Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Have no fear, the P-BO is now engaged in the debt ceiling debate

The golfer in chief has declared that it’s time to pull the Band-aid off and eat our peas. Well there you go. Sound’s as if it’s time to make like a tree and beat it. Ahh, Band-aid covered peas, now we know why the mixed metaphor in chief is so damned skinny. My mom, no Rachel Ray, always covered the peas with Saran Wrap. Worst case was a late dinner plate covered with a dish towel. I’m not sure using Band-aids ever even crossed her mind.

So after two years of absolutely nothing from the Demo-Dopes on the budget, 10,000 rounds golf, 1,000s of hoop contests, a dozen or so examples of how to throw like a girl, and just a month or so after the Dope in chief ridiculed Paul Ryan’s budget, Mr. Big Shot wants to appear as if he’s now leading the parade on the budget. Sorry, I am not buying it. This clown has been so disengaged from anything to do with the budget he even put Slow Joe Shovel Ready Biden in charge of the project to show the world how little he really cared.

I was policing the kitchen after a late night burger burning, margarita fest last night with the TV tuned to Fox when the late re-run of O’Really came on. He was harassing Michelle Bachmann for her refusal to raise the debt ceiling. “Is Geithner a liar,” he asked the congresswoman repeatedly, refereeing to the tax cheat gnome’s references to falling skies if the debt ceiling is not raised. Bachmann said he was wrong. That was nice of her. Here’s the correct answer:

Yes he is. And why we would trust the word of a tax cheat is beyond me. He’s a tax cheat plain and simple. He never should have been appointed the position he now holds for that very reason. He’s a cheater. And lying comes very naturally to cheaters. So no, I don’t believe a word he says. Casey Anthony has as much credibility as Geithner. Lesson learned, if you want people to believe your sky is falling demagoguery, don’t send the boy – or in this case gnome, who cried wolf to spread your BS. Hire credible people.

O’Really was having none of it as he interrupted her over and over again. Your own leaders say that the debt ceiling has to be raised how do you respond to that, he whined.

Answer: Respond? Is this the point where I begin to talk and you talk over me for two minutes? Why don’t have them on to explain their reasons and interrupt their answers? I have better things to do.

Remove mic on screen and walk off.

I suppose the world is coming to end. Might as well go buy some good steaks and premium beer and get a good seat to watch as the world comes crashing down. And if it doesn’t, so much the better. It’s a win win.

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