Friday, July 22, 2011

Finally, a Republican man

“Not a chance.” Those are the three beautiful words that Allen West used when asked by Stuart Varney if an apology to Dim Wit Schultz was forthcoming. Finally, a male Republican pol with a spine.

What we need to do is go back to the days when these disputes were settled by a duel. If that were the case, you can bet little Chucky Schumer wouldn’t be so quick to jump in front of a tv camera. Scrawny Harry Reid would have been filled so full of holes by now, they could bury the sleazy bastard in a travel sized aspirin bottle. If duels settled the disputes of the day we wouldn’t need continual calls for civility. Allen Grayson’s fat, bloated, and rotting carcass would still be decomposing on the Capital Building lawn as a reminder of what happens when a pol steps over the line. Civility would be the rule lest the Schumers and Reids of the world wanted to have their asses shot off by real men.

I wonder if the GOP could use some of Allen West’s stem cells to grow spines for the rest of the Republican “men.”

In other encouraging news, Eric the wad Holder’s DOJ, free from the burden of prosecuting New Black Panther thugs for voter intimidation, have filed suit against a 70 something year old man for peacefully counseling women outside a DC abortion clinic. The man, Dick Retta, has been credited with over 1,000 saves - women who change their minds and bring the baby to term. You’d think the wad and other Demo-Dopes would be elated. 1,000 more people that they can tax into oblivion.

In still more good news, the scrawny one is whining like the cry baby POS that he is because the Speaker of the House is taking this weekend off. So this d-bag is upset because the house will be taking the weekend off when Scrawny’s own senate has been off for over two years. Boehner ought to have Allen West type up an e-mail for him to send to the weasel. People would pay to read it.

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