Monday, July 11, 2011

IMF, 10 million man employment strategy and the wad

Conspiracy theory #2

The new IMF chief, some chick named Christine Legarde, foresees "real nasty consequences" for the U.S. and global economies if the U.S. doesn’t continue to borrow money it doesn’t have. To prove just how savvy a bunch of bankers the IMF is, they just loaned Greece another 4.2 billion dollars or yaks or whatever it is the IMF deals in. Anyone want to bet how that will turn out? I’m taking the position that Greece will need another 8 billion before the summer ends.

Weird huh? The head of the International Monetary Fund is advocating loaning and borrowing money that everyone else knows can’t be repaid. Aside from stealing the deposit from the Building in Loan, this makes you wonder how old man Potter, from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, got such a bad name. Seems to me that IMF and the P-BO administration could use a bit of old man Potter’s hard nosed financial skills about now.  Instead we’re stuck with some gnomish looking tax cheat running in circles with his pants on fire shouting the sky is falling. Well excuse me if I just don’t believe a thing that comes out of the P-BO administration.

And that’s where the conspiracy theory comes in. You recall the former head of the IMF was caught up in a rape charge with a NY city hotel maid. Now it comes to light, that the only thing that creep seems to be guilty of is not paying maid for her, uh, services - sort of like walking out of a restaurant without paying the check, only eating out is still legal in NY City.  The city is just deciding how what you order will be cooked.

But he was forced to resign before any hearing and the new chick takes over just in time to inject herself into the debt ceiling debate. And where is it do think the new chick is from? Odd you should ask. Why, she’s a Chicago crony of course. Now the new Chicago chick is joining the chorus of the “Sky is Falling” if we don’t continue to borrow money we cannot repay.

I think the grand plan is to get European countries and the US so far behind the debt eight ball that they all conclude that only way out is a single world currency with monetary policies run by…drum roll please…the IMF. Diabolical!  Hey, maybe old man Potter is running the show after all.

But is the P-BO and his gang of anti-American creeps capable of framing a man for rape?  Yeah.
Dumbest thing ever

Movie critic Michael Medved is for the P-BO coming out and announcing a plan for putting 10 million people back to work. How you ask? Why the government would hire them of course.

That’s right the brilliant Michael Medved whose movie picks you rely on to decide how you will spend your Friday nights, actually believes that the way to cure high unemployment is for the government to simply hire everyone who needs a job but doesn’t necessarily want to work. We used to call it the post office.

And what do we do when it’s time to pay our new 10 million man work force Michael? Oh, sure we just ask the gnomish tax cheat to print more money or we take the money from the nasty rich. The one thing we cannot do is sell anything Medved’s 10 million man work force will be creating, because aside from chaos Michael, government produces NOTHING. Government is a giant sucking black hole that draws in and then destroys everything in its path.

How about a 10 million man military draft Michael? We could use the help in the 3-4 ongoing wars.

Fast and Furious

FL Rep. Allen West said that if the P-BO doesn’t send Erick the wad Holder packing, the P-BO is complicit in the wad’s gun running criminal activities. By attacking two high profile incompetent black men, the P-BO and the wad, West is clearly demonstrating that he is a racist. Please ignore that Allen West is blacker than either of the other two. What makes West a racist and and/or an Uncle Tom is that he is a competent conservative black man.

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