap. Worst case was a late dinner plate covered with a dish towel. I’m not sure using Band-aids ever even crossed her mind.

So after two years of absolutely nothing from the Demo-Dopes on the budget, 10,000 rounds golf, 1,000s of hoop contests, a dozen or so examples of how to throw like a girl, and just a month or so after the Dope in chief ridiculed Paul Ryan’s budget, Mr. Big Shot wants to appear as if he’s now leading the parade on the budget. Sorry, I am not buying it. This clown has been so disengaged from anything to do with the budget he even put Slow Joe Shovel Ready Biden in charge of the project to show the world how little he really cared.

I was policing the kitchen after a late night burger burning, margarita fest last night with the TV tuned to Fox when the late re-run of O’Really came on. He was harassing Michelle Bachmann for her refusal to raise the debt ceiling. “Is Geithner a liar,” he asked the congresswoman repeatedly, refereeing to the tax cheat gnome’s references to falling skies if the debt ceiling is not raised. Bachmann said he was wrong. That was nice of her. Here’s the correct answer:

Yes he is. And why we would trust the word of a tax cheat is beyond me. He’s a tax cheat plain and simple. He never should have been appointed the position he now holds for that very reason. He’s a cheater. And lying comes very naturally to cheaters. So no, I don’t believe a word he says. Casey Anthony has as much credibility as Geithner. Lesson learned, if you want people to believe your sky is falling demagoguery, don’t send the boy – or in this case gnome, who cried wolf to spread your BS. Hire credible people.

O’Really was having none of it as he interrupted her over and over again. Your own leaders say that the debt ceiling has to be raised how do you respond to that, he whined.

Answer: Respond? Is this the point where I begin to talk and you talk over me for two minutes? Why don’t have them on to explain their reasons and interrupt their answers? I have better things to do.

Remove mic on screen and walk off.

I suppose the world is coming to end. Might as well go buy some good steaks and premium beer and get a good seat to watch as the world comes crashing down. And if it doesn’t, so much the better. It’s a win win.

Monday, July 11, 2011

IMF, 10 million man employment strategy and the wad

Conspiracy theory #2

The new IMF chief, some chick named Christine Legarde, foresees "real nasty consequences" for the U.S. and global economies if the U.S. doesn’t continue to borrow money it doesn’t have. To prove just how savvy a bunch of bankers the IMF is, they just loaned Greece another 4.2 billion dollars or yaks or whatever it is the IMF deals in. Anyone want to bet how that will turn out? I’m taking the position that Greece will need another 8 billion before the summer ends.

Weird huh? The head of the International Monetary Fund is advocating loaning and borrowing money that everyone else knows can’t be repaid. Aside from stealing the deposit from the Building in Loan, this makes you wonder how old man Potter, from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, got such a bad name. Seems to me that IMF and the P-BO administration could use a bit of old man Potter’s hard nosed financial skills about now.  Instead we’re stuck with some gnomish looking tax cheat running in circles with his pants on fire shouting the sky is falling. Well excuse me if I just don’t believe a thing that comes out of the P-BO administration.

And that’s where the conspiracy theory comes in. You recall the former head of the IMF was caught up in a rape charge with a NY city hotel maid. Now it comes to light, that the only thing that creep seems to be guilty of is not paying maid for her, uh, services - sort of like walking out of a restaurant without paying the check, only eating out is still legal in NY City.  The city is just deciding how what you order will be cooked.

But he was forced to resign before any hearing and the new chick takes over just in time to inject herself into the debt ceiling debate. And where is it do think the new chick is from? Odd you should ask. Why, she’s a Chicago crony of course. Now the new Chicago chick is joining the chorus of the “Sky is Falling” if we don’t continue to borrow money we cannot repay.

I think the grand plan is to get European countries and the US so far behind the debt eight ball that they all conclude that only way out is a single world currency with monetary policies run by…drum roll please…the IMF. Diabolical!  Hey, maybe old man Potter is running the show after all.

But is the P-BO and his gang of anti-American creeps capable of framing a man for rape?  Yeah.
Dumbest thing ever

Movie critic Michael Medved is for the P-BO coming out and announcing a plan for putting 10 million people back to work. How you ask? Why the government would hire them of course.

That’s right the brilliant Michael Medved whose movie picks you rely on to decide how you will spend your Friday nights, actually believes that the way to cure high unemployment is for the government to simply hire everyone who needs a job but doesn’t necessarily want to work. We used to call it the post office.

And what do we do when it’s time to pay our new 10 million man work force Michael? Oh, sure we just ask the gnomish tax cheat to print more money or we take the money from the nasty rich. The one thing we cannot do is sell anything Medved’s 10 million man work force will be creating, because aside from chaos Michael, government produces NOTHING. Government is a giant sucking black hole that draws in and then destroys everything in its path.

How about a 10 million man military draft Michael? We could use the help in the 3-4 ongoing wars.

Fast and Furious

FL Rep. Allen West said that if the P-BO doesn’t send Erick the wad Holder packing, the P-BO is complicit in the wad’s gun running criminal activities. By attacking two high profile incompetent black men, the P-BO and the wad, West is clearly demonstrating that he is a racist. Please ignore that Allen West is blacker than either of the other two. What makes West a racist and and/or an Uncle Tom is that he is a competent conservative black man.

Friday, July 08, 2011

The P-BO looking for a pass on the debt ceiling

The bamboozler in chief put up the golf clubs yesterday to host a meeting on raising the debt ceiling that Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell suggested a week or so ago. Way to go Barry. You’re doing a heck of a job.

Why are Demo-Dope senate scum even invited to the meeting. In two years they produced oh, nearly one budget – nearly one, in other words none. Having that sorry @$$ record, how can they be taken seriously at budget negotiations? They can’t.

Last week the P-BO lied about Congress getting its home work done. Well the house Republicans did their homework. What did they get for it? The louse in chief invited the architect of the house budget, Paul Ryan, to a speech where the P-BO turned on Ryan and like the vile DNC ad made it appear as if Ryan wanted to force seniors in wheelchair off a cliff.

I’ve said from the day this affirmative action pass through showed up, that, contrary to everyone in MSM’s assessment, he’s not a smart man. You don’t invite someone you’re going to have to negotiate in private with down the road to a public forum to ridicule them. That’s dumber than claiming that there are 57 states. It’s also crude and un-presidential but so nearly everything else about this dim wit.

So now the spender in chief’s chickens have come home to roost. After two and a half years of playing president. Two and a half years of blaming Bush. Two and a half years of French kissing the @$$ of every thug, tyrant, king, dictator and despot he meets, the P-BO has a problem affirmative action cannot make go away. No nice try. We’ll give you an A for effort on this test.

The Republicans have his balls in a vice and need to start slowly turning the crank. He has nowhere to go. If we do nothing, spending must be cut. If we do something spending must be cut.

No doubt, the P-BO is spending his night looking for that professor who will turn his dismal D- into an A for him. He should have stayed in the senate where everyone would still be telling us how brilliant he is with no actual proof that he is nothing more than a half black Eddie Haskell in a suit.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Add lying, cheating bastards to union thug teachers

There is this story on how Atlanta schools improved test scores. They cheated. No not the students. They and their parents probably couldn’t care less about some standardized test. The entire Atlanta school system from the superintendent on down has been implicated in the fraud. Cheaters were rewarded and whistle-blowers were punished. One school teacher complained to investigators that the Atlanta Public School system “is run like a mob.”

Read the article. If it’s related to cheating, the principals, teachers and administrators of the Atlanta Public Schools were condoning it, practicing it, honing it and threatening anyone from the Governor on down for looking into it. The creepy cheating bastards even took page from the P-BO’s play book and called those who couldn’t believe the high number of erasures from incorrect to correct answers racists.

The whole thing blew up because the governor was suspicious of ever improving tests scores and ever high numbers of erasures. There is, believe it or not, a thing called erasure analysis. Based on that analysis, the governor ordered an in depth investigation.

“In the report, the governor’s special investigators describe an enterprise where unethical — and potentially illegal — behavior pierced every level of the bureaucracy, allowing district staff to reap praise and sometimes bonuses by misleading the children, parents and community they served.”


“The voluminous report names 178 educators, including 38 principals, as participants in cheating. More than 80 confessed. The investigators said they confirmed cheating in 44 of 56 schools they examined.”


“The findings fly in the face of years of denials from Atlanta administrators. The investigators re-examined the state’s erasure analysis — which they said proved to be valid and reliable — and sought to lay to rest district leaders’ numerous excuses for the suspicious scores.”

Now many of the cheaters face criminal charges. Given that it’s Atlanta and many of the schools in question as well as the superintendent are run by Erick the wad Holder’s “people,” i.e. criminal malcontents, expect the entire thing to quietly go away.

Oh, and speaking of the wad’s people, check these out:

Now Lex is a member of a group or gang. It is the most widely lampooned, criticized and made fun of group in America today, - white, patriotic, heterosexual, Christian, males. I can guarantee you if Msgr. John told the 11 o’clock mass that we were all going down to Lasuss’s after mass and rip the place off, he’d find himself pretty much alone - except for the few parishioners who would go down to store to make sure nothing bad really happened. Where are the right Revs. Jesse and Al on these mob scenes?

But back to the cheating bastards – see if there were an editor here at Lex that brilliant aside would have been chopped out – now back to the cheating bastards. How is what is going in Atlanta any different from what was going on at East Anglia University on global climate change? It’s all BS of equal proportions. Both are lying, cheating bastards who couldn’t be trusted to walk the dog. Yet somehow one is trusted to teach our children and the other redirects the wealth of nations based on a hoax.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Now that everything is fine, let's talk about Casey

OK, since the debt crisis has been solved, unemployment is back under 4% and gas is back to 35 cents a gallon, I guess we can cover the Casey Anthony verdict. That’s what you’d think if you just got back from the Jupiter last night after 3 years away. You’d have to conclude, given the way media was acting since 2:15pm yesterday, that there was absolutely NOTHING else of import going on in the entire world.

First what we know. Caylee is dead. Young Caylee had been dead for over 30 days before Casey Anthony notified authorities. Casey’s story about the disappearance of Caylee changed more times than a chameleon strolling across a Dali painting.

What Lex thinks. Casey Anthony knows exactly what happened to young Caylee. As “one of the usual suspects” for any high jinx occurring in a small town and even smaller high school, I’m kind of glad that the crime must somehow be proven.

Yeah, sure about 99.9999% of us think that Casey had something to do with Caylee’s death. But what? Did the child have an accident? Did the mother have an accident? Did the mother kill Caylee? That’s where the prosecution’s case fell apart. I hope we wouldn’t want to send someone to the gallows due to an accident.

Casey’s actions after the disappearance of Caylee are by anyone’s standards weird. But once you chose to go down a road of deception, these things happen. If you happen to know that your toddler is dead and you’ve tried to cover it up, that might cause you to make several bad judgments. It doesn’t mean you’re a murderer. Trying to cover up something like this would have to take a tremendous emotional toll. Who knows how one would act? Well I guess we know how Casey would act. Like most lies, one leads to another and another. The lies get bigger as you go. Lying is not murder.

The prosecution fouled up. In a case like this, if you cannot show how the victim died, how can you prove murder – even if Caylee was indeed murdered, which I contend no one outside the Anthony family knows for sure?

Last word on this sad case. Billybo O’Really was trying to equate this to the OJ Simpson case. He’s an idiot for trying. There were two dead bodies with slit throats proving a murder had been committed. There was OJ’s DNA at the murder cite. There was a bloody path that led back to OJ. There was an absolute motive in the case.

With the exception of a dead body, none of this exists, as far as I can see, in the Anthony case.

Let me make this clear, wait that sounds like the P-BO. My gut tells me Casey is in this cover up, up to her eyeballs. But I can’t say it’s murder. There were 100s of pranks that the town elders and school administrators knew that we had to have been involved in. Most of the time, they were correct. But we did not paint the water tower. Burden of proof and reasonable doubt set us apart.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Shovel Ready Joe fires up Teamsters thugs

Short post, I was up too late watching fireworks. Slow Joe Shovel Ready Biden told a Teamsters Convention in Las Vegas,

"And don't any of you, by the way, any of you guys vote Republican. I'm not supposed to say, this isn't political ... Don't come to me if you do! You're on your own, Jack!

"Your logo is a horse's head. Theirs should be the horse's other end."

Wow a new low in divisiveness a new high in stupidity for the Slow One. I guess he thought he was vice president of the Teamster’s Union and not all of America. Don’t any of you guys vote Republican commands the wedge of political tools. First, Scrawny Harry the land baron Reid asks how any Latino could ever be a Republican. Now the dimmest wit in any room orders the Teamsters not vote Republican, no matter how badly he the P-BO bollix things up. Better to go down with the sinking ship than vote for a Republican who could stop the water from rushing in.

“I’m not supposed to say,” then don’t. Shut up. Go burn a burger with you’re family. They deserve you. Leave the rest of us alone. “This isn’t political…” huh? Are the Republicans a nature organization? “Don’t come to me if you do!” Yeah right, everyone’s running to Slow Joe for help with a shovel ready job. “You’re on your own Jack!” With the exception of Dumb and Dumber running the country into the ground, we’ve been on our own since the two simpletons took office. "Your logo is a horse's head. Theirs should be the horse's other end." Should be? Your logo is a jackass. Perfect. Don’t change a thing.

Friday, July 01, 2011

What if...

This is conspiracy theory #1. The economy is in shambles. America is becoming a laughing stock around the world. The dollar is about to lose its status as the world’s currency. We’re 14 trillion in debt. We have 9.1% unemployment. We’re no closer to a sustainable energy policy than we were 30 months ago. The P-BO is on the wrong side of social issues – gay marriage, immigration, abortion - that polls indicate don’t break in his favor. America ain’t buying the, “It’s all Bush’s fault” meme any more. Given all of this, there is no reasonable way the P-BO could expect to be re-elected.

This is where conspiracy theory #1 comes into play. Facing certain defeat at the polls, what if unions - public and private – went on a nation-wide strike a week before the election? What if illegal immigrants staged a “brown out” at the same time?

The country could come to a screeching halt. What if the union thugs, illegal aliens, gay pride losers, college know nothings, all took to the streets across America and in Madison, WI fashion violently shut everything down?

The P-BO could be interviewed from the club house at Meadow Springs Golf Club as he makes the turn on his 900th game of golf for 2012, and declare martial law, or suspend elections until calm is restored over the pandemonium he created. The compliant media assures us it’s only temporary and given the anarchy in the nation’s streets, is the only reasonable thing to do. And you can bet there would be a certain number of “moderate” Republicans that would go along with it giving the P-BO top cover.

If the martial law and suspension of elections theory is a bridge too far for you, what if the thugs just show up at the polls with clubs in hand and in New Black Panther mode chase anyone without a union card, pierced nose or who has recently showered away from the polling place? We know that’s possible, because it has already happened. And we also know that the current administration under the leadership of the Linkster-in-Chief and Erik the wad Holder don’t have a problem with voter intimidation as long as it’s “their people” doing it.

30 months ago this theory would have been unthinkable. Today, I’m not so sure. It is like when the Deep Water Horizon Oil Well blew up. Previous to that incident, you might never have considered the government being involved in creating an “accident” like that. But now, given their greeny leanings, you’re not so sure. The fact that administration officials showed more concern over some pelicans than the 11 human souls lost in the “accident” only stoked my suspicion.

I don’t want to go all Dale Dribble on you – for the unwashed, Dale’s the conspiracy nut on King of the Hill – but this ain’t mom and dad’s America anymore. This theory may be over the top. What is not over the top is the fact that right now these weasels are conniving – conspiring if you will – a way to stay in power. Given the mess they have created in just 30 months, that’s a tall order. Given their odds today, they have to be considering some underhanded tactics. How far do you think they are willing and capable of going toward achieving their end? I think they are capable of a damn site more than we’ve ever seen before.